Love and Sex in Ireland

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It was the most glorious of summer’s.

Remnants of evening sun hung endlessly over the Iveragh Peninsula, in the South West corner of Ireland.

Those warm hazy days of welcome sunshine brought an almost tropical feel to the rocky shoreline of west Kerry.

Maeve and Cormac had spent their entire childhood here along this coastline, and now in their last summer before college, and as adults, the pair clung to the turquoise coast like a pair of gray seals.

The crystal clear Gulf Streamed waters saw the pair immerse themselves in long days of swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.

They spent endless hours enjoying their youth, playing and sunbathing in the warm tidal pools of the sheltered coast.

Cormac at almost 18 years was utterly and absolutely smitten with his girl, Maeve Murphy.

She was the most beautiful human being he had ever laid eyes on, and no matter how he tried he could not express his love and adoration of her in any meaningful way.

She was in his every waking thought.

Her name would dance about in his mind, exhausting him.

From time to time he would sing her name to himself

“Maeve, Maeve, Maeve Murphy”,

On the odd occasion, when no one was there to hear, he would say it out loud just to hear it being spoken.

She was Beautiful, and in all of Cormac young life he had never seen anything else as beautiful as her.

His young age prevented him from describing or articulating Maeve’s beauty, yet he knew, when she smiled it was like seeing early sun on morning dew.

Her big brown eyes bewitched him enough to see him walk the length and breath of the peninsula, if it pleased her.

In his sixteenth year, Maeve had surrendered herself to him, and he to her. Since that day they had never so much as looked at another.

Their lives entwined as they grew, sharing all of their ‘firsts’ together, their first teenage dance, first kiss, their first sexual fumbling’s.

As their bodies grew, they became more and more intimate with each other, sharing all the new pleasures of their new adult forms.

They loved each other, and found every opportunity to show it.

Maeve also loved paddling naked through rock pools; a pastime Cormac took great delight in going along with.

In the isolated coves of west Kerry there was plenty of opportunity to get naked and relax without being observed. Lying back to dry herself in the warm sunshine, Maeve would let the sun find her fur-covered cunt, feeling its warmth open and moisten her.

She enjoyed the sensation and the freedom of being naked in the open air.

Cormac for tuzla escort his part loved nothing more then sitting to watch Maeve’s enjoying sunshine.

He enjoyed the stirring sensation in his groin, the freedom of nakedness, and the pleasure of enjoying a light breeze on his cock and balls.

His erection always grew at the sight of Maeve’s naked body. Her body catching sunlight as droplets of salty water clung to her to dry. The sight for her running her hand over her tanned slender body acted like a lure, mesmerizing him, causing his cock to throb.

At days end, as sun began to set, Cormac would embrace Maeve and warm her, kissing her more passionately than before. On the smooth flat rocks of the lower shore, she would give herself to him.

To setting sun she would kiss him deeply, cupping his face in her hands as he pushed his cock into her.

She would whisper in his ear how good his cock felt, and how she wanted to keep it inside her forever.

They explored each other with their fondling.

Using fingers, lips, tongues, and teeth, kissing, sucking and nibbling on each other.

By the beginning of July they were bronzed and relaxed and enjoying each other so much that Maeve, as soon as they were alone, would unzip Cormac and take his cock out to feel it grow.

One balmy evening, with Cormac’s cock in her hand, Maeve looked at him and whispered,

“I want you to come in my mouth Cormac”.

“I want to taste your hot spunk on my tongue”.

Cormac, dumbstruck at the idea of Maeve taking his cock into her mouth, felt his heart almost bursting through his chest.

Maeve’s request was odd, but the idea of it had run through his mind like a raging gorse fire.

It was the most erotic thing he could ever imagine and it made his cock almost burst with excitement.

During all the sex the pair had shared, they had never kissed each other’s genitals before.

Maeve, the adventurous one, and always the first to suggest something new, was sensing Cormac’s approval.

Dropping to her knees she held his cock in both hands and began to lick it.

The silky texture of his cock felt strange and new on her tongue, inviting her to take more.

She immediately liked the salty taste of him, and taking him deeper into her mouth she knew she loved it.

She sucked it harder and harder, stopping only to trace the rim of his dome with her tongue, her fingers fondling his balls all the while.

In a moment she had what she desired.

Cormac came in great torrents, almost filling her mouth with his hot salty cream.

Maeve startled at first, continued suckling hungrily, tuzla escort bayan swallowing everything Cormac had to give.

