Jennifer on Adderall Ch. 05

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Jennifer awoke to find herself on a dinghy sofa in the corner of the warehouse studio. Things seemed a little blurry, but she was aware of some heated conversation taking place next to her.

“. . . and I have sworn a holy vow to escort Miss Jennifer to her Organic Chemistry class, and as soon as she wakes . . .”

Jennifer saw that the owner of the voice was that sweet nerd Rodney. He was standing close to Professor Lithwick, emphasizing his points with a finger her was pointing in her face. Professor Lithwick seemed about 40, and was wearing a white blouse that was unbuttoned to her navel. She was attractive, for an older lady, with trim eyebrows that conveyed exactly how unimpressed she was with Rodney’s stance and statements.

“. . . I’m going to take her there. The only question I’m struggling with is whether or not I should contact academic affairs to report you now, or after I’ve completed my mission.”

Professor Lithwick chuckled. “Report me? To academic affairs? For what? We’re all consenting adults here.”

“Consenting adults? She was chained to your floor! She couldn’t even see who was violating her!”

With his words, Jennifer’s memory came rushing back. She felt momentarily dizzy, remembering the stimulation, the wetness, and the penetration her pussy finally received on this, the most sexually frustrating morning she’d ever had. Her pussy clenched at the memory, and Jennifer became acutely aware and slightly disappointed at the empty sensation of her insides. *I need more dick* she thought, *real dick this time. And bigger than that silly strap-on dildo. . .*

“She never said no. If she had, we would’ve stopped immediately. What do you know about the artistic process anyway? Do you think my team and I could produce world-famous artwork—the kind of artwork which puts this university on the map—without inspiration?” Professor Lithwick smiled and gestured at the welded pieces of rusty scrap metal scattered around the warehouse. “No, young man. Eros is our muse! Eros is our master! We give eros sculpted passion, and eros gives us erotic passion. It’s a consensual and mutually beneficial relationship enjoyed and understood only by artists.”

“Ohhhh,” Jennifer moaned. She wanted to contribute something to the conversation, to thank Rodney for looking out for her, and to thank Professor Lithwick and her graduate student—*where is he anyway?*—for the profoundly erotic passion she most recently enjoyed. But all that came out of her mouth was a sexy moan. *Damn that Adderall!* a small portion of her consciousness raged before being quelled by the waves of erotic pleasure still radiating from her nipples and moist pussy.

“Jennifer, are you OK?” Rodney asked, rushing to the sofa. “It’s time for us to leave. The class is almost finished, and you really need to speak to Professor Atkins.”

He bent over to pick her up and she threw her arms around his neck. She noticed that her handcuffs were still on her wrists, but the chain connecting them had been cut. Finally on her feet, Jennifer teetered awkwardly before the strength in her legs gave out. “Ohhhh, gosh,” she heard herself say. “I feel a little bit dizzy.” Rodney’s big arms crushed her to his chest, steadying her.

“C’mon Jennifer, let’s go. Can you walk or should I—”

Jennifer interrupted him by sliding her tongue around his earlobe while making eye contact with Professor Lithwick over Rodney’s shoulder. “Thank you,” she purred, looking at the sexy art professor, who wore a half-smile on her face. “But I think I could walk now.”

“Uhhh . . . great,” Rodney said, lowering her gently until she was standing in her high heels. He wiped the slick saliva from his ear. “It’s about 10:05. Your class is finished, but if we hurry we could catch Professor Atkins in his office.”

All of a sudden, the mention of time caused panic to come over Jennifer. *Oh my god! My presentation! I’ve missed it! It’s worth 50% of my course grade! Fuuuuuuck!* Strength returned to her legs and she marched to the warehouse door, Rodney close behind her. She threw it open, squinted at the bright Southern California sunshine, and started walking to the pre-med building.


