From Friends to Lovers Ch. 03

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I woke the next morning to the smell of bacon, and Beth appeared in the doorway with a tray. “Thought I’d treat you,” she grinned, sitting on the edge of the bed.

I bit into a bacon sandwich. “Mm.”

Beth picked up her mug, sipping, and I detected a hint of anxiety in her expression. “Are you OK?” I queried.

“I’m fine, really. But Mum will be back later, and I’m not sure how she’d feel if you stayed over again.”

I nodded. “Do you want to tell her about — well, about us?”

Beth puzzled for a few moments. “Of course I want her to know.”

She smiled softly, putting her hand on mine. “I want everyone to know. But — well, it’s still really new to me, and maybe I need some more time before she asks me loads of questions.”

“Like ‘are you being careful?'” I sympathised.


The look in Beth’s eyes changed to one I was starting to become familiar with. “Anyway,” she murmured, “I want you all to myself for a while yet.”

I leaned over to kiss her. “You’ve definitely got me, love.”

From somewhere an idea dropped into my head. “I know — why don’t we go away somewhere for a few days? We can say it’s a last trip before we have to put our heads down and study.”

Beth’s eyes lit up. “Perfect.”

I could see her beginning to try out different possibilities in her mind. “Where do you fancy?” I queried.

“How about… You know that place we always used to go — Herefordshire, wasn’t it?”


“Well, I remember there was a hotel on the main street, a small one. We never stayed there, but whenever we walked past I noticed that on the sign it said they had a swimming pool, and I always wanted to try it. Especially when the weather’s as warm as this.”

I was momentarily distracted by a picture of Beth in a swimsuit — a one-piece cut high at the sides, or maybe just a barely-there bikini…

“Earth calling Tim,” Beth teased. “I promise that all your fantasies will come true.”

I chuckled. “You don’t know what you’re letting yourself in for. OK, let’s take a look.”

I picked up Beth’s iPad and tapped in a search. “Here it is.”

Beth leaned closer to look at the screen. “Great — do they have space?”

I pulled up the booking calendar. “Oh, wow.”

“What?” Beth queried.

“There’s one room that’s next to the swimming pool, and whoever’s staying in it gets sole use of the pool first thing in the morning and last thing at night.”

It was Beth’s turn to let her imagination run away with her. “I could so swim naked.”

I clicked again. “OK, it’s available from tomorrow night — shall we?”

“You bet.”

I made the booking, and my phone buzzed with the email confirmation. “Sorted.”

Beth leaned over to hug me. “Thanks, Tim. This is going to be amazing!”

She sighed. “But I think it would be a good idea if we spent today with our parents — I know Mum’s already thinking about missing me when October comes around.”

I nodded. “We still have time for a shower, though?”

Beth grinned. “Always.”

Again she enjoyed the sensation of my hands smoothing soapy foam over her body, but we resisted the temptation to go any canlı bahis şirketleri further — “We’ll have all the time in the world at the hotel,” Beth promised, her voice full of anticipation — and I watched as she dressed and brushed her hair. “You look like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth,” I teased.

“What in my mouth?” she riposted, grinning wickedly, and I kissed her hard on the lips. “Beth, I am so lucky to have you.”

She stood on the doorstep watching as I set off on the short walk home. “I’ll call you,” I promised from the end of the path. Then she was out of sight, and I walked the rest of the way with what must have been a distracted smile on my face, anticipating our holiday.

My father was at home when I arrived, and when I explained our plans, he just nodded. “Make the most of the weather while you’re free — I hear it gets quite misty in the autumn where you two are going.”

He glanced at the sky. “Talking of which — can you give me a hand with the lawn? If we’re lucky, I’ll only have to do it a couple more times this year.”

I spent the day helping in the garden — though I didn’t say it, I could tell that Dad was slowing down a little, and it’d be no bad thing if I got some of the heavier jobs out of the way for him before I was away most of the time. Lunch was sandwiches, and when Mum got back from work she looked at the garden, then at two obviously hungry men. “I think you’ve earned pizza,” she grinned.

“Tim’s got some plans to tell you about,” Dad dropped into the conversation, and I explained about our trip. “Oh, I remember that place,” Mum nodded. “It’ll be handy for the craft place, and wasn’t there an Indian restaurant somewhere nearby?”

I’d forgotten about the restaurant, and I chuckled. “Beth’ll be pleased — she loves Indian food.”

We sat in the lounge to enjoy our pizza, and finally I stretched, covering a yawn. “Think I’ll call it a day.”

“What time are you setting off tomorrow?” queried Dad.

“I thought about eleven — we can stop for lunch somewhere, and we’ll still get there in plenty of time to check in to the hotel and decide where to have dinner.”

“Night, then.”

I made my way upstairs, closing the door of my room, and sprawled on the bed. I picked up my phone and tapped on Beth’s name, listening to the soft trilling of the dial tone. She must have set her computer to answer calls from me automatically, and my screen lit to show her standing by her bed putting things into a suitcase.

She glanced towards the camera, and quickly closed the suitcase lid. “A girl has to have some secrets, you know,” she grinned.

She came to sit down in front of her desk. “How was the rest of your day?”

I ran through what I’d been up to. “The garden looks a lot tidier, anyway. How about you?”

Beth gave me a wry smile. “Mum did try fishing a little when she got back, especially when I told her about our trip. But I managed to steer the conversation in a different direction.”

She glanced towards the bed. “I know we’ve only had a couple of nights together so far, but I’m already going to miss you.”

“I know, love.”

I thought for a moment. “Why canlı kaçak iddaa don’t we both go through our usual routine, but stay on here — then it’ll feel like we’re together, sort of.”

Beth nodded. “I like that idea. OK, I’ll get ready for bed.”

