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This is the story of my first real relationship, and how it turned out to be a much better experience than I had any right to ask.

I had never been particularly good with the girls. I was a little too smart for my own good, awkward physically and socially. But in my second year of college, I came into contact with a girl, Susan, who was just too good to be true. I made a decision that I just couldn’t stand there and admire her from afar, as I always had with every other girl I had liked before. I had to go for it.

And shockingly enough, it worked. I was basically courting her at first. She tolerated me, seemed amused by me, and eventually seemed to actually like hanging out with me. Then I just had to figure out how to make sure this didn’t stay in friendship mode. By now I was totally infatuated with her. She was smarter than me, funnier than me, knew more about pop culture than me, and was obviously better-looking than me, but for whatever reason, she decided that I actually added something to her quality of life. We ended up in a sort of informal relationship that had ambiguously romantic overtones.

Susan was short, maybe 5’2″. Sort of a normal kind body, but first-class in quality: Nice legs that were solid and taut. A cute round face, with great cheekbones, an appealing stubby nose, dark blue eyes that looked like they were looking right through you, sharp-angled eyebrows, and brown hair in a bob. She had a respectable set of round, dense tits, on the small side of a C cup, but with her height they looked bigger. They were more firm than perky, but they had a nice swing when she walked. You might not notice them right off the bat, but once you did you couldn’t stop staring—at least I couldn’t. She usually wore demure (but still fairly tight) ribbed long-sleeved shirts that showed off her curves without being slutty—no cleavage, no belly button showing. You would not mistake her for a sorority girl. You got the feeling that she knew she had nice tits, and wasn’t ignorant of how to show them off—she just didn’t feel the need.

But whenever my gaze slowly slipped over her body, the highlight was, to be blunt, her ass. She had the most goddamn fan-fucking-tastic ass I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. I stared at it so many times, sometimes furtively, some obviously, that its contours have permanently burned themselves into my brain. It was round and packed tight with ass-meat. It looked like you could crack a walnut between those rock-solid cheeks. She usually wore some old threadbare jeans that clung to her ass like saran wrap, and it was a pleasure to behold, curving out over the backs of her thighs like a hyperbolic sculpture.

After a couple of months, I finally got the guts up to put the moves on her, which was honestly the bravest thing I’ve ever done. I felt like she wanted to progress farther as well, but if she had rejected me…well, I don’t know if I could have taken it. But I had to go for it, and so I did. As usual, she was far ahead of me, and when I finally kissed her, she practically rolled her eyes in a sense of “it’s been long enough.” But the floodgates had opened, and we actually started making out on a regular basis. It was magical. She could kiss like the devil, and was just as energetic and passionate as I could hope. I know that this sounds almost prudish in this day and age, but considering my past aridity in this area, I was in high heaven.

After some time, however, I began to wonder if she might really be as interested in me as I was in her, and if there were other guys I didn’t know about. I was, basically, paranoid, but with some basis in reason. I always went over to see her, she never come over to see me, for instance. So I started coming over less myself, hanging out with my guy friends more, subconsciously trying to make things easier on myself in case things didn’t work out. I just couldn’t believe I could have the kind of luck I seemed to be having. There had to be a catch. I was ready for it to all go to hell in a handbasket.

Part of this was due to the fact that not only was she smarter, funnier, etc. than me, she was also more experienced. We were pretty honest about this stuff, and once I got past the embarrassment of it all, I admitted I was a virgin. She told me that she had given a few guys blowjobs and handjobs and had let a few more guys in her shirt and pants, but she had never actually fucked anyone. She had gotten close, but never felt like she had the right guy to seal the deal. She even told me about how she used a vibrator. She was a visceral girl, and I had no doubts that she had enjoyed all of these experiences. Looking back, now I can tell she was giving me signals the whole time that she wanted me to take the bull by the horns and got for it. But back then, I just didn’t understand why she would tell me about letting other guys feel her up in sometimes-excruciating detail.

Then one weekend night, after coming back with my friends from a heavy bout of drinking, I walked illegal bahis in an extremely unsteady gait up to my room only to see her standing there outside my door with one of her girl friends. They were talking, and apparently were trying to figure out how long to wait. The friend was clearly saying something about it being time to leave. Susan made a gesture signifying that she would wait, and the friend left through the other end of the hall just as I came up.

