Lora Becomes a Sex Kitten

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Lora Piatti had a lovely body, some may offer the opinion that it was indeed incredible. Small and trim. 5’4″ tall, just over 100 pounds, 24 inch waist, 34 inch hips, 35B breasts, full and firm. More than a handful as the old saying goes. Shapely legs, slim to match her body but with good muscle definition; she’s unlikely to ever have a problem with an ass that’s anything but taut, tight, and bubble-shaped. Thick brown hair that cascaded halfway down her back, dark eyes that virtually sparkled in every light, almost olive complexion, relatively small mouth, full dark lips, bright even teeth.

The combination of tight curves was amazingly sensual but it was that absolutely perfect ass of Lora’s that drove the boys, and the men, fucking wild. Taut, tight, and it looked like a bubble rising up, and almost daily Lora encased this derriere for the Gods in increasingly shorter and tighter skirts purchased from the small boutique that she managed in the upscale mall. This gorgeous young twenty-two-year-old woman was made for just one thing; and if the looks from the males were any clue, Lora was only just beginning to realize what that was!

There was just one teeny-tiny problem with this scenario. You see, Lora had only been with one man sexually in her entire life, her high school sweetheart who was now graduated from an Ivy League university and was working as a commodities trader on Wall Street while Lora still lived in her hometown near Washington, DC. Theirs was an Amtrak relationship, every other weekend one or the other would travel so that they could spend about thirty-six hours together. While Lora’s libido and sense of adventure was becoming increasingly more pronounced, her boyfriend seemed to be almost oblivious to his horny and beautiful girlfriend’s sexual desires, such was his focus on his career. Why, he had never even gone down on her, ever.

That was to bode well for thirty-eight year-old John Williamson, the Mall Manager, who with each passing day was rapidly becoming the proverbial apple of Lora’s eye, and the source of her frequent masturbation sessions both in her bedroom and in the solitude of her stock room on a slow retail day. If only he knew how many pairs of panties Lora had saturated with her self-induced cream fantasizing about the slightly older, charming, sophisticated Ladies’ man. Lora had also taken recently to watching graphic porn on the Internet and On-Demand, so that she could analyze different oral techniques and fucking positions. She was like a grad student cramming for her final exams.

John had fucked several of the other retail store shop owners or managers, as Lora knew from the local Mall gossip. John himself remained very discreet in his dalliances, but, well, you know how women talk. Especially when John was supposedly endowed with an eight-inch cock and a tongue that was legendary. Both appendages were rumored to have the stamina and precision of a fine Rolex timepiece.

Lora had heard from blonde Yvonne from the Flower Shop, who was the apparently somewhat-steady fuck of John’s, under the cross-your-heart promise of secrecy, of course, that John had entertained Yvonne and Lisa, the cute, petite African American girl from Fashion Bug with the huge jugs, in a menage-a-trois that wore out both girls while John was still going strong.

It was also pretty widely known that Judy, the statuesque brunette regional manager from Ralph Lauren was another charter member of John’s Frequent Rider program. And, there was one of Lora’s regular customers who also worked as John’s ‘personal assistant’ in the mall office named Jayne, an older, classy woman in her mid-forties with flaming red hair and a body of a woman half her age (Lora knew from seeing her try on outfits in the dressing room), who dropped less than subtle hints that she had a ‘special relationship’ with the handsome Mall Manager.

So, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, aged from twenty to forty-five, John had captivated and captured each of their pussies.

But that was exactly what Lora wanted from what would become only the second man to be invited to have her own pussy. Experience, confidence, and size.

If she married her workaholic boyfriend, Lora would no doubt someday become a comfortable trophy wife living in the Hamptons or Greenwich or in Westchester County.

But that’s not what excited Lora, not anymore, as her hormones raged stronger and more vibrant every day. No, she couldn’t envision a life with a self-centered man with a low sex drive, no inclination to serve her orally, and an almost impotent cock that was barely five inches long.

Lora wanted to be a sex kitten.

And she knew just the man who could help her with this choice. And when.

