An Anal fantasy

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Kristen Alice Murphy, is my wife. She is also the sexiest mini mite in history. She uses her body to tease and torment me day and night. Tonight naked in my arms, fresh from our shower she was ready to grant me my fondest desire. Quivering in my arms she nipped and suckled at my nipples, and reaching up french kissed me until I was weak in the knees.

Gently I lay her on the satin-sheeted bed. Softly I arranged the pillows under her body and head. Tossing her long curly red hair, she smiled at me with that sweet, sexy, lazy smile she saves for those times when she is so hot and so anxious that words are impossible.

I reached for the vanilla oil and poured some into my large callused palm. It was warm from the water I had left it in and I knew it would flow and coat her incredible body and seep into her most secret of places as she moaned her approval.

We had planned this adventure for weeks. I longed to own each of her most private areas, she wished to be taken and owned. It was a match made in heaven.

I reached and spreading her large well-muscled ass cheeks apart, I moved the oil into her sweet darkest place. She opened easily for my smaller fingers and soon I had four buried deep inside her hot and exciting passage. She had buried her hand deep inside her own feminine center and teasing me was tapping my hand on alternate pushes.

She was twisting under our hands and mumbling the nastiest hot dirty words to urge me to complete the act upon which we had embarked. I pulled free and taking a small vibrator shoved it slowly into her darkest reaches and turned it on low. I reached for another and did the same to her wet, hot center of female joy. She arched into a climax hollering out her pleasure. I turned around and illegal bahis my cock was now brushing against her lips as my lips teased her upright and throbbing pearl of pleasure.

She opened her mouth to me and swallowed me deep. I pulled free and used her mouth as I hoped soon to be using her most secret of places. The though of my cock buried in her willing ass made me throb with desire and she moaned at the movement. Wet now and ready I pulled loose of the tempting confines of her hot mouth. I poured a dollop of oil all over me and turning pushed her up on hands and knees spreading her legs wide and using my hands pushing her cheeks apart. Pulling out the toys, I nudged her slightly with my cock, and she moaned “Yes”

I pushed harder, and the head popped inside and she screamed out “You’re in and it didn’t hurt.”

I waited as she adjusted to the feel of me and I adjusted to the tightness and the heat of her. It was glorious more than I had ever imagined. I was on fire to ram her repeatedly until I filled her full of my juices. Instead, I slowly pushed inch by inch until my sac was nestled up against her body. I could feel the warmth and I could feel her hand patting me from inside her pussy. It was glorious.

We began to move together slowly in and out as the oil warmed and flowed. I could feel every one of her muscles as they tensed and pulled me forward and back. I could feel the throbbing of my cock as we rested. She whimpered and whispered. “I feel strange the heat is building from deep inside like nothing before, I feel like I will explode.”

I slapped her ass lightly with my one free hand and said “Me too, I never felt like this, my knees are wobbling and my hands shaking and my balls are so tight I think they illegal bahis siteleri might blow up.

She moaned “Hit me again and fuck me hard, I am coming.” I did as she asked pulling out to my head and ramming it deep inside as I yelled from the friction and the overpowering pleasure. That did it I was gone and we fell to our sides as I gushed come deep inside her ass until it overcame my plugging her and slipped down the sides of her body. She twitched, moaned, whimpered, and cried out as I softly petted her for over ten minutes before she calmed. Closing my eyes staying deep inside we rested.

Finally, I recovered enough to pull free. I stood and padded to the bath. Cleaned up, I returned with warm water, soap, and cloths and cleaned her as well. We threw down a dry blanket and cuddled up for the night. The next thing I remember is early sunlight and my glorious wife buried on my cock as she humped herself to another orgasm. Smiling she said, “I though you would never wake up! Can we try that anal thing again?” I grinned as I thought I might have created a monster.

This time she had a new idea however. She walked to the closet and returned with a box. She had sent for a strap on for her. It was a smallish dildo only about seven inches and about an inch thick but certainly larger than anything I had ever had up my ass.

“What do you want to do with that I asked?”

She smiled, “Why fuck you with it of course.”

I reached for the oil. “Two fantasies in one day, how will we ever top this?”

She disappeared and returned in a black camisole and tap pants and a mask carrying a small suede flogger.

This lady was remarkable. How had I ever earned her love and trust? I turned over and she arranged the canlı bahis siteleri pillows and softly hit me with the flogger until my ass was warm and red. Finished she kissed and licked me until I warned her of eminent climax. She stopped and generously anointed me with oil working all five of her slender fingers into my ass. She then pulled free and began to work the oiled cock deep inside. It was indescribable at least by me. I started fucking the hollow in the pillows beneath me as she worked on my ass going deeper and deeper. We were both panting from the lust and the effort when I screamed and sprayed my come deep into the pillow and my wife climaxed as she shoved deep inside me and collapsed on my back.

Several minutes later she moved and pulled free. Undoing her buckles, she turned around so that I could reach her pussy. I ate her like it was the first time and she rewarded me with several consuming orgasms before we finally cuddled and slept again.

It was late evening when we woke up, time for showers and play and then dressed to the hilt we went out to dinner. The glow of our play must have reflected in our faces because everyone was stopping to tell us how healthy and rested we looked. Halfway through the meal I removed a shoe and pushing my foot up found my wife’s hot always-ready pussy. I was sockless and found it simple to push my big toe inside while I pressed and pushed the ball of the other foot against her mound.

She grabbed the table after about five minutes and pushed hard as she bit her lip and gave me a huge orgasm. Recovered she groaned,

“How will we explain the wet spot on the seat?”

I laughed “We won’t have to and looking toward where I pointed she saw two waiters watching avidly as they jerked their cocks off to the scene they had just witnessed. It was a good thing it was dessert, we got a doggie bag and left with her walking in front of me to hide my huge bulge. I couldn’t wait until we reached the van. Then it would be my turn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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