“John—there you are,” she almost shouted with an gleeful look in her eye.

“Yep, I’m here, what the heck are you doing here,” I asked. “Not that I’m complaining—I’ve just never seen you around here before!”

“I know, I know—I felt bad about it. I feel like I’ve been ignoring you a bit,” she said. “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” I said, and after some fumbling with the lock we went in my room and closed the door.

“Can I have what you’ve been having?” she asked? I readily agreed and broke out a couple more beers.

We sat there and shot the shit a bit—she was a great conversationalist—but then she suddenly put the beer down and blurted out:

“Fuck it. I’m not here to drink. I’ve made a decision, and I’m not just going to sit around here waiting for it to happen anymore.” I listened in shock, since that was the exact feeling I had had when I started pursuing her!

“I’m here to fuck, John. I want to jump your fucking bones!”


Holy fucking shit. I mean, obviously I wanted to fuck her, and every other woman on the planet, but at the moment, I had no idea what to do or say. But, momma didn’t raise no morons! When you’re a virgin and the girl of your dreams says she wants you, you say yes!

“Umm…you got it! Uhhh—how do we go about this?”

Maybe I am a moron.

“Look moron”—ok, no doubt about it then—”I’ve wanted your cock for months now. If you don’t give it to me tonight, I’m going to have to find another outlet besides my vibrator!” She laughed, and came closer.

I was obviously still shocked.

“Let’s start like this.” And she kissed me passionately, deeply. Then she broke the kiss, pushed back an inch or two, and grabbed the bottom of her tight olive green ribbed shirt, lifting it up to reveal her magnificent breasts enclosed in a black see-through bra. I had waited months to see those globes—and my whole lifetime to see any breasts at all! They couldn’t have been more amazing—they were high and bouncy, with her cleavage a tight valley compressed between the cups of the bra, big round nipples poking a full inch out through its transparent fabric. My eyes turned into saucers, probably as big as her damned big nipples.

“You like?” she said demurely, an ironic lift in her eyebrows.

“Oh Jesus Christ yeah,” I said, still not exactly Lord Byron.

“Then take it off,” she said. Oh god—I had no idea what to do. I fumbled with it for a minute as she snorted a deep laugh, then she showed me the front clasp, and I unhooked it, letting her tits spring free. Even without the bra, they hung closely together and swung about with a delightful jiggle. Oh god I was beyond in love. This is where my drinking came in handy, because if I hadn’t been shit-face drunk, I would have come in my pants right then and there.

“Well,” she said, “Are you going to just let them sit there?” And with that I dove right in, sucking those long thick nipples right off of the skin, licking them, fondling them, massaging them. I worshipped at the feet of her tits for a good fifteen minutes, during which time her sarcastic comments became noticeably fewer and farther between, and her moaning became more and more prominent. Finally I looked up and took a breath, and I could see her eyes were dilated and rolled practically back in her head. After a minute she came-to, and smiled.

“Nice job tiger,” she said. “That was just what these girls needed. Now it’s my turn.”

She moved closer, and slowly stripped me of my shirt and pants, to reveal a huge bulge in my boxers.

“Oh boy, what do we have here,” she murmured, almost to herself. When she pulled my boxers down, my cock popped out like a jack in the box, and she stared in appreciation.

“Wow John,” she said. “I have to admit, I can’t say I’m the world’s expert on dick size, but that fucker is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen!”

My heart, like the Grinch’s, increased three sizes that day. Sure, I knew I was a little larger than normal, but to actually hear it, that was fantastic. To be honest, cocks get a hell of a lot bigger than mine. I think she must have been a little tipsy herself. But I was packing eight inches of heat, about two inches wide, and she couldn’t get enough of looking at it.

Until, that is, she realized that doing is better than looking, and she needed to take advantage of her own good luck. She leaned over and took the head of my cock in her wet, warm mouth. I have never felt anything so good in my entire life. Again, thank god I was drunk illegal bahis siteleri off my ass. I lay there on my bed as she skillfully, slowly, passionately sucked me off in a way that felt so good it almost made me cry. She would take as much of it in her mouth as she could, then bob up and down, then pull off and lick the shaft, then suck some more, all the while using the tip of her tongue to tickle the bottom of the head. I was in heaven. She looked up at me and smiled.

