Heaven Next Door Pt. 01: College

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My name is Greg. This is a story about how I accidentally fell into a relationship with my next-door neighbor. Before I can get to that story, though, you have to understand how much my life changed once I started college…

I was a “late bloomer.” From the time I was eight years old until my senior year of high school, I was one of the smallest kids in my entire school. Oh, I still played sports and participated in athletic events. I just wasn’t ever really competitive with the better athletes. I always told myself it was just because of my small stature, but eventually I had to concede I just wasn’t very good. There were other small guys who were able to compete.

When I finally grew, those guys were beating me out of a starting position. I wasn’t mad at them, or at the coaches. It wasn’t like I was blind; those guys were obviously better than me and deserved to start for our team.

It still stung, though.

I also suffered from severe acne throughout junior high. I spent hours scrubbing my face to try to get that mess to go away. Eventually I got my complexion to clear, but I still thought of myself as extremely unattractive. In addition I was shy and had no self-confidence. It was no wonder I was still a virgin when I graduated high school.

All of my woes just seemed magnified whenever I caught sight of my next-door neighbor, Melissa. She was absolutely gorgeous, and had been as long as I could remember. When she was eight years old, her mother had started entering her in beauty pageants. She often won, and it mystified me that she didn’t always win. I was pretty naïve, and had no idea how ferociously competitive those things were until I was much older.

Melissa was unbelievably beautiful, and yet she was always nice to me. She never made fun of the way I would get tongue-tied every time she spoke to me. She had a beautiful laugh that practically stopped my heart when I heard it, but she was never laughing at me. She appreciated my lame jokes and made me feel like I was at least funny and mildly entertaining. There was never a question in my mind. This girl was completely out of my league.

I still dreamt about her all the time. In those dreams she fell in love with me despite my homely appearance, and we lived happily ever after. I just never had the temerity to actually ask her out.

We lived in a neighborhood that was mostly two-story homes. My bedroom faced hers across the fence separating our properties. When I was 18, I got a nice pair of binoculars for Christmas, along with a guide to North American birds. I never gave a damn about bird watching. Those binoculars were just so I could watch Melissa every night.

I had thought she was a vision of perfection before I saw her naked through those binoculars. After the first time I watched her undress for bed, I had to reassess my definition of the word “perfect.” It didn’t seem to do her justice. Her pale skin was flawless, with a scattering of light freckles that only seemed to make her sexier. Her breasts were high and firm, capped by pink nipples that made my mouth water. She had a neatly trimmed little bush of sparse red curls that matched her shoulder-length hair. The first time she leaned forward against her dresser, pointing that marvelous heart-shaped ass at me, I stopped breathing until she stood upright.

Then I shuddered and came in my pajamas without even touching myself.

Wow! She was incredible.

After that, I could never get up the nerve to even talk to her. She had to initiate every conversation, and it was a struggle for me to get through it each time. I heard myself stammering, knew I was completely hard, and nothing I tried kept me from picturing her gloriously naked.

Melissa was apparently completely comfortable with nothing on. Almost every night, she would come into her bedroom following her shower, shedding her towel and brushing out her hair either naked or wearing only panties. I never saw her doing anything overtly sexual, like playing with herself, but watching her brush her hair was erotic enough for me.

* * *

I did not attend my senior prom. My mother seemed really distressed, but I told her I just didn’t want to do it. The growth spurts I had gone through my senior year had left me even more awkward physically, and I could only imagine what a horrible dancer I would be. Plus, I was far too shy to ask a girl to prom.

I was also certain that none of the girls I knew would be interested. It would only make things more awkward after they turned me down, and I didn’t want to put anyone through that.

I watched Melissa leave for prom, looking like a princess out of a fairy tale. Quentin, her date, was a three-sport athlete and one of the most popular guys at our school. They seemed such an appropriate couple that I wasn’t jealous of Quentin at all. It felt like Melissa deserved a guy like that.

