Island Escapades Ch. 01

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**this series of stories was written as a sequence of letters in the style of a man writing a memoir. Some of the events are actual memories of mine while others are fantasy; some are memories touched by fantasy. Although written in the first person, I tried to leave the identity of the couple vague to allow the reader to insert their own identities into the story**

Chapter 1: Arrival at the End of the World

Life, as it is often prone to do, crept up on us. We’d become shells of ourselves. Tastes lacked their luster, pleasures lost their potency. Somehow, someway, our connections to our innermost spark had been lost. After too many melodramatic conversations, too much meaningless soul searching, we realized that reigniting the fire meant making a choice to do so. We needed to escape the mundane world and just be in a place where the world couldn’t touch us. Our destination would be the Andaman Islands, a place I found in my youth when I swore off college and travelled the globe. The Andamans were a tropical island chain, an under-explored paradise in the Indian Ocean plagued by endless sunshine, blue-green coral seas, and an almost complete lack of people most of the year.

We landed in Port Blair in early morning and a orange sun was just starting to illuminate the sky. Port Blair is the most developed town in the island chain and the central hub for hiring boats to other islands. Our first stop, a day excursion to Ross Island was an adventure. One part Indiana Jones, one part History channel. The old Victorian era British colonial post, long since abandoned, is being reclaimed by nature and has been for more than a century. In the center of once busy colonial streets youthful baobab trees were peeking out of the ground. Once great centers of British Imperial Administration were losing the battles to ferns, palm trees, monkeys, and rainbow colored birds of paradise. We climbed vines into hollowed out manors, and kissed each other in villas where Raj era Lords and Ladies once lived. The next day, we hired a fisherman to sail us to our primary destination. Little Andaman – the southernmost island in the archipelago. 6 hours on the sea later, we arrive and are blown away by what we see.

Bleached white sands, and forests of a lush green we had never seen that reminded of us of what Eden must be like. We didn’t even have to tell each out how our forbidden Adam and Eve urges had been ignited. The sleepy little island had an end-of-the-world feel to it. People were less abundant than the neon birds flying above us. The most advanced buildings we found were a group thatch-roofed huts that served as the closest thing to a hotel resort on the island. After dropping our rucksacks, we changed, and prepared to go on our way. You put on the cutest little white bikini and wrapped your hips in a purple patterned sarong we purchased at the tiny market further inland along with sweating bottles of water and luscious fruit locally grown and picked probably that morning.

We spent our entire first weekend walking along the beaches and forest paths, taking detours into any secluded spot we could find along the way. It had been a whirlwind of taking our carnal pleasure in any way we could. There was the blissful closeness mofos porno of the missionary quickie that we had under a low palm leaf not far from one the paths, and that time where we found a small outcropping of hidden rocks along the beach where I proceeded to bend you over and take you from behind. The deepness of that penetration and the lack of footing as the sand under the seawater kept sliding under your feet sent your pussy into such intense orgasmic spasms it made me absolutely explode inside of you – each of your contractions tightening on me and eagerly pulling out more and more of my hot cum and each contraction sending shots of pleasure up your spine and down your legs.

Then there was that mind blowing, leg buckling blowjob you surprised me with when I was sleeping our second morning. The way your grabbed my ass with both hands while taking my hardness into your mouth had my sleepy brain swimming in ecstasy. The eruption my cock shot into your hot sweet mouth was so big, so voluminous I could not believe you were able to take it all. But you slurped and gulped away with the sexy, slutty grace I love so much. You kept on sucking me till I squealed at the sensitivity and noticed lights at our resort turning on from the people I woke up.

And what about that hour we spent on the beach as the tide was coming in? I lifted you off your feet and wrapped your legs around my waist and held you in the air, kissing you deeply until I dropped you onto the sand and worked my way down your body and buried my head underneath your sarong where I teased you over the silky fabric of your bikini. I teased you more and more till it was soaking with wetness before pulling it off to the side and taking one giant ice cream cone lick of your pussy from front to back. Your pussy was already primed, ready, sensitive, and needing release but I had other plans just then. I kept sucking you fully into my mouth, flicking your clit but not sustaining enough contact to make you cum. Not until that tide started to get closer.

Soon, you could hear the waves (and see them every time my licks made your head snap backwards) swelling bigger and bigger. My plan was about to come full circle. I increased my attention to your engorged sex button and kept you at the brink of orgasm for agonizing minutes until finally, a tidal wave reached us up the beach, splashing cool water up your back and up around your groin. As the water shocked your skin I brought you to peak and brought you screaming as the flower of orgasmic rush blossomed inside your pelvis. Your hips buckled, and your back arched from the sensitivity oozing from your loins and the water shocking your lower back – your hands grabbing and pulling on my hair to give you stability.

It has been raunchy, sexy, slutty, loving, romantic, carnal, sinful, wonderfully blissful weekend. We were both absolutely spent, satisfied, pleasured. Then it occurred to me. Not far from here there was this little waterfall that very few people ever visited and I think to myself…mmmmm, tomorrow was going to be another good day

The little known waterfall emptied in a shallow pool of clear water and was surrounded by a secluded, 20-foot rock wall with a cave just behind the falling moms girl porno water. It was about a half-day’s walk from our beach hut, but that wasn’t a problem. The journey there was all that mattered. It was difficult for us to keep our hands off each other along the several miles. We had promised we would refrain from sex until we got there so we didn’t have a repeat of yesterday’s fucking in any spot we could find. But this didn’t stop us from playing a teasing game where we kept trying to one up each other to see who could make the other desperate enough to break.

