Careful What You Wish For – Day 11

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This a work of pure fiction, all sprouted from my overactive horny brain. It contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts, that some may find disturbing. So, if you are still going to read it, after having been warned, then enjoy!

I write as a hobby and a distraction in this difficult COVID-19 era. Feel free to comment, but keep it civil please, I’m not trying to win a prize or get published!

Stay safe and share some extra love with those who need it most in these challenging times!


Careful what you wish for — Day 11: Sunday

Mia woke up with a big smile on her face. Her thoughts drifted back to the events of the previous day. It had been such a crazy day and she had totally loved it! While she lay in bed, slowly waking up, she recalled the feeling in her pussy when Chris had fucked her hard and fast. It had felt amazing and she had come big time! She slowly rubbed her pussy and realized her vagina was still a bit tender. She smiled. Her phone beeped. Mia reached for it. A message had been posted in a messaging group she used to meet new customers for her escort work.

[Wouldn’t mind taking this one for a spin! Anybody know who she is? Amateur porn star maybe?]

The message contained a link and Mia tapped it with her finger.

A video started playing. She saw a huge black cock sliding in and out of a white woman’s cunt and Mia’s bedroom filled with the sound of loud moaning. Mia quickly turned down the volume and watched. The scene changed and Mia saw a woman sucking the same black dick. But as the camera zoomed out and the woman’s face became visible, Mia’s jaw dropped to the floor! It was Allie’s mom! Totally shocked, Mia watched the rest of the video, that lasted about twenty minutes! It contained scenes with Joan performing sex with an endless number of men and women in all sorts of combinations and positions! She saw men depositing their cumloads on and in her! The final scene showed her talking on the phone to her husband Chris, while two black cocks gave her a facial! Mia was totally stunned by what she had seen!

‘OMG, what am I going to do with this?’, she thought. Was she going to tell Allie about it? Or was it better to leave it and hope Allie and Chris would never see this. But she soon realized that was just an illusion. It would only be a matter of time before someone at school would see this and then confront Allie with it. Mia knew the images in the video would devastate Allie, Joan still being her mom. It would probably also end her marriage with Chris, but Mia didn’t care about that. She knew that marriage was over anyway, having seen the love Chris and Allie had for each other. But she had to share the video with her best friend, so she would be warned in advance of what was inevitably going to come out.

She copied the link and pasted it into the short message she wrote to Allie.

[Received this link this morning. Am so sorry for the content, but thought it best to warn you, instead of you getting caught unaware by somebody else. Call me if you want to talk, am here for you girl! Love, Mia.]

Mia sighed and pressed the send button.


Allie had lain awake for about half an hour, looking at Chris’ face next to her. She smiled as she traced his face with her eyes. She just couldn’t believe how lucky she was that this wonderful man loved her as much as he did! Yesterday he had participated in her fantasy and she loved him even more for it. Seeing him fuck her friend Mia, had turned Allie on immensely! And when Mia had deepthroated him and he had shot his cumload down her throat, she had almost come herself from just watching the expression on Mia’s and Chris’ faces! She had been surprised that she hadn’t felt any jealousy! But she was pretty sure that was because she just loved Mia! She had to admit to herself that she had really enjoyed eating out Mia’s pussy! She felt her pussy tingle just thinking about it! But if it would have been anyone else, she was sure she would rip the woman’s eyes out! And Chris’ for that matter!

Her phone beeped and she picked it up from the nightstand beside her bed. A message from Mia! She smiled. ‘Probably some horny message about yesterday’, she thought with a smile. She had noticed how much Mia had come to like Chris yesterday and how she had loved having sex with him. Allie knew that Mia generally didn’t think much of men, especially because of the men she met during her escort work. Most of them treated her like a cheap whore and were cheating on their spouses. But Allie had noticed that Mia had really enjoyed being intimate with Chris! She had even asked Allie’s permission for a final parting kiss with Chris. Just the way she had kissed him, slow, deep and sensual, had convinced Allie that Mia really liked Chris! Maybe they should have another threesome some time, Allie wondered. To her surprise the mere thought, send a shiver through her body! ‘Wow girl, what’s happening to you?’, maltepe escort she thought with a smile.