Professor Atkins was sitting behind the large oaken desk in his office. The morning sunlight was slicing through the horizontal blinds covering his window, illuminating his dusty bookshelves and wooden molecule models, and turning the office an elegant orange color. Atkins was in his 30s, a little beefy but obviously strong, and he had a gizli çekim porno handsome face framed by a thin beard. Jennifer had always felt an attraction to him. For each 90 minute class, he exuded nothing but power and control. He had written the textbook they were using, and his world-renowned grasp of the material was astonishing. He never hesitated when answering a student’s question, and each question was answered with the same precision and finality that characterized his lectures. A rare word of praise from Professor Atkins would make a student happy for weeks, while the slightest frown of disapproval could stir thoughts of inadequacy even among the brightest in the class. Jennifer—craving Atkins’ approval but dreading the potential of disappointment—had never had the courage to speak to him before. Today’s presentation was to be her first time to have his undivided attention. She had spent months researching, planning and writing it, and days practicing for it.

And she missed the class.

From behind his desk, Atkins watched Jennifer timidly stand in his office, his gaze revealing no excitement at seeing her in her tightest miniskirt, hard nipples poking through her top. If he noticed black handprints on her bouncy ass from the dirty art student’s groping, or the fact that her lips were slightly swollen from just having given the same student a blowjob, he gave no sign. Not even the silver handcuff bracelets with the dangling half-chains seemed to arouse any interest in him.

“. . . and that’s why she couldn’t be in class to do her presentation, Professor Atkins.” Rodney finished. Jennifer had been so entranced with Atkins’ hypnotic gaze, she hadn’t noticed that Rodney was also in the office, explaining her situation on her behalf.

Atkins stood up from his chair and walked around the desk to stand in front of Jennifer. He was tall, and he seemed to tower over her, even as she stood in her high heels. He gently put his finger under her chin and lifted her face, raising her gaze. He studied her eyes closely.

“Uhhh, Professor Atkins, ummm.” Rodney began. “Isn’t there some kind of way Jennifer could do a make-up presentation, maybe in front of a different section, or—”

“Thank you, Rodney. You may now leave us. I need a word with Jennifer. Alone.” Professor Atkins’ voice was gentle but firm, and while he spoke he never released Jennifer from his gaze.

“Ummm. Right. I’ll just be, right outside, Jennifer. Later today, I’ll take you to get your car.” Rodney left the office.

“Shut the door, Rodney,” Atkins said, slightly loud.

Jennifer heard Rodney whimper a bit, and then heard the click of the door shutting.

“Hmmm.” Professor Atkins tilted her chin to the left, then to the right, and then back to facing forward again. “Take a deep breath, hold it, and with your eyes follow my finger.”

Jennifer breathed deeply and followed Atkins’ index finger. It slowly went right, then left, then back in front of her face, and then up toward the ceiling before finally pointing toward the ground. But Jennifer’s gaze never made it to the ground. It stopped as her line of vision passed in front of the crotch of Professor Atkins’ pants. Out of her peripheral vision, she was dimly aware that the finger was now pointing to the side of the room, but Jennifer couldn’t turn away from Atkins’ crotch.

*Mmm. How big is it? How big can it get? Would it stretch me a bit? Does he—*

She heard his fingers snapping. “Jennifer. Look at me. Look at my eyes, Jennifer.”

With a great deal of effort, Jennifer tore her gaze from his crotch to look up at his face. She felt embarrassed to have been caught looking at the crotch of such a great man, and she blushed prettily.

“Jennifer, you’ve been taking Adderall, haven’t you?” Atkins calmly asked.

Jennifer gasped. “How did you know?”

“Your pupillary responses. I’ve been reading about the side effects of bad or expired Adderall, as well as the dangers of mixing Adderall with other prescription medication. Negative side effects include focus and concentration remaining powerful and intense, but subjects are often unable to choose what their focus and concentration should be on. The more detrimental effects of taking bad Adderall are . . . hey are you even listening to me?”

Jennifer remembered shaking her head no, then her hands shot to Atkins’ belt. In less than a second, before Atkins could stop her, the belt was undone, and a mere second later the pants were unzipped and around glory hole secrets his ankles. A second after that, Atkins’ underwear joined his pants.

