Ass Play

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“More baby, more.”

I drove into her harder and I ground against her when my cock was planted as deep as I could reach. She bucked and shook and I felt the spasms as she climaxed. Then she lay back, spent and exhausted. I lay down on her and kissed her lips tenderly. My cock continued to throb in her tight grip. She smiled at me for a moment and sighed.

I rolled off of her and pulled her onto my shoulder. She took her familiar place and before long I knew she was asleep. I held her. My hand caressed her shoulder and back and I relished the softness of her body next to mine. I watched the ceiling fan as it slowly turned and found my mind drifting to what she had told me earlier.

We were in that soft and mellow time when words flow without thinking and censorship and in that mood she had confessed that she had been curious about what anal sex was like and had imagined me fucking her ass many times when she masturbated. I found it strange that she had not indulged, because she was very uninhibited and anxious to join me in any game or fantasy I had. Upon my coaxing, she told me that when she was younger, an older boyfriend had tried to force his cock into her ass and it hurt and frightened her. She had been afraid since then, but yet was fascinated with the idea.

Many times she had fingered her ass and had allowed me to as well, but she always froze when I became too aggressive. I always respected her hesitancy. We had so many good things together that I didn’t want to jeopardize our relationship for that.

As I lay there, I planned to make her fantasy come true.

I slid out of the bed and showered. I sat in a chair reading while she continued her nap. She finally moved and looked at me.

“How long have I been asleep?”

“About an hour.”

“God that was fantastic.”

“Yes it was.”

She got up and went to the bathroom. I heard the shower running and I rearranged the sheets and picked pillows up off of the floor. She soon returned, naked and pink from the hot spray. She sat at the edge of the bed.

“What do you want to do now?”

“I want to give you a full body massage.”

“Ummm. You spoil me. You know.”

“It’s my job,” I laughed.

She rolled over onto the bed and looked at me.

“On your back.”

She turned and lay spread out. Her arms and legs pointed to the corners of the bed. I crawled over her and sitting over her, I began to press my fingers into the tissue around her neck. She sighed, knowing the massage that was beginning from experience. I plied her muscles and flexed and caressed and massaged them until she was limp and very relaxed. I leaned down and traced the route illegal bahis of my hands across her body with wet kisses and sucks. She cooed at the constant attention.

When I had finished with my massage I moved my attentions to her outer thighs and I felt her body sag even more with relaxation as I caressed her thighs, then her buttocks. My movements were so subtle that I doubt she realized the exact moment that my finger first touched her puckered ass. I moved in circles and every so often my finger would press gently against her tight ass hole. I would not press too hard, just enough to let her become accustomed to relaxing and not resisting and when I felt that response, I moved my finger away and continued my deceptive touches.

After a few minutes, I was able to push my finger into her ass up to the first knuckle. I didn’t force it but instead just remained still as I reached with my other hand under her and rubbed her pussy as a distraction. She groaned and I felt her legs shift apart, offering me better access to her pussy. I teased her lips for a moment and as I did, began to rotate my finger in her ass slightly. The rotation serves to relax the muscles and also gives different feeling from the angle of the finger.

After a couple of minutes of this play, I was able to slide my finger another knuckle deeper into her ass. She lay still as I worked on her ass and pussy. When I felt her muscles more relaxed, I began to slowly withdraw my finger then to push it back where it was before, then a little deeper and by alternately removing and reinserting it and rotating it, I was able to feel her muscles relaxed enough for the next steps.

I moved my fingers away from her and I squeezed her ass and as I felt and caressed them I leaned down and kissed her buttocks. I kissed across her ass in a wide circle and soon I had made my way to her ass hole. I paused for a second there and then licked my tongue up between her ass cheeks from between her legs to her ass hole. She gasped when my tongue pressed against the little button muscle. I flicked my tongue against her and she relaxed as much as possible.

I licked at her tight hole and flicked my tongue against it, then I pressed the tip of my tongue against it and held her hips with my hands. I shifted my body so I could concentrate on her and I pushed as she relaxed and soon I was able to stick my tongue in her ass a little. She tried to look back at me as I withdrew my tongue and flicked her and licked her and then tongued her again.

I pulled her up onto her knees and with her ass in the air, I was behind her on my knees as well. I pulled her buttocks apart and began to flick and lick her ass illegal bahis siteleri with enthusiasm. I spit on her ass hole and rubbed it with my finger until I had it loose again, then pushed a finger inside and proceeded to finger her ass, with slow and ever deepening strokes. She leaned back, wanting more of that delicious sensation and I obliged her. My finger probed her deeper and slid into her tight ass easier by the minute and soon I was able to insert my finger and rotate it without any restrictions. I was satisfied.