She opened Mia’s message and as she read it, her eyes grew wider and wider! What content was Mia revering to? Her first thought was that it had something to do with Mia herself. But she almost immediately dismissed that thought. Mia had written that she would be there for Allie. ‘It has something to do with me’, Allie thought with a shock. What could it be? Her finger lingered over the link in the message. Was she going to press it, or not? Suddenly she gasped for air! What if it had something to do with Chris? Allie almost panicked, fearing that her new found love was about to end! She realized there was only one way to end all her doubts. She sighed and pressed the link.

An hour later she still lay bawling in Chris’ arms! She had viewed the video the first time in total shock! Then she had started crying uncontrollably, which had woken up Chris. She had shown him Mia’s message and they had watched the video together. Even though he already knew his marriage with Joan was over, Chris felt his stomach turn into a tight knot when he watched Joan fuck an endless number of men! This was far worse than anything he had imagined and Joan had told him at Caitlin’s dinner! The final scenes in the cum bath and the phone call with him while she was getting facilized by the two black cocks, made him want to throw up! Allie had cried non-stop! Seeing her so miserable by what her mother had done, made Chris feel so angry and sad at the same time, that tears started running down Chris’ face too.

They got up, got dressed and went downstairs to get a coffee. They sat next to each other on the couch in the living room, when Allie’s phone rang. She looked who was calling. It was Mia! She answered her call.

“Hey girl, I’m so sorry for sending you that horrible shit. How are you doing?”, Mia asked concerned.

Allie started bawling again and it took several minutes before she could speak with Mia.

“Listen Allie. I’m so, so, so sorry to have to tell you this, but after seeing that video I have searched the web to see if it has already been posted somewhere. It has! And worse, there are a number of similar videos with your mom in it, posted on amateur porn sites! I don’t know if you want to know all of this, but I think it’s better when you do. This will come out! I’ll send you the links I have found so far. You want me to come over for support?”, Mia asked.

Allie told Mia she understood why she had sent the link and thanked her for calling. She would call her back later today. After she hung up, she told Chris what Mia had told her. Allie’s phone beeped again and she saw it was a message from Mia. It contained a number of links to porn sites. She showed the message to Chris, who cursed softly and grabbed the remote for their large smart-TV hanging on the wall. He switched it on and used the keyboard on the remote to call up a browser app and entered the first link in Mia’s message. After he hit the enter button on the remote, the video started playing.

The video showed Joan being laid down on a bed and six boys, 3 white and 3 black, crawling onto the bed with her. One boy started French kissing Joan, while other boys grabbed her breasts and pulled her dress up. The camera zoomed in on Joan’s crotch and Chris could clearly see how a boy pulled the leather panties down he had given Joan to wear on their date night! Chris immediately realized what Joan had really been doing on their date night and felt sick in his stomach. She never had been serious about saving their marriage! During the next couple of minutes, the boys fucked Joan in different combinations and positions. Allie and Chris witnessed how Joan came several times herself and how the boys deposited cumload after cumload in her cunt, ass and mouth! When they heard Joan shouting that the boys were fucking her so much better than her husband did and that she wanted them to fuck her all night long, Chris had enough of it and stopped the video.

“Do we really need to see more of this shit?”, he asked Allie.

“I know this hurts terribly baby, I feel the same way, but we have to be sure what’s out there and how it affects us if it comes out, as I’m sure it will!”, Allie replied.

He knew she was right, sighed deeply and entered the next link and hit enter again. This video showed Joan getting DP-ed by two black boys with huge dicks. Chris fast forwarded to the end of the video, glad he didn’t have to listen to anything in the video. Suddenly the scene changed to a close up of Joan’s face. She was facing the camera with her eyes closed and was handed a phone. Curious what was going on, Chris pressed the play button to stop fast forwarding. The sound returned and Allie and Chris listened with wide-open eyes to Joan’s end of the phone conversation Chris had with her while they were doing the grocery shopping in the mall! On either side of the camera a huge escort maltepe black cock pointed at Joan’s face and was being jerked off. In the video, only the large cockheads were visible and the foreskin sliding over them as the boys jerked off. Suddenly the cocks started spurting loads of cum onto Joan’s face and she had to quickly suspend her conversation with Chris! Afterwards she told Chris she had tasted some of the Black Cream and it was delicious. After she had ended the call, Joan cried out it had been fucking amazing that she had been facilized, while talking to her husband on the phone!

