A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 04

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A black door with the word Inferno written across it in red stood in front of the two women. Alex was a little nervous, but as Zabi had predicted she was viewing things differently and was determined to face what was ahead with an open mind. Hand in hand they passed through the door and in to a dimly lit stairwell. The only light source came from red panels at the foot of each wall. These lights flickered erratically to give the impression of flames.

When they reached the bottom of the stairwell as with the other levels a single, access locked door, blocked their entrance.

Zabi winked at Alex then opened the door.

They walked out on to a balcony that over looked a large room. It was nearly a replica of Purgatorio in size and shape, but the walls and ceiling were blackened as if by soot and the stage at the far end was dominated by a large video screen playing images of men and women in various stages of undress, performing erotic dances. The video coupled with the loud guitar music gave the place the feel of a Heavy Metal song in real life.

The main floor of the room was scattered by various restraint furniture. Racks, X frames, pillories and metal suspension frames were evenly spaced out giving the impression of a medieval torture chamber. Each item had a victim secured firmly in to it and at least one person, in most cases several people gathered around inflicting some kind of torture on their respective victims. Squeals of pain and moans of ecstasy could be plainly heard over the music.

What drew Alex’s attention the most was the presence of eight or nine enforcers dressed in dark suits, crimson shirts and skull face paint.

“They ensure no one goes too far.” Zabi informed Alex after following her gaze. “It is pretty much anything goes, but there are occasions where the line is crossed.”

Alex found it hard to believe that lines were only crossed occasionally as she watched a woman stood over what looked like a vibrating leather covered trestle. Her arms chained to the trestle and her feet straining on tip toes as her tormentor slowly raised the trestle so it pressed hard against her sex.

The muscular looking woman Zabi had referred to as Jinn approached them. She was dressed in the standard elegant black suit with a crimson silk shirt and the face paint. The majority of her face bone white with dark circles to simulate the orbital and nasal cavities and lips painted to resemble bare teeth. To Alex she looked rather terrifying, whereas Zabina bounce over to her and gave her a friendly hug.

“Alex, I want you to meet a very close friend.” Zabi said as she introduced the tall woman. “Alex, Jinn. Jinn, Alex.”

“Hi Alex. So you’re the surf bum I’ve heard about that’s captured Zab’s attention.” Jinn greeted offering a hand. “Dom asked me to wait for you in case you wanted to visit the Inferno.”

Her voice was nothing like her demeanour. It was warm and friendly with a slight Australian accent.

Alex took the offered hand and couldn’t help but return the friendly grin. “Jinn?”

Jinn laughed warmly. “Yes its short for D’Jinni, an Arabic version of genie. My real name is Jeanie and it sort of stuck from school.”

“Well please to meet you Jinn.” Alex replied.

“And you Alex, when you feel up to it, we’ll make a date to hit the waves.” Jinn told her as she opened a door off the balcony.

“What do you think of her?” Zabi asked as Jinn entered the side room.

“She seems nice.” Alex replied with a genuine smile.

Zabi smiled slightly nervously. “We had a thing for a while.” She blurted out. “It wasn’t anything serious, I just needed someone.”

The admission shocked Alex. She had never known Zabi to be worried about anything, and yet now she seemed timid and fragile. A strong feeling of protectiveness descended, and Alex wrapped her arm around Zabi’s waist and pulled her closer.

“It’s alright Zabi. I’m not that naïve to think you didn’t know anyone before me.”

“It wasn’t quite like that.” Zabi half muttered. “Do you remember when I told you I am a Switch?”

Alex nodded, she wasn’t likely to forget that evening in a hurry.

Zabina cuddled in closer to Alex, almost as if she needed reassurance.

“Sometimes I crave to be dominated. It is like a drug and it can be very addictive. There was a time when I submitted to a guy and he hurt me. It very nearly broke me. Jinn was the one that picked up the pieces and after a while helped me to trust again.”

Alex understood all too well how it felt to be broken. Now she realised how Zabi had related to her on so many levels. Alex knew exactly what she had to do next.

“I need to learn what to do Zabi.” She replied. “I want to be able to fulfil every one of your needs so you won’t ever have to worry about being hurt again.”

“Would you like me to ask Jinn to show you?” Zabi asked her eyes glistening.

