I Fucked a Reader Ch. 01

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Authors Note: This story is for the extremely sexy sweetcheex90 (the reader). Without her, I would have nothing to share with everyone. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed doing it.


So, you know how it is. You get meet a girl, the sex is fantastic, out of this world and you find out that beyond that, you have met a really good friend. You date, you fuck, you experiment, you fall in love, you get married and then? Things change. The sexually adventurous girl you met and fell in love with no longer wants to have sex as much. You move from multiple times a week, sometimes multiple times a day to sometimes going a week or two between any forms of intimacy. As a man, sexual fulfilment is a key factor for us. That’s not being chauvinistic, it is being truthful.

When you get frustrated, some women have the comeback “Oh, is that all you are interested in?” Well, no, but at the same time, it is very important, not to mention healthy, for any successful relationship. Most sexually satisfied men in happy marriages never even think about going outside of the relationship, same with women, but when that need (yes, it is a need) is not met, men will unfortunately find a different outlet to feed that craving. Sure, it starts with masturbation, but even though you cum, it doesn’t fill that need. There is a stronger psychological need present there than just the release of semen. Porn is the obvious next step with other avenues taken variously by different men including strip clubs, prostitutes, adult bookstores (no judging here) or even online chat rooms. Sex, and orgasms, are most fulfilling when there is a connection involved. Men may take advantage of opportunities that are there that they never would have even explored if the relationship was good. These can even include female friend, co-workers or that cute girl that works at the grocery store.

Am I saying that it is right to go outside of the marriage? Absolutely not, but there is a deep need that is present in men (and again, many women as well) that will drive us to do things we wouldn’t normally have thought or even considered doing. That’s how things came to be with Monica.

As part of my growing sexual frustration at home, I returned to Literotica and began to write more stories that were built upon my sexual fantasies and desires and I found that these led to the inevitable exchange of compliments, ideas, fantasies and then the eventual role-play with some of the readers of my stories. I found the exchanges of sexual fantasies with willing females exciting me like I had not been in quite some time (sometimes to the extent that I would uncomfortably and frustratingly stuck with a hard-on at my place of employment as I couldn’t seem to not check my email every time I saw the icon appear on my phone).

Beyond just the normal back and forth you get in some online exchanges (oh baby, do you want to fuck me?), these conversations became very intense and filled with the sort of debauchery that many men love (dominance, control, name calling, graphic depictions of sex often found only in scripted porn videos). One that always stuck out to me was a girl named Monica. Our conversations started off gentle, talking about my stories, her sharing hers with me, discussing the aspects of the stories, what we liked, what was lacking in our own lives (she is married as well and after only a few emails, I found out that she too was sexually unsatisfied as well due to the unadventurous nature of her husband) and before long, there was graphic depictions going back and forth of what she wanted me to do to her and what I wanted to do to her. We even exchanged pictures.

It seemed the dirtier I got, the more excited she got. Every time I thought I was pushing a boundary, she would come back and encourage more. It was a match made in sexual heaven. What made the excitement even more enticing was the fact that I knew that we lived in the same state and the drive was one that, if I was inclined, I could make. We even joked about me coming down there, but it was not serious (well, not entirely serious). I think we both were secure in the fact that our email chats were a way to fulfill a lacking need that we both had without actually violating the sanctity of our marriage vows (yes, I am aware that even this is a violation of those, but it is amazing what we as humans can rationalize away to make ourselves feel better).

Even though I knew she lived in the same state as me (just down the way in Houston), there was always the bit about how do you explain to your wife that you need to make a trip down to Houston alone and, of course, the conscience issue that went along with it. However, it seems that fate was going to make this decision a little easier for me.

I work in technology sales and I often have to make trips to different areas of the country, be it for training, partner meet and greets or seminars. So, getting notices about upcoming trips was nothing new, but this one, well, I remember it well. I got an female agent porno email from my manager informing me that I would be traveling to Houston the following week for a convention with many of our partners. This was an annual thing, but one that I had never been able to attend, but this year things were different. Now, I had the perfect excuse to make the trip down there, but this only solved half of the problem. I wasn’t the only one with a spouse that I needed to be able to detach from for a few hours to make this a reality. I had been emailing Monica back and forth that day and as usual, our conversation had turned into a mild form of role-playing where we were discussing what we would do to each other if we were given the chance. Again, it is possible that this is all based around the fact that a meet-up most likely wouldn’t happen so we were brazen with courage of what we would do, knowing that most likely, we never would.

