Lilly was a Bitch Ch. 10

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Lilly decided to get rid of Matt. After all, she was getting laid by a bunch of real men so why did she need him? She decided to go home and tell him.

“Matt wasn’t a good lay anyway,” she thought, but deep down she knew he was better than any of these other men. She missed caning his ass. She got wet thinking of it.

She sent Matt a text message telling him to get over to her house right away. He didn’t respond. She texted him again. He still didn’t respond. She called him. It went to voice mail. She started to get angry.

She went to school looking for him. She couldn’t find him anywhere. She started asking people if anyone had seen him and found out he was with Linda. She stormed over to Linda’s apartment. She pounded on the door.

Linda opened the door. “Where’s Matt!” Lilly yelled.

“He’s mine!” Linda responded. Lilly pushed Linda into the apartment.

“I found him. I fucked him first. I made him what he is. Give him back!” Lilly realized she really wanted Matt now that Linda had him.

Lilly started hitting Linda, ripping her clothes. Linda hit back, ripping Lilly’s clothes. Pretty soon, they were both mostly naked. Lilly got tired from fighting.

Linda looked her over. “Nice body,” she thought. She could see what Matt liked about Lilly.

“I’d do her,” Lilly thought when she looked at Linda’s near-nude body.

Lilly charged at Linda again, swinging and hitting. Lilly grabbed her and kissed her full on the lips, pushing her tongue in as she did so. Linda, shocked, responded. She threw her arms around Lilly, kissing her back. They fell to the floor, kissing and licking.

It didn’t take long before Linda’s head was between Lilly’s legs. She started sucking and licking Lilly’s clit. Lilly screamed. No man had even made her feel this good, not even Matt. She grabbed Linda’s head and held her there. The licking continued until Lilly came. She passed out.

Linda looked at Lilly’s nude body. Out came her phone. She started taking pictures, just for her own enjoyment. Then she fingered herself while Lilly regained consciousness.

Linda put her pussy next to Lilly’s mouth and pushed. Lilly stuck her tongue into Linda. “Not as nice as Matt’s dick, but Lilly sure knows what to do.”

No sooner had she thought that but an orgasm overcame her. She shuddered from the pleasure. The two girls went back to kissing and exploring each others bodies.

They laid in bed, touching and caressing each other. Lilly started licking Linda’s boobs. Linda’s nipples got erect and her pussy got hot. Linda played with Lilly’s clit. Lilly moaned.

Linda asked, “Why do you treat Matt so badly? He’s such a great guy.”

Lilly moaned from illegal bahis the pleasure she was getting from Linda and from the pleasure she got while thinking about hitting Matt. She tearfully told Linda about the jerks who fucked her at the start of the school year.

“I decided to get even with guys for that.” She left out the part of torturing her brother. She got wet thinking of her brother again.

Lilly explained that she grabbed some guy at school and decided to torture him. She took a guy she would never have looked at before. Lilly told her of the things she did to him at the restaurant and how she had the waitress help. Linda knew about the waitress since she had seen the videos on Emily’s phone but didn’t tell Lilly.

Linda increased the pressure on Lilly’s clit as Lilly spoke. From both Linda’s hand and Lilly’s memories, Lilly came. Linda held her as she did.

Linda said “We can’t tell Matt about this. It would kill him.” Lilly agreed, and then she started licking Linda’s clit. Linda held Lilly’s head as she licked. Linda thought about how great Matt was at licking her and started to cum. Lilly felt Linda cumming and increased her efforts. Linda decided that Matt was better at this than Lilly was, but she’ll let Lilly do this again. Lilly came a little from what she was doing.

Lilly told Linda that she was done with Matt, that Linda could have him. “Just let me have one last time with him, please,” she begged. Linda said ok, not knowing what Lilly had planned.

Lilly added that she’d like to keep coming back to Linda for more of this. Linda agreed, saying that she was having a great time.

Lilly texted Matt and told him to be at the bar that night. He should be there at 8:00 pm, promptly. She warned him what would happen if he was late. Lilly texted Linda she wanted to buy Linda a drink and could she meet her at the bar. Could Linda meet her at 8:30? She didn’t tell Matt or Linda about the other.

Lilly got to the bar early and told Emily she was expecting Matt and another girl. “Put them a different tables. I want to surprise them.” A quick lick of Emily’s lips, and off Lilly went. Emily’s nipples got hard at the lick. She liked Lilly, but she couldn’t wait to get back to Henry.

Matt arrived and Emily caressed his dick as she walked him to his table. He was fully erect by the time he got there. Linda showed up and Emily took her by the hand as she brought her to her table. Linda got wet at Emily’s touch. Linda was very confused. She’d never thought about sex with a woman until she was fighting with Lilly, and now she was aroused at just holding the waitress’ hand.

