Key to a Party Pt. 02

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New to this town and the neighbourhood, Ben and Susan are invited to a party that, to their surprise, turns out to be a key party – a swinger’s night. But is it a surprise for Susan?

Susan’s Story (as she tells it)

I suppose on reflection I should have let my husband in on the suspicions I had about this party tonight. The three women who were the welcome wagon last Wednesday didn’t really say too much, but dropped a couple of hints. One said, “If you like to flirt a bit, keep your husband on his toes, these parties are a great opportunity,” and another added, “Yes, you can put it out there – all the way – have some naughty fun without having to make any dangerous commitments.”

That wasn’t much to go on, but having only just met me, they might have been too embarrassed to come right out and say ‘You’ll be expected to take another man home at the end of the night.’ It wouldn’t have come as such a surprise tonight if they had at least been that honest.

Then, although I had pleaded with Ben to stay close to me when we arrived, I found after an hour and a couple of glasses of wine that I had loosened up enough to wander around on my own and meet people without using my husband as a prop. I actually found out about the keys and the whole story of these nights in only the second conversation on my own. Of course, I never let onto the other guests who told me that I hadn’t known. I just pumped them to give me a bit more information.

So if I’d had any reservations about having to go off for sex with another man at the end of the night, or even to let Ben have another woman, I could have rushed off to find him at about 9.15 and said, ‘Let’s get out of here quickly, we’re out of our depth here.’ But I didn’t! Moving to this new town seemed like some new adventure in our lives. For 21 years, we had been a sedate perfectly normal married couple with kids.

I had no idea if Ben had ever had an affair or even any one-night stands with other women. The way his work was, he could always have said ‘I have to work late tonight honey,’ and I would have been none the wiser. At least if he had, he was very discreet and never gave any clues away. But I actually suspect that he never has, he’s always seemed to be a one-woman man.

I only knew about me and how bored I had become when Ben and I decided we were financially stable and that I didn’t need to work any more. That was about a year ago. With no kids living at home either, I looked for outside interests and I’m sure he still has no idea, but I had what I’d call a dalliance with another man. I’m not even going to tell you – the reader – about it just yet. Let’s just say that my urging Ben to take this new job in another city so far away was somewhat influenced by my wanting to find a way to get away from where we lived, to break the cycle that had formed by my sexual indiscretions.

So at 9.15 in the evening in the middle of this party, now armed with the information that Ben and I were in the midst of a key party – almost a swingers party, I made a marriage-threatening decision not to alert my husband to what would confront us in the next hour or two. I felt like I was embarking on a dangerous new fun-park ride and I was ready to buckle up, even though I had no idea how Ben would react.

When I was invited by Glenda to make the first draw and I saw this handsome guy Brad step forward, I figured that I had done well with the plunge of my hand into the bowl to pull out a male stranger’s set of keys. I was so nervous, being the centre of attention in the middle of the room with all these strangers watching after Glenda’s introduction of me as a newbie, and trying to peep across at Ben to see what his reaction was.

I pushed my foot down on the accelerator of Brad’s BMW and the car pulled away from the kerb smoothly. We looked to be the first to leave thanks to ducking out the front door while Alan was still waffling on about the rules of the night. Damn the rules, I had decided to be adventurous in our new home town and this was as good a start as any. I was in the company of a very handsome man, possibly a few years younger than me and as an almost monogamous woman of over 20 years, I was eager to learn what I could about illicit sex in the suburbs.

I had buckled my seat belt but Brad didn’t bother. He was half-turned toward me in his seat and as I began to negotiate the short 3 minute journey to his house, I felt his hand on my knee. Wasting no time, it slipped under my dress and began to creep up along one inner thigh. His light touch felt nice, I might even call it a caress because his fingertips were so tender as they traced over the sensitive skin of my inner upper thigh.

“Be careful how far that hand goes, I don’t want to have an accident in your car.”

“How far would you like it to go?”

“Well later I want it to go all the way, but for now I’d rather you didn’t touch me much higher or I might be tempted to illegal bahis close my eyes and the car could go anywhere.”