The sensation of sucking cock was exquisite for both of them and after a few more times doing it, Maeve perfected her technique.

She loved to squeeze his ass cheeks while she drained him, always looking up at his face for signs of him Cumming. When she saw that look on his face, she would close her eyes and allow him to spill into her mouth, sucking rhythmically until he begged her to stop.

Once while she was sucking him, Cormac noticed Maeve’s hand moving inside the front of her own shorts.

“What are you doing Maeve” he asked,

thinking she might have an insect or sand or something in her knickers.

“I have a itch” she replied, unbuttoning herself to give herself more access.

But it looked like more than an itch to Cormac.

Maeve, by now, her hand was inside her knickers and rubbing her pussy like a fiddler playing a gig.

Her slit was so wet that Cormac could hear her fingers squelching as she rubbed it. By now she had stopped sucking on Cormac’s cock, and was concentrating even harder while continuing to finger her pussy intensely.

“Oh Cormac” she cried,

Gasping for air and jerking back and forth like she had electricity racing through her body.

He had never seen her like this before and as much as he was concerned that she might be in some kind of pain, he couldn’t help what he was about to do.

Closing his eyes tight, he came, squirting gobs of cum in every direction.

Maeve’s mouth returned to his cock, and once again she was sucking him with all her might.

When he couldn’t take any more, he begged her to stop, and explain to him what had happened.

“I think I orgasmed” she told him.

“You what” he asked

“Finola O Grady told me that if I rub my cunt as hard as I can when I am feeling randy, it will make me orgasm”.

“What’s that” He replied quizzically, his innocence betrayed.

“It’s the same as your cock Cumming when I suck it”, She offered.

“Are you telling me that girls cum just like boys”?

“Well, maybe” Maeve replied

“The next time I feel randy I’ll tell you, and if you like, we can try it again.

Cormac didn’t have to wait long for his young nymph to once again feel randy.

Later that evening as the pair sat of the foreshore, watching Guillemots skim the surface of the ocean, Maeve announced!

“I think I’d like to try that thing again”

“You’re feeling randy then” he replied.

“Even more then before” she chirped with a devilish grin.

Standing escort tuzla to ensure there was no one else on the foreshore, she looked about in all directions before slipping out of her shorts and knickers.

With her back to the sea, she positioned herself so that her pussy was about level with Cormac’s face.

Satisfied that she had his undivided attention, she began to rub her pussy along its outer parts.

Cormac never had his face this close to Maeve’s pussy before, and the view of her stroking it had his cock throbbing in no time. He could smell her musky aroma and he was becoming enflamed by its charm.

Maeve sought out her opening, the source of that aroma.

Finding a way through her thick pubic bush, she pushed a finger inside. She was very wet, and her legs buckled a little as the sensation of touching her own wetness washed over her.

Cormac had Maeve’s girl-scent in his nostrils and was overcome with the instinct to sniff her. Nose first, he moved in closer, and smelled her.

Her girl scent intoxicating him, drawing him in even closer, closer then he had ever been before.

Holding her by her butt cheeks, he fixed his mouth to her young woman slit. Parting her bushy pubic hair with his lips he began to lap at it like a kitten to milk.

Not knowing what had come over him he began to slurp on her bushy haired crack, searching for his reward with his probing tongue.

Finding the opening of her hole he darted his tongue in and out, allowing her nectar to seep onto his tongue.

Maeve was panting and balancing herself on Cormac’s head.

She was moaning and cawing and Cumming all at once, her hot little slit almost melting at the touch of his penetrating tongue, licking her down there for the first time.

Cormac had his throbbing cock in his hand by now, and was urging Maeve to sit on it. Only when she felt her legs give way beneath her did she do as she was asked.

Squatting down over Cormac’s cock, she locked her mouth to his mouth. She felt her slit open and slide down over the length of Cormac’s rod, tasting her own juice on Cormac’s mouth for the first time.

Locked onto Cormac’s pole, her orgasm began, shaking her to her core as it peaked. Her contractions milking her young lovers rod until he too was also jerking in orgasm.

Seabirds cawing overhead drowning out their muffled cries of pleasure.

Sitting straddling her young lover with his pole still buried deep in her pulsating hole, Maeve whispered her pledges of love into her young lover ear.

By the end of July the pair had exhausted every possible way to prove their love for each other. Nestling into each other on the shoreline after long swims, they would derive great pleasure by fondling each other to orgasm. Delighting in the intensity of pleasure they could work each other up to.

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