You were winning that game for sure. It was so difficult to me to hold back from stopping and fucking you right there while you were walking behind me with your hands reaching around me, into my shorts and rubbing my cock. It was swelling so much and was so uncomfortable I was forced to unbutton my shorts and let it out. You told me not to stop walking as your tiny fingers worked my shaft and my balls before finding a rhythm stroke that I could no longer handle. I stopped and begged you to keep going and you were kind enough to keep the luxurious reach around handjob going. You pumped me on and on until the head of my cock began to fatten and bulge ready to spray my load all over the forest floor…and then you stopped, demanded me to walk on and forbade me rebutton my clothes. You walked onwards leaving me there panting like a dog unable to speak.

This was unacceptable to me. It was too much teasing and you completely destroyed my willpower. It was so damaged my primal man-mode took over my body and would not be denied. I ran up to you, aggressively pulled you into me and laid a powerful kiss on your lips. The way your weight fell into me let me know my sudden aggressiveness had made your knees weak. I continued on to suck on your neck and shoulders while holding you close and pressing your breasts into my chest. Your hands explored my back and chest as you moaned softly. My cock was twitching nonstop still from my near orgasm moments before and I my mind was swimming in primal lust. I needed to release the pressure on the head of my cock and punish you for pushing me beyond the point of erotic playful teasing to the point orgasmic need.

I had just the right idea.

We started kissing and sucking each other’s necks and I grabbed my twitching cock and began to stroke it where you so cruelly left off. I was so close it wouldn’t take me more than a few seconds of attention. I wanted you to watch me rub myself off so I leaned back against a nearby tree. My shorts dropped down to my ankles. There I was, holding on to the tree, legs and thighs quivering with the pleasure I was giving myself, my cock jutting into the air. Suddenly, I grabbed your wrist, pulled you down to your knees in front of me and started to roar and grunt as wave after wave of warm white juice shot out all over your mouth and your neck. My orgasm seemed to go on for ages and I must have splashed at least 8 blasts of sticky cum onto your lips and chin. As my spasms subsided, you pushed any cum on your face into your mouth before you leaned forward and sucked the last drops of cum out of me. Little by little my cock softened while surrounded by your momsbangteens porno sweet lips

I pulled you up to me and we began to kiss each other with abandon sharing the taste of my spunk between us. I’ve always loved the taste of myself when it is all over your pussy mixed with your pussy juices. I never thought tasting my cum off your mouth and tongue would be so incredibly sexy and almost immediately I was fully aroused again. You looked into my eyes and knew that my lust hadn’t subsided but was ready to turn all its attention on to you. In one swift, rapid motion I dropped down to my knees and spun you around against the same tree. Your head was swimming you were so turned on. I pulled your panties down and knelt there in front of your pubic mound kissing it and letting my hot breath waft over it.

Something was different right now though. My hunger was still in effect, but not the dominating aggressiveness from earlier. I wanted you to tell me what to do, to control me mixing my lust with your domination. I asked you to tell me what you want, to treat me like the man whore I am. You caught on right away.

“Touch it you man slut, use your fingers and open my pussy” you demanded as you spread your legs to give me access. “Do you want to taste it? Do you want to lick it?” you asked. Of course I did and you started to make me beg for it.

“Please let me lick your pussy? Please let me suck you off and have your cum all over my face like mine was on yours?” I pleaded with you.

You grabbed my head and forced your pussy onto my face and began to grind against me. Your pussy was soaking wet and you rubbed it from my chin to my forehead spreading your slick female fluids over every inch of my face. I could barely breathe as I stuck my tongue into your hole and you squat down against my head. I was completely under your legs by this point, your thighs straddling my face and shoulders. I was licking away at your lips, enjoying their smoothness, their flavour, their juices when I had a perfect idea of how to make you blow.

With my mouth enveloping your pussy sucking firmly on your clit I reached underneath you and grabbed your ass cheeks pulling you even more strongly onto my mouth. You were almost ready to cum but I momentarily stopped and told you to reach up and grab the low branch above your head and immediately burrowed myself into your feminine flower with even more gusto. Your weight was getting heavier on my neck and I knew your legs wouldnt support you through your eruption must longer so I began to stand up, lifting you off the ground.

Now you knew why I wanted you to grab the branch – I wanted you literally hanging in the air with your pussy supported by my mouth as I held on to you and used my whole face, mouth and tongue to bring you to the point of internal explosion. With a gasp and a painful squeeze of your thighs against my ears, your pussy and hips shocked to life with violent shakes as you came over and over again onto my now soaking wet face. Of course, I made sure to lick and suck every possible drop out of you and licked you completely clean though I couldn’t say the same for my face. There was not an inch of it that wasn’t coated with your sweet juice.

We both collapsed onto the ground in utter desperation unable to speak, move, or do anything but moan, grunt, pant, and hold each other. Eventually, with groans of difficulty, we cover up our bottoms once again and with my arm around your waist, we continue on our way to that waterfall.

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