Madilynn the Tease

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Madilynn, the Tease

© 2020 by GeneMajors

To the Reader:

Text is 4100 words (Approximately 9 book pages)

Madilynn was a tease and every boy at our small junior college knew it. She’d been a tease ever since she started there, last year—and probably long before that she’d been one wherever she went to high school.

That spring, the year she turned nineteen and became a sophomore, I decided she deserved what she’d been asking for. And I was going to be the guy who gave it to her.

Part of the reason Madilynn was such a successful tease was she was damned good looking: tall enough, just the right amount of slim, blonde (which doesn’t count for much with me, but for lots of guys it does), graceful on her feet, with a body in plenty good condition to go along with that. And somehow, she managed to wangle her way onto the cheerleader’s squad. I suspect that had a lot to do with her Daddy being some kind of elected official, state legislator or something I could care less than zero about.

By that spring, she’d pretty well exhausted the field of dreams, and had yet to put out for any guy whom she had managed to sucker into asking her out. Sure, lots of guys had tried, but after they bought her a fancy dinner at the Wharf and a movie or something else that cost a chunk of a male student’s spendable money, she stiffed them at the door without even a kiss. From what I heard, none had even gotten a good fondle.

So, when she came after me, I had already laid out a strategy for winning her game. Just that previous fall, my girl of three years moved away, her parents taking her with them to a new life clear across the country. But from her I’d learned how to make a woman tick; Glenda had been a great ‘tick instructor’, so I’d had several years experience making a young woman tick.

I figured to get Madilynn headed down-field toward my goal-line, I had to get her bent over a barrel somehow, and keep her there until she’d discovered men were good for a lot more than buying her a hamburger, a movie, and serving as another perceived notch in her virgin’s belt. Once she succumbed to my strategy, I’d bang that body of hers until she was hooked, then lead her around by a leash, maybe all the way through a 4-year college beyond the JC. One thing I’d learned from Glenda: You do your part well and get a girl truly hooked, you have a goldmine for life. And Glenda had loved being my goldmine!

Madilynn’s father had always run his political campaign on a wholesome, ‘sweetness and decency’ platform which to listen to almost made me puke, but maybe it worked because he didn’t need my vote. (Twenty-one was still our voting age in 1988). Like many elected officials in our state, he was well on his way to making a lifetime career out of buying votes with tax-payer’s money. At that time he’d already been elected to three terms, as I recall.

Senator Davidson and wife were solidly entrenched in the State Capitol society, as I’d heard it called, and only came home to our small town of 42,000 when they couldn’t avoid it or needed votes for reelection. They never came during the summer when Madilynn wasn’t in school, and only sporadically during the school year when more important social events didn’t require their presence in the capitol. Since Madilynn graduated grade school, mostly her supervision had come from a glorified nanny, not Mrs. Davidson. Perhaps a nanny is not the best supervisory choice when you have a daughter who flirts around like little whore?

And over the time Madilynn had attended the same JC as me, she seemed to be getting bolder about her dress and manner. Had my mother been supervising her, she certainly would not have worn her skirts that short, her tops that tight, her sweatshirts trimmed so they left us guys trying to see under the edges because we knew what must lurk under there, and she’d have been grounded 99.9% of the time.

I just hoped Mom didn’t squelch my plan for dating Madilynn. My parents weren’t unreasonable, but they were enthusiastically on-board my plan of graduating from junior college then finishing a Chemical Engineering Degree at State. I’d have to keep ahead of the curve with them so they didn’t come up expecting more danger from Madilynn than actually lurked therein. I told Mom right up front I was considering dating Madilynn, as a result of her hitting on me. In no less than five minutes she and Dad had me cornered and were giving me the 3rd. degree.

“Doug? Isn’t she that girl you’re always commenting on? How she teases all the boys without mercy?”

“That’s the one, Mom.”

“So why you want to put up with her? Why don’t you find another nice girl like Glenda? She was so nice, and we know you really liked her.”

She was, and I had—and I still did—but she was gone for good.

“This Madilynn can’t be the only nice looking girl at your school.”

Well, she wasn’t. Sally Gibbons was between boy friends, a damned nice girl and nice looking she was, but her parents were obnoxious bible grinders and I doubted I could put up with illegal bahis that for very long. And there was Linda Baker, a very nice girl in my clique, but when it came to homely, Linda defined the word.

