A Kept Sissy Boy

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“You need your butt paddled, don’t you?”

When I responded to his ‘Dominant Male’ ad I knew what I wanted, what I might be in for. I masturbate to nothing other than being used by a real man. But I didn’t know this man would exploit that completely at the time, be as good at it, as addictive as he is, make me his full time sissy ‘girl’.

It started out two years ago with him using me sexually, me sucking him regularly (a lot!) and with spankings over his knee. It’s way passed that now. He knows he can fuck me, use my mouth and rear end whenever and however he wants. He also knows he can whip, spank and paddle me viciously and severely. I am his complete and total sex slave. I have been taken way passed a ‘safe word’.

He sits and stares up at me, his eyes glare at me. I have tears in my eyes. I feel shame, complete shame. He knows all too well the state he puts me in when he talks to me like this. Scolding, chastising with a deeply authoritarian tone, he mocks me, makes me feel like the owned sissy property I am. He slapped my face as he told me to stand before him. I started to cry instantly.

I am wearing only 3″ spike heel white ankle boots, way too much makeup and a white ribbon tight up around my balls and small soft penis tied in a big bow on top. The ribbon pushes my tiny penis out in front, accentuates my embarrassing small boy-like size. It also accentuates my sissy status. I feel that deeply. He demands this for ‘just around the house’ dress on my part, shoes, stockings, ribbon, slippery always-accessible rear end. I am baby smooth from top to bottom. I thought I was, at least. He ran his hand over my balls and up between my legs when he was fucking me just moments ago.

“Yes, I need to be paddled. Please paddle me, Sir.”

My voice breaks. I start to cry openly. He leans forward in his chair. I feel his cum drip from my throbbing rear end, feel it push out of me as I start to quiver, feel it slightly run down the inside of the crack of my butt and down my right inner thigh.

“And why is that?”

He reaches up and takes just the head of my penis in his hand between his finger and thumb. He pulls me closer to him. He is naked, looks every bit the alpha male he is. His cock is wet and shiny from just moments ago using my rear end. He is ALL man.

“Because I made noise when you told me not to, I whimpered like a baby. I’m a little cry baby. I’m sorry.”

I know what is going to happen next. I know that when it is actually happening I hate it, hate it with all my heart. But I also know I masturbate thinking of little else when he is away from me. I masturbate almost to nothing else—the thought of being used and whipped by him. And I know all too well I cannot say ‘no’ to him even if I wanted to. I am addicted to him and the way he treats me. He knows this, uses it deeply. I cry loud, start to sob.

He laughs. It reverberates off the walls of the living room. He stands. He pulls me by my penis to the door leading to the basement, to my punishment room, his cum running out of me as I struggle to keep up with him. I almost trip on my heels. I openly sob. He ignores it.

Just ten minutes ago I was face down on the bed with him on top of me. He fucked me for over an hour and a half. He fucked me so hard and fast for the last ten minutes that I started to whimper uncontrollably. I arched my back and pushed my butt up so high it hurt, the way he wants me to when he fucks me like that from behind.

“A little boy keeps silent when his owner tells him too. And a little boy is baby smooth to the touch. I felt the slightest bit of stubble on your balls. You know I fucking hate that! What were you thinking when you prepared yourself for me to use??!??”

He slaps my butt so hard I almost fall at the top of the stairs leading to my basement and to my punishment room. He holds me steady by my penis. He turns me to him and takes my balls in his hand. He squeezes them firmly.

“I fucking own these. I want them smooth to the touch. Do you think it’s proper for a little bitch like you to have hair on your balls like a real man would?!? What if I gave you to another and they felt that? You’d embarrass me in front of others, wouldn’t you???”

I say nothing. I just cry. I feel myself start to shudder, shake slightly. I know I am going to be punished. I know him. He is getting excited more by every word he chastises me with. I know how he is when he gets like this, gets into his maximum sadistic mood. He told me shortly after he agreed to take me on as his sissy bitch that I could not say ‘no’ to him, ever. And he has exploited my addiction to him, addicted me to the way he treats illegal bahis me. He knows I am his to do with as he pleases. In short, he knows how to work the inner me, all too well.


