I Might:

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Hi. I have a little something here for you. That’s right; you guessed it. Just relax and close your eyes. That’s it; you won’t need to see a thing.

Breathe slowly and deeply and just lay there, on your back. Relax and lay there, thinking about what I might do and how I might do it. I’ll just sit here a while and watch. I think I’ll talk to you a little, though. I might say that you look very nice, very nice, indeed, laying there on your back. I might say that you look like someone I’d like to look at for a long, long time. I might say that looking at you is making me feel like I want to touch you, not a lot, just enough to let you know that I where I was looking.

I might try to take a deep breath while bending close to where I touch you, just deep enough to get a good sense of how your scent and a hint of what you might taste like. I might rub my face against your belly and I might even play with you a little lower, running my lips through your hair, nibbling at your lower belly. I might even slide my face a little lower, rubbing my lips against you, feeling your soft, downy hair against my lips, my tongue. I might part your soft, downy hair with my tongue. I might linger around your clit and circle my tongue around it, casually tasting you. I might slide my tongue between your lips and back again to your clit. I just might lick deep down inside of you, tasting your sweet, natural stickiness. I might want to use my tongue to dig deeper into the dark, warm, wet, and juicy center of your entire being. I might slide a hand up to your bare nipples and gently but firmly pinch them. I might nibble at the sweetness of your pussy or just continue to flick your clit.

I might notice that you have been a ‘bad girl’ mobil porno and I might offer to clean you: to lick deep inside you. I might notice that you taste stronger today, a lot stronger than you’ve tasted before. I might realize that your taste is similar to mine and conclude that you have been very recently fucked and not by me. I might continue to lick you, and taste you and I might even raise a hand to your breast. I might play with your nipple and I might tease it until it’s twitching. I might make you come with my tongue buried in your soft, wet pussy and my face pressed deeply between your pretty legs. I might not even let you rest before I slide my tongue from your pussy, past your belly, your navel, your breasts. I might linger for a moment at your nipples but I might not. I might slide to the left of your chin or I might slide to the right. I might stop at your neck and use my lips to nibble there and I might play with your earlobes and nuzzle behind them until you can’t stop squirming.

I might rub my cock against your thighs and I might look directly into your eyes to see just how much teasing you can take. I might run my hands lightly down your sides and back to your neck again. I might turn your head to the side and lick the back of your neck in small, tight circles. I might rub my nose in your hair and a hand on your belly and down to your sweet wet crotch. I might get distracted and need to return there to kiss and lick some more. I might tickle your swollen little clit with little sucks and nibbles until you beg me to let you come. I might pretend to hear you; I might not. I might start humming, low and slow, so that even that subtle vibration in my mouth feels like an earthquake. mofos porno I might blow a cool, hard stream of air on your clit to chill it suddenly and then touch it with the tip of my tongue to heat you rapidly again. I might use my fingers to hold your pussy open and lick your lips from the inside only.

I might ease my tongue out again and slide it around and around and then down a thigh. I might circle your knee and kiss the back of it, rubbing it against my face. I might kiss your calf and ankle. I might run my lips across the top of your foot and kiss your arch. I might take each toe, separating them with my tongue only, and lick them. I might even suck one for a minute or two; maybe, I’ll suck them all. I might let go of your pussy, slowly pull your legs apart, and slid my whole body over you, on top of you.

I might reach between my legs and grab my stiff, erect penis so that I can rub its head against your still swollen clit. I might slide it down enough to wet it with your juices before I flick your clit until you beg me to stop. I might stop. I might suddenly thrust forward, fast and hard but only with the head of my cock. I might smile when you gasp. I might tease it in and out of you, feeling your pussy’s lips clutch at me, hungrily. I might tell you just how good that feels. I might tell you that I want you, I need you, I have to be inside you. I might wait for you to say yes. I might not. I might slide just a little deeper in you and hold it there for a while. I might pull my cock all the way out of you and play with your clit and smile. I might let you beg me to go in you, deep in you.

I might push my cock lower and slide back into your soaking, steamy cunt, again stopping with naughty america porno just the head in you. I might reach down with both hands and stroke my cock’s shaft as its tip pokes in and out of your tortured lips. I might stroke it, and stroke it, and close my eyes as I get closer and closer to cumming. I might listen to your pleading for me to stop and really do it, do it right.

I might even hesitate and open my eyes just before I thrust every last bit of my self-teased penis in passed your lips and completely into your pussy. I might grind slowly, in and out, side to side for a long, long time. I might be able to slowly fuck you until you thrash under me, cumming and moaning, scratching and clawing, drenching us both with every last bit of the sweetness from your pussy. I might let you rest and enjoy the afterglow of your orgasm. I might not, and keep grinding my stiff, erect prick into you. I might try to be gentle and easy. I might ram my cock so deeply into you that you kick and bite and even ask for more.

I might pull completely out of you, and, just before I cum, slide back in through the first cum I’ve splattered all over your sweet, beautiful pussy. I might continue to thrust into you while I keep cumming, smearing the rest of my cum all over inside you. I might kiss you and hold you and relax a moment or I might slide out of you and press my head firmly between your legs to smell and see and taste everything that we shared, covering my face with both of us. I might stop for a while or I might lay down, my face close by your pretty pussy, looking and gently stroking my penis until it’s hard again.

I might let you watch so that you’ll know how much time you have to rest before I pull you to me again. I might have pity on you and let you sleep. I might not. I might massage your aching legs and arms and back and hips. I might kiss you tenderly from time to time.

I might do all of this with you if YOU are lucky.

I might do it all twice if I am…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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