“Does it feel that good that you might close your eyes?”

“Oh yes!” I mouthed softly but slowly and expressively and dared to turn my head to look at him in the semi-dark of the car interior.

Brad pointed out his house and I swung his car onto the driveway. He reached across and pushed a button and the garage door began to rise. “Do you want me to put it away inside?”

“Yeah, you do that sweetheart, then we’ll go into my house and I’ll put something much better away inside you.”

I laughed appropriately at his dirty humour, if not a little nervously. I was not as new to being in this situation with another man as Ben might think I was, but it was still a rare occurrence for me. I knew so little about this man who was about to put his penis inside me.

We got out of the car and Brad pointed me in the direction of a door that obviously led into the house. “Press that button on the key ring to close the garage door,” he directed. I did and it began to descend, making it even darker as I reached for the door knob and opened the interior door to his house.

I felt him close behind me and I looked around for a light switch in the semi-dark, the room we had entered only lit by the moonlight streaming in through the far windows. He pressed up against my back, his arms folding around me, one hand on my breast, the other rubbing my belly over the dress I still wore. “No need for lights, we can feel our way around,” his words reflecting what those roaming hands were doing to my body, feeling their way around to all of my erogenous zones. That hand on my belly quickly descending to press against my pubis boldly.

It was highly sexual. For the past few years, Ben and I only ever had sex in bed, we’d just get into bed and I would lay there while he worked on me and it was nice … but that’s just it, nice! But this was so sensual, in a darkened room a man – a stranger until half an hour ago – was holding me back against his body while his hands fondled me over my clothes. I felt him thrust his pelvis at my arse, felt the solid rigidity of his erection pressing into the crease of my arse. I got the feeling that we might not even make it to bed. That would be alright, I was living out my carnal desires, the desires that I fantasised about alone at home each weekday.

That hand of his below my belly, just above my pubic bone, was pressing me to lean my lower torso back against him, forcing my arse to rub on his hard-on. The hand on my breast managed to push inside the top of my dress, it grabbed a palm-full of one breast still encased in my bra. If only I’d known to wear a sexier one for this exciting moment. The hand above my pussy was moving down, past my pussy until it found the bottom hem of my dress. Then it slipped under the front of the garment, sliding upward, forcing the bottom of the dress to ride upward on his wrist with the fingertips running on ahead, softly touching the skin of my upper inner thighs. When those softly caressing fingers reached the top of my thighs, I felt them on the crotch piece of my panties that were wet … very wet. My excited arousal and sexual anticipation seemed to have soaked them.

Were my panties any wetter than any of the other ladies he had brought back to his home on one of these nights? Strangely, he sounded impressed, “Oh my God Susan, you are so wet!”

“I can’t control that,” I told him, “it just happened.”

“And I wouldn’t want you to try to control it, you are such a hot woman.”

“It’s you, you’re making me hot Brad, I love this, I’ll tell you what’s turning me on … being in the dark, feeling you touching me with your fingers, feeling you hard … oh, so very hard and not knowing where anything is, what room I’m in.”

“It’s my living room.”

“Don’t tell me, I love the mystery of it all.”

Those fingers that had discovered my soaked panties were now tracing the indent of my wet labia lips through the material of my panties.

“We’re not going to make it to the bedroom Susan.”

“Why not?”

“Because I can’t wait, I have to have you now, right here where we stand.”

“Wouldn’t we be more comfortable in your bed?”

“Of course we would and that’s where we’ll have our second fuck, but that’s at the other end of the house, I can’t wait another second. There’s a sofa here.”

He shuffled our bodies forward a few feet, his pressing into the back of me and I felt my legs bump into something. I reached my hand out and ran it along what I worked out was the back of a sofa and we were behind it.

Both of Brad’s hands were at my hips now, combining to raise my dress on both sides, rolling the material up to bunch at my waist, then grasping the elasticised waist of my panties and hauling them easily down over my hips. They fell in a heap around my ankles and Brad placed one foot illegal bahis siteleri between my feet, holding my panties on the floor. “Lift one foot, any foot, I just want these off you,” he commanded and I did as he asked, raising my right foot, feeling very naughty to leave the discarded panties in a pool around my left ankle only.

