Insatiable at Work Ch. 01: Tara

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I’ve worked with two organizations over a span of 25 years; I was never much for jumping around to different jobs…I think I like the stability and continuity with long-term employment. That makes me sound like a relic but I do have a passion and pride for what I do. Unlike some fields, it was a labor-intensive industry with a constant influx of people, many younger people, working summer jobs and starting careers. However, like other businesses, there was always a good dose of workplace romance. Because, I always had a position in management…I often took on a mentor role for new recruits. Over that span of time, this often led to situations with co-workers and that’s the context from where the following job experiences originate. Hardly the experiences that you can share in a resume, but I can share them here, online. In many ways this is a more accurate portrayal of me and my sexual realities. It has been healthy and restorative to finally be myself in this public forum.


Part 1

Tara, jumping out of bed, upset and unsatisfied, she went down the stairs.

Landing on the couch, with her laptop, she pulled up her account and clicked on insatiablerob8. Hey, are you online? I know you are and I need to talk.

What’ going on?

Oh, Bryan is asleep and I’m still horny. Will you talk dirty to me? I need to diddle…fuck, I need to cum hard. Rob, I want to be satisfied! Again, I didn’t have an orgasm; he did his thing and just passed out!

“I’m really sorry…Tina is out of town and I am stroking to a classic…or sort of a classic”

“What does that mean?”

LOL… “Bruce is pounding the hell out of Dakota”

She started right in with, “Yummy…I love that one. I’m not Dakota but I got a tight, little pussy just dripping for you. Would you lick me? Well, if you were here.”

Anxious to reciprocate, I reply, “Well, I’m not Bruce, but I would lap at your pussy with my tongue, sliding it up & down over your labia…teasing you a bit till I decide to work your clit, circling my tongue over it and gently sucking it. I long for the salty taste of your pussy…the scent is overwhelming…intoxicating.”

She types; “I want to push my cunt into you and ride that tongue.”

“Oh yeah…fuck my tongue and grind yourself over my face” “I would pull it out and twirl my tongue over your clit…using more and more pressure…harder and harder.

“I’m moaning with pleasure and I stiffen my back and tense as you push me closer to a release.”

“Then I abruptly stop, teasing and pausing for a second, only to begin licking it very gently till your breathing becomes more erratic.”

“Oh god, Rob! This is the truth…I’m wetting the couch with my pussy; its soaking wet…this is making me so wet…keep it up”

“You taste amazing”

In my mind, I thought about her tight pussy…how it must feel, squeezing my tongue. Fuck, I’m going to shoot my load, too, if I don’t watch it. I go further to say, “I wanna wrap my tongue around your clit. Is it hard?”

“Yes, its deep pink and pulsing under your tongue…please work it…you can’t stop until I cum…make me cum, Rob, please make me cum. I’m yours and you can do anything to me…I’m all yours!”

I continue with the dialogue, “I want to wrap my lips around your clit and suck it…you get so loud, gasping, muttering and moaning…speaking gibberish that I can’t begin to understand.

“I’m close…very close! My muscles are tensing up, can you feel my legs stiffen around your head. I’m riding your tongue and beginning to climax. Oooooh…fuck, fuck, fuck that feels sooo good! Oh Rob! You’ve done it for me again!”

“Thank you, Sweetie; I owe you a big, juicy blowjob for that”

LOL…”I wish, but that’s okay, I’m done, too.”

“You came, too?”

“Yep…covered myself; made a big mess…wish you were here to lick me clean”

“Me too, Honey.” She went on to say how perfect we are for each other.

“I tend to agree. Can you dirty- talk me through a blowjob next time?”

“You got it, Hon…just let me know”

Well, that’s the situation we often found ourselves…online dirty-talk…I love it but it’s certainly not the same as the real thing. But that’s what happens with two healthy sexual beings that don’t get enough. It happens all too often.

It all changed the other day when the online world crashed through a wall and tumbled into reality. Thinking back after meeting with Tara, one of the staff horticulturists, I remember the very moment when it all happened and she discovered the truth. I even recall thinking to myself, what the hell is wrong with her. Is she okay? Maybe she’s sick? Probably boyfriend problems.