“I had been planning ahead of time to get this all the way in,” she said. “Those other guys I sucked off”—did we really have to talk about them right now?—”were kind of quickies and I never really got all that far past sucking on their heads before they came! I’ve always kind of thought that if you’re going to suck dick, you should do it right, so I had made up my mind that it was time I learned to deep throat”—oh, ok, keep talking then!—”but I think I’m going to have to put off that particular objective for a little longer.”—fuck no, try, just try!—”I think I could get the length down, but you’ve got one thick sonuvabitch down here! We’ll just have to practice, practice, practice,” she finished with a sultry grin, winking, and my heart melted.

That said, I wanted to have my dick goddamn sucked, and when she went back to work, I felt no compunction against using my hands to help push her head down a little farther each time. Within five minutes, she had at least half my dick in her mouth and the first inch or so of her esophagus. She was obviously having some problems deriving from the fact that her throat was just too damn slender a hole for my hog—even her mouth was tightly stretched around my shaft. But by this point, it didn’t matter how far in I was, because that mouth was like paradise, and I couldn’t take it any more.

“Oh god,” I said, “Oh god!” My balls tightened, and my shaft throbbed, and I actually pushed in another half inch as my hips spasmed in delight. “I’m going to come.” But instead of pulling off as I expected, she just pulled out so that my head was out of her throat but within the perimeter of her lips. When I came, she kept a tight seal around me with her mouth, and started to greedily suck down all I had to offer. Or at least I think that was the plan. My cock is big, but no record-holder; my ejaculation, on the other hand, is Olympics-level.

Now, the fact that I was a virgin doesn’t exactly mean I had never come before—I had turned on the ol’ goo fountain more times than I could count, it was always just in my own hand. So I had a pretty good idea of how much I could shoot off, and normally it was kind of a hassle just from the point of view of having to clean it all up afterwards. But apparently the addition of another biological, as opposed to imaginary, organism into the equation really shook things up—because I spewed forth more cum in that one blast than I had in the last month of jerking off. It shot out with the energy of a shaken-up can of soda.

I filled her mouth, and she swallowed, and I filled her mouth again, and she swallowed again, until I finally filled her mouth a fifth time, and she just couldn’t keep with up with the swallowing anymore. The seal of her lips puckered open, and a flood of gooey sperm and spit flooded down her chin and neck, dripping onto her tits and stomach. My white viscous cum looked blasphemously sexy on her seemingly-innocent, cute face. Her nipples stood up even more when the warm wet dollops of drool fell onto their soft flesh.

She smiled, looked up at me, sexily swirled her tongue around her lips and chin, sweeping up the cum, and said in a deep-throated voice, “Mmm, that was really fucking good. I want some more!” Her hands ran over her chest, massaging the cum into her body.

Jesus Christ. Who had I been with all this time? I had no idea she was such a…well, a wanton whore, basically!

“Your turn, bad boy.” She stood up and yanked down her jeans and black cotton panties, revealing a nicely tended snatch, which she proceeded to show to me in all its glory by lying down on her back and spreading her legs wide. “Dive in buddy.”

“Uhhh,” I said. “I’m not sure I know exactly how to deal with that fella.”

“Just jump in and I’ll give you the tour,” she said, meanwhile using her fingers to swirl up some more of the cum on her tits and pop it into her mouth. Hey, I’ve always said you can’t say “no” to a girl who’s sucking your cum off her tits!

So I got on my knees and moved in close, and started just licking away at that fucker. Hey, not bad. And judging by the moans, she was fine with my bumbling strategies.

“OK, now just a little higher—get that nubbin there—ah yeah.” She taught me about the alphabet and a few other techniques, and with a little injection of enthusiasm on my part, I soon had her clutching the sheets and writing around, her hips bucking up and down and her cunt walls doing crunches, before opening up like a flower to the sun.

Goddamn, canlı bahis siteleri I just gave a girl an orgasm!

She lay there panting, “Fuck, John, that was the best fucking time I’ve ever head down there!”

“Well, I owed you,” I said.