He slaps my face with his other hand, still holding me firmly in place by my balls.

“Nooo, no, no, Daddy…no…please…”

He slaps me again. I stammer, start to beg, cry out. It’s to no avail.


He releases my balls and grabs me by my upper arm so tight I know it will leave a bruise. He takes me down the stairs firmly and forcefully, my high heels clicking rapidly as we move.

In less than three minutes I am restrained over the whipping horse he had two of his friends build in the basement, two of his friends that not only know what I am to him but have used me when he’s given me to them. I feel my stomach pulled down tight across the padded leather bar. My wrists and ankles are fastened securely by padded cuffs to the four legs of the horse. He stands up and looks down on me after fastening the last restraint at my right ankle. I feel his hand cup my balls, pat them, then grip them and pull them back and away from me. I cry out loudly.

“I’m going to have you lasered. I’m tired of your lame excuses as to why you can’t be smooth. Shaving is not working. I’m setting up an appointment with a laser hair removal clinic. You should be smoother than a new born for me. I’ve decided that will happen in the next week or so. I don’t care if you find it embarrassing to go to the clinic, have the technician girls know you’re a sissy, even laugh at you. You’re going to do that. And you’re going to have pink toenails and fingernails when you go. It’s time you started taking all of this seriously. You’re mine. You do what I want you to do, nothing more, nothing less. Do you have a problem with that?”

He releases my balls and runs his finger up the crack of my rear, up between my cheeks. He pushes his middle finger into my hole and then pulls it back out. He runs it back down again and over my balls. Some of his cum gets onto his hand. He wipes it off on my left cheek.

“No, Daddy, no…please, I’m sorry…so sorry…please…”

I am crying hard. I know what’s coming.

“You are right about that. You really are sorry. Hair on your baby balls, indeed.”

He walks to the wall and takes down a double strap quirt, one of his cruelest ‘toys’. Without saying a word he begins. I scream hysterically as he hits my rear end and the backs of my legs repeatedly fast and with full force.

After what feels like fifty hard and sustained strokes, my face covered with tears, tears puddling on the floor under me, he stops. He lays the strap across my stinging deeply striped and welted cheeks. He takes out his cell phone and moves to the back of me. He takes several pictures. Then to the front, he takes more pictures. His cock is standing up, bobs as he walks. He always does this, documents the way he makes me cry. And he always gets erect from doing it.

“Look at me!”

I look up at him, my eye makeup dripping down my cheeks with streaked tears. He takes several pictures of me sobbing, begging.

“I’ve been too lenient with you. You need a firmer hand. Do you even remember what you told me when I said I’d take you as my little sissy boy? Do you remember when I asked you to be mine and mine only, what that would encompass, what that would be like if I accepted you as mine?”

He walks to the side of me, takes the strap up off of my back. Without waiting for an answer he hits the backs of my legs ten times across each leg, rapidly, fast and hard. My shrieking fills the room.


I scream through it all, gurgling and choking on my words. He ignores it all.

Then it’s over. He walks to the wall and hangs up the quirt. My hysterics fill the room loudly. My begging garbled with tears, choking and shaking.

“I let that little penis of yours hang free for a reason. I let you play with it, masturbate and cum all over yourself, make your dirty little mess. Don’t I? Maybe I should lock it away, cage it. We’ll see. I may be too easy with you. Maybe that will keep you as submissive as you need to be to be my little boy. Maybe then you’d take being sissy smooth more seriously, if I adjust your bad attitude like that.”

He walks to the front of me. He bends down. I see his cock hard, hugely semi erect and bobbing in front of him.

“Tell me.”

I know what he expects.

“I love you. I…do…I love you…uhhh… Please… believe me…I want you to want me, I’m yours to do whatever you want with…please. I love you…I want you to own illegal bahis siteleri me, please…I don’t want to be a bad boy…I love you, Daddy…”

He stares at me, smiles as I make my devotion to him. I see his cock get rock hard. He pets me face as I pledge myself, my love to him. I feel him gently grip my hair.