“What about that Janice Thomas? Isn’t she going there? Didn’t you kind of like her?”

“She married one of last year’s graduates, so she’s off the market. Pregnant, I think, and due this fall.”

“Oh. Well, girls shouldn’t get pregnant.”

“Happens in the best of families, I’ve heard.” A little jab there. Me? I’d been one of those ‘short term pregnancies’ nicer people didn’t talk about.

“Well,” Dad said. “You watch out for that Madilynn—if you do take her out. You got three more years at least before you ought to become a father.”

I nodded. I’d grown up on our farm. I’d known for a long time where baby calves and lambs come from and what causes them.

So, the next time Madilynn put her flirt on me, I was ready. I saw it coming my direction when I stood outside one of the Chemistry Labs waiting for the previous class to vacate the classroom. She was one of the last ten out, and as she passed me, the bump she gave me could be nothing, if it wasn’t on purpose.

“Oh, sorry Doug,” she said, turning those big, round, calf-eyes up toward mine. “But you don’t really mind, do you?”

I shrugged. This wasn’t the first time, from her or another of our other major flirts.

“Why don’t you bring your lunch out on the front steps. I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to eat with me.”

“I’m eating in the cafeteria. It’s not take-out.”

That seemed to set her back. Had no guy ever before refused one of her invitations?

“Maybe I should eat in there, too?” She put those big flirt eyes on me again.

“Go ahead, if you want. I guess you gotta sit somewhere to eat. Just don’t intrude into us guys’ conversation, okay?”

Her big eyes went blank a moment. “What you mean, intrude?”

“I mean we have important things to talk about. You got anything important to add?”

“Like what?” The way she said that made me wonder if a typical girl ever thought what guys talked about qualified as important—if it wasn’t about them.

“Well, like Frank’s problem with his car transmission, and the four-wheel drive’s not working right on Jessie’s truck. Those are a couple for instances of important.”

“That’s important? Really?”

I nodded. “Anyhow, if you can contribute anything useful to our conversation, come eat with us. If not, go talk with the girls. They always seem to have a lot to talk about, whether it’s important or not.”

With that, I pushed past her and into the Chem Lab.


At lunch that noon, she avoided me, not that I minded. Us guys got pretty deep into the problems Jerry was trying to fix on his 4×4, so it was just as well Madilynn didn’t come by and bother us.

But at the door of last period study hall, there she was, full flirt on with everything else, including those big, brown, moo-cow eyes batting away. As I walked past, her hand accidentally bumped mine.

“Sorry,” I said, although I knew exactly what really happened.

“You should be.”

“Why is that?”

“You’re giving me the cold shoulder. I’m just trying to be friendly.”

“You’ve given a cold shoulder to over half the guys in this school. Why do I want be friendly with you?”

The way she responded made me wonder if she’d ever given a warm shoulder to anybody.

“But … but ….”

“Why don’t you go bother somebody else … like one of the freshman boys you might still fool with your flirt, huh? You’d look good leading some poor freshman kid around by his testicles.”

“Why, you … you crude …!”

“Save it for the yokels, Madilynn. I’ve got more important things to do than hang around with a bitch like you.” With that, I went home and went to work on something important. I suppose my use of bitch struck home and stuck there.

The next afternoon, there she stood at the door leading from my Calculus class. Odd, I thought, she didn’t look like a whore today. None of that cheerleader flirt that’s only applicable during whatever sport you’re cheering. She grabbed my hand as I went to push past her and out the door, but I dropped it as soon as I could.

“Please, Doug,” she said, softly, but still with a good measure of flirt. Had she done that so long she no longer realized she did it?

“Yeah? What you want?”

“I’d really like you to take me out.”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“I am pretty good looking aren’t I?”

“You’re okay.”

“And I can be pretty nice … to a nice guy like you.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“And I like you.”

“How do you know?”

“I ….”

I let that stew for a minute before I said more. She kept those big Jersey Cow eyes on me, but while I didn’t turn away, they had almost no effect on me.

“Tell you what, Madilynn. Yeah, I’ll take you out, just once. We’ll see if you’re worth taking out a second time. How about that?”

She almost choked on that, but we did go out.


And illegal bahis siteleri we went out a second and a third time, doing things I selected to make the other guys notice I was taking Madilynn out.