She moved her case onto the floor, then looked directly into the camera while she started to unbutton her blouse. Her skirt went next, and she grinned as she posed in her underwear, one hand on her hip. “OK so far?”

I nodded. “Definitely.”

She reached behind her back to unfasten her bra, dropping it on the chair, then slipped off her panties, standing with her arms by her sides. “You are beautiful,” I offered. “Wish I could wrap my arms around you right now.”

She pulled back the bed covers and lay down, stretching her legs out. “Brr, sheet’s a little cold.”

She glanced down at her nipples, standing up in the slight chill, and I couldn’t help myself. “If I was with you, I would definitely put my mouth there to warm you up.”

Beth breathed in, almost a gasp. “Mm — I’d like that.”

She covered one breast with a hand, resting her other palm on her stomach. “Tim — I’m feeling a little shy right now, but — if this was really my usual routine, I’d probably, well…”

I gave her a reassuring smile. “I can go if you want to.”

Beth shook her head determinedly. “No, please stay.”

She slid her hand a little further down, fingers reaching her soft fur, then closed her eyes as she parted her thighs a little. I hardly dared breathe as I watched her touch her most sensitive place with one fingertip, her mouth forming an O as her hips flexed upwards a little. “Mmm.”

She squeezed her breast, then touched a finger to her tongue, using her wet fingertip to brush her nipple. “Oh… not as good as your mouth but feels nice.”

Her hand between her thighs moved again, and she looked up at the camera. “You’ve ruined me, you know.” Her voice was matter-of-fact, but her dancing eyes reassured me that she was only teasing.

“How so?” I queried.

“Before, I would have been fine touching myself like this, but now… I need something inside me.”

She followed her words with action, sliding two fingers deep inside herself, parting her thighs more. Her other hand left her breast, her fingers touching her hard nub, and she moaned loudly, then caught her lip between her teeth, looking towards her bedroom door. “Oops.”

She moved her fingers more urgently. “Oh, yes, I can definitely imagine this is you in me — we’ll have to try this, me using my fingers on myself at the same time.”

She shifted nearer to the bottom of the bed, giving me a closer view, and I couldn’t help pressing my hand to the front of my jeans. “In case you didn’t guess, you’ve made me so hard right now.”

Beth nodded wordlessly, her hips now flexing in rhythm with the movement of her fingers, and I watched spellbound as her muscles started to tense visibly. “Mm — oh, so close — wish you were about to get there too –“

She pressed her lips together in an attempt to be quiet, but I heard the unmistakeable creak of the bed as Beth’s back arched, her whole body shaking for long canlı kaçak bahis seconds. Finally she let out a gasp, eyes wide open, and turned onto her side, squeezing her thighs together around her fingers. “Oh, my goodness.”

She turned onto her back again, withdrawing her fingers, and I felt a thrill as she brought them deliberately to her mouth, her tongue tasting the glossy slipperiness I could see. “Mm, wish you could taste this,” she breathed.

I fanned my face. “Goodness, Beth, you’ve really got me going.”

Beth grinned wickedly. “Why don’t you do something about it, then.”

I blinked. “Really?”

“Sure — I’m curious. Why not?”

I thought for a moment. “I always thought it’d look clumsy, awkward…”

Beth shook her head. “I really want to see.”

“OK.” I propped my phone up. “Is that working?”

She nodded, and I stepped back to quickly undress, then stretched out on the bed. I reached for the tissue box, but I saw Beth grinning. “Don’t bother with those yet.”

I raised my eyebrows. “OK, you can see everything, then. But it’ll be messy.”

“The messier the better,” she chuckled.

I started to touch my nipples, and I saw Beth looking thoughtful. “Yours are really sensitive, aren’t they.”

I nodded, and she smiled. “I’ll remember.”

After a few moments I glanced at her, then used my tongue to wet my palm, my fingers, starting to touch myself. I could see Beth lean closer to her screen. “So that’s how…” she mused.

She thought for a moment. “Maybe it’d feel a bit the same if you were between my breasts?”

She moved her fingers experimentally up and down her cleavage, then pushed her breasts together with her hands. “Like this, maybe…”

I couldn’t help my quiet moan. “Mm, Beth, imagining that definitely gets me closer.”

She flashed her eyebrows at me. “I could imagine anything, couldn’t I, maybe even things we haven’t thought of trying.”

“Like?” I managed.

“Well, I could use my fingers on you exactly like you’re doing now, and you could touch me…”

“Or you could do that while I was using my mouth on you,” I gasped. “God, Beth, I’m so close.”

Her face showed keen anticipation. “Go for it, then.”

I moved my hand more urgently, and Beth’s eyes widened with pleasure as I groaned. She jerked back reflexively from the screen as my first spurt of creamy fluid jetted upwards, hitting my stomach and chest, then leaned forward again to watch. “Wow — no wonder I can feel it when you’re inside me.”

A second spurt, then another, and I stilled my hand, breathing heavily. “Mmm… That was definitely better because you were watching, imagining, Beth.”

She smiled. “I’m glad.”

I started to pull tissues from the box, mopping up stickiness, and Beth chuckled. “I see what you mean about messy.”

She took a deep breath. “Now you’ve got me imagining you holding me while we’re going to sleep, my bottom pressing into you, and I can just feel your skin a little sticky against mine, maybe even a drop or two of your stuff on me…”

I balled up tissues, dropping them in the bin. “Wish I could hold you right now, love.”

Beth nodded. “But tomorrow night’ll be here soon.”

She slid back into bed, pulling the covers over her, and reluctantly I reached for my phone. “Better go now, darling. I’ll pick you up around eleven.”

She blew me a kiss. “I love you.”

“Love you too.”

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