The foot that had been between mine to force my panties off now pushed at my right foot, letting me know I was to slide it to the right, causing my legs to part. I was naked from the waist down. I felt his hands move to my shoulders, pushing me forward. He obviously wanted me bent over the back of the sofa. This was not a position that Ben and I used, but I knew enough to understand that Brad was going to take me doggie style.

I didn’t want to be totally bent over in an inverted ‘u’ with my head pushing down to the sofa seat and all the blood running to my head. So I placed my two hands out in front of me, allowing me to hold my head up well above the sofa seat. Now I was in a position that was more like an inverted ‘L’.

I felt Brad fingers foraging around in my pussy, sliding the fingertips between my so wet labia lips, one or two teasing my clitoris to greater size, then his fingers even played between the spread cheeks of my arse, those fingertips testing the tight pucker of my anal ring. It all felt very nice although I was completely vulnerably exposed in this bent-over position. What seemed strange was that above the waist I was still fully clothed, the lower half of my dress bunched up on my back.

But as good as his word that he couldn’t wait even to take us to the bedroom, I felt something much more solid than his fingers … the knob of his cock. I hadn’t even seen it yet and now it was pressing along my wet slit that was opening up widely to reveal the pink inner linings of my pubis to the gaze of the man who stood behind me … that’s if he could see anything in the semi-dark.

He didn’t have to see where he was going with that cock. I felt the hard knob at my vaginal opening, felt him pressing it forward in the mushy wetness … felt the head lock just inside my opening, then a firm thrust by Brad and several inches were seated home inside my passage. Ooh, pure pleasure as he began to fill me. But I was so wet, so hot for his sex that I brazenly pushed my arse back at him, wanting to secure more of what he had to offer up inside my vagina.

This man, who was a stranger less than an hour ago, didn’t hesitate. He thrust forward again and a couple more inches sank inside me. “Oh YES!” I screamed back at him, wishing I could see the look on his face as my vagina swallowed up more and more of his cock shaft, “Is there more?”

He didn’t have to answer in words, his final thrust told me what I wanted to know. There was more and he shoved the rest of it deep inside me. “This is what is so good about this position, I can go deeper than any other way,” Brad informed me as I felt his cock shaft now seated fully to the hilt inside me. It did feel really deep inside me.

We paused that way for what could have been more than a minute. I wondered why he was waiting so long when he’d told me that he had to have me now. I had expected this to be almost primal, an urgent race to the finish for this man to get his rocks off inside me. Then I began to worry that maybe his long pause might have reflected him battling to control an early release. I sure hoped that was not so because I was now so eager for this … so ready to enjoy this illicit sexual adventure.

At last, his strokes began. For a little while, he was quite controlled, slow and steady deeply probing strokes of his cock into my vagina … hardly the sign of a man with such urgency as he claimed. But then soon his movements increased quite rapidly and then I began feeling his piston-like rhythmic thrusts and that’s when my heated body began to respond in the best way possible.

I felt the throbbing and pulsing that began in my lower torso, in the area around my sexual parts, and spread right through my body as I felt an orgasm building quickly from his hard driving fucking that ran like a clock, never missing a beat. I could hear his breathing up behind me and Brad sounded like he might be getting close. But then my own heavy breathing seemed louder than his and the waves of excitement came bubbling to the surface within me and my body burst through a furious climax, humping beneath his driving hard thrusts as I straddled the sofa back.

It seemed that he may have been only holding back for me to experience my first orgasm with him because as my head cleared enough to recognise what was happening, I felt his cock jerking inside me and then the familiar warmth of his creamy discharge as cum surged from the embedded cock-head deep inside me, pouring into my uterus.

As I felt his cock continuing to spasm inside me, shooting its cum deep within, I had a momentary memory-check, trying to recall canlı bahis siteleri if my taking of my contraceptive pills was up to date. What with the move to this new town, I had misplaced some of my personal stuff and was still searching through boxes for some bits and pieces.

