Get Behind Me Satan

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Bonita lived further up the street from me, about five or six houses. She was already there when I moved into the neighborhood two years ago with my wife and five kids. We would exchange cordial greetings and smiles whenever she passed by or we met in the streets. She was a tall, big bosomed, big assed woman of indeterminable age or ethnicity. She was, to my eyes, the most beautiful and sexy woman in that small community just outside of town.

She was the kind of woman you couldn’t easily pin down as being definitely Black, White, East Indian or Chinese because of how intricately and carefully mixed those four ethnicities were to produce the fine specimen that she was. Her big ass, wide hips and full lips was definitely black traits. Her slanted eyes and round face looked so very Chinese. Her long but wavy hair, high cheek bones and straight small nose suggested East Indian. While her thin lips, grey eyes and scattered freckles on the light tan face spoke of some European blood.

Judging from the ages of her kids who had drifted back home – one, a young woman who had returned following a broken marriage and the other a thirty something man, back after a lengthy stint in prison. And going by the streaks of grey in her hair and the mid-sixties look of her husband I concluded she was a well preserved mid-fifties woman.

One night Bonita and I found each other at the birthday party of a neighbour. While my wife chatted with the hostess we danced two songs and every time we spun I’d let my erection which had started mere seconds after taking her in my arms, press against her big thighs. Once during the second dance she had leaned back briefly and looked into my face with a questioning, reproachful stare. I could only hope my wife or her husband hadn’t noticed that moment. Half an hour later when I approached her at the buffet table and suggested a third dance, she said:

“Get behind me Satan.” With a little laugh suggesting she knew what I was up to.

“That’s where I dream of being my dear, with your permission of course, and I think you’ve just given it” I said.

“No I haven’t, but don’t worry in a couple of months your wife will be able to accommodate you in such a fashion. She replied. My wife was eight months pregnant.

“Until then I’d love for you to fill in.” I persisted.

“I hope you’re used to dealing with dreams that don’t come true, because there’s a big one facing you.” She laughed heartily as she forked up a big piece of roast beef and put it on my plate.

She said “Here, bite into this in the meantime.” She sauntered away, her big mature ass and boobs bouncing seductively under the soft, close fitting white dress.

The days went by and we continued to smile at, or greet each other whenever she passed by. About three weeks after the party I saw her coming up the street one late afternoon as she usually did. I had been waiting and hoping for this to happen. Already dressed I hurried to the living room where my wife was watching TV. I kissed her on the cheek and said:

“I’ll be back in about four hours.” She knew that I went to our job’s recreation club – we worked the same place – two afternoons every week to play pools and darts and have a drink, Friday for certain and some other random day according to my mood. This was a regular past time for the last six years. Once or twice a month she would accompany me but in her present condition was not up to it.

I caught up with Bonita at the bus stop around the corner.

“Somebody’s looking extra nice this afternoon.” I remarked, looking her up and down boldly and feeling my body respond to the hot sight.

“I’m not the only one!” She replied, jutting her chin in my direction, obviously admiring my well-toned thirty five year old body. A mini bus pulled up and we got on. She went into a vacant row of seats and I sat next to her. We engaged in frivolous small talk as the bus drove along the highway. Five minutes later illegal bahis as the bus entered the city I asked:

“I notice you go out every Wednesday at the same time. Where do you go?”

“So you’ve been minding my business.”

“Not really, I just notice things, especially about people I like.”

“I go to a women’s church group meeting. You want to come along? Every now and then we have male guests.”

“I wish I could persuade you to go elsewhere.”

She turned and looked at me over her glasses. “Really, and where would that be and why?’

“You already know the why. I think you’re brave enough to trust me with the where.”

I put my hand on her upper left thigh, almost to the groin area, letting my nervous fingers sink into the soft flesh – this was dangerous ground these days – just about everything that used to pass for normal behavior between the sexes is now termed as sexual harassment or assault. From the side of my eye I saw her breathe in hard and made a barely audible hiss as her hand reached out and covered mine without pushing it away. I breathed a sigh of relief.

A minute later I called out to the conductor and we got off at the next stop. We walked for about two minutes before reaching a little, discreet bar and motel. She appeared nervous, but her eyes bore a brave and determined look. I led her pass the bar to the motel reception counter and paid for a room. Inside the room I immediately pulled her to me, found her mouth with mine and we kissed passionately. It felt like she was finally letting go of a heavy load and was for once doing something for herself. Our fingers dug into each other’s back as our hot crotches came together in a deep grind.