I was lying in my bed late that night when Melissa’s bedroom light came on. I sat up and looked over to güvenilir bahis see she was still wearing her prom dress. When I realized she was taking it off, I quickly grabbed my binoculars. I sucked in a breath when I saw the obvious hickeys and bite marks on her neck and the inside swell of her perfect breasts. Melissa unhooked the clasp behind her neck and let the dress slide down her body, and her nipples were swollen and almost red.

Quentin had obviously enjoyed sucking her tits. I pulled out my throbbing cock and stroked it, trying to imagine what that must be like. I yanked my hand away from my dick when she stepped out of her dress and revealed her puffy pussy. It was likewise swollen and slightly spread, and she reached down to lightly touch it. Had she even worn panties?

I had seen her pussy lips enough times that it was obvious she had been fucked. Her dreamy expression told me she had loved it. That wasn’t something I had allowed myself to imagine before. Melissa had always been an object of worship, like my personal goddess. I couldn’t imagine actually fucking my goddess; it seemed sacrilegious to think of defiling her with my cock. After that night, I would dream of putting that same dreamy expression on her face as I took Quentin’s place, filling her with my hard dick and load after load of my sperm.

Twice more after that prom date, I saw Quentin drop her off following a date. Both times, I was treated to another lewd display as she revealed her ravaged breasts and pussy. The second time, she sat at the edge of her bed and shuddered as her fingers coaxed out some of his semen. I exploded when I saw her lick her fingers clean.

* * *

I went away to college two weeks after our high school graduation. I had applied for early admission and started the first summer session. The campus was only sparsely populated for those summer courses, since most of the students took the summers off. I actually managed to talk to a couple of girls and went out on dates for the first time. Since I didn’t expect to have sex, I was far more relaxed than I would have been otherwise. I just thought it was a friendly girl joining me for dinner on campus that first time.

Jessica was in one of my two classes. She was nice, and actually very pretty. I just wasn’t intimidated by her looks the way I always had been when I was around Melissa. We talked about our class, the instructor, and she told me a little about herself while we ate. I told a really good joke about a guy with a seeing-eye dog, and she laughed so hard she actually shot a little bit of soda out of her nose.

She was embarrassed, but it just put me more at ease. It felt like we were becoming good friends, and that was as much as I had dared to hope. When she invited me back to her dorm room to watch a movie, I was happy to accept the invitation. I met her roommate, a girl named Teresa, and had a nice time hanging out with them in the living room of their dorm.

We talked for a bit after the movie ended, and then I got up to leave. “Thank you so much for having me over,” I said to Jessica. I gave her a smile and shook her hand. “I had a great time. It was nice to meet you, Teresa.”

“We should do this again,” Jessica suggested.

“Sounds good,” I said, smiling at them both before heading back to my own dorm room.

The next day, I saw Jessica and Teresa standing in line when I went to grab lunch, and I headed over to join them. I grinned when I heard Teresa mention me by name. That grin didn’t last long.

“So, what’s up with Greg?” Teresa asked. “Are you two seeing each other?”

Jessica sighed and shook her head. “I would love to, but I’m pretty sure he’s gay.”


I stopped dead in my tracks, and I’m sure my eyes shot open in shock. Why would she think that? As I listened to them talking about me, I became self-conscious. I didn’t want them to catch me eavesdropping. I was careful to avoid looking in their direction as I got into another line to get something to eat. Then I was so lost in my thoughts that it took me a moment to realize Jessica was calling me and waving me over.

She cocked her head and looked at me as I approached. “What’s wrong, Greg?” she asked.

I realized then that I was scowling, and shook my head as I cleared that expression from my face. “Sorry,” I mumbled. Then, because I’m an idiot with no filter sometimes, I blurted, “I’m not gay.”

Jessica and Teresa both jerked their heads back, and their eyes went wide. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop,” I continued, “I was just happy to see you here and started to walk over. Then I heard you say that…Why did you think I was gay?”

Jessica blushed and stammered, and then I felt bad for putting her on the spot like that. I reached over and gave her hand a soft squeeze. “Hey,” I said softly. “I am really, really sorry. I certainly didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I really liked talking with you yesterday. When you invited me over to watch that movie, I enjoyed it. türkçe bahis I hoped we could do something like that again.”