I got up and went to the dresser. I got her vibrator and returned to her. I licked her ass again, covering it with saliva and then I pushed the vibrator into her ass. She had never had anything that size up her ass before and she groaned as it filled her.

“Take your hands and hold this in place,”

She reached back and held the vibrator. I watched as I crawled off the bed and saw that she was turning it slightly and starting to fuck her ass with it. I moved to the head of the bed and offered her my cock. She eagerly sucked it deep in her mouth. I watched as she fucked her ass deeper while I held her face and fucked her mouth. She moaned at the sensation of being filled in both ends and at the naughtiness of what was happening.

When I was hard, I went back to the dresser and took her little pocket rocket out. I crawled behind her and as she continued to fuck her ass, I slid the little bullet into her pussy. I turned it on a slow vibration. She almost screamed as it sang in her wet pussy. I moved her hand away and removed the vibrator from her ass. I felt in her ass to be sure she was open enough and then I leaned forward and placed the head of my cock against her ass hole. The head was almost twice as big as the vibrator and I gently pressed it against her. She looked back again toward me as I pressed harder.

I continued to push my cockhead until I felt it slide inside. She was so tight, I knew I couldn’t move very much, so I was still. I reached under her and began to flick her clit as a distraction.

“Play with your clit. Make it really sensitive.”

She reached under and began to rub it as she knew so well how to. I gripped her hips with both hands and held her still as I pushed again. My cock moved slightly deeper and I stopped, satisfied with small gains at this point. Slowly I moved deeper into her until I had over half my cock in her ass. She was shaking from the vibrator’s and her hand’s effects on her pussy.

“Are you ready, sweetheart?”

“Ready for what?”

“To have your ass fucked.”

She was silent for a moment. I waited for her answer.


I pulled my cock canlı bahis siteleri almost all the way out and I reached under and covered my fingers with the juices from her sopping pussy. I rubbed it all over my cock and repeated this a couple of times till I was sure my cock was lubed with enough cum to slide effortlessly. I spit on her ass for good measure and because I think it sounds so nasty to spit on an asshole before you fuck it. So animalistic.

I grabbed her hips much tighter this time and I pushed forward. My cock stretched her ass as it pushed back inside and she pushed back against me. I knew she liked that full feeling and was ready, so as soon as my cock was in her at the same depth as before, I immediately withdrew. This time I didn’t slowly push back in, but I rammed it hard in one smooth move. She shrieked at the surprise as my cock filled her again.

I pulled back quickly and shoved again and again and again. Each stroke was deeper and faster and harder and soon I was fucking her ass with a frenzy that I could not have imagined a few minutes earlier. She rocked back and moaned and begged for more.

“God that feel so good… Fuck my tight ass daddy. Fuck that little hole…Make me your ass baby. Fill me with that big cock.”

She was a nasty whore at that moment and I worked to fuck her hard enough to make it memorable. I plowed her ass as she flicked her clit. The rocket soared in her vibrating pussy and she shook under orgasm after orgasm. I rammed her hard and I spanked her raised ass till her buttocks were pink and my hands stung. She was like a bitch in heat as she swayed and worked back against me, taunting me and urging me on and on.

I pushed her down on the bed, and I crawled on top of her. I pulled her legs together,and I swung my legs on the outside of hers. I shoved my cock back up her ass again and in that position I lay down upon her back and I drilled my hard cock down in her asshole until she screamed and moaned at her helpless pleasure. I rammed her tight ass and used her for my pleasure and she begged me for more.

“Yes baby, fuck me deeper. Take my ass. It’s yours. Give me more.”

I reached under her and filled my hands with her tits as I fucked her. I bit her neck and sucked her lips and kissed her as hard as I could. I was on fire and she was as well. We bucked against each other for a few minutes more, unable to sate our needs, until we were both worn out.

“I want to cum in your ass.”


I raised up and I placed my hands on her buttocks as if to hold her down and I pumped my cock into her ass rapidly a few more times, until I felt my cum flowing up and then shooting into her. I kept pumping to shoot as deep as I could and I emptied my balls up her virgin ass. She lay still when I pulled out a few minutes later. My cum ran out of her gaping ass onto the bed sheets. I kissed her tenderly as she drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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