Anna Ch. 01

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I’ve been a fan of this site for years now, but haven’t had a chance to contribute much as I have a busy life with a wife and 2 kids. Anyway, here’s a little something I wrote a while back. There’s not much (if any) Pedal Pumping stories on this site, so I hope this starts a “flood” of them. It is the first of a LONG series about a girl named “Anna.” If it’s not your “thing” and you don’t get it, don’t feel bad. It’s just not your thing. But as this is my “Test Balloon” be easy on me as this is my first contribution and my ego is fragile. (Warning: Some Sexual Content. All characters are over 18 and completely fictional!).

Chapter 1 “The Bronco had sometimes left her stranded, but it had NEVER let her down.

Anna looked at herself in the full-length bathroom mirror. She was excited about going to the Tim McGraw concert at the outdoor pavilion with her best friend Jill. She checked what little makeup she put on for the last time, smiled and made sure her lipstick didn’t make her slightly oversized lips attract too much attention. She had always been a little self-conscious about them for some reason, even at 30 years old, but she couldn’t really explain it.

Anna then looked down at her outfit. Her casual pink scoop-neck shirt left just enough to the imagination to cover her firm D-cups under her neck. Yet the bottom of the shirt lay loose and barely covered her bellybutton. Her white jeans-shorts came down just enough over her butt to compliment her firmness, but not look trashy. She turned around and smiled. She loved the way her butt looked in those shorts. Most guys never noticed it because they would always focus on her chest, but she always felt this was her best feature.

Anna’s focus continued down her tanned firm legs to her little feet. Her pink toenails didn’t quite match her shirt, but close enough for her to not care. As most girls do, she changed from dressy sandals, to dressy flip-flops, before settling with her old faithful brown rainbow flip-flops. Anna was always a tomboy at heart and she hated to “dress-to-impress.” She was a country-girl, low maintenance was her style and hated most of the attention she got from a lot of guys who wanted just to sleep with her without even knowing anything about her. So she liked dressing “comfortable” most of the time as not to draw too much attention to her natural beauty.

Time was getting short. She looked at the hat-rack on the door of her closet. On it was a cowboy hat and a couple of baseball caps. In years past, she would have chosen the cowboy hat to go to a country concert, but tonight she was just feeling like being herself. She threw on a blue Atlanta Braves cap and tucked bahis firmaları her shoulder-length auburn hair into the back hole like a ponytail. One final look, and she was satisfied with her appearance. Besides, this was not going to be a night to get hit on. This was Anna’s last night with her best friend before Jill ran off and got married. “All about the girls tonight!” she thought to herself.

Once Anna was satisfied with her clothing, she looked over at her dresser. One more decision she had to make. Two sets of keys lay on top, both Fords. One was her bright red convertible 2005 Mustang Cobra. The other was her white 1987 full size 4WD Bronco. She called it her “O.J. Car” jokingly. It looked a lot like it too, except this one had the top cut off so it was more of a convertible, which is one reason why she loved it so much. The other, well that was a little more personal.

After a little consideration, she picked up her purse and grabbed the keys to the Bronco and headed out the front door. She walked across the yard of her small house in the country to her detached garage her dad had built for her when she bought the house a few years ago. The garage was really not much more than a place to store the Bronco in order to keep the rain out of it since it didn’t have a top. It was really more of a barn or sorts, but it did the job.

As she walked into the garage, she felt butterflies in her stomach. She thought back to all the fun times she and Jill had in the “OJ Car” and realized that Jill would soon be leaving her town to live in Germany with her soon to be military husband. She also had butterflies because it had been at least a week since she started the old truck and she wondered if it would even start without a lot of work on her part.

She climbed into the big truck, pulling herself up using the steering wheel. Anna was only 5’4″, which used to make it tough for her to climb into, but she had done it enough over the years that nowadays, it was like watching the Bo and Luke jump into the General Lee! She dropped her purse to the right side and quickly put the key in the ignition on her left. After a couple of quick glances in the rearview mirror, she turned the key. To her surprise, the engine cranked without any trouble, but it would not catch on her first attempt. “At least the battery sounds strong,” she thought as she let off the ignition. Anna had owned this truck since her daddy gave it do her back in college, so she was used to it putting up a bit of a fight. In fact, one time when it wouldn’t start in college, it made her miss a final exam. After that, she had the top cut off of it. This would cause some unique problems for her as time went on, kaçak iddaa but it also made for some interesting instances. More on this later in her story…

