Julie’s Dilemma

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Julie sighed as she poured herself a cup of coffee. She sat down and took a sip reflecting on how quickly things had changed. She and her mother lived together in a quaint cottage style home. The small insurance settlement, after her father’s accident, had gone for funeral expenses and a car. Nevertheless, they had managed by living a frugal live style.

Now tragedy had struck again. Julie’s mother was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Doctors told Julie that her mother could receive outpatient treatment but needed a restful stress-free environment.

Mortgage payments and medical expenses had drained their small savings account. The bills were piling up. Julie knew it would be up to her to provide for them at least until her mother had recovered.

Julie had completed her first-year at the community college, but now her education would have to be put on hold. She scanned the classifieds hoping to find employment.

John Romano pushed back from his desk stretched and smiled. His business was growing faster than he had anticipated. At the age of thirty, he felt like it was all going his way. Well except for his marriage. His wife Maria had become sexually unresponsive after the birth of John Jr.

Maria would spurn his advances, but he wasn’t going to force himself on her. Doctors told John it would take time and patience to overcome the problem. Not wanting to make the things worse he hadn’t sought outside companionship. His sexual frustrations had caused many sleepless nights.

John had resorted to masturbating while his next door neighbor sunbathing beside her pool. A wooden fence separated their yards, but John could see her from the upstairs bathroom window. Occasionally she would remove her bikini and sunbathe nude. She was oblivious to John’s gaze as he stroked himself to a climax.

Julie looked into her full-length mirror. Her auburn hair, blue eyes, and creamy Irish complexion were accented by her summer dress and matching heels. Though she wasn’t conceited, Julie knew she was attractive. She knew it helped to show her attributes to her best advantage.

Julie gave her mother a goodbye kiss and cranked the aging Chevy. She didn’t want to be late for her interview. If she didn’t get this job they could end up living on the street.

As she entered the office, Julie saw several women. They were seated outside a door that had the initials JR embossed on the mirrored glass.

One woman on the heavy side was sweating profusely even though the building was air conditioned. A very slender woman was fidgeting nervously in her chair. The last looked fortyish well groomed and professional.

“Hello Ladies,” said John Romano stepping into the reception room.

“Shall we start the interviews?” The first two interviews went relatively quick, the third somewhat longer. Julie sat patiently waiting her turn.

Sitting at his desk, John looked at the last applicant sitting outside.

The surveillance camera gave him a clear brazzers porno view of her exposed thigh.

John was so taken with this sweet young thing that he considered stroking one off.

“No business comes first,” he thought, smiling at the pun.

The door opened, and John motioned Julie inside.

“Please sit down Ms. Murphy,” John said smiling. Julie couldn’t help but notice his coal-black hair, olive complexion and even white teeth. About five foot ten or eleven, a hundred and seventy-five pounds, with a lean muscular build. A handsome man by any standard.

“Ms. Murphy, I see that you can type and have a year of college,” his eyes darting briefly to her breast.

“Yes,” Julie smiled, feeling her nipples harden under his gaze.

“Well, it’s between you and Ms. Smith,” said John.

Julie choked back a sob, her eyes welling up with tears.

Julie apologized and explained her situation in detail.

“Well,” said John, “I am more inclined to hire someone younger that can grow with the company.”

“Oh thank you,” said Julie, “I’ll be a very dedicated employee.”

“I’m counting on it,” said John, lurid thoughts already clouding his mind. It wasn’t that he lack compassion, but her obvious vulnerability was bringing out his dark side. Driving home, Julie wondered if the emotional display had been necessary but obviously it had worked.

John could hardly wait to get home he was still worked up from the interview with Ms. Murphy, he had to find relief soon! Starting up the stairs, he stopped long enough to give John jr. a kiss. If he was lucky, his neighbor might be out by the pool. Raising the window, he could see her with a net scooping trash. John unzipped and began slowly stroking his cock.

As his neighbor bent over her bikini wedged itself between the cheeks of her ass. It was more than John could take. His knees buckled as he sprayed the bathroom wall letting out a cry even his neighbor could hear. She was unable to locate the source of the commotion and continued with her task. John cleaned up the mess and showered. “Tomorrow’s another day,” he thought.

Julie’s first day on the job was fairly routine. Mr. Romano was helpful in pointing out her duties. He also requested that she wear dresses or skirts to work, a company image thing he said.

John sat at his desk a solemn look on his face. So this is what it has come down to, spying on his female employees. The pin camera he had installed under Julie’s desk gave him a clear view of her firm thighs. He could even see a few tufts of pubic hair peeking from the edge of her panties. John couldn’t restrain himself as he pulled out his cock and started to stroke it.

“Damn these things are pulling the hairs out of my snatch,” thought Julie, as she hooked her finger under the leg band and pulled them aside.

The view of her pink labia covered by a fine auburn down was more than John could stand. With a roar, his cock exploded clip4sale porno sending copious jets of his sperm skyward.

“Mr. Romano is everything ok?” came Julie over the intercom.