“That’s true,” she said, “Now let’s get down to some real business.” She pulled me up on top of her, and grabbed down at the root of my cock. “Let’s put this thing to work! I’ve wanted a real live dick in me for a long fucking time John—don’t disappoint me!”

I don’t think it even needs to be mentioned that I was hard as a rock again, and my normal worry-wart personality was completely submerged by the alcohol, so disappointing her (which I probably should have been worried about, considering I had no idea what I was doing) was just not one of the things on my mind. She slipped the head of my cock right inside the folds of her cunt, and I felt like I was on a rocket ship to heaven. I had never felt or expected to feel anything as good as that. I thought her mouth was amazing, but her cunt…I couldn’t even imagine something like this existed. Her pussy walls clutched against my slowly-advancing rod, squeezing with a warm, luscious feel, like a wet sponge dipped in liquid heat. Now I was thanking god that not only was I hammered, but I had also just come a half hour ago, because otherwise I would have lasted about a minute in that furnace.

I gradually slid my cock up her canal, not stopping until I was balls-deep, and I could tell my thickness was a new experience for her. She had loosened up from my oral orgasm, but wasn’t quite ready for how ample a tool I had at my disposal. She was writhing beneath me. At first she was almost trying to play it cool, be the teacher, but her pussy was getting taught a lesson itself. Her face alternated between being ecstatically open, with her eyes and mouth wide, to slack and doped-out looking, eyelids drooping and mouth rubbery. Her hands grabbed me as tight as they could, and her legs wrapped around my back. She started making animal-like groans. Her snatch was rhythmically clutching and releasing my cock. Her tits were tight and her nipples erect.

After maybe five minutes of this, I started getting my confidence, and I really started to put my back into it, so to speak. I pulled almost all the way out, and I could see an expression on her face that I could only call fear—the fear of losing the joy my cock was bringing her! No worries though, I wasn’t going anywhere! I rammed back in, and started fucking the living shit out of her. I had waited for months to do this with her, and years upon years to do it to any girl, so I was not holding back. Who knew when I would get another chance? I was fucking with the ferocity of a tiger, the power of a bomb. Her body jiggled below me, like a fishing boat in a hurricane, unable to control itself. Her tits were flying every which way, even her face was shaking around on her skull, it was like every muscle was slack and out of control except for her cunt, which kept up its job of holding on tight.

I grabbed on her tits with both hands, feeling those great knockers, then grabbed her rock hard ass. I stopped for a second, and pulled her legs up on top of my shoulders.

“Uh, uh, fuuuuuuuck,” she moaned. I think she wasn’t sure she could stand the extra degree of penetration she was about to get. Now I had even more unfettered access to that sweet, sweet fucking cunt. I crammed my meat in there with a thousand thrusts, and she was literally screaming, barely able to fuck back at me, just a leaf in the wind. Finally I neared climax, and told her to get ready, but she didn’t even seem able to respond anymore. I gave it one last stroke, and when the root of my cock collided up against the outside of her cunt, the other end of my cock started to discharge volley after volley of my cum on the inside of her cunt, carrying on the momentum of my last powerful stroke. My cockhead kept spurting for what seemed like a few solid minutes of ejaculation, filling her pussy and dripping out the sides, leaving her pussy’s lips wet and gooey. The cum trailed down her asshole and all over her thighs. I put her legs down and lay on top of her, my cock slowly deflating inside, and we looked at each other in the eye.

It was a special moment. I was released from a lifetime of virginity. I knew that it was possible for a girl to want to have sex with me, and I could do a pretty good job of doing it. We were connected together even more strongly than we ever had been before.

So I thought we might lay there in relaxed bliss and then go to sleep. But no!

She sat up and rolled me on my back.

“Ok, tiger,” she said, “More where that’s coming from. But this time I’m in the driver’s seat.” My cock was a little soft, and she looked down. “Ok, let’s get this guy ready.” She slithered down and laid the head of my cock between those wonderful tits. A few rubs between those soft-but-dense cushions was all it took to get me back to the rigidity of steel, but she played around with it for a while longer, rolling it against her nipples, along the bottom of her tits, and between her cleavage, which I leisurely gazed at as her tits hung down like hemispheric globes from her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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