Anna shook off her flip-flop from her foot and then placed her little foot on the oversized gas pedal. Anna always loved driving barefoot in the Bronco. Something about it gave her that “beach” feeling which made her happy and even turned her on for some reason. Even to this day, those butterflies in her stomach would return before trying to start her beloved Bronco. She never told anyone about the other reason she loved this truck so much, it was just too weird for her to explain to anyone. Plus, as beautiful as she was, and as low maintenance as she was, there was a reason she refused to let this old truck leave her possession. It made her comfortable like no one else could. It made her feel in control, but the same time, at the mercy of this machine ten times her size! It was sexy to others to see this petite girl drive such a big vehicle and it made her feel sexy too…

Anna’s little foot began to pump the pedal a few times as she always did. Then she turned the key. The truck cranked at a good pace, but no sign of life yet. Anna pressed her little foot on the gas pedal and began to move it up and down a little. Her toned calf began to flex as the truck cranked away. After about 15 seconds, she stopped. Not at all worried, she immediately turned the key again, this time putting a little more leg into it.

The truck began to show signs of life. The sound of the turning engine began to pitch higher a couple of times, which told her she was getting close to getting it started. Anna began to pump her sexy tanned leg a little harder and a little faster. The truck seemed to respond to her pumping, but it was still not ready to catch yet.

Next Anna grabbed the steering wheel and pulled herself closer to get more leverage. As her breasts were almost touching the big steering wheel now, her little foot would have more power behind her strong legs. She turned the key again. This time the truck immediately began to show signs of life, cranking at a higher pitch then a little lower and then sputtering, then back to a normal crank again. Anna began to feel a tingle lower in her body and she let go of the ignition.

Then Anna grabbed the steering wheel with her right hand again and pumped her muscular right leg up and down on the gas pedal. She turned the ignition again, this time putting her full body weight into the act and beginning to bob her leg up and down on the gas pedal. As she did this, her breasts rubbed up against the steering wheel and her little frame glided up and down in the seat. Her muscular leg kaçak bahis was flexing and contracting as her little foot reached as far as she could to the floor of truck with each stroke.

Anna’s confidence grew as the Bronco continued to crank at different intervals, some times faster and sometimes slower as she continued to pump the pedal. Soon she knew she had the upper hand and it would only be a few moments before the old Bronco roared to life, as long as she didn’t flood it. She stopped her cranking for a moment to keep the truck from flooding. She felt excited, but knew she had to get the Bronco going if she was going to pick up Jill in time for the concert.

There were times in the past when Anna would sometimes miss a date, or miss a party because she would get so tied up with her Bronco. Most of which were intentional on Anna’s behalf. Nevertheless, this time she actually wanted her Bronco to start so she could spend the last night with her “single” friend Jill.

Anna looked at herself in the rearview mirror with determination. Then she pulled the brim of her hat down a little, like a baseball player who was stepping to the plate for a big at-bat, and took hold of the key in the ignition. She placed her little foot solidly on the oversized pedal, pulled herself up towards the steering wheel, and turner to key.

As the Bronco cranked, Anna’s leg began to pump and pedal more aggressively than before. She used the steering wheel to gain more leverage and work the pedal harder and faster. At the same time, her D-cup breasts began rubbing against the wheel making her nipples erect and point out from her shirt about an inch or so. Her vagina also began to moisten as the vibrations of the big truck and pumping of her leg created a stirring in her loins.

The Bronco was beginning to give up as it sputtered and coughed. It started once but died. Not deterred, Anna immediately continued her assault on the pedal and soon she was in a rhythmic motion with the cranking of the Bronco. As the Bronco cranked, her body would follow. As her leg went from bobbing, to pumping, to almost pounding, her body did much the same. She was bouncing in her seat now, feeling the vibrations of the stubborn truck in her loins and also feeling the power she had over it. It was exhilarating! Soon she was almost humping the seat. Her leg was a blur as she pumped the big pedal. The truck was protesting, but was about to lose the battle. With that, the Bronco ROARED to life! Anna sat back in the seat, breathing hard from the “battle.” Little drops of sweat were coming from under her ball cap. She was also wet in her thong, which is why she loved her Bronco so much. As she composed herself, she remembered similar feelings she’d had with Jill in the Bronco over the years. Then her heart saddened a bit as she knew this would be the last night alone with her best friend…

The End of Part One .

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