I stepped back and began undressing her. Her body was shaking slightly as I loosened buttons and pulled down zip. I unhooked the black bra and watched in amazement as the huge, round, creamy boobs fell out and hung low. There was still some youthful firmness and elasticity in the smooth shiny globes. I pulled down the black lace, boy shorts panties and kissed her dimpled cheeks softly before moving around and doing the same to the slightly hairy but neatly trimmed vaginal mound. The hair down there was nappy and more pepper than salt in colour. Her fingers sunk into my low afro, gently massaging my scalp.

I got up and stood back, admiring the magnificent naked body before me. I leaned over and softly licked each nipple. She shivered as if touched by a chill wind, but smiled shyly and reaching out, began to return the favour of undressing me. She did the same kissing routine as I had done, and when her tongue touched my nipple I found myself experiencing a similar shiver as she. I stuck my tongue into her ear with a flickering move then said:

“Get on the bed on all fours and say, get behind me Satan.”

She looked at me steadily, smiling only with her eyes, then turned around in silence and walked toward the bed. With enrapturing gracefulness she took her big body onto the bed and positioned herself as instructed, her feet a few inches over the edge of the bed She twisted her neck and looked back at me. I stood staring at her loveliness. I heard her softly and carefully say:

“Get behind me Satan”

I walked toward the bed, my cock jutting out hard and long. I reached out and rubbed the big ass cheeks then leaned over and bit into each one gently. She moaned loudly and I spread the cheeks and licked each inner wall before getting on my knees and rising up my face licked at the hairy mound with long tongue lashes. I got onto my knees and she pushed backward and lower to make it easier for me to gain access to her attractive privates. She wiggled and whimpered and I stuck my tongue between the plump lips. She had a nice scent and I inhaled deeply.

I licked and sucked on her pussy lips and clit for a long time until she was literally dripping slick pussy fluid mixed with my saliva. I moved up a little and poked illegal bahis siteleri my tongue into the unusually fresh smelling ass hole, twirling it around the little tight hole surrounded by puckered flesh. As I teased her twitching and contracting anal entrance, I gathered slime from her pussy and lathered my hard aching cock. I spat huge globs of saliva into the ass hole and slowly inserted a middle finger which after a few thrusts was joined by the neighboring forefinger. She wiggled and groaned in pleasure.

I lathered my cock with more of her sex juice and positioned it at the entrance, just under the intruding fingers. I pressed forward and began withdrawing the fingers. Just as the fingers slipped out I thrust forward and sent a few inches of cock up her ass. She made a subdued little scream and bucked her fat ass. I watched her butt cheeks suddenly clench and felt the anal walls contract holding my cock tight as if trying to prevent further inner progress. I gave the cheeks a couple of playful taps as encouragement and felt them both relax.

I gripped the fleshy hips and pushed forward sending more of me into her. I stayed still letting the pulsing cock settle for about a minute inside her. I heard her grinding teeth and heavy breathing. I gathered more saliva in my mouth and taking careful aim dropped it on my cock at the spot where it joined the stretched anus. I began thrusting in and out of the tight chute and soon she was pushing back and rolling her magnificent ass as I pounded her making loud smacking noises as my lower belly collided with thick, soft ass steak. I picked up pace slamming rapidly into her now slackened chute.

“Easy, easy!” she cried out reaching back and pushing against my abdominals.

I halted my frantic slamming and moved into a slower, more gentle and steady pounding with short quick strokes and she began to whimper softly in response to the slower drilling.

“Yes, like that baby. Give it to me just like that,” she whispered encouragingly and appreciatively.

I leaned forward and reaching around and under her gathered the two massive bubbies in my sweaty palms and massaged them vigorously as I pumped her ass. The big meat balls were damp and soft yet with a pleasant compactness, no sagging slack flesh like some breasts of a similar age and I enjoyed the feel of them in my palms. I alternated between feeling them up and twirling the long chocolate nipples between thumb and forefinger hearing her hisses and moans as I administered to her lovelies.”

“I like that. I like that very much.” She said joyfully.

