Lanni’s Birthday Ch. 03

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Lanni’s next class passed without incident. Mrs. Barker, her history teacher was an old crone that had been teaching so long and was so near sighted that she never notice what went on in her class. Lanni doodled in her notebook while Mrs. Barker droned on and on about the Spanish American War.

She was grateful when the bell finally rang. Her next period was free study and she was assigned to help in the library.

Lanni loved the library. It was so quiet and usually empty during this period. There were a lot of hiding places were she could go and finger herself to a very satisfying orgasm.

But today was not going to be one of those day. Mr. Hubbard’s special advanced biology class was meeting in the library today and Lanni would have to stay behind the circulation desk, in case they needed something.

Miss Clarkson, the librarian was a nice enough middle aged woman. But she was so serious, that Lanni avoided talking to her too much.

The desk was tall and Lanni leaned her elbows and round tits on the polished surface. She flipped through a fashion magazine, idly. It didn’t look like any of Mr. Hubbard’s class was going to need anything. They were using the reference materials and completely ignoring Lanni.

“Lanni.” Miss Clarkson said softly, close behind her.

Lanni jumped slightly. She hadn’t kemalpaşa escort heard her approach and didn’t expect Miss Clarkson to be so close to her. She felt a hand lightly caress her ass.

“Miss Clarkson!” She whispered urgently. “What are you doing?”

“I know it’s your 18th birthday, Lanni, and I can’t wait any longer to…to do this.” Miss Clarkson’s hand slid underneath the hem of her tight little skirt and ran a finger through the crack of her bubble butt.

“Miss Clarkson!” Lanni hissed again. How could this be. Serious Miss Clarkson wanted to touch her and had an “ass thing.” How hot was that? Lanni turned her head to look at her. “Do what you’ve always wanted Miss Clarkson. I won’t move.” She raised one eyebrow. “Unless you want me too.” She smirked.

Miss Clarkson moaned helplessly and sank down to her knees behind Lanni. She slowly lifted the red skirt up over Lanni’s shapely hind quarters and just gazed admiringly at it. She moaned quietly again. “It’s so beautiful. I always imagined it would look like this but…” She trailed off and then pressed her face into the deep indention, inhaling deeply.

She gently but firmly parted the globes so she could finally gaze at the tan star hidden there. “Lovely.” She breathed. Lanni felt her hot breath and shivered. She clenched escort kemalpaşa the star and hoped it winked at Miss Clarkson. Once again the librarian pressed her face forward but this time her moist tongue licked at the puckered bud.

Lanni was in heaven. It was so risky for them to be in a public place and so naughty for her straight lace librarian to let go and fulfill her fantasies.

Miss Clarkson began to press her sharp tongue against the unyielding muscle. She quickly moistened a finger and began pressing it slowly but firmly into the constricted hole.

Lanni tried to relax her asshole and allow the intruding finger to press in. She was used to pressing her lubed up dildo into her anus but this was a whole new sensation. Miss Clarkson’s finger popped through and was pressed swiftly in to the knuckle. She didn’t waste any time moving it in and out and twisting it around. Lanni tried to hold still but she found herself pressing back trying to get Miss Clarkson’s finger to go deeper into her pucker palace.

“More.” Lanni whispered urgently.

Miss Clarkson added a second finger. She twisted and spread her fingers trying to open Lanni up. Before she knew it a third finger and then a fourth were pressed firmly into her backside.

Lanni was having a tough time. She wanted kemalpaşa escort bayan to moan and squeal but she knew how dangerous any sound would be. Miss Clarkson was breathing deeply and an occasional low moan would escape her lips.

Just when Lanni didn’t think should could take anymore, something smooth and cool was being pressed into her asshole. “What the hell?” She whispered urgently. It felt huge. “Stop!” She groaned. But the pressure continued until with an almost audible pop, whatever it was, was inside her.

She turned quickly to look down at Miss Clarkson kneeling at her feet. “What did you do?” She pressed.

Miss Clarkson just gave her a shit eating grin and reached behind her own ass and pulled out a bright red butt plug. “Just a little birthday present, Lanni dear.” She reached back and with a little wince replace the plug.

She stood casually as the bell rang. She leaned closer to Lanni, “That better still be there when I see you later, ok?” She wriggled her eye brows at Lanni suggestively. “Run off to class now, dear. You don’t want to be late.” She patted Lanni’s ass and gave the plug a little push.

Lanni tried to walk normally through the crowded hallway, but the pressure in her ass was ….different. “What am I going to do all day with this thing in me?” She wondered to herself. She ducked into the nearest girls restroom to try and figure out what she was going to do. Luckily, there was no one else in the bathroom with her. She twisted around trying to look in the mirror at her ass. She bunched up her skirt and finally caught a glimpse of the “birthday gift”, in the dingy bathroom mirror.

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