Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 15

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 10). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 15 – Best Friends Become Lovers


Sheila went with me to the west coast on Wednesday. We worked on the plane all the way across the country, mostly on tentative plans to break apart our chemical companies and then do various recombinations into multiple corporate units. I wanted to sell off the commodity or heavy molecule parts of the business, and thought I might have a buyer with the Italians I’d talked with in Milan. I wanted to keep the higher margin specialty chemicals in my own portfolio of businesses.

I also thought I might be able to talk them into trading or selling me the pharmaceutical part of their business as part of the deal so that I could create a greater mass in that industry segment. In many ways, pharmaceuticals were the ultimate specialty chemicals.

Sheila and I were into the seven S’s that made up the various businesses to see of they would fit in with what we already had: strategy, structure, systems, staff, skills, style of management, and the shared values or culture of the various segments. I had a number of other management frameworks we tested our ideas against as well. Of course, nothing was a perfect fit and we knew that, but we needed to see where the rough edges and friction points would be and whether they were showstoppers.

Sheila understood all the analytics of the various business segments we were playing with, and many others. She had a major role in pointing out potential problems as well as coming up with plans and ideas for how to resolve them. She was masterful at moving people into the right places where they could have a high impact. She had knack for knowing how large an effort it would take to move a unit to a new information system.

The chemical companies were not the reason we were flying to California. We were going to start the negotiations with Nanotech regarding their becoming part of Worthington Industries. The next day we’d start meetings with them. Tom Power would be joining us.

Although I might have opted to land at San Jose since that was near here our meetings would be, I had us flown into SFO so that Sheila and I could spend some team building time together down near the Embarcadero. We got dropped off there with our security team, and prowled around the piers and touristy shops for a couple of hours before settling on a place for dinner. Early dinner in San Francisco was a dinner just at the right time back home.

We were a young couple in love. We held hands as we wandered around. We walked with our arms around each other, and we smooched everywhere. Neither of us said anything, but the arc of the evening was already set.

We picked up the limousine after dinner and went to the hotel Melanie had booked us in – The Epiphany in Palo Alto. The place was modern and sleek in the middle of old California. As we checked in I realized that Melanie had booked us into the same room. Sheila just looked at me and winked. She smiled and mouthed at me, “Finally!”

We went up to the room, and my security checked into a room across the hall. The usual guard or two would stroll up and down the hallway on a 24/7 basis.

In the room, Sheila fell back on the large bed. She laughed, “Well, I guess we know what Melanie has in mind for us.”

“I didn’t know, I promise, but it was probably all three of them – Elsa and Cindy were in on this too. Little happens in our family that doesn’t have some group decision making as part of it.”

She rose and came to me. We hugged and kissed gently and lovingly with each other. “This is what I want. We have put this off for eight years. I think it’s time we became lovers. I know you have your three girls, and I’m not out to upset that, but you and I do need to consummate this thing we started a long time ago. We’ve had chemistry all along, but done a great job of sublimating those urges.”

“It’ll change things,” I speculated.

“For the better,” Sheila insisted, and then she kissed me again, this time with a lot more passion and desire coming through to me.

She pulled my tie off and started to unbutton my shirt. Shirt and suit coat disappeared. We kissed some more. Sheila talked to me in a low whisper, telling me about how she liked my sex appeal and the man I had become and was becoming. “You turn me on every day. I have longed for this night, and now it’s here. I am so happy I may cry with joy.” illegal bahis I kicked off my shoes. She undid my belt buckle, the zipper, and then helped remove my pants … and my briefs. I was the naked male in front of the fully clothed woman.

Sheila shrugged off her blouse and bra. She had beautiful breasts. I’d seen them – even studied them – the night of the barbecue when I’d ended up hosting our first sex party. I’d wanted Sheila that night, but our paths didn’t cross. That was almost three months earlier.