She looked at me intently while I spoke, and the blush gradually faded from her face. “Oh,” she finally muttered after a long pause. “It’s just…you didn’t seem interested, Greg. I mean, you never looked at me or at Teresa like most of the guys do. Candice said she thought you were gay, and I just assumed you had told her you were.”

Candice was another girl in our class. I had spoken to her twice since the term had started. I made a mental note to have a serious conversation with her as I chewed a bite of my lunch and nodded. After I swallowed, I did my best to give both girls a smile.

“I think you are both very attractive,” I said. “I just assumed you weren’t interested in me.” I shrugged. “So, when you invited me over to watch that movie, I just thought we were becoming friends. Honestly, I never expected a woman as attractive as you would be interested in an ugly guy like me.”

They exchanged a startled look and Jessica shook her head. “You’re kidding, right?” she asked. “Greg, you are probably the hottest guy in either of my classes. It’s not just the girls who think so—a lot of guys check you out. That was why I thought Candice was right when you didn’t show any interest.”

I shook my head and stared at her. At first, I thought she was making all this up and wondered why. Then I saw Teresa looking at me and nodding in agreement.

It felt like the entire cafeteria spun around me as my poor brain tried to process it all.

“Hey, are you all right?” Teresa asked in alarm.

Her voice cut through the fog consuming my thoughts and it was all that kept me from falling over backwards. I managed to catch myself and shook my head. “I just…” I mumbled. I looked back and forth from Jessica’s face to Teresa’s three or four times. “You’re serious, aren’t you?” I finally managed in a near-whisper.

“Well, yeah,” Jessica replied. Teresa once again nodded vigorously in agreement.

“Wow,” I managed.

We ate in silence for several minutes after that. I just didn’t know what to say. I think they were both still embarrassed. Of course, they had started eating before I even got into line for my food, so they were finished before I had eaten three more bites. Jessica cleared her throat nervously, and that drew my attention to their empty trays. I realized how uncomfortable they both looked and tried my best to give them a reassuring smile. Their answering smiles were embarrassing for me to behold.

“Sorry,” I once again said softly. “It’s just hard for me to accept. I’ve been a short, ugly kid as long as I can remember.”

“Well, you’re certainly not now,” Jessica retorted immediately.

“No, you’re not,” Teresa added.

They both looked like they wanted to jump me. It was unreal. At the same time, we were nervous and did not want to continue this conversation where so many people could overhear. It’s not like the place was packed; it was a Saturday in the summer, after all. Still, there were enough people scattered around the large dining room to make us uncomfortable. More uncomfortable, I guess I should say.

“We should head back to our room,” Teresa suggested quietly. Jessica shot her a questioning look, but Teresa continued, “Greg, take your time and enjoy the rest of your lunch. When you’re finished, please come over so we can talk about this privately.”

Jessica and I both nodded in response. I watched them as they walked away, and waved to Jessica when she reached the door to the outside and looked back at me. She returned my wave with a nervous smile. I went back to eating my lunch and my mind reeled as I tried to process that conversation again and again.

They really thought I was attractive? I had to imagine they had dated nothing but terribly hideous-looking men if that was the case. Somehow, that didn’t ring true. They were both very attractive women. But, as soon as the phrase “attractive women” went through my head, Melissa was there in my mind. Her face was smiling at me as we spoke in our front yard after school.

That led as it invariably did to Melissa naked in front of her mirror, brushing out her gleaming red curls with her impossibly perfect bottom pointed toward me. She turned around and her eyes were wide in shock. “Greg, what are you doing here?”

I shook my head as I always did to clear that image from my mind. I looked down at my empty plate in front of me, and shook my head again. I had no idea what I had just eaten for lunch.

* * *

It felt like I was wandering in a fog as my thoughts consumed me. I got up and cleared the table, putting my used dishes onto the moving belt at the far end of the dining area. After that, I walked the length of the large room to use the exit closest to Jessica and Teresa’s dorm room. Despite my preoccupation, I noticed out of my peripheral vision when five or six girls looked me over as I passed their tables.

Just güvenilir bahis siteleri the day before, I probably would not have taken notice.