“You really are a pretty boy. You are.”

He talks over my begging. He pulls my head up, rubs the end of his hard cock around the edges of my lips.

“And you’re an even prettier sissy girl. You’re coming along nicely. When you do the girly girl thing you’re close to passable. Just a little more work with you and you’ll be there.”

He stands and walks to the back of me. I feel him mount me quickly, his legs pushed up against my burning legs and cheeks. I feel him fall forward, feel his weight on my back. I feel his cock at my tight little hole, feel him guiding to me. He enters me. He pushes in all the way.

He fucks me for a second time.

I sob softly as he fucks me slowly, methodically. When he cums he has my hair in his hand, pulling my head up and back. He fills me for the second time with his cum.


His grunts, moans deeply, masculine. His male sexual noises fill the room. I feel his cock all the way in me. His large erection fills me completely. It feels like he is up and into the back of my throat.

When he finishes, he pulls out of me. I feel his cum squirt out of me rapidly. I feel it hit my leg, feel it spill to the floor. I know I’ll lick that up for him after he is through with me. He expects that from me.

He pats my butt. I wince at the feeling of the burning welts being rubbed, feel my bruised cheek under his touch.

“You know this is what you need, don’t you? I know you deeply, don’t I? I know the real you, don’t I, little boy, the real, real you? “

He is breathing deeply, the slipperiness of my butt all over his semi erect cock. I feel it up against me.

“Yes, yes…yesssss…I love the way you treat me, love what I am for you. I do…I love you.”

He laughs, pets my back as he hears me cry deeply.

“I know you do. Believe me, I know you do.”

He moves to the front of me. I feel him lift my chin, feel him place his soft cock at my mouth. I open for him as he holds the back of my head. I take him into my mouth and clean him.

After I suck and lick him clean he unfastens my restraints. He walks to the door quickly.

“Clean that mess up on the floor. I’ll be upstairs.”

I hurry to my hands and knees, start to lick up the puddle of cum on floor behind the whipping horse. I lick it off of the support bar too.

When I move to the living room five minutes later he’s seated on my couch. He smiles at me, pats his lap and motions me to sit. I go him and sit on his lap, put my arm around his shoulders. I feel totally used. He knows this. He kisses me on my nipple, feels me stir. He sees my little penis stir too. My crying has subsided but I am drained, totally drained.

“You have a very messy rear end. I can feel you slipping around on my legs. It must hurt to sit.”


I answer him beyond submissively in a somewhat distant soft baby like voice.

“I take you places inside yourself others have never taken you, don’t I.”

He runs his hand down my back, his other hand grips my nipple, plays with it softly.

“Yes, Daddy, yes you do. I love you.”

I start to lose myself to his touch. I feel his hand drift to my penis, feel his fingers take me and hold me, one finger moving around the hole of it. He drives me crazy.

“Uhhhhhh, uhhhh…oooo…you dooooo, uhhhhh.”

He starts to work me, starts to bring me to erection in his hand while his other hand holds me firmly by the back of neck.

“I love you…”

My face is covered with tears, cum drips out of me. He takes it all in, sees me as he likes me most.

“You’re right where you’re supposed to be, right where you want to be, aren’t you?”

I feel his hand start to milk me, masturbate me.

“Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…uhhhhh, uhhhhhhh…”

“Don’t you dare cum, little boy. Not yet.”

“Noooo, Daddy…nooooo, I won’t, uhhhhhh, nooooo…please, please, don’t stop…I love you…”

I feel the stinging of my cheeks against his legs, feel it add to everything I am when he gets me like this.

“Who owns you?”

His hand moves on my baby-like 3″ erection, slides back and forth across the head, driving me wild. He feels me pump slightly on his lap, feels me pump against his hand.

“Yooooouuu…doooo…uhhhhhh, canlı bahis siteleri uhhh… you do…”

And then he stops. Kissing my cheek he takes his hand away from me.