We both had noticeable erections of key parts of our anatomy: Sheila’s nipples could have cut glass, and for that matter so could my erection. She moved in, and we kissed again, this time in a long, drawn-out kiss involving lots of tongue, panting, and roaming hands. She had hold of my cock and proceeded to rub the glans against her cleft and mons as we kissed, and then she tucked my shaft between her legs and squeezed so I could mock fuck her as my shaft rubbed along her pussy lips. Sheila pulled me to the bed, and together we fell with initial laughter where we enjoyed more petting and kisses.

My mouth found her breasts and I worshipping those parts of her for many minutes. I then went headlong into her trimmed mons and pussy for a long time. We sixty-nined. My tongue encircled the area, dropping deeper into her cleft. I excited her. She excited me. She insisted that we couple, and then that first magic moment took place where my cock head split apart her moist clam, burrowing deep into her body. The feeling was out of this world.

We made love on the bed, Sheila welcoming my every kiss, move, and penetration. She was occasionally the aggressor, and often the submissive female. As eager as we were to do this, we both lasted an inordinately long time – almost an hour, before our orgasms finally pushed us into a new place and into new dimensions in the cosmos.

We lay on the bed cooling down, at least until Sheila moved off me from our last sexual position. She pulled me up to my feet, and with a giggle gently pushed me into the shower. She followed me and we did an erotic shower, washing each other and each other’s hair. She was so sexy.

We again found our way into each other’s arms as returned to the bedroom.

I got worried suddenly with my long-term friend and confidant. “Sheila, are we all right? Did we do damage to ‘us’?”

Sheila kissed me again very tenderly. She whispered in a husky voice into my ear, “Everything that happened between us – and will happen – is just fine with me and anybody else that needs to know. Relax and enjoy us – now. Your three girls wanted us to mate. I wanted this. I know you did. Here we are. Now, let’s mate again. I love you.”

Sheila fellated me back to hardness. We made love again, much to my surprise, taking another hour before my orgasm ended our coitus. As before, we kept changing positions, varying the pace, touching each other erotically in every conceivable place while we remained coupled, and kissing with a wide range of emotions behind our act. Sheila seemed to enjoy a half-dozen orgasms before my own arrived.

After we’d finished and lay there panting next to each other, I asked in a near whisper, “How’d you do that? How do you make me last so long when we just kept going at it? How do you get so many orgasms in … before you allow me to cum?”

Sheila hummed in happiness and responded, “It’s my own variation on Tantric sex. Neither of us could do what we did unless we connected with each other at a deep level beyond just being physical and sexual with each other. We connected at a spiritual level. I knew we connected at this special level within thirty seconds of meeting you all those years ago. I knew we would make love this way because of what the girls told me. We think alike and have the same resonances to people – in this case with you.”

She went on, “This evening – my being with you and our making love – was more than each of us just getting our rocks off … or even wanting to please the other. We connected with each other through something even greater. Our stroking, kissing, licking, penetration, pace, and variations in position helped us explore each other in new ways beyond the physical. We honored each other and honored the creative Universe or God that exists in all of us – in all things. I often think when I have a really hard orgasm that I have truly become One with that Force.”

I said, “Well that aims me towards the answer, but I still wonder ‘How’ you did what you did?”

Sheila chuckled; “You did what you did. I helped point the way. When we made love, we moved beyond sensation to a different mental level that transcended the physical senses. You felt it; I could tell; you followed my lead and were willing to explore and not rush things even though we kept mating. We merged our beings with each other because we both wanted that deeper feeling of consuming love. We wanted to prolong the pleasure for each other and for ourselves, and so we did.”

We were silent for a illegal bahis siteleri moment, and Sheila added, “I have never connected with someone so quickly, so fast – and on so many levels. When we first met years ago, I knew. I could have made love to you with the same results and feelings within a minute after we met; we’d have made the same connection. We’ve just had eight years of foreplay leading up to our real purpose tonight. Thank you.” We kissed very tenderly, our bodies rubbing together to heighten the sensations we felt for each other.