Chris felt so humiliated by what Joan had done! He didn’t recognize the woman in the video’s as the wife he had loved and cherished for so long. It seemed Joan had become a completely different person!

Chris entered the next link and another video started. This one showed a large dome like room in which countless people were fucking each other in a huge orgy! The camera moved slowly through the room, zooming in on different couples performing all sorts of sexual acts with each other. The person holding the camera, slowly descended to the lower levels of the room and finally zoomed in on a woman being DP-ed by an African and Asian man. It was Joan! As Chris fast forwarded the video, they saw numerous men changing places and fucking Joan in different positions. Men were depositing cum all over her body and from their jerking bodies, Chris could tell they were also coming in her cunt, ass and mouth! After he quickly had counted twenty men fucking Joan, he stopped counting and continued fast forwarding the video.

Suddenly they saw Joan sitting in a bathtub with a black girl. Chris slowed the video down to normal playing speed and they watched as Joan and the girl were giving guys blowjobs, while jerking off other guys standing around the bathtub! Every couple of seconds a guy would blow his cumload in their mouths or over their bodies! Joan and the black girl just let the cum pour from their mouths onto their bodies as they continued to blow newly arriving men!

The camera moved closer as Joan stood up and offered her cunt to a man standing on one side of the bathtub, while she blew another man standing on the other side of the bathtub. The guy standing behind her, stuck his cock into her cunt and fucked her fast and hard. After a minute or two he started trembling and it was clear that he blew his cumload in Joan’s pussy. She looked back at him, smiled and continued blowing the man standing in front of her. The man who had just fucked her disappeared and his place was immediately taken by another man, who pushed his hard cock into Joan’s asshole and fucked the shit out of her!

The camera moved closer and finally showed the inside of the bathtub. Joan and the black girl were standing in a pool of cum that covered the bottom of the bath tub and was slushing over the top of their feet as they moved around in the bathtub! Chris fast forwarded the video again, until he saw a man hand Joan a wineglass. Chris slowed the video down to normal playing speed again and Chris and Allie watched with open mouths how Joan smiled at the camera and scooped a full wineglass of cum from the bathtub, held her head back and opened her mouth and then poured all the cum into her mouth, swallowing the full content of the wineglass!


Joan woke up from noises she heard coming from somewhere in the house. She listened carefully and thought she could make out several voices and noises that sounded like moaning! Then the noises stopped, only to return moments later. Curious what was going on she got out of bed, put on her bathrobe and walked towards the stairs. When she arrived at the top of the stairs, she could clearly hear moaning coming from the living room! ‘OMG, was Allie looking at a porn video?’, she thought.

She quickly went down the stairs and almost ran into the living room, to tell Allie to turn off the TV! When she entered the room, she saw Allie and Chris sitting on the couch, watching the TV. When she turned her eyes towards the TV, Joan froze! Her eyes grew wide and she stopped breathing! On the huge TV screen, she could see herself scoop a wineglass full of cum from the bathtub she was sitting in and then in close up and slow motion pour the cum into her open mouth, swallowing everything! She immediately recognized the scene! It was in the orgy villa she had visited yesterday!

She looked back at Allie and Chris and saw both of them looking at her. Then Chris turned his head towards the TV again. He recalled the previous link from the browser cache and replayed the last part of the previous video they had watched, where Joan had talked to Chris on the phone while she got facilized by the two black dicks. Joan looked at the images on the TV and felt her whole world collapsing! Again, Chris recalled a previous video and replayed the part where Joan lay on the bed with all the boys touching and kissing her and one of maltepe escort bayan them pulled her leather panties down, while she sucked on a huge black cock!

“Well, now you finally know where you have lost my gift. But I guess you already knew that, didn’t you?”, Chris asked coldly.

