A Sexy Celebration Between Friends

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When Trish and I had gotten home from the bank that afternoon after getting a loan by the only way possible–both of us sucking the cock of and then taking turns fucking the loan officer as our “collateral”–we were still delighted from our quest in getting that money and were looking for a way to celebrate our victory of sorts.

Though Trish had obviously been a pro at it (“How do you think I got that old grunt at my job to hire me?” she asked slyly one day), it had really been the first time I had used sex to get anything, outside of getting paid in my past performances as an adult entertainer/escort. I had thought I had a slutty side myself, but it turned out Trish had it down to a science.

Despite being good friends and having a brief encounter ourselves during the time we had been working over the loan officer sexually at the bank, before this particular evening, Trish and I had never slept together. Nor before that evening, would I know that she was sexually attracted to–and had several sexual encounters with–both men AND women!

The evening had begun when Trish broke out the best wine we had saved for an occasion like this; by the time we had gone through several glasses, we had been giggling about the wild time with the loan officer and how we were looking forward to working him over again. “We probably gave him the fuck of a lifetime that his wife probably doesn’t at home!” she squealed.

“Well, he sure pounded that cock of his in each of us like he hadn’t been laid for awhile,” I answered. “And he certainly didn’t mind when you first got under that desk to suck it!”

“Probably hadn’t!” Trish laughed.

From there, the conversation had turned to sex in general and how many partners we had had. Which were the best? What were the biggest and smallest dicks we had taken? Which guy had taken the shortest time to cum? The longest? Did big cocks always mean better sex? What were the most orgasms each of us had during a sex act?

The sex talk was getting me quite horny; I couldn’t wait to get into bed and get myself off. However, that wasn’t to be the case, as Trish somehow sensed me getting turned on. It turned out, she was pretty horny herself…and gotten an idea.

“You know…what we did at the bank while you rode his cock and I sat on his face at the same time…you know, when you were rubbing my tits, we were kissing and I was working your clit….and you told me about those two girls at the pool party, especially the one that ate you out?”

“Yeah?” I asked.

“That got me sooo fucking hot…and I can’t get it out of my mind!”

“Trish….you know I usually don’t get into that—“

“Yeah, I know, but since we done it at the bank today, I wanted more of you so fucking bad!”

“What? Trish..that was just a threesome thing–“

“I want to go to bed with you, London. Just once. If you don’t like it, we don’t have to do it anymore. You don’t even have to do me. But I want to do you..make you cum over and over…make you feel really good.”

With that, she stood up and stripped off her clothes, revealing illegal bahis that wonderful nakedness she had at the bank, then bent down and gave me a deep kiss, her tongue swirling around mine and shoving deeper into my mouth. Before I knew it, both our tongues were entwined around each other and I felt a warmth of my own all over my body and my nipples growing hard.

“Mmmmm, ” she moaned softly. “Your tits are getting so hard. Take off your clothes, baby.”

I slowly pulled off my clothes, my nakedness vulnerable to Trish to do what she wanted. She then took one of my tits into her mouth, sucking slowly and working on the nipple, gently biting it and kissing my breast, then worked her way over to the other, doing the same.

I couldn’t believe that this was getting my pussy wet; I never thought a woman could make me so aroused. As Trish continued orally working on my tits, she slid her hand between my legs, working on my clit. I never felt such pleasure and it was all I could do to keep from cumming right then.

She then stopped, got up and took my hand. “Let’s go into your bedroom.”

We went into my bedroom, where we made our way toward the bed as Trish began kissing me again. “Ohhh I want you so much!” she whispered between kisses. “Lie down and spread your legs for me.”

I then did what she said, opening my legs. Trish then stopped to look at me on the bed, ready for her, and smiled. Squatting at the end of the bed and then grabbing my hips, Trish pulled me towards her, onto her face. I then spread my legs wider, letting Trish’s head to slip between my thighs. Trish put her hands on my own breasts as her warm tongue teasingly lapped at my pussy lips.

“Hmm…..,” she said from beneath. “You’re really wet for a chick that only likes to do men.”

“You made me that way,” I said, spreading my legs a little more as Trish slid her tongue deeper into my pussy. I held my breath, waiting for the flick at my clit. When it came, I shuddered and exhaled loudly, not wanting to cum yet. I slowly ground my hips, matching the rhythm of Trish’s tongue. Trish continued working on my hot cunt as I brought more weight down on her, increasing the pressure of her flickering tongue. Trish seemed to have pussy eating down to an art!

It wouldn’t be much longer. I was shuddering, grinding, panting. Trish pulled my hips tighter to her, ate me even harder as she tasted the change in the warmth of my coming orgasm as I started bucking my hips harder as my climax approached.

“Trish!” I called. “I’m going to cum!”

With a loud groan, my body convulsed and let the orgasm rip through me as I held on, letting Trish shove her tongue even deeper inside as she tongue fucked me like the expert she was.

I spasmodically rubbed my pussy on her face. Trish flicked her tongue, carefully making me maintain my orgasm. My legs shook from her efforts. She ran her hands over my chest while I came over and over as she rubbed my huge tits.

Once she had finished eating out my wet slit, Trish was trembling, having trouble standing. Instead, she collapsed illegal bahis siteleri on top of me.

