Kendra’s Fantasies

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Kendra walked into her bathroom, turning the hot water tap of her tub on full blast. Her husband, Ryan, had left today on yet another business trip. She untied her robe, letting the silk pool at her feet. She stood before the mirror, trying to analyze what had gone wrong in the marriage. Kendra stood at about 5’8″, and at 28 she still had the same smooth, size 6 body she had when they married 6 years ago. She was tanned all over, the result of her nude sunbathing by their pool, and her 36C breasts were still pretty firm. She sighed, pulling her blond hair up in a loose bun as she slid into the warm water, adding some bath oils so that the air was perfumed with roses. Kendra let the silky water slide through her finger tips, a lone rubber ducky floating just out of reach. She turned her head and saw Isaac, their landscaper, working in the backyard.

Isaac was about 6’2″, with a golden tan from working outside, and well muscled from his job. It was late July in California, and Kendra bahis firmaları gasped slightly as he took his shirt off.

About 6 months ago, around the time Ryan had started going on all these business trips, their sex life had all but dried up. Kendra was lucky if they had sex more than once or twice a month, and it was starting to drive her crazy. At first, she and Ryan had fucked constantly, two or three times a day. It had slowly tapered off, but in December it had come to an almost complete stop. She knew he was getting it somewhere else, but she enjoyed her lifestyle too much to care. All that meant was now she was free to find a fucktoy to play with. As she watched Isaac working in the yard, she let her mind wander as to how much fun he would be to play with.

As Kendra pictured herself out by the pool, one hand slid through the water, playing with her nipple, rolling it between her fingers. She would be standing by the table on the edge of the pool, reaching across it kaçak iddaa for something, bent at the waist when Isaac would come up behind her, two fingers roughly stroking her through her bikini bottom. She would try and turn around, just long enough to see it was him, but he would gently turn her back, pressing her against the table. He would spread her legs open a bit wider, his fingers stroking her pussy, which was quickly getting wetter and wetter.

Kendra slid one hand down her stomach, the bathwater rippling as she began stroking her own clit. In her mind she could feel Isaac pressed against her, his cock hard on her back. He would pull her bikini aside, fingers pushing inside her soaking pussy, fucking her hard. She was moaning now, her own hands busy grabbing her tits, pulling at her nipples. Isaac stroked her clit, swollen and sensitive as she felt him push his thick cock against her hole. With one quick thrust he would be inside her, filling her up in the way she longer for.

Kendra’s kaçak bahis fingers were rubbing her clit furiously, and she grabbed for the rubber duck, twisting its head so the vibrator inside it sprang to life. She pushed it through the water and held it to her clit. Closing her eyes again she saw herself bent over the table as Isaac stood behind her, pounding her. He fucked her hard as his fingers worked her clit. Kendra was telling him to fuck her harder, to make her come all over his cock. His fingers would be digging into her hips, sure to leave bruises. Her juices would be dripping down her thighs as he rammed her hard until finally she couldn’t take it anymore. She screamed as she came on his dick, her body shaking as she could feel his come inside her, dripping down her legs, mixing with hers.

In the bathtub Kendra felt her orgasm rock through her body, her vibrator sending shockwaves into her clit. She was humping it, pressing it so hard into her, needed the orgasm it was bringing. She could hardly hear her screams as she came harder than she had in a long time, coating the rubber duck with her juices. She shuddered a few more times, her orgasm ending as she lay limp in the bathtub.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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