How to Stop Smoking Ch. 02

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Friday, the 1st

When Ann came back we left the office. Walking to my car, I asked how she got to work. Pointing at a red Jaguar in the corner, she said that was her transportation. Then, she headed to the passenger side of my car.

I asked if she wanted to take her car home and she said, “No, it will be all right there. “I then asked how she would get to work the next day. She replied that I would take her.

Now I liked that. She had just told me that we were going to her place and fuck. It looked like it would be a busy night.

Being a gentleman, I opened the door for her. As she got in, her dress rode up and showed plenty of silken thigh. My mouth was beginning to water.

As I started the car and drove out of the parking lot, Ann began giving directions. She lived in a high-rise in a pretty exclusive section of town. Impressive.

When she squirmed to get comfortable, her dress crept higher. When you’re sitting on velour seats, anything short of leather has a tendency to cling to them. I knew now that she was wearing pantyhose.

As her dress rode up her swollen pussy lips became visible. I couldn’t see a single hair on them. My cock started to swell again. Reaching over, I placed my hand on her thigh and gently squeezed. Her skin felt hot to the touch and, since she didn’t object, I left my hand there as I drove.

Driving to her place was an erotic experience in itself. I gently rubbed her thigh and she began to squirm.

She placed her hand on my thigh and stroked the outline of my cock. As she stroked, my cock began to get harder.

Undoing my zipper, she pulled out my cock. Licking her lips, she bent over and began to suck it. As it got harder and harder, she began sucking the full length in her mouth.

After almost making me cum, she stopped sucking. Putting my cock away, she zipped up my pants, sat back and smiled. Ann appeared to get a perverse pleasure out of torturing me.

I continued to stroke the velvet smoothness of her thigh and she began to breathe deeper and deeper. I brushed those hairless pussy lips and she squirmed in the seat. Two could play this game.

When we arrived, she handed me her access card to open the gate to the underground garage. After parking, we went to the elevator. Ann pushed number 7 and I was thinking how lucky I was. When the doors slid shut she attacked.

She was all over me. This girl was hot! As we started necking, she put a hand on my crotch and began gently stroking my cock. I hadn’t cooled down from the job she had done on me at the doctor’s office and the car. I soon had an erection that was as hard as the first.

When the elevator stopped, we disentangled ourselves and started down the hall. I told Ann to walk ahead of me so I could watch the movement on that fine ass. With a short laugh, she turned and moved out ahead of me.

Her hips swung from side to side in an exaggerated sway. Ever so often, she would look back at me and laugh. She knew what she was doing – keeping my cock hard as a rock.

As we reached her door, she dropped her keys. Bending over to retrieve them, her ass cheeks spread wide.

Unable to resist a temptation, I reached out and squeezed them. Lifting her skirt, I slid my hand between her ass cheeks and rubbed her hot cunt.

She moaned and her hips began moving back and forth. I stopped rubbing her pussy and suggested we open the door.

When we entered her apartment and shut the door, all hell broke loose. I thought my clothes would be torn to shreds. Buttons were flying as she tore off my shirt.

As we undressed each other, we worked our way to the couch. I found out I was right. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She didn’t need one. Those tits stood up straight and were as firm as could be.

Sitting down, I pushed her back so I could remove her pantyhose. As I peeled them down, I started kissing her belly-button working my way down to her thighs.

I couldn’t wait to bury my tongue in the middle of that hot cunt, but I resisted the impulse.

Continuing to remove her pantyhose, I kissed my way down her legs. I deliberately left her pussy alone. I wanted to be sure that she was hotter before I licked her clit.

After bareback studios porno getting the pantyhose off, I started kissing my way up her legs toward her thighs. As I reached her thighs, she began to moan, begging me to lick her cunt.

Ignoring her pleas, I continued kissing her pubic bone area just above her steamy cunt.

I worked my way past her belly button to the swell of her breasts. Gripping both tits, I began to tongue first one nipple, then the other.

As her nipples began swelling, I took one in my mouth and sucked. Then I sucked the other. This was driving her crazy.

Ann’s head began to roll from side to side as she moaned and begged me to suck her tits. Her nipples were as hard as rocks and long. Never have I seen such large nipples.

Then I began to work my way down to her pussy. When I reached it, I gave it a couple of little licks.

Then, sticking my tongue in, I flicked her swollen clit. Ann’s clit swelled even more. It was at least an inch long.

Her moans became louder. After teasing her long hard clit, I pulled my tongue out and licked around her pussy lips.

Lifting her right leg I spread her out giving me access to her every nook. Her pussy was wide open. As I licked her pussy lips I let my tongue slide in and out searching her depth.