—– Me: So, you talk a big game, but what would you do if I walked into your store right now?

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you the most delicious part of it all. She works in an adult novelty shop. Not one of those stores with the arcades, but one of those that sells all the fun stuff like lubes, dildos, costumes, toys, etc.

—– Monica: To be honest, I probably wouldn’t know what to do. I’d be too shocked.

—– Me: Well, I wouldn’t need you to do anything but be compliant to my needs. 🙂

—– Monica: Oh really? Well, why don’t you just walk into my store and find out how compliant I can be?

—– Me: Ha, that would be nice, but you know I can’t just up and head down there. I was just curious as to what you would do.

—– Monica: I think after I got over the initial shock, I’d probably just want to fuck right here in the store.

—– Me: Yeah right. You wouldn’t even masturbate for me in the store because you were worried about the owner seeing you on the store surveillance.

—– Monica: Haha, well, I can talk all the shit I want because it’s not like you are ever going to just walk into my store so yes, if you walked into my store right now, I’d let you have your way with me.

—– Me: I might just hold you to that! 🙂 But, now I have to go. I’ve got clients to see.

—– Monica: Oh, I see. Get me all excited and then leave me high and dry. You men are all the same! :p

—– Me: Always keep them wanting more… 😀 Besides, you never know what could happen someday…

That was how I left it that day and got back to work. The week went by and before I knew it, I was in my car, on my way down to Houston for the conference. I had not chatted with Monica very much over the past week as I was just so incredibly busy. On my way down, I popped open my email and shot off a quick email to her. (Yes, I know, don’t text and drive, but the trip was so boring and the open roads provided me with a false sense of security. Besides, I was horny and wanted to chat.)

——Me: God, I want to shove my cock in your mouth right now. I’m so horny right now!!

—– Monica: Haha, well hello to you too! :p I’d love that too. I love blowjobs.

—– Me: Blowjobs? Ha, you act like you would be giving me head. No, I want to fuck that hot mouth of yours.

—– Monica: Oh my God, you are so wrong. I am stuck here at work all day and you are getting my pussy so wet.

—– Me: Well, you can be all worked up so that when you get off work, you can go home and have your hubby fuck you.

—– Monica: Nope, that’s not going to happen either. He is out of town for the next week. He went back home to help his mom move. I will be fucking myself. 🙁

Oh, this could have not worked out any better. She was going to be without her husband at the same time I was going to be in town. Come on, by now, you had to realize that something was going to work out like this otherwise I wouldn’t have much of a story to share with you all here on Literotica. 🙂

—– Me: Too bad I’m not in town. I’d love to use you for a release of some built-up sexual frustration.

—– Monica: OH GOD, I would love that too.

—– Me: Oh, I’d wreck you little girl. I’d use that hot mouth of yours till I came on your face and then I’d eat your pussy till you were screaming and begging me to fuck you. Oh, and I would definitely be fucking your ass. That ass would be mine!

—— Monica: You are so bad! 🙂 God, I wish you were here cause that sounds amazing!

—– Me: Yeah, me too. 🙁 Well, it can’t be that bad. I mean, how much longer do you have to work today?

—– Monica: Ugh. I have to close. That means I’m here till 9 and then I have to clean up, etc. I won’t be out of here till almost 10.

Little did she know that I was roughly 30 minutes outside of Houston. I was going to be in town before the horrible rush hour started so I would have plenty of time to check into my hotel, grab something to eat and then make a surprise visit to my unsuspecting gizli cekim porno friend.

—– Me: What are you wearing today?

—– Monica: A cute little sundress with some cowboy boots. 🙂

—– Me: Panties?