His dick was big, Jennifer thought, feeling it expand as she slipped it into her mouth. She bobbed her head a few times and felt it starting to push into her throat. With her mouth full of his cock, Jennifer looked up at the professor with her innocent, almond-shaped Asian eyes. His stunned and hopeless expression was such a reversal from the calm, controlling gaze with which he overpowered students and faculty alike. As she squatted in her high heels, Jennifer realized that she had not only inhaled his penis, but also his power. The notion sent a quiver down her spine, to her moistening pussy.

Only 15 seconds had elapsed since Jennifer went for Atkins’ belt and began fellating him, but she knew that both were ready for fucking.

She pulled back until only the head of the shaft was in her mouth and looked up at Atkins’ face. She was delighted to see something she’d never seen before in his eyes: longing. After being the passive plaything for several men (and one woman) in this crazy morning, in seconds she had gained complete control over the most powerful man in the pre-med program.

“Ugggh—” Atkins grunted as Jennifer swirled her tongue around the underside of his shaft. “Jennifer, this is great . . . ungh . . . but I can’t let you pass . . . ohhhh . . .”

Jennifer let the nutsack pop out of her mouth and rose to her full height. She grabbed the collar of his shirt with both hands and pulled him toward her. “Just fuck me,” she breathed before shoving the grown man, with all her might, at his desk. Papers and books fell from the desk as Atkins sprawled on top of it. He had no time to collect his senses however. Jennifer had leapt on top of the desk too, and was now squatting over his form, skirt hitched up around her waist. She looked in Atkins’ now frightened eyes as she felt the tip of his turgid dick slide from her clit to her furrow, settling at her introitus.

Jennifer looked into her Professor’s panicked eyes and, biting her lip, let her pelvis slowly drop. Wet as she was, the dick was big—twice the girth as the strap-on dildo that had pummeled her less than an hour earlier—and the entry hurt a little. She let out a whiny moan, then rose up again, leaving just the head inside her tight pussy. She moved her well-manicured hands over Atkins’ button-down shirt, pinching his hardened nipples, and then sank down again. This time the dick was halfway inside her, but already it felt like it was deeper inside her than any dick before. It was then she realized that, although hard, Atkins’ cock wasn’t fully erect. She moaned, squeezing hard with her kegel muscles, and felt the dick grow larger still. Maintaining full constriction on the penis, she rose up again and felt it slide almost completely out. The sudden emptiness challenged her, and with a loud, “oohhhhhh” she dropped herself down again, determined to take the entire monster inside her.

“Nnnnnngggggh,” she grunted, feeling her insides stretch, feeling the dick bottom out in her pussy and still push farther still. It was pain mixed with intense pleasure, and just when she thought the pain would be too great, she felt the curls of his pubic hair on her lower lips, and his hips against her spread thighs, and realized there was no more penis to take in. “Ohhh, gosh,” she said, sitting there, letting the massive dick just throb inside her.

She looked at Atkins’ face. It was red and a hard vein was apparent in his forehead. He was looking at her face. “You’re so beautiful,” he said, “and so fucking tight.” He brought his hand up to the side of her angelic face, and his thumb rested gently on her lips. Opening her mouth, she took his trembling thumb inside, and gently held it between her teeth, still gazing into his eyes. Then she rose up again, emptying her vagina almost completely before sinking down again, slowly, biting harder on his thumb as each inch penetrated her below.

Bottoming out, she rose up again, feeling each ridge and bump of Atkins’ cock through the hypersensitive walls of her vagina. As the pumping continued, she felt Atkins’ other hand rest on her tanned hip before reaching around to grab and pull at her round ass cheek. She moaned loudly, noticing how close she was to orgasm, and the thumb in her mouth slipped out, the hand caressing her slender neck and collarbone, and then squeezing one round breast through the white fabric grup sex of her party dress. Bouncing at a good rhythm now, she moaned again as his fingers clasped her nipple through the cloth. The other hand grabbed the bottom of her dress and began hauling it up her torso. She felt the cool air of the air-conditioned office against the sweat on her back, and then, for a brief moment, the dress was over her head, disrupting their eye contact.