I said, “You’ve given me some things to think about – I mean making love on multiple levels simultaneously. I feel that way with each of the girls. When I’ve done it before, it just was what it was. I felt that we were connecting on multiple levels. I feel so energized, and so at peace with the Universe. You’ve taught me a lot about spiritual lovemaking tonight.”

Sheila snuggled into me, one of her breasts within easy reach of the hand that wrapped around her. I stroked her nipple casually. She purred. We both nodded off to sleep.

I awoke to a sunbeam in my face, surprised at how rested I felt. It was early. Beside me, the sexy form of Sheila lay nude and sleeping on her stomach. I leaned over and kissed her shoulder, and then slipped out of bed. I pulled out my iPad and started to review some of the hundreds of emails I’d received since yesterday.

Sheila finally spoke showing me she was awake, “You’re up early. Everything all right?”

“The best,” I assured her. “Making love with you rejuvenated me. I’m very happy. You?” I suddenly worried that she’d had second thoughts about our lovemaking.

She got up and kissed me on the lips, making the kiss have a message of love and connection. She spoke, “I like watching you work. You have a ferocious intensity to what you do.”

Sheila sat her naked body on my naked lap, “Have you ever heard of a soul group – a group of souls? It’s a group of energy essence beings who decide to come to this existence together to experience something together or for each other in the physical world. I’m not sure I believe it or not, yet it seems that we’re destined to meet some people and then interact with them in some way. Maybe that’s why we met – and Elsa, Cindy, Melanie – and who knows whom else; we were all destined to interact in some way. We’re growing and evolving into something new together. It’s maybe why we have deep desires for each other.”

“I like that concept. It explains why I have a deeper connection with some people versus others.

Sheila said, “I think it says more about the relationship between two people besides I love you. Just so you hear the words from me, I do love you. I think I’ll be sure to tell you that every day from now on.”

“And I love you. I’ve loved you since we met.”

Sheila squirmed around on my lap a little. “I think Mr. Happy would like to play again. Come with me; we have a little time before we have to go to work.”


It took me the better part of the morning to figure out the name, address, and phone number of the jewelry store in Frederiksted on St. Croix. When I had an opportunity I’d also raided Melanie’s jewelry box on her dresser and borrowed a ring I’d seen her wear so I knew it fit. I had it sized so I knew exactly what I needed.

I called the jewelry store and finally got the manager. Amazingly, she remembered us. I guess it wasn’t everyday she sold three identical rings that cost a few thousand dollars each. Further, we’d been quite open that we were a threesome and were dedicating ourselves to each other.

Mark had gone off to California in his sleek corporate jet. Sheila had gone with him, and I hoped that the two of them would finally connect after all the years they’d known each other. Both had told me that they could read the other’s mind, and when I talked to them they even had their own shorthand code between them to finish ideas, especially about business.

I wasn’t that surprised when Mark called me on Thursday during their lunchtime. He explained that they were taking a break from their conversations with the founders of Nanotech, but he wanted to get to me early.

Mark waffled around for a few moments and then I asked him directly, “So, did you and Sheila finally sleep together?”

He sounded surprised, “Yeah, we did. It was … beautiful.”

“And are Cindy, Melanie, and me toast?” I was teasing and also fishing for a compliment.

“NO!” he protested immediately. “I still love each of you. You’re the ones who are always telling me I can love more than one person. Well, I have always loved Sheila … that’s kind of why I called.”

“Mark, I was teasing. We love you. We urged Melanie to do something to get you two together.”

“Oh,” he sounded accepting. “What would you think if I got a ring for Sheila too?”

I responded enthusiastically, “I think that would be very special and a great idea, if you’re sure she’d wear it. We don’t know her as well as you do. canlı bahis siteleri Melanie does, and she tells Cindy and me that she is a gem and that we’ll love her as an older sister. She’s your age, right?”

“Yes, thirty six. Her birthday was in July.”

I spoke, “So, I should order a ring for her too.”

“If you could. I’ll confer with you about when and how to give it to her. I think I should wait until the three of you have been able to establish more of a relationship with her, but I would like to have one in reserve.”