Tara went through every detail in her account of that afternoon. That day, she was helping me with some pruning. We were cleaning up some dead branches on a grand old birch tree and Tara was stacking the downed branches and trimmings. I stretched to brazzers porno reach a branch with a pole-saw and my shirt lifted to expose the small of my back and waist…maybe a little crack. I remember, now, I could feel the cool breeze hit my skin and I pushed the shirt back down, but things had changed. I didn’t know it but that one piece of skin was to change my life.

I have freckle on my waist, just above my butt and Tara caught a glimpse. She knew it…She had seen that freckle before…in a photo. She told me that she got sick to her stomach; she was so shaken…the confusion of her emotions was overwhelming. She ran to her car to check it out on the phone. She had some pictures saved but didn’t remember if it included the photo, in question. She thought she could also get into her account; she knew the photo was stored there. Still nervous and shaking…that’s a great idea, to be looking at porn at work! She went on to think, that she’d make sure not to use the company Wi-F; she would just use the phone…it’ll be okay.

She scrolled through her photos and there it was! Fuck! OMG…I have been exchanging skin shots with my boss and didn’t know it. Panic struck again…OMG! I have so many photos of him, I even gave him his own album, She scrolled back to check again…it’s him. She continued through the album and stopped on a couple tribute photos. Fuck, he tributed me. Shit…that’s right! My boss shot a load, numerous loads, on pictures of me and I sent him pictures when I was masturbating to his photos. O god…we dirty-talked with each other…we chaturbated! I have offered to suck him dry, lick cum from his body and give him a blowjob! Fuck, what am I going to do? Forget about it and hide the truth? She didn’t know what she should do.

Eventually, she came to realize that the truth would be hard but best. He deserves the truth and he might be able to help. In the meantime, she thought, I better get back to work…I need to stay cool about things and try to act normal. I don’t want him to think something’s wrong. She went back into the garden and finished what she had started, even small-talking with him. For her, it was hard to do. She found herself looking at him a little differently, but she did fine…she only stole a couple quick glimpses of his body, trying not to be obvious. She knew what was inside those pants…fuck, she thought, I need to talk with him.

So the day came and she told me she needed to talk about some things and it was very important, but sort of private. As a manager you think what now…WTH? Tara was a hard worker and had her bachelor’s in horticulture. She was a good employee. Damn it, I thought to myself, she’s pregnant, moving or quitting. Nothing good can come from this private conversation.

We had just closed for the day and everybody else had gone. So we walked out into the garden and she sat on a bench in the very same birch grove, where it all started. She was insistent that that I should sit down, too. I was a little distracted because I remember thinking that I usually have meetings like this in my office; what if she starts crying and I have no tissues out here? I have tissues in my office. Oh well…I thought to myself we need to get this over with.

“Sit here, with me, “she motioned. “Look, I don’t want to screw things up for you. I like this job and you are a super, understanding boss…always interested in your staff…supporting our efforts to grow…go to classes…anyway, this has been freaking me out…I’m a fucking, hot mess. I’m fucking rambling!”

“And, I’m even cussing in front of my boss!”

“Tara, it doesn’t matter; I am more than familiar with your vocabulary.” Shit, she was almost breathless or hysterical…WTF! So I tried to calm her further with “Tara, Tara, chill out…there isn’t anything that bad…things will work out…whatever it is?”

She looked at me very seriously and blurted, “I’m Tara!”

Puzzled, “I do know your name…what the hell are you talking about?”

“Online Tara! You know tara342436!”

“What! No, you have to be kidding!” I almost choked as I struggled to breath, but I immediately knew…I was sitting with Tara! “But Tara…you live (or I thought) in…in Seattle.”

“Seriously, you want to believe that!”

“Well, I did! I never once connected you to her…or you…whatever! You know what I mean…online Tara.”

Trying to catch up in my head, I thought to myself…I guess I can now see the hot little body that I saw on the screen. She’s right here, in front of me and looking hot in that t-shirt! Hopefully inconspicuous, I checked her out, as a male and not an employer. I thought to myself… this girl’s smokin’ hot! Rob, you can’t think that; she works for you. You’ll get fired.

“I know…we never skyped or showed our faces at any point, but, if anybody could have put it together it should have been you. I am using my real name as part of my username. castingcouch-x porno At least, you had the smarts to alter your name so people couldn’t connect the dots.