The questions inevitably commenced, to which I always gave truthful if somewhat ambiguous answers. You could summarize them with the question: Had I drilled Madilynn, and was she any good? On and on this went, through several more dates. By now every boy in JC, and a few from previously graduated classes, would have bet Madilynn was finally putting out—at least to someone.

“Did you tell somebody that?” Madilynn said with her best, pissed off tone.


“Then where did they get that idea?”

“From you strutting your ass around like a little whore.”

“Did not.”

“Sure as hell did, and you still are.”

“Did not, did not, did not!”

“You know? Several guys asked me why I’d even take you out when you act like that.”

“They did?”

“Yes. But I been sticking up for you. When they ask if I’m screwing you, I just say, not yet.”

“You said that?”

“It’s true, isn’t it?”

“What you mean not yet?”

“I mean, I hope some day to do so—which is one hundred percent true.”

“I hate you, you bastard. Do you realize what that will do to my reputation? It will ruin Daddy’s campaign for re-election. Everyone will think I’m loose. Oh, god, oh god! What am I going to do?”

“Well, you could start by not flirting with every pair of pants that walks down the street.”

“I don’t now.”

“Yes, you do.”

“Oh, god!” Now, that sounded like defeat, just the situation I hoped for.

“And quit wearing your clothes so you look like a tart. Your skirts should only be that short when you’re actually cheerleading, and your tops should at least cover what you’ve got under them. And for god’s sake, quit walking around like you’re just begging every guy you pass to grab your breasts.”

She only shook her head.

“And when you sit, keep your legs together, okay? It’s embarrassing, you know what I mean?”

“Oh, no!”

“Oh, yes. And if you’re going to pass out signals that say take me out and I’ll fuck you, then at least be fair and fuck the guy who asks you out.”

“I don’t do that! I can’t do that. I just can’t!”

I shrugged. It was her problem, she brought this on herself.

“Please? Help me, Doug? I’ll ruin Daddy. He’ll never get re-elected next time if the voters all think his daughter is fucking everything in sight. Oh, god! Mommy and Daddy will hate me. Everyone will hate me!”

I just shook my head and shrugged. You get what you earn.

“Please, Doug? Don’t talk like you said. To anyone, okay?”

“Like what? Like saying some day I’d like to have sex with you? If I said otherwise, the guys would all think I was lying and instead, harpooning you every night. They’re not blind, you know.”

She now hid her face in her hands, her hands in her lap. She wasn’t quite sobbing, but tears dripped from her hands and ran down her forearms.

“What am I gonna do?”

“What you should have done all along.”

“What, Doug?”

“Find a nice guy, treat him right, and quietly treat him like a man, not some toy you can manipulate so you look like some sort of bitch goddess. Goddesses should look like goddesses, not act like bitches.”

“I did that?”

“You did.”

With that she broke into sobs. I said nothing while this went on for five minutes. Then she gathered herself together, sniffled, and looked up. I noticed she no longer let her knees spread. Good sign!

“Doug? Do you hate me that much?”


“Then how could you say those things about me?”

“What did I say?”

“That I fuck like a mink.”

“No. How would I know?’ I shrugged just a little. “I might have said I’ll bet you’d fuck like a mink, but only as speculation.”

“And she gives blow jobs like nobody else.”

“Purely speculation on my part. I would never say you did unless you actually did.”

“And I let boys ‘fuck my tight little ass’.”

“Do you? I wouldn’t know. But I might have speculated on that, too.”

“And you’d like to suck my titties and play motorboat with them?”

“Well, that’s true, at least I think I would. You haven’t kept them much a secret you know. Maybe my imagination got the better of me on that, too.”

“You gotta stop this somehow. Daddy will be ruined. Momma will be die of embarrassment. No one will ever take me out. Please Doug? Help me?”

Well, far as I was concerned, any politician, or bureaucrat for that matter, who hung around the capitol for as long as her father had, deserved to be ruined, but that’s another story. One thing for certain, though, her parents deserved the ruin and embarrassment raising a bitch daughter like Madilynn earned them.

As to Madilynn? I figured I had her just about bent over a barrel where I wanted her. But not quite yet. I let the ambiguous answers continue for another two weeks.

Word canlı bahis siteleri must have gotten back to the senator and his wife in the capitol—probably via the nanny—because when I picked up Madilynn for our date the following Saturday evening, there they were, badgering me for an explanation of how a low-life like me could say things like that about their angelic daughter, and threatening me with arrest if I continued.