She started rolling her big buttocks against my steady slow driving and we soon established a smooth rhythm, with both of us rolling and grinding until I thought it was time to step up the pace a bit despite her showing a preference for slow stroking. I felt she was ready for the faster moves that would drive her to climax. So I leaned over and whispered in her ear telling her of my intentions to go harder. She nodded in the affirmative and began to fuck her ass faster and harder. She responded well, bucking against my lunges and I knew she had settled into the faster mode and would likely be ready for more pressure.

I removed one hand from a comfortable big bubby and sought out her clit from underneath, rubbing it softly, sending added pleasure through her body so she would more easily accept the hard stroking. It worked, the titillation of her clit was so enjoyable that it mixed with the little pain in her ass and became one. I told her to straighten up a bit and as she came off her elbows and hands to do so I leaned back and bent my knees a little, one hand still gripping a massive breast and the other working on her clit as I hit the ass from below, driving upward. I removed the fingers from her clit and drove middle and forefingers up into her pussy.

I finger fucked her pussy at the same pace my hips were driving upwards into her now slackened canlı bahis siteleri and totally relaxed ass hole. I felt she was near the end and returned attention to the clit to speed her up. She suddenly stopped her ass rolling and remained still, accepting the vigorous pounding.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she blurted out throwing up her hands straight in the air like spirit taken evangelists in church singing praises to one above. “Oh my god this feels so good – oh my god – oh my god – oh my god, I’m coming, I’m coming – ooooooohhhhh!”

Her body stiffened and her anal walls gripped my tool. I rammed my finger up her vagina just as she started to shudder and break into pieces of pleasure. She fell back against me in total submission to the moment and almost threw me off balance, but I managed to hold on, my cock still buried in her. When she was finished I told her to once again get back on her elbows and knees. She did so and I resumed pounding her at a reasonable rate, not too fast and not too slow. I let my eyes traverse the expanse of her body that was available to them bringing added pleasure to my mind as I took in the sight of her full figured, lush beauty.

I enjoyed every dip and rise, every dimple, every crease, every lump or flat smooth layer of flesh and the long wavy hair hanging down the sides of her face and touching the bed, the bouncing, trembling buttocks and hip flesh, the side of well-padded ribs and the bit of belly I could see jiggling underneath when I leaned to the side as I stroked her already satisfied ass, now only seeking to bring me satisfaction. The combination of visual and physical sensation blended and washed over my nerve endings sending me hurtling into space like firecrackers and I emptied my pleasure load into her.

We lay on the bed on our backs side by side for a while panting before we got up together and went to the bathroom. When we returned to the bed she stretched out her full body on top of mine and started kissing me deeply and lovingly. She kept it up for several minutes and I could feel my cock getting hard under her belly. She broke off and started to play with my face.

“I haven’t felt so good and relaxed and content and wanted for a long time, you are good for me Satan, and you did well behind me.” I heard her whisper and then break out laughing.

She moved from playing with my face to kissing my ears and nose and eyes. Then she licked my neck and slid down to nibble on my nipples. She moved further down and took my almost hard cock deep into her mouth, bringing it immediately to full firmness as she sucked on it hungrily. She took my balls into her mouth and did mind blowing things to them. She licked all the way down my thighs to my feet. She turned me over and straddling me began slide fucking my ass gliding her pussy and clit along the fleshy cheeks, moaning all the time, seemingly obtaining great pleasure from her movements. And suddenly she was cumming again.

She rolled off me and roughly spun me around onto my back. Straddling me, she took my cock and lining it up with her pussy came down hard driving it to the hilt in her warm, wet snatch. She leaned all the way back, resting her palms on the bed and began to ride me, her big mature boobs with their long brown tips bouncing all over the place, her belly jiggling. She rode me hard and long like that. Then she leaned forward and gripping my shoulder while kissing me, her boobs smashed against my chest, she started another style of ride lifting her ass up and down, smacking my groin area.

I encircled her broad back and then started stroking it from shoulder blade to butt as she rode. I squeezed her butt and her hips and her sides, liking the feel of thick skin. She sat up straight and started moving fast, doing more grinding than thrusting and against all my resistance, because I wanted it to never end, she dragged a mighty orgasm out of me sending me shooting high up into her mature and sweet cunt.

We ensured that we left the room in time for her to be back home at around the time she usually returned. I went to the club and spent an hour there before heading back home happy and feeling like a champ out of the ring after a hectic but successful bout.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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