Then Chris entered another link and when the video started playing it showed scenes of Joan sucking and fucking Ulan’s cock in the Bell’s Club. When Ulan came into her mouth, she heard Allie gasp!

“OMG mom, is that Ulan? Were you fucking your students?”, Allie asked horrified.

Joan looked back at Allie and Chris, now horrified herself! From the look on their faces Joan immediately knew her life as she had known it, was over! She didn’t even try to explain anything, or say she was sorry. She knew it wouldn’t matter, anyway. She turned around and walked to the kitchen, crying. Her phone buzzed in the pocket of her bathrobe. She took it out and saw Allie had sent her a message. When she opened it, she saw more than a dozen links to porn sites with a short message from Allie: FYI! She knew what the videos would show, so she didn’t bother to open any of them. She sat down and cried. Then she heard someone walk into the kitchen. She looked up and saw Chris standing there, looking at her.

“I’m so sorry”, she just whispered.

“Yeah, well it’s a bit late for that now, don’t you think? And we have heard that before from you, but from those videos it appears you didn’t really mean it, don’t you agree? So, here’s the deal. Pack a bag with some clothes and other stuff you need and get the hell out of this house. I want you out of here in half an hour! And don’t ever come back here! I’ll have your stuff packed by a moving company and delivered anywhere in town for you to store or transport further on your own dime! I don’t want to see you anymore, ever! I’ll contact a solicitor tomorrow and arrange the divorce papers. That should be a slam dunk with all your stuff posted out there on the internet! So, don’t expect a large settlement, you will have to work for a living. But I doubt that will be at the local high school, once they see your online performances. But hey, judging from those video’s you could pursue a whole new career as a white cum slut, addicted to black cock! Now get packing and get the hell out of this house!”

Chris turned around and left. Joan just sat there, stunned by Chris’ words. Her life was over! She had lost everything for the sake of having some sex! She couldn’t believe how she could have been so stupid! She stood up and walked up the stairs and started packing a couple of bags. When she checked her handbag, she found the pregnancy test she had bought yesterday. ‘OMG, please don’t let me be pregnant’, she thought. She went into the bathroom and peed on the stick. After a couple of minutes, she came out of the bathroom, crying. She buried the pregnancy test in one of her bags, the blue lines in the window on the stick clearly visible for a split second, indicating she was pregnant!

She carried both her bags down and walked into the living room, hoping to convince Allie to come with her. Allie sat on the couch, crying. Chris was not in the room. Joan walked up to her daughter.

“Hi baby, I’m so sorry that you had to see all that. Maybe I can explain it to you at some point in the future, but I realize, now is not the right time. Will you please come with me? You are my daughter after all? You shouldn’t stay here with Chris, he’s not your real family”, Joan spoke softly.

When Allie looked up to her, Joan immediately knew she had lost Allie too!

“I’m not coming with you. I don’t want to see you ever again! Don’t you get what you have done to us? Go and play the white slut whore you apparently want to be for your students!”, Allie said coldly.

Allie knew she was being unnecessarily mean to her mother, but right now she was hurt too much to really care about her mother’s feelings!

Joan turned around and walked out of the room. She put her coat on and looked around one last time and then left the house with her bags. She got into her car and drove off. Once onto the next road, she pulled over and called Caitlin.

“Hey girl, everything alright? Has Chris contacted you yet for that second talk?”, Caitlin asked.

Joan started crying again. She sobbed as she told Caitlin what had happened that morning, that Chris had kicked her out of the house and that Allie didn’t want to see her anymore.

“My life is over, Caitlin, I don’t know what to do anymore! I might as well just die!”, she cried.

“You come to us, you hear? You can stay here and we’ll figure things out. We’ll talk to Chris and see what can be done, ok?”, Caitlin told her.

Joan thanked Caitlin and drove to her house. When she arrived, Caitlin was standing in the driveway, waiting for her. They hugged each other and Caitlin guided her in, carrying one of her bags. She brought her to the spare room they used for guests and they sat on the bed. Joan cried her eyes out, as the reality finally dawned on her. Caitlin gave her some medication to calm her down and suggested she take some rest. Joan lay down and fell asleep as the medication took effect.

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