“No problem. I did order Melanie’s. It should be here tomorrow by FedEx. I’ll see if I can add to the order.”

“How did you pay for the ring?”

“Duh. I have a credit card.”

“You shouldn’t have to pay for something like this.”

“Mark, I wanted to. I love Melanie and I’m sure I’ll love Sheila. Now, stop worrying about money.” I almost laughed. Here I was telling a billionaire not to worry about money, and if I included my student loans I had a negative net worth in the tens of thousands. At least I had my own income stream and earning potential.

I could hear Mark sigh in exasperation. “We’ll talk about this when I get home.”

I added one more thought to the mix. “Mark, I told you that I wanted to carry my weight in this relationship. I can’t begin to equal your wealth, but allow Cindy, Melanie, and me to buy the things we can afford so that we at least think we’re doing something to contribute to our family. Enough for now.”

Mark changed his tone, “OK, for now. One more thing … I love you … I love you all. I think I’ll be home late evening. If my plans change I’ll let you know. Bye love.”

We ended the call. I called the jeweler right away and was able to add to the order before he shipped. Since Sheila and I were about the same height, weight, and had similar hands, I had made the assumption that her ring size would be the same as mine. If it weren’t right, we could get a local jeweler to resize the ring.

I sent a text to Melanie and Cindy after that: ‘Mark and Sheila did the deed. [smiley face]’ The replies came instantly and were predictably happy with what the pair had finally done.

That evening Melanie, Cindy, and I had a hen party over a dinner that we prepared in Mark’s big kitchen. We’d picked up the fixings for it, and had told Barnes he didn’t need to worry about us.

Cindy bluntly said, “So, what can we expect now that Mark and Sheila have fucked?”

Melanie corrected, “Made love.”

I said, “They’ve been like a married couple in some ways for years. They’re closer than we are with him, so I expect it was a transcendent experience for each of them.”

Cindy said, “Are you jealous?”

“Kind of. I wish I had the closeness with Mark that Sheila has, but that’ll come with time and patience. I guess if something exclusive were going to happen, it would happened long before today. There are all kinds of things I could be jealous of, but I don’t go there.”

Melanie said, “I’m kind of jealous.”

Cindy nodded to show she felt the same way.

I explained, “There are different ways to be jealous. Think about it. One is based on fear of loss, as in Sheila will take Mark away from me. My response to that is I don’t think Sheila is like that; she’s inclusive not exclusive. If she does, I guess Mark and I didn’t have that strong a tie between us; except I think we do.

“A different kind of jealousy is based on the kind of game I think we’re in. If I think we’re in a zero-sum game, then if Sheila gets something, I don’t, or vice versa. In this case, we’re worried about love. If she gets a lot of love, I get very little. This is important, because we’re NOT in a zero-sum game. I think that love expands as we do. I love both of you and Mark, and I’ll love Sheila. By society’s mores I’m supposed to only love one of you, but I love four of you. So why bother with that kind of jealousy? Just change your mindset.

“Another way to look at jealousy is to think of its opposite, in this case the word is compersion. With jealousy, I get into a rage if I see you making love with somebody else; I want to inflict hurt and the pain I work myself up to feel. It’s the opposite with compersion. If I see either of you making love with Mark, and I have, I feel good inside; I get a warm feeling and a flood of love because I love you both. I am glad that you two have connected and are sharing a moment. Do I want to join in? Maybe, but if I don’t I trust that my time will come and hope you’ll feel the same warm feelings when you see Mark and me.

“Overall, I choose not to let jealousy into my mind. It’s a learned response to various social situations. Society has taught us those negative response patterns, and they’re piss poor responses. I choose to either not respond or react in a loving and positive way.”

Cindy thought a moment and declared, “So, we should love Sheila and welcome her.”

“With open arms and all the love we can muster. I think she’s hot. I watched her make love with Tom and Andy at our barbecue; she’s very skilled. I could learn some things from her. She’s orgasmic too, has a unique way of twerking her hips that I can tell brings her off, and I definitely want to suck on those mature breasts of hers.”

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