Kelly’s Binding Commitment

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My stories are based in reality and on real experiences. So let me start by describing my wife, Kelly. At 5’8″, she has a very attractive build with great 36C breasts and curves in all of the right places. Her figure is very womanly and attractive, and although she won’t be modeling on a runway anytime soon, she looks great in sexy attire. She has medium length dark hair, sometimes tinted auburn or red, and very sexy, full lips. I’m not going to say she’s a Penthouse Pet, but Kelly is a very good-looking woman and gets compliments from all my friends. For those who have read my other true stories, you may be thinking at this point that no one has fabulous sex all the time as I seem to have described. That’s true. Kelly is actually not that wild in bed normally, and frankly I’m running low on true events to relate. But we’ve been together several years now and every few months she really gives me something to think about (and write about). This is my most recent “memorable” encounter, only a few weeks old…

Kelly travels occasionally for her work, less now than she used to. However, the last few weeks had been relentless and she had been gone around four days per week. To make it even crazier, the one week she was home more, I had planned a weeklong getaway with my best friend who I had drifted away from the last couple of years. And then there was the company in town over one weekend… So our opportunities for sex have been kind of few and far between lately. We’ve managed to squeeze in some decent fun about once a week over the past month or so, but nothing elaborate or “wild”, so I’ve been pretty well chafing at the bit.

This weekend was the first opportunity in a while for us to have a really nice evening with some hot sex at the end of it, and Kelly knew in no uncertain terms that by Saturday evening I intended to have her in our bed for a serious encounter. However, as luck would have it, we ended up getting preoccupied with other things, and then she wanted to rent a movie, and there was dinner to think about. By the time the food was consumed and the movie watched, Kelly was lying drowsily on the couch, yawning. I was not especially happy; once we get past a certain hour, her body starts shutting down and it certainly is time for bed, but not the way I have in mind.

Kelly knew I was really in the mood and needed to have her badly, and she was trying to be a trooper. It was actually almost funny as she struggled to stay awake intending to have sex even though she was clearly wiped out. That was not at all what I had in mind, so I let her tell me an erotic story while I masturbated to hold me over until the next day when we could start over. It was actually a very good story, by the way, in which I watched her in a casino from a distance, then went and joined her at a table. We pretended not to know each other and she eventually slid under the table to give me a fabulous blowjob. Her storytelling satisfied me nicely and I went to sleep planning bigger and better things for the next day.

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful. We spent a lot of time on household chores and other normal weekend stuff, along with a good part of the day simply relaxing. I told Kelly early on that I thought we should have sex earlier in the evening, and watch our other movie afterwards, and she agreed.

However, after we had eaten dinner, Kelly was getting ready to take a shower and I was surfing the net, when she told me there would be a change of plans. She wanted to watch the movie first, and then head for bed. I wasn’t very thrilled about this, because I certainly didn’t want to end up shortchanged like the previous night, but she assured me she wouldn’t get tired. I headed for the living room to watch some television before starting the movie.

I noticed she was taking quite a long time in the shower, and caught a whiff of her scented shaving cream, so I knew she was shaving her legs. It’s always nice when a woman’s legs are freshly shaved for your touch, just like I’m sure they appreciate when guys have a clean shave on their beard. Kelly also trims her pubic hair very short when she is in the shower, although neither of us likes her pussy actually shaved. So, I was perfectly fine with letting her take her time.

Still, it was several minutes after the shower finally ceased before I realized that she was taking some extra steps in preparing. Usually, when I plan one of my “grand seductions” of Kelly, I’ll select certain lingerie and even makeup for her to put on. I like it when she has a classy but sexually suggestive look and would love seeing her like that all the time. She’s pretty good about going along with it for me, although I know it probably seems escort buca a little silly to her. However, after a good ten minutes of her fussing around in the bedroom and bathroom, I knew she had to be getting ready to make a big entrance, and it was starting to become obvious that she was planning on teasing me by making me sit through the movie while drooling over her.

Eventually Kelly appeared in the living room, and I was stunned. By this point I expected her to have put on some lingerie and maybe some lipstick, but she had done the full works: full makeup, hair nicely teased out, matching see-through bra and panties covered by a sheer black nightie, and high heels. She was also smoking, which she only does when she’s drinking, or when she wants to seduce me knowing that I melt for the combination of oral fixation and sultry sexiness of it. She came over to the couch where I was lying down and leaned over. Kissing me lightly with her smoky, dark red lips, she asked if I was ready to start the movie. I said sure, but I knew in reality I would be watching her more than the film.

Kelly knew it too, and she made sure to reinforce it by frequently shifting in front of me and often touching my leg or hand. She smoked constantly throughout the movie, and every time I heard the lighter click my attention was snapped right back to her. I could tell by the smile on her face that this was exactly the reaction she was looking for. She also made me get up and get her things, like a glass of water, at least three times during the movie, so that I would be forced to get a full frontal view of her as I returned, instead of the beautiful profile I was already staring at. I say forced, but we both knew I loved it!