—– Monica: Nope. You know I don’t wear panties that much and now you are getting me all horny so I know I am going to be dripping down my legs if you keep it up.

—– Me: Well, that at least makes it easier for you to play with yourself when no one’s in the store. Why don’t you just sit at the front counter and rub your clit till you cum?

—– Monica: I’ve told you, I can’t do that because the owner can see the store via the video cameras.

—– Me: Oh, and I’m sure he would be so upset watching his hot, young twenty-something girl playing with herself in his store. I’m pretty sure he has those cameras for just that reason.

—– Monica: Yeah, but I’m not worried that he will be upset. I just don’t want him to see that. He’s kinda gross. LOL

—– Me: Well that’s not very nice of you. It’s not like he is there. At best, he could get a cheap thrill.

—— Monica: or at worst, he tries to blackmail me into sex after he captures me masturbating on camera in his store.

—– Me: I think you are overthinking it but I guess when it comes to a young girl like you, it is better to be safe than sorry.

—— Monica: I do like the idea of being an exhibitionist, but I have to be careful about it and be safe.

—– Me: So, if you were with someone you trusted to keep you safe, you would be more than willing to be fucked in public.

—– Monica: Oh God Yes!!

—– Me: Good to know.

—– Monica: I’m so mad at you. I am so horny right now. You’ve got me thinking about everything now and my pussy is so wet right now!! 🙁

—– Me: I’m sorry. Sort of! 🙂 Well, be careful. You don’t figure out a way to take care of that, you might end up fucking some random stranger who walks into your store.

—– Monica: I’ll try my best! :p

—– Me: Later!

The email chatting had done its job and by now I was in Houston and looking for my hotel. I found it, a nice, upscale joint in the heart of downtown near the conference center. Based on my mapping of the hotel and the location of her store, I was only about fifteen minutes away from where she was. I checked in, got situated into my room on the 9th floor and laid down on the bed to rest for a bit. It was almost 5:30 so I wanted to relax for a bit before heading down and getting some food in my stomach.

A short while later, I grabbed some food at a nice, local restaurant, pulled some cash out of the ATM and then made the short drive to her store. I parked in front of the store and looked in. I could see a few other customers in the store, but it was easy to spot Monica. I’ve seen some of her pictures as we traded pics months ago when we first started talking and I had honestly looked at them several times since then. I had no idea if she had done the same thing, but it was easy to spot her through the large-paned glass of the store. She has always described her skin color as being close to the color of those caramel candies and I could see, now in person, that she was telling the truth. It was a gorgeous contrast to her long, dark hair which ended with tips of blonde.

I got out of my car and headed into the well-lit store. She was ringing a customer up and her smile was on full display along with an ample amount of cleavage in her sun-dress. Her skin was so smooth and creamy and seeing her in person added another dimension to her beauty as her personality and vivaciousness was on full display. Her body was rocking, full and tight with curves in just the right place. While she was not the normal tiny girls that I was used too, she was incredibly sexy with the body of a woman. I could feel my cock getting hard just looking at her knowing that I was here for one reason and one reason only. To fuck her.

She quickly looked over, a fleeting glance, to say hi to the new customer that had walked into the store, but immediately went back to the task at hand. She was laughing at something the customer was saying, her playfulness apparent. She seemed extremely warm and inviting which is good in places like this as some people can be nervous walking into a sex shop.

I walked around the shop while she finished up with the two customers still in the shop and I had found my way over to a selection of toys when I heard her come up behind me.

“Anything I can help you with today,” she said.

I couldn’t help but internally laugh and think, “Oh, you will be helping me with a lot more than you expected when you came to work today.”

I turned to her and looked down at her. She was even prettier than her pictures. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at me, the realization that I looked familiar but she couldn’t quite place how she knew me.

“Yeah, I was looking for some fun toys that a girl might glory hole secrets porno enjoy when she’s with a guy,” I said. Her eyes still focused as the wheels in her head tried desperately to place where she knew me from. “Do you have any suggestions?”

“Sure, what does your girl like?” she asked.

“Pretty much anything. She likes domination and submission, loves butt plugs and restraints, you know, things like that,” I said.

