Lynne Misbehaves At The Hotel

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Double Penetration

I’d been working on a report up in my room in the hotel that my girlfriend, Lynne and I were staying in on my latest business trip. Lynne liked to come with me on trips whenever she could. I’d hoped to get it finished much earlier so we could head out for a night on the town, but that hadn’t happened. Instead, at around 8pm she’d gotten bored and decided to head down to the hotel bar for a few drinks.

I was just putting the finishing touches to the report when Lynne came back into the room. She’d obviously had a few drinks, but the twinkle in her eye also told me she’d been up to something or was planning to. I smiled as she entered “What have you been up to?” I asked.

“I’ve been a bad girl” she replied as she closed the door behind her.

“I got bored waiting for you and decided to find another cock to play with” she said as she threw her purse on the chair and moved towards me smiling. We have an open relationship and allow each other to fuck other people and very often use this as part of our sex games.

As she got closer I got a waft of that telling smell off her – the smell of sex. The glint in her eyes was unmistakable now as being the glint she gets after orgasming. My heart started to beat more heavily and to quicken slightly and I felt my cock start to stir in my jeans. She leant over to illegal bahis kiss me and I could taste the alcohol off her lips as well as the taste of some guy’s cock. I pulled her head back by her hair sharply. “Who’s cock have you been sucking you whore?” I yelled. She gasped at her hair being pulled, but smiled and breathed heavily with excitement.

“I sucked his cock and then let him fuck my pussy” she grinned, trying to kiss me again. “I picked him up at the bar and we went back to his room”.

I pulled harder on her hair, keeping her lips off mine, all the time sensing the building excitement in her. She reached down and started to undo my jeans, but I pulled her hand away and pushed her to the ground.

“Get on your knees slut!” I commanded her. “You need to be punished for this”.

She grinned and got on her knees lifting her summer dress up to expose her naked ass. She’d obviously not bothered to put her panties back on after her impromptu fuck session.

“I have been a bad girl” she whispered “I want you to punish me”.

I slapped her ass hard and she moaned in pleasure and pain. I slapped her again, this time closer to her pussy.

I kicked her legs further apart and this time when I spanked her, I hit her pussy lips hard. She gasped in obvious pain, but I know she loves her pussy illegal bahis siteleri being spanked. Her pussy lips were definitely wet from the current excitement and also from the recent sex. I spanked her pussy again, letting my fingers linger and push slightly into her soaking pussy. I could feel the mix of her juices and this stranger’s cum coating my fingers.

My cock was now rock hard in my jeans and uncomfortable with how it was being squeezed. It needed to be released. I reached down and undid my jeans with one hand as I continued to spank Lynne with the other. As my cock sprang loose, I gently stroked it to get the blood back where it should be. Lynne’s moans were a huge turn on and I wanted to fuck her badly.

“I want you to lick my pussy” She moaned “I want you to lick my juices and that guy’s cum out of it”. She was hugely turned on and the idea of me doing that along with the spanking she’d received was bringing her to the edge of orgasm. I was about to complain, but then she moaned “I won’t let you fuck my pussy until you do that for me”. She climbed up onto the bed as I finished undressing and spread her legs waiting for me. Wanting to please her I got between her legs and started cautiously to lick her pussy lips. I could taste her juices and his cum immediately. She was writhing in ecstasy canlı bahis siteleri as I continued licking and sucking her, swallowing the combined juices of her and this nameless guy. Her level or arousal made my cock harder than ever and I was loving how much this turned her on and so really started to get into it. I pushed two fingers deep inside her and they quickly brought more of the sex juice out of her pussy. I raised this to her mouth and she moaned as she licked and sucked my fingers dry.

I continued licking and sucking her pussy until suddenly she arched her back and with a loud moan, came hard, writhing on my fingers and pushing my head hard onto her pussy. I felt her pussy contract tightly around my fingers and sucked her lips harder as she orgasmed. Just as her orgasm started to die down, I got up and quickly replaced my fingers in her pussy with my cock, sliding in easily on the juices of her orgasms. She moaned louder and bucked as I thrust deep into her. She seemed to continue to orgasm and her pulsing vagina caused me to reach orgasm quickly, exploding deep insider her and adding more cum to the mix.

After my orgasm had died down, I collapsed on the bed beside Lynne, panting heavily as I kissed her and sucked her lips, gently caressing her breasts with my finger tips. “That was amazing” she whispered between the kisses. “I hope you enjoyed it” she smiled as she gently started to stroke my cock. I admitted that it was a huge turn on for me too.

We’ve done plently of other things like this, but those are stories for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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