Lora had requested a meeting with John through her customer and mall employee Jayne, and Lora asked that it be after 6 p.m. on a weekday under the auspices that she couldn’t leave her store unattended until her night shift relief arrived. Lora was informed by Jayne that John had an ‘opening’ the bursa escort following Thursday at 6:30, and he would be available to see her at that time. Lora estimated that she would probably play with herself enough between now and the meeting date to set some kind of self-pleasure world record.

Lora prepared for the meeting that morning by shaving her pussy so diligently that it didn’t have a hint of a wisp of pubic hair, and she augmented her natural scent with a sprinkling of perfume between her labia, which burned for a minute, but also literally steamed her cunt when mixed with the continual moisture that Lora leaked in her nether regions.

Her outfit that day was especially provocative, even considering Lora’s increasingly daring propensity for revealing attire. A white, sheer button-down blouse with the sheerest of ivory lace push-up bras beneath it. Tight, super-short black mini, that allowed for a view of the tops of Lora’s ebony thigh-high stockings with every stride. Black 4-inch stiletto pumps, classy enough to be fashionable, but daring enough to certainly be referred to as ‘fuck-me’ shoes.

And, three changes of thongs that day alone while she worked in her store, one because of another clandestine self-homage session, and the other necessitated by the constant stream of humidity cascading from between her legs from mere anticipation of her upcoming ‘meeting’. As six-thirty arrived, Lora finally settled on a sheer lemon-yellow thong with silk flowers embroidered subtly into the fabric.

Lora walked nervously into the outer office and was surprised to see Jayne still there, yet obviously gathering her belongings to pack up for the day. Jayne cordially greeted Lora and invited her into the office’s plush conference room, explaining that John was finishing up a call with the home office and would be there in just a few minutes. Jayne also complimented Lora effusively on her ‘sensational’ wardrobe and teased Lora that whatever it was that she wanted to discuss with John, she ran the risk of distracting him with her look that day.

Lora blushed and bid a gracious good night as Jayne gently shut the door behind her, careful to peek and assure that the red ‘on’ light of the camcorder hidden in the planter was aimed directly at the large mahogany table.

This was not Jayne’s first rodeo, so to speak, not by a long shot. She had an intuition that she knew EXACTLY what Lora wanted with John, and she also knew her own boss well enough to know that he would not have even agreed to see Lora under these circumstances if he, too, didn’t have a desire for an extracurricular, up-close-and-personal ‘meeting’ with the luscious young boutique manager. So, accordingly, Jayne decided to memorialize the one-on-one meeting on videotape, because, hey, ya never know when the ‘minutes’ of such an off-the-record meeting may come in handy someday. Jayne winked at Lora before shutting the door, noticing the flush in Lora’s complexion and the distinct smell of Lora’s sex scent wafting through the small room.

Before leaving, Jayne walked into John’s office as he was about to end his call, and without saying a word, unzipped his suit pants in a flash, kneeled down and began to suck earnestly on his beautiful shaft, quickly rising in surprised attention to Jayne’s always masterful oral administrations. The sexy redhead sucked long, hard and deep for about fifteen frantic seconds as John stammered his goodbyes over the phone, and just as quickly and unexpectedly stopped, tucked his now turgid snake back in his pants, rezipped, and walked out of the office, shaking her aerobically-honed butt as she did, saying coquettishly over her shoulder, “Your six-thirty is here, I wanted to make sure you were duly alerted.”

John stood, still rock hard from the surreptitious oral ambush, and said to Jayne, “I’ll see you at ten. And, yes, I’ll bring the tape for you. For us. I want you to taste her on me as soon as I walk in your apartment tonight.” Jayne would spend the spare time between now and then watching several of the other tapes that she had archived, the ones with John being sucked and fucked by other store owners and managers. The one of Yvonne and Lisa remained her favorite, but Jayne had a feminine intuition that perhaps this one with Lora might become number one with a bullet.

You see, Jayne wanted Lora for herself, and such tapes always made it easier to ‘convince’ the younger vixens to go along with Jayne’s bi-sexual conquests.

John walked into the conference room and he and Lora both almost gasped at the appearance of the other. Lora could definitely make out the discernible bulge poking beneath John’s charcoal-gray trousers, and Lora’s blouse and skirt did nothing to assuage the slightly twitching member.

