Late Night Visitor

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I left the door unlocked and waited naked and kneeling, eyes closed, in the bedroom. I’m waiting for him to come in and thrust his cock between my waiting lips. I hear the front door open, hear his shoes hit the floor. Then the bedroom door opens, closes. His zipper slides down, and his clothes hit the floor.

He rubs the head of his cock over my lips, teasing me. “Stick your tongue out, baby.” He rubs his cock against my tongue. I lick it, taste his sweet pre-cum. I moan appreciatively. “Show me how much you want this cock.”

I open my mouth wide, grab his hips, and lean forward, taking his cock down my throat. He fucks my throat hard, then pulls out and hits my face with his cock, calling me a horny little bitch. “You love my cock on your face, don’t you bitch?” He startles me and my eyes fly open. I see his eyes burning into me.

“Yeah baby, I want you so bad,” I moaned.

“Get up, bend over the bed and show me your pussy,” he growls.

I lean forward over illegal bahis the bed, reach down, and spread my pussy wide.

He kneels and starts licking my pussy and ass, thrusting his tongue into my pussy and rubbing my clit. “Rub that pussy baby, make yourself wet.” I’m rubbing my clit, getting faster and faster. “Put your fingers in that wet, little pussy.” I thrust my fingers deep inside, over and over. “Don’t cum yet, baby.”

He stands, rubs his cock along my hot wet slit, and then rams it into me, grabbing my shoulders and pounding over and over. His balls hit my clit, his cock reaching my g-spot, sending me over the edge, moaning with pleasure.

He tells me to lie on the bed and rub my pussy. He watches me for a minute, and then kneels on the bed in front of me, putting the head of his cock in me as I keep rubbing. He’s making me wait for it. He slides the head in and out, as I get wetter and wetter. I can’t stand it anymore. “Fuck me!” I gasp. He lifts my hips and illegal bahis siteleri thrusts deep, slowly, leisurely, rubbing my clit with his thumb as he looks into my eyes. He starts to move faster.

As he feels me getting closer to climax, he slows down again and pulls out, moving down to suck my nipples, rubbing my tits, placing sweet kisses on my stomach and hips. He swirls his tongue around my swollen clit, licks me back and forth, flicks his tongue over my clit. He reaches up to caress my tits, pinching my nipples, rolling them between his fingers.

“Shove your fingers inside me, fuck my tight, little pussy! Oh, please!” He pushes two fingers inside me, then a third, curling them against my g-spot, turning his hand and rubbing me all over inside. Oh, this is what I want, what I need from him, and he’s so amazing. He brings his head back down to suck my clit. I’m arching my back, screaming, grabbing the back of his head, tugging his hair. Finally my cum gushes out, canlı bahis siteleri right into his mouth, all over his fingers. He brings his fingers to my mouth, letting me taste my own juices. I see him getting harder as I suck on his fingers, swirling my tongue around, teasing him.

He pulls me off the bed, making me bend over again. He grabs my hair, pulling my head back, fucking me hard and fast. He pushes me down, pressing my legs together, squeezing them tight around his cock. “Oh my god, I’m gonna fill you with my cum baby!” Mmm, I feel his cock pulse, feel all that cum shooting inside me, filling my pussy. We lay there breathing heavily, him stroking my skin, tracing the lines of my tattoo up my spine, running his fingers over my ass and between my legs, feeling my wet throbbing pussy. He strokes me, up my back, across my shoulders, back down between my legs, over my pussy. He does this again and again, each time spending a little more time between my legs. Finally, he strokes my oversensitive clit hard and fast, making me orgasm over and over again. His fingers trail up my back and shoulders again, slowing my heart rate, calming me and bringing me back down to reality. He wraps himself around me as we drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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