By the end of the movie, I really had lost track of the plot with her constant distraction. It had basically become a game with her by that point, to kind of let me sink into the movie, and then to suck me back out by saying something to me, or touching me, or lighting a new cigarette. After two hours of being gently teased into a serious state of arousal, I was happy to see the end credits start to roll.

Kelly took my hand and led me to the bedroom, where she had me undress and lightly pushed me down on the bed. She started gently tracing patterns across my chest with her crimson fingernails and stroking my thighs. Suddenly, I saw a wicked grin emerge at the corners of her mouth. I realized something had occurred to her, and it only took a moment to find out what.

“You’ve been after me to tie you up for a long time, haven’t you?” she asked slyly. It was true; we’ve never gotten very into bondage, but I had tied her up a few times before, as well as a couple of my old girlfriends in the past. But I had never been tied up before, and I was curious about it.

“Are those things still attached to the bed?” she asked, referring to a full set of “Comfy Cuffs” that I had gotten for some fun on our anniversary a little over a year ago. We had only used them once since then, but since we don’t have children, I saw no reason to remove them and just tucked them under the bed instead. So I told her that they were still there.

Kelly reached under each corner of the bed and bound each of my hands, then each of my legs, with the padded velcro cuffs. I tested the bonds, and sure enough I was pretty much immobilized. It was kind of an interesting sensation, because I’m definitely the aggressor sexually, and being in a submissive role was quite foreign to me. Kelly looked down at me lying spread-eagled on the bed and smiled. “Comfortable?” she asked. I told her I was just great, so she told me I should just wait where I was. She headed out to the main room and returned a couple of minutes later with a fresh cigarette and a glass of wine. She propped my head up with a few pillows so I would have a good view, and then rummaged for a minute in our “sex drawer” until she found the videotape she was looking for. She popped it into the VCR, grabbed the remote, and sat half facing me near my right leg.

When Kelly pressed play, I knew immediately why she had chosen this particular tape. It is a compilation of videos starring Lexington Steele, a black actor with an incredibly thick 13″ long cock. If you don’t believe me, look him up. It’s impressive. Kelly has always pretended to be mildly indifferent about liking this particular tape, but her pussy gets incredibly wet when she watches it, so I know that she really gets turned on. It’s an almost instantaneous reaction – I can be fingering her clit for several minutes with slow results, and when this guy comes onscreen, her cunt starts dripping immediately. It’s not so much that he’s black, because buca escort bayan we have some other interracial videos that don’t have anything like that effect. But Kelly loves to see a big cock onscreen, and although she doesn’t say as much about these films, she’ll fast forward through scenes in other movies when the actor is smaller or average.

Kelly leaned back slightly and began rubbing her pussy through her thong. I couldn’t see that well, because she was only partially facing me. I could tell that she was mainly focusing on her clit though as she rapidly rubbed herself with her left hand. Occasionally she stopped to take a drag from her cigarette or sip at her wine, but otherwise her attention was almost entirely focused on the screen. I say almost entirely, because I caught her checking several times to ensure that I couldn’t move or touch myself and that I was watching what she was doing to herself.

After several minutes, I could hear her breath coming faster and she was starting to moan a little while she diddled herself. I could even start to smell her feminine wetness with the smoke in the room. Suddenly she looked at me.

“Just watching that guy fuck that woman with his big cock is getting me so hot right now. Do you mind if I use one of my toys?” she asked. Without waiting for a response, she stood up and once again started rummaging in the sex drawer. She knew I wouldn’t mind anyway; I love watching her use her sex toys. “I think I’ll use the big one,” she announced, rising with a very large dildo in hand. At 12″ or so long and around 2.5″ thick, it is by far our largest dildo and my favorite to use on her, although she can’t actually handle it sometimes. As big as it was, I think it’s actually slightly smaller than Lex’s giant cock that was buried deeply in some actress’s snatch onscreen, but I knew what Kelly was imagining.

She sat back down on the bed, again only about half facing me. I could see her pulling her panties to one side and rubbing the dildo against her crotch. I couldn’t actually see the head pushing against her wet lips, but I could hear the sticky sound of her sex as she lubricated the big dong with her own secretions. Unable to actually witness the penetration, I was torn between watching her facial expressions changing as she slowly pushed the dildo into herself, and watching her hand slowly approaching her cunt while holding the end of the dildo. At last I could tell she had engulfed as much as possible within her pussy; she still had a firm grip on the last few inches of the dildo, but her hand was resting on her pubic mound and she had stopped pushing.

She paused for a minute to adjust to the fullness, and then began slowly and deliberately fucking herself with the big dildo. Her eyes were glued to the television, watching the cuntal assault taking place there, and although there was no way she could have handled the speed at which Lex was ramming this woman, Kelly managed to fuck herself at about half time with his movements, timing the thrusts to match every second thrust onscreen.