Doubt crept in to Alex’s mind briefly, then the thoughts of how much it would mean to Zabina chased the doubt away. mobilbahis güvenilir mi She wasn’t that unwise to believe that she could work everything out by herself.

“If you think that is the best way. Let’s do it.”

They followed Jinn through the door in to a lounge area that was dominated by wall of monitors displaying the activity on the floor below. Zabi approached the tall Australian.

“Jinn, can I ask a really big favour. Alex wants to learn how to dominate me. We would be really grateful if you could help out.”

The woman wrapped strong arms around both Zabi and Alex. “Of course I’ll help. You’re my closest friend Zab, it would be an honour to help out. I’ll let Dom know I’ll be unavailable for a while.”

For some reason Alex giggled at the casual way Jinn talked about Dominic.

“Not only is she Dominic’s right hand.” Zabi explained as Jinn made a phone call. “They are in a relationship. It’s a little odd, but it works for them.”

This information put Jinn in a new light for Alex, she was sure it would be very interesting to know what went on between the two of them and just how a relationship would work between two polar opposites.

Jinn showed Alex and Zabi to a comfortable looking sofa while she went in to a bathroom. When she returned she had washed the face paint off her skin. Underneath the paint she was surprisingly pretty with tanned skin and an easy smile. She opened a cooler and removed a handful of chilled bottles of beer. Without asking she handed one to Zabi and one to Alex then popped the cap on her own and took a seat opposite them.

“Now Alex.” Jinn began. “I’m going to talk about Zab as if she wasn’t here. Don’t be offended, I know she won’t be.”

Alex glanced at Zabi for confirmation, but Zabi was just sitting quietly sipping her drink an odd smile on her face. Her demeanour made Alex wonder how much of the Zabi she had known before was an act to hide her own insecurities.

Jinn took a long pull on her beer. “I don’t know what you know so I’ll begin with the basics. Being a Dominant or a submissive is fairly straight forward. Satisfying a Switch is far more complex. A lot of people consider switches as ‘normal people who can’t make their mind up.’ But they don’t understand the psychological needs involved. For a Switch the need to dominate or be dominated is more of a craving. Every switch is different as to how much they need of dominate or submissive play. Around seventy five percent of the time Zab will be very happy to either dominate you and just play give and take. There will be occasions however where she needs to be dominated. This is more like an addiction to her than anything, and she wants to look to you as her most trusted to scratch that itch for her.”

Jinn paused to take another drink. Alex felt slightly in awe of her as Zabi and herself sat like children at school.

The lesson began again. “In a normal Dom sub relationship the dominate makes the rules and the sub either puts up with it or they don’t. With a Switch like Zab, the rules you decide between you. These rules you must adhere to. The betrayal of trust is a line you can never cross. Now we get to the fun part of exactly what Zab likes. Now her favourite pass time is sexual torment, the longer you can keep her on the edge of climax without actually letting her go full hog the better for her. I totally recommend full restraints. That is wrists and ankles minimum, preferably thighs and waist as well. Really the more restrictive the better. Forget sensory deprivation. Blindfolds, gags are a no no. Zab likes to scream.”

Jinn cracked a grin at the last line, and Alex wondered if she would ever be able to compete with the confident woman.

“Also I wouldn’t recommend pain unless it is in tiny amounts, pinching, a little light spanking but nothing more than that. If you play by those rules, you will make her very happy.”

Alex devoured the information. She wasn’t that unaccustomed to the teasing, but it had all been give and take before. She was however determined to prove to Zabina that she could be trusted to please her. It seemed strange that a Switch relationship seemed to be the submissive setting the rules and the dominant playing to them, but she was fairly new to this, and oddly eager to try it.

“Right.” Jinn said draining her bottle. “I’ll show you to a private room where you can have a little fun and see how you get on. They’re reserved for only a very small handful of highly trusted people as there are no enforcers unless requested. I’ll be just here on the other end of the intercom if you need me.”

Jinn led them away from the lounge down a short flight of stairs and in to a side corridor that had been decorated to look like a dungeon. The walls were formed to look like stone walls encrusted with moss and the few doors were sturdy looking wood banded with steel.

Alex glanced at Zabi who was still clinging to her arm. The dark haired woman was trembling like a leaf and wide eyed mobilbahis in anticipation.

It was beginning to dawn on Alex exactly what this meant to Zabina, and she felt a little guilty for not broaching the subject before.