As she watched her dress flutter to the ground beside the desk, she started bouncing even faster, using her firm muscled thighs and calves to move her pelvis up and down the length of the shaft. Feeling a familiar tingling in her spine, she looked down and saw her breasts ballooning in his hands, hard nipples sliding between fingers, as her tanned orbs increased in size with each gasp for air. She watched his eyes as he squeezed her breasts hard, then, with a series of loud paf-paf-paf’s, to accompany her grunts, she felt an orgasm wash over her.

“Ohhhhhh my Goddddddd,” she yelled, and her muscles constricted while her vision turned white. The last thing she noticed before briefly losing consciousness was the exploding wetness between their joined hips.

She then felt his breath against the top of her head. She had folded over and now rested on top of him. The stillness was brief however, as Atkins grabbed her hips and began powering up into them with his still-turgid cock.

“Oh, Oh, Oh,” she breathed, with each punch of the dick into her womb. Without thinking she unbuttoned her professor’s shirt and started kissing his chest as he repeatedly thrust into her from below. It was hairy, but his salty sweat tasted delicious to her. The pounding stopped as her tongue found his nipple. Atkins gasped in surprise, and then Jennifer gently bit into his nipple, and, moving her feet into position again, resumed control of the thrusting.

“Oh, God, this feels so good,” Atkins whispered as she tugged at his nipple with her teeth while sliding up and down his pole. He abruptly shouted loudly as she bit down too hard on his nipple. She stopped bouncing, released his nipple from her teeth, and then soothed it with gentle licks, kisses, and ragged breaths from between her beautiful lips. Atkins’ breathing turned ragged, and she felt his dick begin to shudder inside her. *He’s close* she realized, and began bouncing again, squeezing hard with each withdrawal. *And so am I.*

The room suddenly shook with a loud thunderclap and Jennifer stopped. Suddenly she felt a burning tingling on her ass cheeks, and she realized the loud thunderclap was actually the sound of each of his strong hands slapping both of her ass cheeks at the same time. The burning tingling quickly turned into a searing pain, and Jennifer realized she was howling. But the shock and pain quickly turned into pleasure as she felt his strong hands lock around her ankles and then, with a massive thrust, he removed her from the surface of the desk. His hands supported her from the underside of her tanned thighs, which he spread wide obscenely. To remain upright, Jennifer had to lean back and grab his knees.

For untold minutes, Atkins pounded into her suspended form from below, spreading her legs wide, then bringing them together to prop her ankles on his shoulders before spreading them wide again. She floated in his grasp, connected to earth only by the hands on her legs, her hands on his knees, and the rigid, thick pole her pussy was sliding up and down on. The pounding was hard and relentless, and Jennifer felt repeated orgasms cascade through her. Finally she felt Atkins shudder powerfully and, with one last massive thrust, she felt his hot, volcanic cum erupt inside her. She clamped down hard and shuddered through her own final climactic orgasm, wailing uncontrollably.

Suddenly the room became silent, save for the collective gasping from the two sweaty lovers piled atop each other on the broad oaken desk.

After a few more shuddering exhalations, Jennifer finally lifted her pelvis, allowing the professor’s still erect penis to snap out of her pussy. As it did so, a thick tendril of white ejaculate slipped from her lips, forming a puddle on the oaken desk below. *Oh God, it’s so warm inside me,* Jennifer thought, smiling wickedly as she watched the spooge slide out of her. Suddenly a head-shaped shadow passed in front of the window, blocking the morning sunlight that was illuminating her pulverized pussy. Looking up, over the sprawled still-gasping body of the professor, Jennifer saw the shocked face of Rodney Merton Junior on the other side of the window, his eyes wide and his mouth trembling with emotional pain and jealous desire.

Not knowing what else to do, Jennifer flashed Rodney an embarrassed smile, raised her dainty little hand, and waved hello.

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