Lora’s blazing brown eyes remained riveted to John’s crotch as she stood to greet him. It was quite obvious he had a raging hard-on and judging by the size of the bulge he wasn’t lacking in the cock department. John moved swiftly to the corner of his desk and bursa escort bayan extended his hand to hers. His hand was softer than she imagined, but it was indeed strong and confident. When his hand touched Lora’s, it was almost like electricity had shot through her. Her body was already heightened to sensitivity and his touch set something off in her.

She looked down again at the bulge in his pants. Lora felt as if she were at a crossroad. Her whole life she had taken the easy path, the path of least resistance. She didn’t take risks and she didn’t do impulsive things. She was reliable old Lora. Lora the designated driver, Lora the baby sitter on a Friday night, Lora the house sitter while you were away at vacation, and worst of all, Lora the loyal unsexed girlfriend.

Well, today, finally, she was tired of being the predictable dependable Lora. She felt a wave building up inside her. All those years of following the easy, respectable path were causing a tidal wave of desire through her. She refused to be this passive person anymore.

Impulsively she turned towards John and kissed him, deeply. She could see his eyes widen in surprise, but it was too late to break off now. She was committed.

John had stepped to the corner of his desk, hoping it would somehow shield his erection from view. He took her hand and reached to shake it and then put a hand to the small of her back to try to steer her away from his erection. He thought he had pulled if off when suddenly Lora had turned and kissed him. John couldn’t believe it, he hadn’t expected Lora to be this aggressive. The shock of it caused him to stand still, but the realization came that she was young, beautiful, and obviously had noticed him checking her out and didn’t mind. Didn’t mind? Hell, she was initiating things!

John broke out of his stupor and pulled Lora close to him. He slipped his other hand behind her neck and felt her soft shiny hair in against the back of his hand as he tilted her head up to his. Her kiss was wild, and their tongues fenced playfully in each other’s mouth. She started to push off his suit jacket before their intense first kiss had ended. It slid off his arms and onto the carpet as he released his grip about her small waist and swan-like neck. She moved him over to the desk so he could lean against it and then started unbuttoning his crisp dress shirt.

Lora felt absolutely wanton. When he hadn’t responded at very first she had been afraid that she had blown it and gotten herself humiliated. But then he had pulled her close and kissed her back and she knew he wanted her as bad as she wanted him. She felt almost detached from herself at first. This was not Lora, was it? She hadn’t just put her toe in the water; she had jumped headlong into it and now was swimming for her life. It was too late to turn back now, and besides, she didn’t want to. She needed this release badly.

She pushed him back against the desk and started pulling apart his shirt. She didn’t have time for buttons. His chest was well defined, he definitely kept in shape, just like she had imagined. She closed her mouth over one of his nipples and licked a small circle around it until it grew hard. She sucked on it gently while her hands undid John’s belt. She finally loosened it enough and his pants fell to the floor. She kneeled down, shrugging off her jacket as she got to her knees. She pulled off her blouse before peeling his boxer shorts over his erection and down to his feet.

John leaned back as Lora ripped his shirt open. He couldn’t believe how wild she was. She had always seemed so reserved and shy and now she was a wild tiger popping buttons off his shirt and sucking on his nipples. He closed his eyes and reveled in the sensations her tongue was giving him while she worked on his belt. When his pants finally dropped and she released his nipple from her mouth, he opened his eyes and watched her get into a kneeling position. She pulled her blouse over her head. She had that sheer little sheer bra that only accented her tits, the nipples poking out for sweet release. The sight of her cleavage and the tops of her tits caused John’s cock to become even more erect, if possible. She looked up and locked eyes with his as she grabbed his erection and began to put it in her mouth.

Lora took John’s cock in her hand and brought her mouth to the tip. She had been right in her assessment before. It was a awesome-sized cock, by far the biggest she’d seen, even on those porn movies, and if there was one thing she knew, bigger HAD to be better. She looked up at him and met his gaze. She began to tease the tip of his cock with her tongue. He let out a small groan when the tip of her tongue finally touched his cock. A small trail of saliva led from her tongue to the tip of his cock when she brought it back to her mouth.