Once inside the room Jinn closed the door as Alex glanced around. The floor and walls were made from more fake stone and the room was surprisingly warm. Jinn pointed out the different restraints and how they worked and then introduced Alex to the ‘toy’ cupboard. This held a large variety of vibrators, wands and other similar items as well as a few other restraints.

With the ‘fun’ elements covered off she explained the touch screen panel that controlled the air-conditioning and to order refreshments. She also showed Alex the panic buttons placed strategically around the room. ‘Just in case anything goes wrong’ and the intercom to Jinn’s lounge.

“Okay kids. Have fun now and don’t do anything I wouldn’t.” Jinn said with a wink as she closed the door.

Taking a deep breath Alex turned to Zabi, who was standing in the middle of the room looking like a child in a candy store.

“Zabi.” She began. “I want you to trust me completely, so do you want me to take the lead or do you want to choose where we start?”

She took hold of Alex’s hands. “Alex, I do trust you completely. I have always wanted this to happen, but I didn’t want to throw it at you all at once. I just want you to do whatever feels right. I put myself in your hands. My safe word is Rosa.”

They had never discussed Zabi’s safe word before, and shiver ran through Alex’s body. She wasn’t fully sure if it was excitement, nerves or both.

“Well we better start by getting you undressed.” She told Zabi.

Slowly Alex lowered the zipper on the black and gold dress, marvelling once more at the smoothness of her skin. She kissed Zabi’s neck as the dress fell away.

Gently she took hold of Zabi’s hand and positioned her under a set of chains hanging from the ceiling. The length of the chains were governed by an electronic winch and terminated in soft leather cuffs. Alex buckled the cuffs around Zabi’s wrists being very careful not to pinch the skin, then very carefully raised the chains until her arms were loosely above her head.

She crossed over to the cupboard and chose a metal bar with padded cuffs attached to it. This she placed between Zabi’s feet forcing her legs apart and fastened the bar to a steel loop set in the floor. Then she gradually raised the arm cuffs until Zabi was held firmly, her limbs splayed.

“Comfortable Zabi?” Alex asked trying to keep the concerned tone out of her voice.

“You have no idea just how glorious this feels.” She replied her breath coming in short pants.

Alex moved behind her, remembering how Zabi had touched her that first night. Ponderously she ran her fingertips up the rear of Zabi’s legs, starting at the leg cuffs and gently working upwards.

Zabi tried to raise herself on to her toes as the fingers reached the top of her legs but the foot restraints held her firmly in place. She gasped as Alex’s hands ran across her buttocks, fingers tracing circles on each cheek.

Alex gently stroked her hands up Zabi’s torso drawing swirling patterns across her back and sides. Tenderly she kissed the nap of Zabi’s neck then ran her tongue up to her right ear.

“I must bring some feathers next time.” Alex whispered in her ear.

“Oh.. that sounds like a good idea.” Zabi replied her voice soft and husky. “And I am glad to know you want there to be a next time.”

“Zabi, I said I want to please you, and if this pleases you then we will make sure that I bring you here as often as you want.” Then after feeling the very familiar knot in her stomach and the spreading warmth within her sex she added. “I actually think I’m quiet enjoying it as well.”

Alex stepped away from Zabi and removed her own dress. She rubbed herself against Zabi letting her nipples and breasts rub the restrained woman’s back while she reach around and flicked the bars in Zabi’s nipples.

“Are you sure you haven’t done this before Alex.” Zabi gasped as she tried to squirm.

“Well you could say I have had a very good teacher, seeing as I’m just copying what you do to me.” Alex told her as she ran her fingertips between the cheeks of Zabi’s bottom and between her legs.

“Oooo.” Zabi managed. “I’m not sure if that’s cheating.”

Alex let her hands slide across Zabi’s stomach, running her fingers over her front and just skirting her sex.

“We may have to rig something like this up in the spare room. That way I can string you up and play with you any time I want to.”

“That would be nice.” Zabi replied between moans. “I might have to do the same to you one day though.”

Alex’s world wobbled slightly as the image of her strung up like Zabi was, floated her arousal. An idea crept in to her mind. If the thought of Zabi doing things to her was arousing, then it would stand to reason mobilbahis giriş that it would work both ways.

