Friendly Neighbors

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He was perfect, and her neighbor, which made things so much more interesting. Shelby always made it a point to watch Shad, from afar, but watch nonetheless. Shad was everything her wet dreams were made of, right down to his eyes that were grey, but not quite hazel either. Every inch of the man was deliciously fuckable, including all eight inches of his cock. The last bit of information was more of a guess made when she caught a glimpse of him getting into the shower; he was hell on remembering to pull the blinds. Either way, she had been getting the chance to get to spend time with him lately since she was helping him repaint his house. The past two weeks have been a real treat and a pain in the ass for her though. She loved being there to help him but the fact that she left so turned on that the first thing she did when she got home was finger herself till she climaxed, was a bit of a problem.

It was Friday, and as usual Shelby was at Shad’s helping him paint, only today felt different, she could feel a sexual pull from him, who happened to be standing on the other end of the living room. He was staring at her as if he knew the exact things she did everyday while thinking of him. Her cheeks grew pink and she stared at the floor hoping he didn’t know. Shad knew what she did alright; hell he had even watched her when she thought so one could see her. Just now thinking of her fingering herself while moaning his name gave him a hard-on, making him turn away from her while trying to hide the bulge in his shorts. Shad told himself over and over it would be wrong to fuck her, hoping it would shrink his dick, but it wasn’t working. In fact, he was pretty sure he got harder than he as before. Shelby knew the minute he turned away what was going on.

She smiled to herself and thought “This is perfect; he is hard as steel and I am here to help!”

Walking toward him so quietly he couldn’t hear her, she stood and waited illegal bahis for him to look at the ceiling. When he did she dropped to her knees bringing her face to face with his throbbing prick. As Shad looked down he began to say “What the hell are…” but that was all he got out before Shelby put a finger to her lips telling him to be quiet. Reaching out she rubbed his cock through his shorts.

“I know you got a hard-on thinking about me, and now I want to thank you for the compliment.” No sooner had she finished speaking she had is shorts around his ankles and was working on getting his cock out.

Shad knew she was about to suck him off, and he so desperately wanted her to. Once she got his prick free she wrapped her hand around his shaft and looked up at him. He didn’t have to ask what she wanted, he knew. “Eight and two” was all he could get out, but she knew what he was saying and smiled and went back to licking his cock. Sucking in three of four inches she licked and sucked all around him while her right hand stroked his shaft and the other played with his balls. Shad moaned, he had never felt something this good, this girl had skill. He fisted her hair in his hands hoping it would help him hold some composure, but it wasn’t working her was second from cumming. The last thing he wanted to do was blow his load in her mouth. He pulled her wet and warm mouth from him and said

“If you keep this up I am going to loose it.” He pleaded with her.

Shelby smiled “I know, that is what I am trying to do, make you loose it.”

Shad shook his head and pulled her to her feet “I would rather fuck you than let you keep that up.”

As he pulled up his shorts he couldn’t believe he had said that to her.

“Oh yes Shad, I would love to fuck you!”

In a flash he was steering her toward the master bedroom, they had painted that last week. Once in the room he backed her up to the edge of illegal bahis siteleri the bed and pushed her down, landing on top of her and kissing her hard. As they kissed Shad slid his hands up her body to her breasts, cupping them and gently squeezing. Shelby moaned and pushed her chest into his hands begging for more. He pulled off her shirt, then his, removing clothes until she was down to her bra and panties and he to his boxers, then he stopped. “Beautiful” he mumbled as he took off her bra. Taking her firm tits in his hands he pinched and roller her nipples between his fingers before taking one in his mouth.

Gasping Shelby arched her back as he sucked her nipple, thinking her herself “Dear God he is so good!”

Shad picked his head up and looked her in the eyes and said in a low voice “You know, late at night when you are out on your deck I can see you.” As he said this he moved his hand down to her pussy. She gasped, not only because of what he was doing with his fingers, but because he knew what she did with hers.

Shad knew he had the upper hand right now and intended to play off it. “Yes that’s right Love, I watch you finger fuck your pussy and moan my name.” Shelby was floored, she had no idea he watched, but it turned her on even more. Now he had two fingers deep in her hot cunt, slowly fucker her, and now she was starting to respond by rocking her hips into his hand.

“Mmmm, Shad…very good” she practically moaned out.

“Do you want more; do you want my cock in you?” Shad was teasing her, making her say what she wanted.

Almost screaming she said “Yes…oh yes Shad…Fuck me!” Needing nothing more in the way of an invitation he removed the rest of their clothes and moved above her. Towering over her he leaned down and kissed her, then asked if she was ready. Her brown eyes sparkled with need as she nodded her approval. Slowly he leaned forward filling her with just canlı bahis siteleri a few inches, and then stopped to let her adjust to him. Shelby wasn’t about to wait, she dug her nails into him and pulled him to her, filling her with all of him. Shad began to thrust in and out of her, slowly, he wanted this to last. She wasn’t sharing the same ideas as him, she wanted to cum…now. Wrapping her leg around his she flipped them both, putting her on top, and in control. Looking down at him she smiled and lifted her hips off him till he almost popped out. Lowering herself onto jut the first few inches, she swirled her hips, and pulled up off. The more she did that the closer to cumming he came. Finally she slammed down on him, sending him to the hilt. Shelby bounced and rocked on his cock, fucking him hard. The harder she fucked him the more Shad needed something to focus on to keep from cumming. He reached up and took her breasts in his hands, massaging and playing with her nipples. Shelby was panting and moaning, almost screaming, as they fucked.

“We…have to change…positions” she struggled to say while fighting off her orgasm.

Shad pulled her off him and flipped her doggie style, pushing his prick in her ass. She screamed as Shad filled her ass and began fucking her. At first he went slow, allowing her to get used to the size of him. As she started to moan and push back he picked up speed and started to fuck her senseless. As Shad fucked her ass he reached around her and slid three fingers into her pussy. He was now filling her ass and pussy, fucking them both hard. He felt her orgasm coming as her muscles began to tighten around him. He pounded her harder and faster because he was so close too.

“Mmmm, Shad…I am going to…mmm, ahhhh, yes! I am going to cum!” The moment Shelby finished warning him her orgasm hit.

Three deep thrusts later he slammed into her and filler her with his cum. They both laid there holding on to each other riding out the waves of their climaxes when Shelby said “That was amazing…wow.” Shad just laughed and said “So, same time next Friday then?” She smiled a wicked little smile and said “Oh yes sir, most defiantly yes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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