It served to reinforce what Jessica had said, but I still struggled to accept any of it. This felt too much like some twisted dream. As I wandered around the paved paths of the lovely campus grounds, my eyes were focused on the ground in front of me until I looked up at two more gorgeous young women. I gave them a smile and a nod.

“Hello,” I said, stepping aside to allow them to pass.

The taller girl was a slender brunette. She gave me a friendly smile and said “hi” as she passed. The other girl was a short, stacked blonde with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She looked up at me with wide eyes and a blush spread over her fair features as she murmured, “Oh! Hi.” She slowed a bit and turned, but I did not know either of them. We had never met before, and I was still preoccupied. I nodded and continued on, and only glanced back a moment later to see that they were heading for the cafeteria.

The petite blonde had been very attractive, and I couldn’t help but picture her face as I continued wending through the little stands of trees and flowers that turned the sidewalks into a gentle maze. The look she had given me…I realized I should have stopped to talk to her. There was no mistaking her obvious interest. But then I thought about my unattractive self and once again felt I must be mistaken. A girl like that just couldn’t possibly be interested in an ugly guy like me.

My feet carried me through the lobby and up the stairs to my dorm room. I was still walking along on autopilot as I made my way into my bathroom and looked at my face in the mirror. Out of habit, I turned on the hot water and began soaping up my hands. I had been scrubbing my face with soap and water five or more times a day since the seventh grade.

As I looked at my reflection, I realized for the first time that the image I had stuck in my mind of what my face looked like was no longer the face that was looking back at me in the mirror. I was still thinking of the way I had looked back in the eighth and ninth grades, when my face had been covered by an unfortunate constellation of bright-red pimples. Well, five distinct and ever-changing constellations, actually.

I scrubbed my face the same vigorous way I had done it for years, and looked at myself again. I had to close my eyes and clear my thoughts just so I could try to look at myself objectively. When I did, it was a shock. I had been so focused on those patches of skin that perpetually threatened to break out that I had only been relieved when I didn’t have pimples there.

Now I had relatively clear skin, slightly tanned from all my walks around the campus. My jaw was more prominent, my eyebrows were neat but strong and my eyes looked out of a confident visage completely at odds with the way I felt. I had straight, light-brown hair and there was nothing special about me that I could detect, but I certainly wasn’t the bad-looking guy I had assumed I was.

I shrugged off my shirt to put on deodorant and realized my shoulders were a lot broader than I recalled. It was as if I was looking at myself through a completely new pair of eyes after that unsettling conversation at lunch. Oh, it wasn’t like I was sporting some superhero physique or anything, but I had worked out hard trying to make the football team and the baseball team all through high school. I had failed to crack the starting lineup, but the work had definitely made a difference.

“Huh,” I grunted as I looked at my reflection again.

I gave my shirt a whiff before putting it back on. It didn’t smell, and I wasn’t really planning on going anywhere. I pulled it back on, and then it hit me. Oh, shit! Jessica and Teresa had invited me over to talk to them. They probably wondered where I was!

A quick glance at my watch told me I had wandered around for twenty minutes or so before my feet brought me back to my room on autopilot. I hadn’t had the temerity to ask for Jessica’s phone number, so I couldn’t even call to let her know…I shook my head and pulled my sneakers back on, determined to get over to their room as quickly as I could.

* * *

I actually sprinted halfway there, but then thought it would be a good idea to slow it down a bit. I didn’t want to show up sweaty, out of breath, and sounding like a crazy person. I slowed to a loping jog and thought about what I would say when I arrived. Clearly “sorry” needed to be first among those things, but after that?

I had hoped to be friends with Jessica, so I thought I should talk to her openly, as a friend, and be honest with her. So, I guessed I should tell them that they had “blown my mind” so to speak, and I had gone for a walk to think about it. That was true.

Of course, that got me thinking about what they had said to me in the cafeteria, and I replayed that conversation in my head and abruptly stopped short. They had thought I was gay because I “hadn’t shown any interest.” Then they had made it clear that they were both interested in me—as in, interested in having sex? I swallowed heavily and looked up at their dorm building.

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