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“I do NOT feel like being here tonight, man.”

“Tell me about it. Jai, Star got me working 12 hours again, bruh! I don’t know if I can stay here that long. I guess she thinks since I don’t have a wife and kids to get home to that I don’t have anywhere special to be.”

I swipe my badge to clock in and Brandon and I head to our work areas. I don’t know why he doesn’t feel like being at work; he does nothing anyway. It’s like our manager doesn’t even care what he does. I do all the work AND work the longer shifts; I think she hates me.

Star would be so much nicer if she got laid every now and again; I’m not talking about some regular dick either; I’m talking about by someone that knows how to please an older woman. It’s not like she’s not cute. She’s about 5’2″, 130-135 pounds, meat-on-the-bones thick; and her ass is so big that she walks funny to accommodate its size. She loves to wear extensions in her hair despite everyone telling her how cute she is with it cut low. Tonight she’s wearing her hair short, tapered, and slightly faded; it’s her “in-between” stage when she’s not wearing weave.

It’s been five hours and I am hungry as hell. I head to the time clock and get ready to swipe my badge. “Uh, Jai! Where do you think you’re going?!”

I hang my head as I hear her voice rounding the corner with me. “I’m going to lunch.”

“No. No you’re not. We’re behind and I need you to go take care of rotation for the dairy gangbang porno cooler.” I shake my head and comply despite grinding my teeth as I walk away & hear the words, “sucks to be you” come from Brandon’s mouth. I don’t know why I have to work in this damned cooler. She knows I hate it. I mean, I know I’m good at my job and everything but damn. Why me?!

I get there and it’s a disaster. Nothing is in order; there’s yogurt all over the floor; and it’s cold as hell. I bet she sent me in here because I didn’t bring a jacket to work tonight. I try to move as fast as I can but it’s not helping.

About 10 minutes have passed and she walks in to check my progress. “How long until you finish rotating this cooler?!”

“Um. I don’t know; maybe about another 2 hours”, I reply sternly.

She senses the tone in my voice and smirks a little. “Look, Jai, if you’re not done within the next 30 minutes, you and I are going to have a talk that may end with you in the unemployment line BRIGHT and early tomorrow morning!” The pitch in her voice has risen with each step she has taken towards me. “But uh, maybe I have something that can help you get your ass in gear”, she says with a renowned sense of understanding.

She backs me against the wall behind me and her hands rub my chest before one of them finds my dick. Before I could react, she forced her tongue down my throat while unbuckling my belt; by now czech harem porno I’ve accepted what is about to happen. My black cargos fall to the floor and Star falls to her knees; with no hesitation she takes every flaccid inch of my dick in her mouth. She looks up at me as she grabs it closest to my balls and pulls it out.

“Energized yet?” she asks with a smirk.

My eyes close as she slurps my dick and strokes it to get it harder. Her mouth is so fucking warm; I don’t think anything will ever compare to how warm her mouth is in this cooler right now. It’s almost like having Icy/Hot rubbed on your aching muscles after a game of football.

Her tongue massages my balls like the hands of a hot Asian masseuse’s hands rubbing my back. As the tip of her tongue works its way from the base of my balls to the front she slowly strokes the head back and forth as if she’s trying to make me cum. She spits all over my dick every 30 seconds or so due to it being so cold in the freezer. Where in the hell is she getting all this saliva from? Right now I don’t care; I just hope she doesn’t run out. It feels much better when she spits on it, strokes the whole shaft, then slurps the excess spit off the tip.

She chokes my dick down her throat with her mouth wide open. I look down at her but she’s not looking at me this time; she’s focused on getting as much in her mouth as possible. I think she just reached her czech mega swingers porno limit. After holding it for a few seconds, she begins thrusting her head back they almost cave completely but I push her away just in time. Gasping for air as my dick comes out of her mouth, she admires the bridge of saliva hanging in the balance between her juicy lips and my dick. The corners of her mouth turn upwards as her eyes quickly cut to me; before I can even open my mouth to say, “damn!” she attacks me with even more gusto. Her hand grabs mine her left hand cups my balls as the right one reaches up to caress my now tensed up abs.

She knows I’m about to cum; she knows she’s about to get the biggest load she’s probably ever had. She’s determined too; I feel my dick getting harder the more it hits the back of her throat. My toes curl inside of the Timberland’s I decided to wear to work tonight; my knees buckle and my hands grip the rail my hands begin to grab hold of any and everything in reach; she takes half my dick in her mouth and sucks softly like she’s sipping on a smoothie; she got something just as thick though. I grip the bars even tighter as she sucks the very last drop of cum. I was expecting her to spit but she swallowed as she sucked it out; pure talent if you ask me.

She puts my dick back in my jeans, zips them up, and rises to her feet. She wipes her chin, looks at me, & says, “I still need those counts done before you leave.” Before I could pick my mouth off the floor and fix it to say, “that’s fucked up”, she smiles, looks me in the eyes as if she knows her next statement is gonna excite me & says, “and I’m changing your schedule. From now on you’re working every night I work. I need to make sure you actually do some ‘work’.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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