Liason Ch. 02

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Chloe basked in the bliss of being cuddled, something she’d been denied in her marriage. When she was in high school, infatuated with Rich (now her husband), the wonder of his hard penis opening her for the first time felt better than anything she’d ever experienced. As a young bride, each time he entered her she loved him more until her wonder turned to disappointment and she began to feel empty. For him sex meant either fucking or being sucked off, in each case, unloading within a minute or so then rolling over and going to sleep. On numerous occasions Chloe tried to tell him of her need but her appeals went unheard. She realized that sexual satisfaction meant his and, for her, was only be what masturbation could bring. As a dutiful wife she submitted to his lust but considered each penetration a violation and each explosion a mark of his disrespect.

Until meeting Peter on line she had almost forgotten that a man’s attentions could make her really wet. It caught her by surprise the first time when her panties left wet spots on the chair. Soon, in their on-line trysts, Peter was taking such great care in the description of his attentions that she began experiencing many orgasms, each time feeling completed, exhausted but dreaming of the next encounter.

Her fantasy weekend was made possible by her unsuspecting husband, who had taken a week’s vacation to visit his brother in Michigan for the opening of deer season. After having driven Rich to the airport she returned home and packed her bag, then drove back to catch her plane to Seattle.

During the flight her hunger for Peter increased. He was the one who had taught her so many things about her own sexuality, the man who had honored her as sexual being and made her feel like such a desirable woman. He would be waiting to whisk her away to their sexual banquet. She was alive with anticipation, her brain sending message after message to the core of her desire. The fountain of her sexual secretions necessitated a trip to the restroom to change her saturated panties. She was ready and, the moment she saw Peter awaiting her at the airport, she felt another surge between her legs, one that made her labia slide and the inside of her thighs glisten with her dripping wetness.

Inside the room, ataşehir escort when they had stood in front of the bed, she felt his thick penis opening her vagina and the excitement took her breath away. For a moment she feared that, like her husband, Peter would thrust a few times, come and pull out. But he stayed hard as she settled on his throbbing erection, penetrating to its full length and exciting every nerve of her slippery tunnel. Her vaginal walls gripped his hardness like a fist, squeezing his male vitality, and she marveled at the bulk which filled her so completely.

Like a virgin, her eyes bugged out with each inward thrust and her mind tried to relate the sensation to the reality. When they fell back on the bed she again feared that, like her husband, Peter would come quickly. But the man who had lovingly mentored her on line and was showing her more excitement in this brief encounter than her husband had during their entire marriage, kept pumping his length in and out, tantalizing her electrified nest which was on fire from the friction of the sensuous massage.

She longed for Peter to ejaculate inside her, to spurt the gift of his masculinity on her cervix and slather it in her cylinder. But she knew how much it pleased her husband to come in her mouth and, though, repulsed by it in her marital bed, she would willingly swallow this man’s offering as her gift to him.

When they changed positions it was like an out of body experience. The unfamiliar feel of his lips kissing her labia and his tongue flicking her clitoris sent shocks throughout her body. The warmth of his pulsing seed in her mouth made her feel like she was drinking from a heavenly fountain and, as she gulped his hot sperm, she spurted her own gusher into his mouth and they both writhed in frenzy. She felt like she was melting.

After having released their initial passions they were able to relate to one another as two lovers who had been dreaming of this meeting, then planning it and making it come to pass. They lay naked in the bed, their breathing having come down to a normal level and they gloried in the touch of their naked skin, the color of each other’s eyes and the warmth of their bodies having been warmed by their passionate sex. They kadıköy escort kissed in little pecks and told each other how happy they were to be together.

Spooned by Peter’s warm masculine body Chloe had never felt so feminine. He caressed her breasts and kissed her cheek and neck, calling her “pet” and “baby,” words that were foreign to her. For the first time in her life she knew what it was like to be truly desired by a man and to crave that man’s attentions. Safe in Peter’s arms, her sexual saddle still tingled from the memory of their first ride; the afterglow was heavenly. But, too long, she had been starved for affection, had been denied the ecstasy of sex and needed more. So, pushing her bottom against him, she parted her legs enough to allow his plumping phallus to rise to her moistened verge.

Peter’s hand cupped her breast and she trapped his arm with hers and pinned it to her body. As he fondled her tingling flesh she pushed her soft bottom hard against the mat of his pubic hair and wiggled, feeling his erection harden and seat between her glistening lips. She felt her nipples knot and solidify as she reached between her legs, tickled the head of Peter’s swollen cock then held it against her erectile clitoris. He answered her silent request by sliding his rigid shaft in her slurpy groove while she applied the pressure that heightened her titillation, shoving against him in sharp punches as he increased his rhythm. Tears welled in her eyes and she couldn’t quell her sob as her orgasm coursed through her body.

Peter held her tight, kissing her shoulders and neck as she wept uncontrollably. Still hard, he positioned himself behind her, wiggled the head of his cock along her groove until he found her entrance and eased his tumescence inside, sliding to her full depth. “Oh God,” she cried with a wavering voice, “I must be dreaming,” her body quaking as she wept.

Embracing Chloe and kissing her neck and shoulders Peter showed her the meaning of the word he taught her to use on line, slowly sinking and withdrawing his distended penis in her supple sponge. With each inward stroke he emphasized the slow journey with a long whispered, “fuck,” the recoil being washed by Chloe’s increasing secretions, each producing a silky bostancı escort bayan slurp. Her weeping had ceased and she was moving her own body to the rhythm of Peter’s slow penetrations, echoing his word.

Peter reached over her hips, tenderly palming her soft tummy. His finger found his sodden shaft as it moved in and out of Chloe’s pussy then touched the peeking fairy of her clitoris, wiggled it almost imperceptibly and began its glide. Chloe thought the sensations she was experiencing was only possible in Heaven. Her entire body was crawling with tingles which increased with each of Peter’s measured thrusts. And, as his slippery finger coursed the surface of her clitoris it touched spots that sent shocks to the tips of her toes.

She squealed in response to a clitoral shock which, combined with a deep thrust, sent a wave of incredible warmth throughout her body she and demanded, “Fuck me Peter! Fuck me hard!”

Peter straddled Chloe’s legs, pulled on her hips and coaxed her into a kneeling position. He gently crossed her arms and bade her to lay her head on them. His cock buried deep in Chloe’s electrified pussy, he reached around her body, cupped her breasts and began his thrusting rhythm, slowly at first, then increasing his speed. With each thrust he compressed Chloe’s breast against her chest.

“Oh God,” she said with each thrust, almost like she was thanking Him for such unimaginable feelings. In her mind it was like a visual she had seen of an atom, her vagina the nucleus with hundreds of electrons spinning around in wild orbits. Peter’s cock felt like a huge piston, its driving thrusts spreading the gospel to the far reaches of her skin, and, he had added a new element—with each thrust his fingers pinched her knotted nipples—sending jolts to extremities that were not known to exist.

One missing ingredient would complete the masterpiece and her fingers answered the call, playing her clitoris like harp strings. Her orgasm started with a crescendo but the sound was lost to the buzzing in her ears. She felt suspended in midair, floating like a feather being wafted higher and higher. Then, gravity took hold and she plummeted at incredible speed and crashed, her body twitching uncontrollably and her lungs gasping for air.

Once again, as she settled into an incredible feeling of completion, she was aware of Peter’s warm body spooning her. The huge presence in her vaginal canal had become soft, allowing the aloe from his loins to ooze past her seal and cool on her leg.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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