Jeeves Ch. 02

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She lowers her body into the limo grinning, she picks up the phone.

“Hey, where are you taking me doll? What are we doing tonight, when will I see you? “

He chuckles, “soon doll face soon, just be patient, Jeeves knows where to take you, you just have to enjoy and take advantage of your gift.”

“Oh believe me darling, I have and will,” as she runs her finger over her still swollen mound.

She looks out the window, “Hmmm” she says, “where is he taking me, I do not recognize this?”

She could hear the smile on his lips, “You’ll see cutie pie just enjoy it, and I will see you soon.”

The car slows and she opens the window and looks at the club they stopped in front of. She furrows her brow and feels a hint of apprehension as Jeeves walks around to open her door.

“Jeeves what is this place and where is my friend?”

“This is your first stop Madam, and I am not certain but I think he is inside some where.”

“I see, she says as she turns and steps out of the car”

He closes the car door and she fixes her purse so it hangs on her shoulders, he opens the door for the club and she feels a hint of stale air hit her in the face as she gingerly steps in. She looks around hoping to see a glimpse of her buddy, but nothing, she steps down the stairs and heads to the bar ordering herself a margarita she sits on the stool and crosses her sculpted legs. She looks around wondering where he may be, noticing the bar is not to crowded with a sultry ambience that of course stimulates her naked box. The tender places her drink in front of her, and she smiles reaching for her purse, he places his hand on hers,

“Its okay Ma’am, your drink is paid for already.”

“Really, by whom?”

“Your ensest porno friend”

“Oh, Okay do you know where he is I want to thank him.”

The tender just grins, “no Ma’am, but he said to enjoy.”

“Excellent,” She picks up her drink, and sips at it, “okay than.”

She turns around to look at the bar, noticing there is a small table in the middle of the bar with no chairs around it, just a pink rose in a vase on it. She heads over and picks up the rose, sniffing at it. She closes her eyes taking in a deep breath letting the sweet smell fill her head. She feels the presence of some one behind her and leans back a little opening her eyes. She chuckles,

“Hey Doll” as she places her body weight to him. As his arms wrap around her and she feels a kiss on her shoulder, she looks down at his arm, noticing there are no tattoo’s she realizes it’s not him. She turns around and he kisses her deeply.

“Hmmm” as she lets her head fall to one side kissing him back.

He is a young Spanish man with dark hair, and she relaxes thinking he must be watching me. She wishes she could see just a glimpse of him as the heat makes her little pussy juice up more. Her Spanish lover leans her back on the table and her head tilts back slightly over the edge of it. He lifts her legs up, her ankles cross, and licks at her box; she closes her eyes and moans slightly. Her Spanish lover is standing by her shoulder now leaning over her licking at her box, and he leans up and she feels another tongue in her pussy, she does her best to look, realizing there is another Spanish lover liking her sweet box. She leans her head back to let it happen, her ankles still crossed and her knees slightly bent giving them a better angle fake agent porno to please her. They take turns now and she reaches for one man’s cock as he licks at her pussy, the other lover has moved to the other side of the table and he places her hand on his cock, she plays with both of them without unzipping them and waits for them to switch, her heart pounding now. One plays with her little button and the other eats her box till she is just about to cum. They both stop, and she let’s her eyes open and catches a glimpse of her friend, but before she can say any thing, one moves in and stuffs his cock into her mouth and the other teases her pussy with his skillful fingers. He teases at the lips; it feels like he put’s his finger in to the first knuckle, gently tickling her labia. A huge cock stuffed into her hot lips, she sucks it back and grabs at his hips so she can move him to her rhythm.

“Hmmm” she cant help but concentrate on the sensations in her box, she is oblivious to the other people assembled around the bar. She opens her eyes, the cock still stuffed in her mouth a slight tear lingers in her eye, and she thinks she sees a woman and a man, the lady sits on a bar stool looking at her and a man nuzzles and whispers in her ear. But she can’t help it, the incredible feeling in her heat brings her back to the sensation…

Her lover teases her so good, tickling her grabbing at her clit and letting is snap, once again he tickles her and she feels her back arch and a moan escapes from her stuffed lips. She begins to push and pull on his hips her legs, open on either side of her other lover’s head, still up in the air. He stuff’s his fingers in and curls them back now teasing at her “G” spot. Oh no she thinks, fake cop porno I’m gonna have a “G” spot gasm in front of these people. She hears his words in her head,

“Just relax little one and let it go.” She relaxes her mind and sucks back the cock into her throat relaxing for a minute, the fingers working her into a controlled frenzy. She does her best to relax as she feels the sensation to pee take over.

“Just relax, little one let it go, work through it,” she hears, she relaxes sucking onto the cock and her body stiffens and releases her back arches. And thought her muscles feel tense she is totally relaxed as her entire body explodes into one of the most incredible gasms she has had. She sucks real hard on the cock not even realizing she is doing so, He pulls his cock out his face filled with pain and he shoots his load onto her face. As the liquid spills out into his hand her other lover removes his fingers, her body jerks, as the sound dissipates to her, her eyes still closed he laps up whatever juices remain, making her body jerk, she leans up grabbing his head pushing it away from her, she lays back, her eyes still closed her nipples pert through her tight shirt, she waits for the sound to come back and her body to stop trembling. She opens her eyes hoping her friend is still there, but he is gone. She gets up and her lovers help her off the table, grinning at her and nodding their heads. Her knees weak she grabs her drink and takes a big sip. Looks at the bartender smiles and asks

“Where did he go?” Not sure Ma’am but your driver has walked in, she turns to Jeeves,

“Jeeves did you see what just happened?”

He smiles, “We have to go Ma’am we have to reach your next stop shortly” He grabs her purse, she checks her skirt, peeks at the mirror behind the bar, grabs a napkin to wipe off her face, picks up her curly mane fluffing it and takes Jeeves hand,

“Okay I need some quiet time to regroup and freshen up any how,” they head out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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