He feels me collapse against him, feels me hug him deeply. He pats my rear end, feels me pull away slightly from the stinging welts.

“I want you to be super pretty tonight. I mean super pretty. Something that any man would not be able to resist, that thing you do with that red dress maybe, the underthings that go along with it. I’m taking out tonight. And I want you to be the one they all want to be with.”

I feel him move slightly to stand. I hurry up off of his lap.

“Makeup, hair, all of it, make me proud of you.”

He stands.

“Do you want to cum? Do you?”

He looks at me. I stand with my hands at my sides, a total mess.

“Yes. Please. You know I do.”

“Go ahead. Do it.”

He moves to the kitchen, ignores me as I start to masturbate. When he comes back into the room he is sipping a beer. He stares at me, watches me masturbate.

When I cum, I do it into my hand, careful not to spill a drop. He watches as I hurry to lick, slurp it clean. He smiles, sees my face look to the floor as I do.

“Ashamed of yourself, aren’t you, little boy.”


I stare at the floor.

“I know. I am so fucking far into your dirty little mind. I know you. I know the real you, don’t I?”


I feel my face flush. I want to run and hide.

“You should be ashamed. You’re a little sissy.”

He snaps his fingers, points to his soft cock.

“Get over here! Put it in your mouth. Move! On your knees in front of me, move!”

He watches as I hurry to him, kneel and take him into my mouth.

“Don’t suck! Just stay like that looking up at me. Just hold it there.”

He sips his beer, stares down at me.

“This never gets old. I fucking love this.”

He sips his beer, stands naked in my hallway looking down at me on my hands and knees in front of him with his soft but still large cock in my mouth.

“You should feel ashamed. You can’t say ‘no’ to me. And I can’t stop abusing that, using it for my selfish needs. It’s perfect, it really is. I know all you want to do now is run and hide, have me leave and nurse your shame until the addiction sets in again, you want that as soon as you cum. I know you, don’t I?”

He stares down at me, sees my mouth filled with him, sees me shake my head up and down, ‘yes’.

And then I feel it. The slightest trickle of his urine, I feel and taste it. I hurry to swallow. I quickly push him to the back of my throat, to the point where he can just pee down my throat and not choke me, just like he taught me to do. And then I feel it start in to flow heavily. He pees into my mouth while he looks down at me, sips his beer. He completely lets go.

When he finishes he says nothing. He keeps his cock in my mouth.

“Tonight we’re going to a party. I’m going to do something so fucking hot with you. You’re going to love it. I’m going to pin your dress up in the back, have those sexy little panties you wear just down enough in back to show off that bubble, and now quite red and marked up, butt of yours. Wear that red dress. That will highlight it all. All red, little boy, I’m going to have you by my side, on my arm like that, your dress up in the back. This is going to be very hot. And I bet others follow suit, do it with their little girls. What do you want to bet? I know some men will want you.”

He doesn’t expect a response. He is visualizing it all, talking to himself. He sips the last of his beer. He pulls my mouth off of him, hands me the empty bottle. I stand, hurry to the kitchen to dispose of it.

“I’m going to take a shower. Do you want to join me?”

“You know I do.”

I feel the submissive side of me coming back, hard.

“Could you have a hotter boyfriend?”

He comes up behind me, pushes up against me. I feel him kiss my neck, my ears.

“You know I couldn’t. I love you.”

“I know.”

I feel his hands on my hips. I feel him kiss the back of my neck and then down my back to the top of my butt. He runs his tongue up my right cheek, laughs.

“And I love you too. Let’s go. I’ll let you suck my dick in the shower.”

He moves away from me, takes me by my hand and leads me up to my upstairs bath.

I do love him. And I love being owned by him. And tonight I’ll be the most desirable sissy girly girl anyone at his party has ever seen. I feel my submissive side take me over completely again, the wave washes over me, as I follow behind him up the stairs. I’m already planning my outfit and stunning makeup and hairstyle, accents that will highlight my bare butt as I strut around the party for all to see. I will make this man proud of me. And I will make him addicted to me as much as I am addicted to him.

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