Location is Everything Ch. 02

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I explained in Ch. 01 of this series how sometimes, you’re in need of a place to satisfy certain desires, and the lack of suitable locations leads to a degree of inventiveness on your part. Admittedly, there’s folks that you just give up on if you figure they’re not worth it — but then there’s others that you have a hunch about, and get creative with.

Such was the case with sweet Colleen. She was bubbly and sweet, and given a little prodding, prone to such rampant sexual hunger that most guys would be taken a bit off-guard.

She had been coming into the cafe I managed for a while with her friends, but one night she came in by herself when I wasn’t working. I was sitting at the counter as my boss David was serving me coffee when she walked in.

“Hey,” I said. “Haven’t seen you around here recently — what’s been going on?”

“Not much,” she said, flashing me her big smile as she threw her arms around my neck. “John and I broke up.” I hugged her back and there was that brief linger — you know the one.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” I said in a tone that sounded right, but with a look in my eye that showed I wasn’t that sorry, and that I was willing to help her get over it.

Colleen and I flirted back and forth and talked for a while, ending the evening with a drive out around the city. We ended up behind a bowling alley, attempting to fuck in the back seat without someone pulling in back to see in case there was anyone around. It was uneventful due to us both being nervous, so we headed back to the cafe unfulfilled.

* * *

The next time I’d seen her, she had come in about an hour prior to my closing the cafe for the night. It was a Monday night, and a dead one at that, so I started the closing duties early. By the stroke of midnight, I had the floor mopped, all the chairs on the tables, and the doors locked — with Colleen still bursa escort inside.

She pressed her thin, sweet body against me, and placed small kisses on my cheeks and lips. Oh, how I was going to fuck the hell out of this girl, and it was going to be heaven.

I dimmed the lights in the cafe and moved back to her, running my hands around her midsection and slowly up under her shirt, caressing and squeezing her small breasts. She sighed and kissed me again. I went for the button on her cords as she drew back from me slightly.

“We can’t,” she said, and then grumbled one of the most irritating phrases in any guy’s vernacular. “I’m having my period.”

Damn, I’d struck out! I laughed a little and smiled. “Hon, it’s okay. Another time, and we’ll be able to do something.”

She grinned at me and gazed with her beautiful — and I do mean beautiful, folks — brown eyes. “Well, I could always go down on you.”

I smirked. “Yes, yes you could.” I looked around the cafe and my mind started to click. I took her by the wrist and led her into the small bathroom near the counter. Upon entering, she immediately went for my pants, pulling on the zipper and yanking them down on the sides.

I hopped up on the counter, making sure not to crack my tailbone on the faucet, and watched as Colleen instantly bent over, fished my rock-hard member out through my boxers, and went to town. I was instantly in shock — she was good. She was really good, and attacking it like she hadn’t eaten in days.

Now, I’m not a greedy individual, but I had to have more of her in some fashion. I pulled her up to standing and lifted her shirt up over her head. She instinctively unclasped her bra from behind to reveal two perky, B-cup breasts with beautiful puffy nipples. I instantly dove for them, taking them each individually into my mouth, sucking on them with the same fervor she’d bursa escort bayan just applied to my cock. Her moans were enough to tell me I was doing something right.

She then pushed me away from her and went down again, sucking on me hard and long, taking just the head into her mouth and flicking her tongue over it.

I was starting to feel like I might cum when I heard a noise outside the bathroom. Not immediately outside the bathroom, but in the cafe itself. “Shh!” I whispered to Colleen as she stopped and looked up. I wasn’t sure who was in the cafe, but I had definitely heard footsteps — and then voices. Voices!

I cocked my head for a second, attempting to make them out, and then recognized them: one of the cafe’s owners and his girlfriend. I knew they’d hear me in the bathroom, so I opted to play this one by ear.

“You stay here, and I will be right back — I promise.” Colleen nodded as I made myself presentable and walked out into the cafe, quickly shutting the bathroom door behind me. There stood one of the owners and his girlfriend behind the counter, going through some papers.

“Hey, man, you okay?”

“I’m fine,” I said to him somewhat weakly. “I’m not feeling too well — I’m not sure if it’s something I ate or what, but my stomach is seriously fucked up.” Stomach ailments, folks, are so completely easy to blow out of proportion.

“Did you take anything?” His girlfriend looked sad, as if she was completely sympathetic.

“Nah, nothing. I’ll be fine — I just, uh, you know — need to get through this.” I held one hand right under my stomach, making the face that said I was feeling like crap. In reality, I was dying to get back into that bathroom and come all over Colleen’s beautiful tits.

“Okay, man,” he said, “I’m just on my way out now. We stopped by to pick some shit up and now we’re going out for some drinks. I’d escort bursa invite you, but…”

“I understand,” I said, nodding. “You guys have a good time, and I’ll finish closing up in a few minutes.” They exited through the back door as I walked slowly back to the bathroom. Once I’d heard the sound of the key in the deadbolt, I flew back in to find Colleen leaning against the counter.

“Everything okay?” she asked as she started for my pants.

“Everything’s fine,” I said, resuming my previous position as she lowered her head. She continued sucking again, bringing me back to full hardness, and then started to rub the head of my cock against the palm of her hand. The sensation was something completely new to me; no girl had ever done that before. I started to moan, knowing I was definitely going to come at this point.

Colleen must have sensed it, because she removed her mouth long enough to whisper, “Tell me when you’re going to come.” I let her keep using her hand and mouth until I couldn’t bear it.

“I’m going to come any second now.”

She then stopped her oral assault on me, jerking me off and pointing me at her tits. I looked at her, slightly confused — I mean, I’d sort of expected her to let me come in her mouth. So, without further hesitation:

“Can I come in your mouth?”

“No,” she said, and used her hand once more, which was enough to make me moan, lean back, and completely explode. She then completely surprised me by pointing my cock away from her at an angle — this was, ladies and gentlemen, the first time I’d met a girl who didn’t at least tolerate come.

I shot a sizeable load across the wall of the bathroom, breathing heavily as Colleen stroked my dick. Once I’d finally finished, I held my own cock, trying to process what exactly had happened. I certainly wasn’t mad at her, just very surprised by the end result.

Colleen expected no reciprocation that night after going down on me, and she’d completely enjoyed herself. The stipulation, she later said, was that I would have to take care of her later on.

And boy, did I.

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