“God, Trish, that was so fucking hot,” I panted. “I never had my cunt eaten like that!”

“Mmmmm…I don’t know what I liked better…sucking that guy’s dick at the bank or eating your sweet pussy just now. Maybe both.”

But I was still hot, and Trish sensed it. She lifted my left leg and slid hand in her between my thighs. She pushed herself a little more forward as her fingers slipped into my dripping pussy. Slowly she started rubbing my slit, then gradually harder as I enjoyed her fingers in my now even wetter sex.

“Ohhhh yes…that is sooooo good…yes, Trish, fuck me just like that….” I moaned as her fingers worked my cunt even harder.

“Are you still horny?” she asked, grinning. “Because you seem to really enjoy this, baby.”

She rolled back over on top of me and once again lowered her head between my legs. My pussy was really wet to her tongue. Using long slow licks, she parted my pussy lips with her tongue as her fingers fucked my cunt, then slowly she stuck he tongue as deep as she could back into my pussy.

“Oh yes,” I moaned. “Fuck me, Trish!”

Trish then repositioned her hips until we were into the 69 position, then drove her pussy into my face. I took the cue, though I’d never done a woman myself before, and started to lick Trish’s pussy as she continued to work on mine. The race was on. The goal was to see who could make the other cum first. Trish didn’t know if she was at an advantage, or disadvantage, having fucked with and eaten out women before, including doing me now and at the bank when we had the threesome with the loan officer.

I felt Trish working my now even hotter snatch with renewed vigor as I reached up and slid two fingers in her pussy. Trish flinched, then arched her ass up, giving me a better angle on my fingers as I worked them further into her own box. She reciprocated by spreading her legs wide, pulling her hips up. She curled one arm under my leg, and slid in her own fingers again into me. Little gasps, moans, and more pleasure filled whimpering seeped into the wet sounds as Trish and I fingered fucked and ate out the other.

I felt myself again building towards an orgasm, but I fought the desire to just lie back and let it come. I wanted to make Trish cum first. Not cumming first was difficult, being Trish was good, a first rate, very experienced pussy eater. But now Trish was getting close to orgasm, and I was going to make her cum first. Our bodies shuddered and rubbed against each other, each of fighting with the desire to surrender to the eventual ecstasy, but determined to make the other surrender first. Harder and faster, we licked and fingered each other even more.

Trish squealed as the first orgasmic wave hit her. In her frenzy, she flicked my clit between her teeth and tongue. At nearly the same instant, I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer before I would cum myself; I’d never had simultaneous orgasms before with a woman. Driven by orgasms, we melted into each other. Finally, canlı bahis siteleri after what was seemingly the longest orgasm of their lives, we collapsed onto each other, sexually spent.

Trish then rolled off of me, panting. “For a chick that does primarily men, you are a good fuck!”

“Yeah, that was pretty hot. You’re good at eating out a cunt, I will give you that!”

“Well, yeah…I didn’t want to tell you at first, because I didn’t want you to think I was some kind of freak and you wouldn’t do the business with me. But I do both guys and women.”

“So you’re bi, big deal. What’s the problem?”

“You don’t mind that I go to bed with both women and guys?”

“Mmmm…I think you may have even made me see the light after all you just did to me.”

“See, even some soft, hot pussy is better once in a while than a hard dick all the time,” she grinned.

“Yeah. But I think you may be the only pussy I may need.”

“Well, seeing you like cock so much, I can understand that. But you got ate out at that pool party you went to, didn’t you?”

“Oh yeah, those two chicks. But that was while I was getting dicked at the same time in a couple of threesomes…and their pussy licking may have been good, but it had nothing on you, girlie!”

Evidently, all this talk had gotten Trish going yet again; she then slipped three fingers inside my cunt and began finger fucking me again. Spreading my legs wider, I lay back as she worked on my hot slit, sliding her fingers in and out for a few moments, before climbing on top of me. Within moments, our horny bodies ground against each other as she reached down and rubbed my clit.

“Yessssssss!” I cried. “Don’t stop!”

“Oh yes, just as they say, baby, you are one hot slut!” she panted as she ground her body against me even harder. “You love to fuck, don’t you, you slutty little nympho?”

“Yes….fuck me! Oh Trish, keep doing me!”

She continued to work against my body, her fingers rubbing my clit even harder while I worked on her generous tits as she rode me. We went like that for a little longer before I felt a familiar shiver from her as she ground her body into mine, the hardest she had during that moment of raw sex between us.

“Oh, London!” she gasped. “I’m cumming!”

“So am I!” I gasped back. “Trish, fuck! Fuck!”

We exploded into our respective orgasms together, cumming for the longest time that I had remembered, even with all the men I had been with. Once our orgasms had completely washed over us, Trish then rolled off of me, panting.

We slept together in the same bed that night, then showered together the next morning, with Trish‘s tongue in my cunt, bringing me to orgasm after orgasm once again before we got out of the shower.

Even though I am still not really into women and Trish is still not open about being bisexual, we still have great sex when we do get together outside those threesomes with men; she can still make me cum harder than I ever experienced!

I can’t wait until our next wild threesome with the loan officer at the bank; Trish says we should put on a little show of our own for him before getting him to join the fun!

Meanwhile, when I feel horny and no cock is available, I know I can count on some hot, raw, fantastic sex from my good friend Trish!

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