Lilly was rubbing Matt’s dick as they sat there. Emily came over and motioned illegal bahis siteleri that Linda was there also. Lilly took Matt’s hand and walked him over to Linda’s table. They sat down next to Linda.

Linda asked, “What the hell is going on here?”

Lilly said “I told you, I wanted one more time with Matt before I gave him up to you.”

Matt’s head was spinning. Was it true? No more Lilly? He and Linda would be together without her bothering them? He didn’t know if he should be glad or not.

Linda said she was leaving, but Lilly told her not to go.

“I might get Matt to stay with me if you go.” So Linda sat down, unsure of what to do. Lilly helped her decide what to do. She took Linda’s hand and put it on Matt’s dick. Lilly put her own hand on Linda’s boob. Matt joined in, touching each woman on their pussies.

Each woman started to moan from his now expert touch. As he rubbed, Lilly and Linda both jerked Matt’s dick. As they came, they pumped him faster. He moaned, jerked his hips, and came on their hands.

Emily caught it all on her phone. “Weird people,” she thought. But she was enjoying the show. Matt noticed that Lilly didn’t hit him as he came.

After they were done and Matt was cleaned, they all left to go back to Lilly’s house. Matt slowly undressed Linda, licking her as each part of her body was uncovered. He then undressed Lilly, but this time it was Linda doing the licking. Then, both women undressed Matt, both of them licking as they went.

Matt’s dick was pulsing and dripping. Linda decided to suck his pre-cum. He was having trouble standing. As he dropped to the floor, Lilly put her pussy on his mouth, facing Linda. Linda’s mouth was on Matt’s dick with her pussy facing Lilly. Lilly started sucking Linda as Matt sucked her as Linda sucked Matt.

They were sucking in unison. They were moaning in unison. They came in unison. Matt was the first to fall asleep. They both ran their fingers along his body as he slept. Then they both ran their fingers along each others bodies.

Lilly’s nipples were sticking out. Linda sucked them. Linda’s clit was throbbing. Lilly sucked it. It didn’t take long for the two of them to cum again. This time, they curled up against Matt and fell asleep.

Matt dreamed he was screwing Lilly. He dreamed Linda was watching. He dreamed Linda was caressing Lilly’s boobs as he fucked. Lilly was screaming in ecstasy. He woke up from Lilly’s screams and realized he hadn’t been dreaming. He had been screwing Lilly in his sleep. She really was screaming and Linda really was rubbing Lilly’s boobs. Matt was in heaven. He pulled out of Lilly and Linda rubbed his dick. He came all over Lilly’s boobs.

“Life canlı bahis siteleri is good,” he thought.

Emily wasn’t going to tell Henry about what was going on at the bar. He was too young to understand that she was just having a good time with those strange people. It didn’t change how she felt about him. She also didn’t want them to do anything strange to Henry. She needed to rescue him. He’d been through enough. She was afraid he would leave her. She wanted him to stay and he needed somewhere to stay.

But now she was horny. When she got home Henry was asleep. She climbed into bed and gently rubbed his dick until he was erect. She climbed on, slowly and quietly. She didn’t want to wake him. She just needed a good fuck. Up and down she went. Even though he was asleep, his hands came up and rubbed her breasts. As her breathing got faster she felt his dick tense up inside her. She stopped, waiting for his dick to calm down. Then she started again, up and down, trying very hard to be quiet. Again she felt his dick tense up. Again she paused. Again he calmed down. Up and down she went, this time she decided to keep going until she came. All the pent up excitement from Lilly, Matt, Linda, and humping Henry caused her to shriek as she collapsed on him and her pussy clutched his dick.

Henry woke up as he came. He wrapped his arms around her. He was smiling. “If only we could stay like this forever,” he said.

She kissed him, long and passionately. “I want you to stay forever,” she replied.

They held each other as they both felt his dick rise again. He flipped her on her back. He kissed each of her eyes. He licked her lips. He sucked on each ear. He licked her shoulders. He sucked on her fingers. He kissed behind each ear. But he didn’t thrust in and out. He just stayed deep inside of her.

He felt her pussy clench around his dick. He moaned from the pleasure her pussy was giving him. He rubbed her breasts and her nipples stood straight up. He sucked each of them. She moaned as he did that. She tightened her pussy around his dick. She tried moving under him but she was trapped.

She kept clenching her pussy as his mouth explored her skin. She couldn’t think of anything but this gorgeous, loving man inside of her. She grabbed him as she orgasmed. She cried quietly as she came.

After she came, Henry started to fuck her with passion. She wrapped her arms around him, trying to hold on. He was pumping as fast as he could. He could feel his balls rising up. He could feel his dick getting larger. He thought his head was going to explode. He growled and started to pump his cum into her. She screamed from the pleasure she felt. She came once more.

When he finished, he rolled off of her. He started kissing her, starting at her feet up to her face. He never wanted to stop touching her. When he reached her face, she wrapped her arms around him, kissed him, and they fell asleep like that.

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