“You mean freckles don’t you?

She rolled her eyes…”Really, that’s what you got for me?”

“Just trying to lighten the mood.”

“Look Rob, I think our mutual ignorance is legit…I had no idea, either. You are a good boss and clearly had no idea. You would never look at your employees in that manner and that’s the way it should be, Rob. I respect you even more for that.”

She was quick to say…”Look, you know my situation and I know yours; I can quit this job and work at my other job, at the nursery. After seeing you as online Rob, I know I want to explore things, but I never want to mess up your marriage. It’s in your court, but please consider how amazing our online relationship has been!”

“I am really sorry I said that. I’m being selfish and that only makes things harder for you.”

I’m sure I looked confused but she clarified herself and her intentions with a hand rubbing over my thigh. Finally, she gave in and blurted “WTF!” She jumped up on me, sitting on my lap and wrapping her legs around my waist. We kneaded and grabbed at each other through our clothes, while making out. She shoved her tongue down my throat and we passionately sucked on each other for a long while.

Finally we took a break and I looked into her eyes, “Tara, you are right; you aren’t selfish. Things are amazing for us, there online and maybe it can work out here, in real life.”

I, once again, began kissing her, kissing her neck and continuing down onto her breasts. I felt her hands on my head, pushing it lower. Her breath becoming moans, she pushed my head until my lips hovered over her little mound. She held onto my head as I kissed and chewed at her. I could feel the warmth and desire, rising through her pants. From our conversations, I knew what kind of passion was stored in this woman. I selfishly wanted to tap into that! I wanted to strip her and kiss her from head to toe. Fuck, I know that pussy will be incredible; and I know not all this wetness in her pants is from me. She has to be dripping wet! I know she is!

I gave in to my needs! I picked her up and laid her out on the bench with her legs hanging off the end. She hiked up her shirt while I yanked her pants down and slid them off her outstretched legs. There was an unspoken understanding…she clearly wanted what I wanted. She wasn’t wearing panties that day…an indication she had planned for these clothes to come off. She ripped off her bra and started to rub her pert nipples. I remained focused, though, kneeling at the end of the bench and spreading her legs wide to reveal a tight, little pussy. It was glistening with wetness…amazing! I leaned forward to press my mouth over those lips. I spread them open with my tongue and she immediately began with the incredible verbal dialogue that accompanied our online fantasies.

She moans, “Oh god Rob, please.” Again, she took hold of the back of my head and began to grind her hips in my face.

I could finally experience the musky sweetness of tara342436 I could feel my face being coated with her juice…in my beard, her scent was incredible. It pushed me to work harder, faster and with greater focus.

Moaning, she says, “Yes, yes, oh my god, yes! Keep it up”

My eager lips and tongue danced over her clit, while I worked my finger into that tight little slit…so tight around my finger, I wondered how a cock could ever fit. I traded back and forth, replacing the finger with my tongue and then back again. She was loving it. Finally, she was close and started to beg for it…she wanted to cum with me inside.

“Tara, honey, I want to fuck you, too…but I don’t want to hurt you! We need lube…a lot of spit or something.” I stood over her and she sat upright to take my cock in her mouth. She engulfed the head and several inches; she kept pushing till I could feel her throat straining to open for more. I pumped it into her but popped it out so I could rub some of my spit over hers. “Now we are getting somewhere!”

“Oh fuck! Rob, put it in me…please! I want to have you!” I slammed it into her mouth and fucked her throat a dozen or so times…it seemed to slide in a little better, this time. A good sign for what we had ahead. I yanked it out, pushed her back onto the bench and tried to shove it in that little hole. Just like her mouth, I was only able to get it a couple inches deep. With her help, I positioned it to align with her body and gradually worked it deeper. She strained hard to take it, spreading her legs wide and reaching down to open her pussy wider. Finally, I almost had it all the way inside…I could feel the churning in my balls that meant I was close. I began stroking faster and deeper and I felt her hips lift to my thrusts.