Then I stopped licking and sucked her clit into my mouth. Sucking her clit as she had sucked my cock earlier, I gave it long slow sucks until her hips began to move.

Slowly, she built to a fever pitch. I stopped sucking and smiled at her. She was turned on but I wanted her hotter.

I began to lick and kiss her thighs working on first the right, then the left. Sliding my hot tongue across and into her pussy as I passed from one to the other. She was so hot now she was really squirming.

I licked and sucked on her pussy some more. Then, I stopped again. I wanted her hotter. A little pay back for what she pulled on me at the doctor’s office.

After a few minutes of my kissing and licking, she began to squirm to get to my cock. She placed her hot mouth on the head of my cock and sucked it into her mouth. As she sucked my cock in and out of her mouth, she put one hand on the base and squeezed.

As Ann squeezed my cock, she stroked my balls with the long fingernails of her other hand. I thought I was going to cum right there. Then she stopped. Now it was my turn to squirm.

After waiting a minute or so, she sucked me in again. With long steady strokes, she sucked the full length of my cock into her mouth. Then she slid her mouth back to the head.

When she reached the crown, she gave it little nips with her teeth. Not hard enough to hurt, but just enough to be an exquisite feeling. Then, she would suck it in again.

Ann continued sucking me while I worked on her pussy. I licked and sucked her clit. When she started bucking, she let go of my rigid cock and grabbed my hair. I thought she was going to pull my hair out.

I didn’t want to let her finish coming so I stopped. Moving between her legs, I put my cock at the entrance of her hot pussy.

As I placed the crown between her pussy lips, I worked it around in little circles. Teasing her clit as I rotated it. This just made her hotter. After a minute or so, I began to ease my cock into her. Ann wanted me to put my cock all the way in, but I held back.

Slowly, I worked my hard cock in her tight pussy. Then I eased it out. Ever so slow and steady, I would work in a couple of inches then slide it out.

After a few minutes of this, I began to work my swollen cock in deeper and deeper until I was ready to cum. I plunged my huge cock inside her – all the way to the hilt.

I began stroking the full length of my cock in and out of her steaming pussy. There was no stopping now.

She started moving that quivering ass, matching my every move. When I slammed my cock into her, she reared up to meet me.

My balls were swelling and I knew that I was about to cum. Ann was bucking like a wild mare in heat. We managed to achieve something rare – we both reached orgasm at nearly the same time.

We were exhausted. Spent. We cuddled and softly czech amatör porno kissed each other.

After resting for a while, we got up and headed to the shower. Ann turned on the water, put on her shower cap and stepped in. I got in, got wet and turned off the water.

Reaching for the soap, I started soaping her back. When I had her back lathered, I handed her the soap so she could work on the front.

I rubbed the soap up and down her back, paying a lot of attention to her big soft ass, teasing her ring and squeezing her big brown globes.

Then, working my way to her toes, I soaped both her legs – slipping my hand between them to soap her velvet thighs.

When I reached her toes, I turned her around so I could soap the front.

Her breathing had gotten ragged and her large tits heaved as she struggled for air. She was soaping her pussy with one hand and her tits with the other.

As she applied the thick lather her nipples began to swell. I slid my hands up her legs to her pussy. Ann removed her hand to allow me to take over.

I soaped her pussy, first sliding in one finger, then two. As I massaged her swollen pussy lips, she began to press her steaming pussy against my hand. I couldn’t believe she was ready to fuck again.

I stopped rubbing her pussy and proceeded up her belly toward those big tits alternately rubbing and scratching with my fingernails. She continued to breathe faster and faster.

I reached her tits and began a circling motion, careful not to touch the nipples – just circling round the areolas.

After a minute or so, I started rubbing down her belly to just above her cunt. I’d rub down – then back up.

Finally, when I reached those large breasts, I tweaked her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger, working them into even greater rock-like hardness.

Ann hadn’t been idle either. She started working me over with the soap. As I stood up to soap her tits, she took my cock in her hand and began to massage it.

The slippery feeling of her soapy hands on my cock was very erotic. I started to get another erection. As she worked on my cock, it again reached full hardness.

We turned the water on and began to rinse off, fondling each other as we did. Ann rubbed my chest, sliding her hands down to my hard cock, caressing my swollen balls.

Kneeling, she took my cock in her mouth. As she sucked me and caressed my balls, I felt my juices begin to rise.

My balls became hard and were ready to erupt. She sensed this and lay down on the floor, reaching out to me.

I knelt and inserted the head of my cock in her steaming pussy. This time I didn’t hold back. I rammed it in to the hilt and started fucking her.

With deep, fast strokes, I plunged my massive cock into her. In seconds we both were coming.