“Well.” She began to test her theory. “Maybe I should have you restrained like this while you’re wearing your chastity belt with the vibrators inside you. Then I can play with the remote controls and keep you on edge all day.”

The result was spectacular.

A shudder shot through Zabi’s body as she tried desperately to arch her back and direct Alex’s wandering hands towards her sweet spot. A long low howl tumbled from her.

To Alex it was if someone had shown her how a magic trick was done. Half of how Zabi got her aroused was mind games. Planting a suggestion in her mind and letting her imagination do the rest. The real trick was knowing exactly what to say and when.

“Oh I think we found the magic words.” Alex breathed in her ear and was rewarded with another shudder.

Alex ran a finger across Zabi’s labia. She may as well have wired her to the mains electricity.

“I can see a lot of fun ahead of us.” She told the helpless Zabi. “The things that you say to excite me are the very same things that excite you. It’s taken me a while to work it out, but I’m on the ball now.”

She moved around in front of Zabi and gently stroked her labia again before circling her fingers around and flicking her clitoris making Zabi strain against the chains that held her.

“Okay.” Alex said. “I think we should turn the heat up a little.”

She crossed over to the cupboard again and picked out a small vibrator.

Zabi watched her approach with the small toy, an expression of curiosity and anticipation painted on her face.

“I know you are hoping I’m going to use this here.” Alex said as she stroked Zabi’s very wet mound. “But this is for something a little different.”

Alex turned the vibrator on and began to run the vibration tip across Zabi’s body, letting the tiny vibrations tickle her skin.

“That’s nice.” Zabi said, her breath slowing down a little. “But a little tame.”

A mischievous grin played across Alex’s lips. “This is just the entrée Zabi. Or as you have told me, a gentle warm up.”

She ran the vibrator down Zabi’s neck and between her breasts bringing forth another small shudder.

Then she touched the tip of the vibrator on one of the steel pins in her nipples. The pin vibrated madly.

Zabi whimpered briefly trying to hold back the scream that was building in her again.

“Still tame?” Alex questioned as she move to the other pin.

“No one has ever done that before.” Zabi managed to say in between ragged breaths. “I think I quiet like it.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I wonder if I can rig something up that can do that and leave my hands free. Another job for the remote control.”

This time Zabi couldn’t hold in the scream of rapture and she threw her head back and howled.

Alex turned the vibrations down to minimum and slipped the small toy inside Zabi’s slit.

“Try and hold that in till I get back.” She instructed while grinning.

Another trip to the cupboard and after a quick rummage, she returned and slipped the toy out of its damp cave.

“Wow that feels rather slippery. It would be a shame to waste all that natural lubrication.”

Zabi emitted another whimper as the small vibrator slipped in to her anus and the vibration turned up again.

Alex stood back for a second, noting that Zabi’s legs were trembling with the effort of supporting her own body weight. She checked the time and was surprised to find they had been I the room for nearly an hour already.

“I think you’re getting tired my angel.” She said as she turned on the much bigger vibrator and let it run the length of Zabi’s thigh. “Just let me know if you need a rest.”

Beads of perspiration dotted Zabi’s forehead as she gasped. “It has been a while since anyone did this to me. I think I’m a little unfit.”

“I guess we’ll have to get you on the running machine then and maybe see if you like the roles reversed.” Alex said as she touched the tip of the vibrator against Zabi’s labia. Who immediately began to struggle again.

“I might just enjoy that as well.” She said through gritted teeth.

The vibrator slowly slid in to the desperate woman, bringing more shudders and panting.

Alex turned the vibrations up slightly while rotating the device, allowing it to massage Zabi’s insides.

Zabi’s breathes were becoming ragged and uneven and sweat glistened her skin.

“A little more heat?” Alex asked teasingly, as she turned the vibrations up on both vibrators.

Zabi thrust her body as far forward as the chains would allow, desperate to align herself with the device Alex was holding.

Alex turned the vibrations up to maximum. It was if the controls were directly linked to Zabi as she began to shake uncontrollably.

Alex’s intention was to turn it down after a few seconds, but Zabi couldn’t hold out any longer and exploded in to the loudest orgasm Alex had ever witnessed. Her body went totally ridged, her breathing came in shorter and shorter gasps as she gave herself to the climax.

Not having seen anything so violent before, Alex panicked and just held Zabi as she rode her personal perfect storm.

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