“Sounds like a fun girl,” she replied with a smile.

“Oh, I think you are right,” I said with a sly smirk.

“Well, going on my tastes, you absolutely can’t go wrong with a We Vibe Three. It is my absolute favorite,” she said as she walked over and picked up the white box with the purple color device pictured on the front.

“As far as other things, here is a butt plug that is really popular,” she said pulling out an almond shaped butt plug, “and we have some under-the-bed restraints that can be used in a variety of ways to subdue her while you two play.”

She handed me the boxes to look over and while we stood there, I said, “And these are ones that you enjoy yourself, right Monica?” She had not given me her name so this was enough to confirm that she did know me, or that I at least knew her.

“I knew it! I thought you looked familiar but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how I know you,” she said.

Now it was time for the bomb.

“What if I said I want to shove my cock in your mouth right now and fuck your pretty little face till I cum all over you?”

The expression on her face was priceless as the realization of just exactly who I was registered in her mind. Her beautiful face dropped, her mouth slightly agape and her eyes became wide with shock. She stood there motionless save for the rise and fall of her exquisite breasts as her breathing became deeper.

“Wha…what, I mean, how, uh, what, wait, when, what?” she stammered, unable to find her words. “Is it, I mean . . . ,” she paused, “. . . Brad?”

I smiled, enjoying the explosion of emotions across her face and posture as I confirmed her question.

“How the . . . what?” she continued as she began to fidget back and forth, a hand subconsciously coming up and twirling her long, silken hair. I could still see everything processing in her mind as the shock was still strong.

“I have to say, your pictures do not do you justice,” I said. “You look so delicious that I don’t know if I am going to be able to wait till you get off to devour you. Is your pussy still dripping wet?”

Again, a look of shock crossed her face, her cheeks became emblazoned, but there was something else there too. It was in her eyes and it was unmistakable. Desire.

She looked at me, bit the bottom corner of her lip as she prepared to say something and then said, “It hasn’t stopped since you emailed me this afternoon. You always make my pussy wet.” She was giving me a nice, devilish smile now, but then it broke and her face exploded into a smile, a big wide open smile as she said excitedly, “OH MY GOD, I can’t believe you are actually here, standing in front of me.”

I smiled as well, her excitement filling me with elation. “Well don’t just stand there, come give daddy a hug.”

“Ooooooh, daddy, I like that,” she said and stepped forward putting her arms around my neck as I wrapped my hands around her body, my hands resting on her lower back. I held her firmly, enjoying the mix of sensations from the smell of her skin to the warmth of her body pressed securely against mine. I could feel my erection growing next to her young body and I wanted nothing more than to sink it into one of her holes right then and there, but that would come soon.

As I held her close, I moved my hand down and grasped her ass, feeling the firm globes and imagining what it was going to be like to play with it, lick it and especially fuck it. I wanted to devour and fuck every inch of her. She squealed as my hand grasped the firm left cheek of her ass.

“We can’t,” she said unconvincingly. “He might be watching.”

“I do believe you said you would be a compliant little slut if I ever showed up here,” I said before stepping back slightly, moving my hand around, lifting up the bottom of her dress and guiding my fingers to her wet, swollen pussy lips. I felt her legs weaken as two of my digits stroked her wet slit, occasionally coming into contact with her clit. “This is mine tonight. When you get off work, you are going to come see me at my hotel and I am going to fuck the ever living shit out of you.”

I heard her let out a very audible gasp as my words resonated with her. Just then, we heard the bells on the door jingle, indicating that a new customer was coming in. She started to pull away, but I held her ever so slightly, not quite ready to release her. “You will come see me tonight, do you understand?” I questioned.

“Uh-huh, yes daddy, I understand,” she said, her eyes looking up at me, pleading with me.

“Good girl. Now clean my fingers and then go say hi to your new customer,” I said and then pulled my fingers, wet from her pussy, up to her mouth and slid them in-between her full lips. She took them in her mouth and sucked off the succulent juice, twirling her fingers around them as if they were a cock. I heard her moan ever so slightly as she tasted herself.

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