She worked up more saliva in her mouth and then slid her tongue along the length of his shaft on either side. When she had generously lubricated both sides she grabbed his shaft with her hand escort bursa and started stroking it slowly up and down. She took his head in her mouth again and playfully teased the slit on the top by flicking it with her tongue. She could taste his pre-cum and it only served to excite her further. Her eyes never left his as she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. Over, under, and around her tongue moved teasing him as her hand continued to stroke on his shaft. Finally she dropped her tongue to the bottom of her mouth and started to take in more of him.

John marveled at the blowjob he was getting. Lora was amazing with her tongue, and he was quite sure this was going to be the best blowjob of his life. He couldn’t take his eyes off of hers and she never broke her gaze either. There was something deep and soulful about that, like they were connected far deeper than just her tongue to his cock. He groaned and subconsciously pushed his cock closer to her tongue.

After tongue teasing his head for awhile she finally started to take more of him in her mouth. He could feel her warm wet tongue sliding farther down his shaft. He thought for a minute she might take all of him in, but she stopped after about five inches and held herself there. Her lips around him and her tongue resting against him were an incredible feeling. Every other woman who had given him a blowjob had always just worked in and out. None of them had just enjoyed feeling his cock in their mouths, and here Lora was looking up at him with rapt passion in her eyes, right down to her soul.

Lora finally took John’s cock back out of her mouth. She loved the way it felt. His head was velvet smooth, and she could feel the pulse of him through the shaft of his cock. She felt so alive like that, so connected to him. His eyes never left hers so she knew he felt the connection too. Her body tingled everywhere. It was like every nerve ending in her body had become super sensitive to the slightest touch. Her pussy was getting soaked now and her thong was practically parting her pussy lips. It was pressed up hard against her clit and a familiar sensations were beginning to build, but this time, it was not self-induced.

She tried hard to push that aside to focus on her ‘coming-out’ blowjob. She started working just the first inch or so of his cock in and out of her mouth. She stroked the rest of his large shaft with one hand and balanced herself against the back of his leg with the other. She fell into a steady rhythm now, her hand and mouth moving together to cover nearly his entire cock.

John leaned back against the desk and groaned again. Lora had fallen into a rhythm now and was doing her best to take him over the edge. A part of him wanted to hold back, to make this blowjob last forever, but there were parts of her he wanted to explore too. Suddenly John could feel Lora’s teeth playfully scraping against the top of his cock. The sensation seemed to focus all of his attention to his blowjob. It was amazing the way she could take total control of him like that, she seemed to be able to lead him to any place she wanted at will. His cock was throbbing now and his own familiar sensation was starting to grow in his balls.

The pressure on Lora’s clit by her thong was getting harder and harder to push back. Something about taking John in his office was causing her to become way more stimulated than she ever had before. Giving blowjobs to her unappreciative boyfriend had never made her hot, and this was SOOOOO different, she was sure it wouldn’t be long before she came herself. The thought of that only seemed to increase her desire. Her mind went back to John’s big cock and she started to gently use her teeth along the top of it. She could feel the throbbing start to increase and she knew he was probably getting close himself.

She hadn’t really given any thought to where he was going to cum before now. Lora was filled with a desire to taste him; she wanted to feel the warmth of his cum on her tongue and in her mouth. She didn’t want to make this just an ordinary blowjob though, she always swallowed when with her boyfriend. Lora wanted to make this blowjob as wild and wanton as she felt right now. She decided she wanted to watch him cum, she was going to do something she’d never imagined she’d let any man do to her. She wanted him to cum on her face; she wanted to get it on her hair and in her mouth.

The thought of John cumming on her was bringing Julie to the edge of climax. Her clit was throbbing now with the increased blood flow from her state of arousal. She shifted her weight slightly and gasped as her soaking wet thong pressed harder onto her clit, she was so close now. She moved again and there was no stopping the wave now. She took her mouth off of John’s cock and let out a low moan. The first wave of her powerful orgasm swept over her and she moaned again.

John was right at the edge now, and he could feel that Lora knew it because she kept him right there teetering on the edge without pushing him over it yet. She shifted slightly and let out a tiny gasp of pleasure. John wasn’t totally sure what was going on as she had one hand on his cock and the other on the back of one of his legs. There wasn’t anything anywhere near her pussy.

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