It was extremely erotic and frustrating for me at the same time. Not only was Kelly masturbating as intensely as I’ve ever seen her do, I was unable to get a good view of the action, and couldn’t even touch my own straining cock for release. I have to say, it was one of the sexiest things she has ever done to me. She must have realized finally how badly I needed her touch, or maybe she was getting too close to orgasm, since she’s not multiorgasmic, because she stopped and turned to face me. She left the dildo protruding from her cunt, only about three of its twelve inches visible from her seriously stretched hole. Leaning forward, she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me while clenching and releasing her thighs around the dildo.

At the start of the evening, Kelly had been wearing a pretty heavy coat of dark red lipstick. We really hadn’t done anything to mess that up until this point, so it was still in place as she began blowing me. I found it strangely erotic to see her lipstick smearing over her mouth and hand as she started jacking my cock rapidly while sucking and licking at the underside of it. In fact, being married I have had many blowjobs from Kelly. Yet I think maybe she has picked something up from the movies we’ve been watching, because in both this and the last recent blowjob she had given me, I noticed some nice changes in her style. She really went to town on me, alternating long strokes of her lips down my shaft until she had most of my length in her mouth, with long periods of serious licking and tonguing the sides and bottom of my dick, all the while stroking me with buca escort one hand. Her other hand I soon noticed was working that dildo in and out of herself again.

This was shaping up to be one of the very best blowjobs she had ever given me, and it was even more intense because I couldn’t move any of my limbs. I was forced to lie there and let her do all of the work, and it felt great. I struggled not to come, even though it would have felt amazing to fill her mouth with my come, but I really wanted to fuck her and it had been a while. Kelly sensed that I was getting overly aroused and pulled away, letting me cool off a bit while she cleaned off the lipstick mess her sloppy blowjob had induced. With a wet plop, she pulled the thick dildo out of her pussy and set it on the bed by my foot. Then she removed her nightie and panties, leaving on her sexy sheer bra. It’s almost sexier than being naked, because it doesn’t hide anything, but simply acts as a black shadow darkening her breasts and nipples.

Kelly climbed on top of me and slipped my cock into her hot moist opening. Now at just a touch under 8″ inches and about 1.5″ thick, I’m certainly a bit better endowed than average, but compared to that big dildo I’m not even in the same category. Her cunt was well fucked and loosened by this point and it really felt a little different and a little messy. However, I’ve never been intimidated by the large toys, because I love giving my wife pleasure any way possible, and besides I know she still prefers a warm flesh-and-blood cock to a bigger, but colder dildo anytime.

Kelly started riding me aggressively, thrusting her hips down hard at me and grinding her pelvis against mine. I warned her that I would not be able to last very long if she went after me like that, but she just smiled and kept screwing me. She began kissing my neck and ear and whispering to me. “Wouldn’t you like to grab my tits right now? Or my ass? Wouldn’t you like to use your legs to push up into me while I fuck you?” She kept whispering all sorts of similar things in my ear, reminding me as if I could forget of my restricted range of motion. She even would rise most of the way off of my cock and wait while I tried futilely to get my hips up enough to re-enter her. Kelly used every trick she could to drive me wild, and I soon realized, push me over the edge before she herself got there. As her breathing grew heavier, she started fucking me with long, deep strokes of her slick vagina, urging me to come inside of her. Finally I couldn’t hold out anymore. With each new thrust of her hips, I pumped jet after jet of my semen into her. I felt the orgasm spread from my balls through my stomach until it shook my entire body. It was one of the best of my life; of course, I’d been teased to the peak of arousal for nearly three hours by this point, so it was well due.

Kelly still hadn’t had her orgasm at this point, which I soon realized was intentional. Although I’m not particularly predisposed towards eating creampies as some othes, it has become pretty regular in our sex life for me to go down on her after I come because she only comes once and then is basically done for the night, so she hates coming before me. I’ve also told her many times that I wanted her to sit on my face, but she’s very self conscious about it and steers away from it. Tonight though, with my hands and feet tied, and the very high arousal she was still caught in, only seconds after I filled her with my load I felt her sliding up towards my face.

“You don’t mind, do you?” she asked breathlessly as she planted her leaking pussy on my face. I don’t know that I could have stopped her by this point, but I didn’t want to anyway. I started licking her clit furiously as she rubbed her pussy over my face. Now I truly didn’t “drink” my load out of her, but I could feel the hot mixture of my come and her pussy juices seeping down my face and neck as I sucked on her swollen bud. Usually I try to finger her g-spot or use a dildo while I eat her, but with my hands still tied all I could do was lick her pussy and tongue-fuck her sticky canal while she humped my face with accelerating frequency. I must have been hitting the right buttons, because she only sat on my face for two or three minutes before I felt her thighs stiffen and heard the passionate moans announcing the arrival of her orgasm, bringing with it a fresh rush of wetness.

Kelly relaxed for a minute or two after that, while I lazily tongued her cunt clean from the sloppy lovemaking, then she slid off of me. She looked at the mess on my face and gave me a rare “after-cunnilingus” french kiss, tasting our mingled juices. Finally, she released my bonds and we helped one another clean up from our wild activities. It was definitely one of the sexual highlights of our entire relationship, and the only disappointment I can think of is that experiences like that don’t happen very often, so it may be quite a while before I have another story this new to tell…

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