They listened little, but I did my best to tell the truth: All I’d done was take her out to some school activities where other guys saw us. I’d said nothing that wasn’t true—in fact I’d been complementary in most instances. The rest, true or not, Madilynn had brought upon herself.

I pulled that off pretty well. By the time I managed to extract myself from that interrogation, Mrs. Davidson was in tears, Madilynn was beyond tears, and Senator Davidson, although still belligerent, boisterous, and threatening, was beginning to see the light—the few times he allowed himself to see it.

I took her home right after the dance. Sure enough, her parents were there waiting to give me the next ration of the 3rd degree. At least Madilynn was in better spirits. A few of the higher classed girls had actually been cordial to her, the opposite of what I’d seen before.

“Thanks, Doug,” she said when we stepped onto their mansion’s front porch.

“What for?”

“Sticking up for me at the dance.”

“Oh. No big deal.”

“For me, it was.”

“Just the truth, nothing more or less.”

“Thanks, anyway.”

By now she was unlocking the door and leading me in as if I were everything she could ever hope for. I heard voices from the other end of the house, which sounded as if her parents would appear momentarily. They did, and Senator Davidson had lost little of his bluster.

“Out pretty late,” he said to open our conversation.

I turned my watch up. “Half past eleven. That’s late?”

“We don’t allow Madilynn out after ten thirty.”

“Sorry, Sir. But the last three times we’ve been out until after midnight. Madilynn didn’t seem to mind.”

“Well, from now on she’ll mind, you can bet on it!”

“Daddy, please.”

“No! From now on you be in by ten-thirty or earlier. I don’t want people saying my daughter is out in the bushes somewhere having sex with you.”

“Who says I’m having sex with her?”

“Everybody!” Madilynn’s mother all but spit that out, and followed up with, “and doing all those perverted things, too.”

“What, things, Momma?”

“Like … I don’t even want to say them.”

“Like what, Momma?”

“Like … like … anal, and … breast sucking, and … vulva licking, and … dildos, and … and … and giving him head, and ….”

“You do them with Daddy, don’t you?”

“Madilynn!” Two gasps said that, piled one atop the other.

“Well, I got ears, haven’t I? And I’ve seen what you two have in your room.”

“Oh, NO!” Two more gasps said this, too.

I just kept quiet. This was quite a circus, and might be working out even better than I’d hoped!

“We don’t ….”

“What, Daddy?”

“Make a public spectacles of ourselves, that’s what.”

“Who’s making a spectacle? Not me, at least anymore. And not Doug.” With that she tightened her grip on my arm.

“Somebody told all those people!”

“Not me. You tell them, Doug?”

I shook my head. “I never said anything that wasn’t true. But looks is everything, and if you look like you’d do something, people are gonna assume you will.”

About then Mrs. Davidson lost it—again, rammed her face into her hands and sobbed openly. “Oh, god, oh god, oh god.! Everyone must know! Now what will I do? What will you do, Honey? You have re-election coming up in just six months.”

From the look on Davidson’s face, this had come home to him, too, and if he didn’t figure out a fix very quickly, he’d be looking for a ditch digging job somewhere shortly after the next election.


I received a summons to the Davidson Mansion the following day. I took note that Madilynn’s nanny met me at the door, not one of the Davidsons. In the second room to the right, there sat Senator and Mrs. Davidson, with Madilynn to one side, as if a decision was already made, and I was about to be told what I’d do or die.

“Have a seat,” Senator Davidson said, pointing to the sofa next to Madilynn.

I nodded to him as I sat, then looked over to Madilynn.

“Mister Davis ….” Right here I interrupted.

“Let’s cut the crap, Sir. What do you want?”

“Mister Davis …”

“The crap, Sir. Cut it and let’s get on with whatever you’ve drug me over here for, shall we?”

“Mister Davis!” Madilynn’s mother said in fake shock. “We ….”

“What? Think you can horn-swoggle me with a pile of bull-shit flattery? Or hang some threats on me?”


“Sir yourself. Now, get to it or I’m leaving.” I made a move in that direction, but right on clue, Madilynn took my arm, so I didn’t stand.

“Please,” Senator Davidson said, I think rather certain he didn’t know how to play this game. “We … I have a problem. A big problem/”

“Yes?” I figured he had a huge problem if he didn’t want to be looking for a different job the morning after election day.

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