After we soaped each other and rinsed again, we went to the bedroom to rest. We cuddled up and drifted off to sleep.

About an hour later, we woke up hungry. Ann put on a thong. I retrieved my shorts from the living room and put them on.

Dressed like this, we teased each other until we finished eating and cleaning up.

She looked very sexy with that big ass bouncing around in the kitchen and I told her so.

She said that I was just saying that so I could get into her pants. How right she was.

After we finished cleaning up and were sitting around sipping coffee and brandy, I asked Ann why she shaved her pussy.

Some women do it to please their men, but they don’t usually shave all the time. Ann’s pussy looked like she shaved it all the time. She couldn’t have known that I liked shaved pussies. And she hadn’t known we would meet.

She explained that she had an alcohol and tobacco problem. She had the same acupuncture treatment that I was thinking about.

The difference being that needles were placed through certain pressure points on her pussy lips and clitoris. As a result of the treatments, her pussy hair had not grown back.

I hadn’t thought much about why her pussy lips were swollen and large until Ann explained that the acupuncture treatment made them swell.

I asked if her clit and nipples had also grown czech bitch porno larger as a result of the treatment. She said they had. The treatment increased the size of her clit, which had been tiny before.

She had almost no nipples before the treatment and her pussy lips had been flat. Not only that, but the acupuncture made her horny all the time.

We talked some more and I asked how painless was the treatment. Ann told me that she didn’t feel any pain at all.

If those needles didn’t cause her any pain when they were inserted through her clit, they shouldn’t bother me.

Right then I decided to go through the treatment. I told Ann of my decision and she was ecstatic.

She said that she would help me. That I would feel better and be happier. I couldn’t see how I could be any happier than I was then.

We put everything away and decided to go to bed. Both of us were pretty tired from a long day and the strenuous exercise. Ann had to go to work the next day and I would have to take her.

We cuddled for a while until we both drifted off to sleep.

About midnight, I woke up. I had a huge erection. Ann had my cock in her mouth. She wasn’t sucking it hard. Just small soft sucks.

Then she would let it slide way down her throat. She would lick my balls with her tongue as she held it there.

Placing my hand on her head, I told her to turn around and straddle my head so I could suck her pussy. I sucked her pussy as she took my big cock deep in her throat. I began to suck her swollen clit.

I sucked it slowly three or four times, then moved my mouth to lick her pussy lips. Her swollen pussy lips would get a lick or two and then I’d return to her clit for another session.

After a few minutes of this, we were both ready to fuck. Ann climbed on top of me and took my cock in her hand.

Holding the head against her pussy lips, she eased down, ever so slowly, until I was deep inside her.

Then, she leaned over and placed one of her breasts in my mouth and started a slow rocking motion on my cock.

I couldn’t believe it. I already had two fucks tonight and here we were getting it on again.

As I sucked on her breast, her nipples began to swell again. I’d work on one, then switched to the other.

Ann continued the rocking motion and I could feel her clit rubbing the base of my cock. The feeling was very erotic.

She increased her tempo, rocking faster and faster, – she would raise way up and slam down the entire length of my cock. Faster and faster she pounded until she started to cum.

When she began coming, her whole body started to quiver. Ann began to shake like a leaf in the wind. She shook and shook.

Then, after I had thought it was impossible, I began to cum. My cock spurted cum until I was drained completely. Ann continued stroking up and down making sure my balls were emptied.

Then, she slid off my cock, moving toward the foot of the bed. Taking my cock in her mouth, she proceeded to suck every drop of cum until my balls were empty.

We were exhausted. After we both cleaned up, we returned to bed, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When the alarm went off the next morning, Ann bounced out of bed. I was sore and aching all over.

Ann laughed at me and told me that the soreness would go away in a week or so.

I said I wasn’t worried about the soreness in my back and legs. I was more concerned about the soreness in my cock. She said that would go away with practice.

After a quick breakfast, we hopped into my car and I took her to work.

On the way, I asked her to make an appointment for me for the following week. I didn’t dare try to go through with it today as sore as I was.

She laughed and said for me to cum in and speak to the doctor about an appointment.

When we went in, Mai Ling was in the reception area with the day’s mail. She wasn’t surprised that we arrived together.

She had noticed Ann’s car in the parking lot and knew that we had gone to dinner the night before. Little did she know what was on the menu.

We talked about the treatment, deciding on a date. It was going to be expensive, but my decision was made.

We chose the following Friday because it would give me time to recuperate, as Mai Ling laughingly put it.

Also, Friday was her least busy day. My appointment was for 9 A.M.

Mai Ling told me that I should eat a hearty breakfast because the treatment would take most of the day and got a little strenuous.

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