As his cock seemed to finally still while wedged nicely inside me, I reassured myself that I thought I was up to date with birth control. An out-of-the-blue pregnancy with our two children all grown up was not something that I would want.

As this man remained bent over my back, his cock still lodged deeply inside me, I wondered what was next. It certainly wasn’t late yet. This urgent burst of sex had happened so quickly that it must only be no more than 20 minutes since I gave one last look at my husband with his arm around another woman and then left that living room arm-in-arm with the man whose penis was now gripped inside my vagina, my passage still tightly milking the last drops of his cum.

I felt him lift up off my back and I used my hands that were flat on the sofa seat to push myself back up into an upright position, feeling the remnants of his cum, mixed with my own abundant juices, beginning to drip from my vagina. I quickly bent down to retrieve my panties and stepped into them, hauling them up quickly to staunch the flow from me. When I had straightened my body, my dress had fallen back down to cover my torso and most of my thighs.

“We’re nowhere near finished yet,” Brad said plaintively, as if fearing that I might think that our party was over already. “We can go find my bed now, let you seek the comfort you wanted. Come on!”

He took my hand and, still not switching on any lights, he led me down a darkened hallway and finally into a bedroom that looked big enough to be his … his and whoever – I didn’t even know which of the women there tonight he was married to. Or even what she might think of all this, was she as keen as he to embrace alternate bed partners?

Again, only lit by the moonlight that was streaming in these bedroom windows, I found my way to the bed, pausing there to reach a hand up behind me and unzip the back of my dress at my neck. I felt Brad take over, lowering the zip all the way down and pushing the garment off my shoulders to let it fall in a pool around my feet.

“That’s better,” I heard him say and it felt better for me too. I’d always preferred to have sex while naked. Brad’s fingers had moved to the clasp of my bra in the middle of my back and I felt the garment loosen. The bra fell forward, releasing my adequate B-cuppers and I felt this man’s hands reach around behind me and each palm grasped a breast and moved them around smoothly, causing each of my nipples to stiffen appreciably.

Wanting to be comfortable to fully enjoy this next phase, I climbed onto the bed with Brad right behind me, moving to put his length alongside mine. He was on his side, facing me while I lay on my back and he quickly placed one hand on my belly just above my pubis, his fingers close enough to stretch forward and touch any private part of me down there.

Brad bent his head over and I felt his lips surround one of my nipples and I was pleased that, in spite of his – and my – cumming, he was eager to maintain my level of heightened arousal. “I’ll be good to go again soon,” he briefly promised in the short time it took for his mouth to switch breasts and the initially neglected nipple felt the moist heat of his lips and tongue and even teeth as he devoured me some more.

“Umm, that’s nice!” I told him, wrapping one hand around the back of his head, from where I could steer his head – and subsequently his mouth – to whatever felt best for me. As I began to heat up deep inside once more, I felt his fingers slip inside the panties that I had pulled back on to stem the flow of his deposited cum from my vagina. Then he was pushing those panties down off my hips once more and I felt his probing fingers foraging around my pussy.

It was the longest foreplay I had experienced in years. I don’t mean to be mean toward Ben but I guess it’s just the way long-term married couples become. Sex almost becomes routine and not a lot of time is spent on foreplay. We don’t even complain about that, so long as we both get some satisfaction before it’s over.

But Brad was raising my body to boiling point once more and my free hand began to wander, eager to see if his oral attention to my breasts and digital attention to my clitoris were having the same effect on his cock as it was on my raging libido. I was disappointed when I touched it to find it was only half hard. My fingers began to caress and stroke it in an attempt to revive it back to full hardness.

It was responding, but only slowly. After many minutes of my tenderly stroking fingers, I was at last confident that we again had something to work with. “Umm, that’s better, I like the feel of it now,” I told him, expecting him to rise up over me and reunite our bodies intimately.

“There’s no rush,” was his reaction and I was disappointed that he appeared not to feel the need to fornicate now as urgently as my body did.

“Yes there is, I can’t stay here with you all night.”

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