Tara had started to rub clips4sale porno her clit while I kept pounding her with long strokes. “Oh Rob fuck me hard…I will do anything for you…I am yours…fuck me…I’m going to cum…fuck me, deep…oooo fuck! Hit the back…that’s right my cervix…yes! I’m cumming cummming!” She came hard with load moans and her pussy quivered around my cock. I could tell she was spent but she was determined to finish things for me; she wanted me to cum, too. “We aren’t done; you have to cum, Honey. Please, give it to me. Give me your load.” I jerked my cock out and stroked it over her.

It didn’t take long…I was close; I stroked while she grabbed my ass to pull me closer.

My cock was inches from her face and she said, “Shit, I have that beautiful cock in my face! It is more beautiful in real-life; love it! Rob, I dreamed about you and now you’re really here, right in front of me! “

“I want you to cover my titties…and taste you…I’m gonna scoop it off my tits and suck down every drop. I want it…give it to me! Your cum, I know it, will be sweet…I know it!”

That did me in…I was ready to let go. I sprayed a huge load over her tits and splashed it everywhere. I rubbed the drooling tip between her lips and she grabbed it with her tongue. Covered with cum, she smiled at me with a look of incredible satisfaction. As if it were a rich, sweet icing from a cake, she savored every drop. I watched her clean her breasts, lick her face and swallow it all. “Tara, you are amazing.”

“And I need you in my life, Rob. Will you consider it? You just gave me the best sex ever.”

“Over the last year, we’ve talked long enough…all those things I said online are true; Tina and I have an open marriage and we love to try new things. If we (you, I we should be able to have both, a relationship and jobs.”

With that thought, she grinned and flashed her beautiful smile. She was happy…truly happy!

She grabbed me and embraced me, “Thank you Rob…you don’t know what this means to me. You can count on a message this evening…maybe do this again…soon?”

“I can guarantee you that.” We discreetly walked out separately and got into our cars. We both drove away that evening wondering what this would bring. Where will this go?

Later that night, Tara was online and we arranged another rendezvous.

After about a month and several amazing meetings in the garden (yes, we called them meetings), we had grown to enjoy them and look forward to them. By the end of the month, we had done it everywhere…in the Tropical House…on picnic tables…in the lawn. It was a wonderful, passionate sex-filled month.

Once again, Tara seemed distracted and she asked me to talk; and she was sporting that serious look. It was late afternoon but we weren’t closed yet…the last tour had just left. I had her and a cashier left in the garden, so it was easy to find some privacy to talk. First, she reiterated how grateful she was for me. She loved our friendship and all the benefits…especially the benefits. “It’s wonderful that we have kept things quiet here at work; no one suspects a thing.”

She quickly got to the point, “Would you consider helping us (me & Bryan) with our problems…could you teach Bryan what you do for me? Please? Please?”

Taken aback…I didn’t know what to say or what she was asking.

“Bryan and I have discussed it…he knows we have a problem.” She confided in me that she had given him an ultimatum and they considered a therapist. “I told him all about us and he wants to make things better. He asked if you would teach him…fuck, he has even mentioned a threesome!”

She waved her hands and jokingly said, “That is completely his idea…but, from my standpoint, it’s a win-win for me…two hot men, satisfying me…a lover and fiancée. It doesn’t get any better!”

I went on to question things, “Teach him, Bryan? Threesome? The latter sounds like something I would totally go for. But a teacher? Tara, I’m no teacher.”

“Rob, if Bryan picks up half of what you’ve done for me, we will be set up for long and happy marriage.”

“Rob, I have even shown him the exchanges we’ve had and he thought they were amazing, too. We are both convinced that you have rescued our engagement…I might have left him, if you had not come along.”

Blushing a little, “I still don’t believe all this…you have to be kidding?”

“Look you know we have had problems… you happened as a result of those problems. Please, at least consider it! I think it will save our marriage plans. I’m serious!”

“I just can’t believe he is so receptive to sharing his fiancée with me…another man! But, when you put it in those terms, it does make sense.”

“He loves me and he wants this to work. I know you’ve small-talked, but you really don’t know each other at all. If you’re okay with it, let’s arrange something so he can get know you better; but I have to warn you…”

Laughing, “What now…what else could there be?”

“Umm…Bryan may have a little bromance associated with you. He seems to look up to you…I think he is a little turned-on, even masturbating to your pics with me. He really likes the one with cum on your chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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