“Yes, Julie I just shut the desk drawer on my finger.”

After several weeks on the job Julie was faced with a dilemma. Though her paycheck was covering living expenses, and her mother’s medical treatment she was months behind on the mortgage payments. The bank had sent a foreclosure notice. Julie was desperate as she readied the company’s weekly deposit. Suddenly it came to her, take the money for the mortgage from the deposits, then pay it back out of her weekly paycheck. Who would know? It wasn’t as if she were stealing she told herself.

John’s mouth watered at the sight of white panties bulging between the juncture of Julie’s slightly parted thighs. He had started to unzip as a hand appeared holding and envelop and then another holding cash. Zipping up his pants John headed for his office door.Julie looked up with a startled expression at the sound of John’s voice.

“I’ll be leaving early, be sure to make the deposit,” he said.

Driving to work, Julie was in a more cheerful mood. She had paid the mortgage up. Now all she had to do was pay some back each week, no harm done. She had never stolen anything in her life, and she didn’t intend to start now.

Sitting at his desk, John considered his options. He could fire Julie but it’s wasn’t what he wanted to do. At least not until he had heard her explanation. Or he could use this to his advantage he thought, a little guilt ridden. He decided to confront her at the end of the day when they would be alone in the building.

“Ms. Murphy, Please come to my office,” came John’s voice over the intercom. He hadn’t addressed her as “Ms. Murphy,” since her first day on the job. She entered his office and took a seat as he indicated.

Standing behind her John activated the remote. An image sprang to life on the flat screen causing Julie to gasp.

“Ms. Murphy I called the bank this morning, and it seems the deposit was thousands short.” “Do you have an explanation?” Tearfully she explained about the mortgage and that she had intended to pay the money back.

“I know I should have asked, but I was afraid you would refuse,” said Julie.

“This is serious Julie,” said John, “A crime like this could carry a lengthy jail sentence.”

“Oh please, Mr. Romano,” cried Julie, “let me keep my job and I’ll pay back every cent.” Julie had visions of her poor mother begging on the street, while she languished in jail.

“Well,” said John, “maybe we could come to an agreement and forget the whole incident.”

“An agreement?” ask Julie hopefully.

“Yes,” said John, “you probably know of my marital problems?”

Julie nodded, she was pretty sure she knew where this was going.

“For certain favors, I will forget this happened and you can keep the money.” colette porno “I know it would be a hardship for you to pay it back.”

Julie felt a sense of anger and relief. Not only was he blackmailing her but he assumed she could be bought like a prostitute. Her first impulse was to tell him to go fuck himself, but the gravity of her situation made her reconsider.

After a short pause, Julie cleared her throat and asked, “Where and how often?”

“Here in my office once a week after work,” came John’s reply. “I won’t ask you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with,” he added.

“Ok,” said Julie in a hushed voice. Like it or not she was going to get fucked, at least it was by someone she was attracted too.

“Relax, you might enjoy this,” said John as he felt Julie stiffen under his touch.

The truth is she was little scared. Her only real sexual experience was with a boy she dated at the community college. After and evening of heavy petting she almost gave in to her urges but managed to fend him off before she lost her virginity. Later she found out he was still seeing his old girlfriend on the side and broke off their relationship.

Taking Julie’s hand, John led her over to the couch and dimmed the lights. Standing behind her, he unbuttoned her dress and reaching down pulled it up over her head. The contrast of black bra and panties on her smooth creamy skin was a vision to behold.John unbuckled his belt and took off his slacks. Julie could feel the bulge of his swollen manhood as he pulled her close and gently kissed her neck.

At this point, Julie had accepted her fate and her own urges were demanding satisfaction. After all, she had no choice she told herself. To John’s surprise, she knelt down and with one quick motion pulled his briefs down to his knees. His cock sprang out brushing her cheek.

“Take it in your hand,” she heard John say in a soft whisper.

Still kneeling she encircled her it with fingers. She could see bluish veins running up the sides of his pulsing shaft. The head looked for all the world like a large over-ripe plum. On impulse, Julie leaned forward and kissed it surprised by her own naughtiness.

Pulling Julie to her feet, John laid her gently on the couch. His eyes adored her as she removed her bra and panties. He lowered his head and tasted the pink rose buds of her ample breast. Julie moaned, the fires of passion had been ignited, and he was fanning the flames with each kiss.John trailed kisses over Julie’s smooth belly, resting his chin at the crux of her thighs, his nose buried in the sweet musk of her womanhood.

Slowly he ran his tongue from the crack of her ass to the knob of her clit, licking with a soft flicking motion. He entered her slowly, the smell of sex in the air was intoxicating. Julie felt a slight pang of discomfort and then began to thrust her hips passionately. Within minutes they exploded into a climax fuel by weeks of sexual tension.

Eight months had passed, and Julie was being promoted to field manager with a substantial pay increase. She looked forward to her after work sessions with John. They had even taken a few weekend business trips together.

Not at all how she had envisioned her life unfolding but, “All’s well that ends well,” thought Julie!

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