A Fix That Wasn’t Enough

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The water slid down my body when I heard the phone ring. I had just finished washing my hair, which was long for a male, and was about to use the body wash liquid. Knowing that phone calls could happen, I had taken the phone into the bathroom and sat it on the counter that held the bathroom faucet.

I turned the water off and pushed the shower curtain aside. Grabbing a towel, I dried my hand before picking up the phone and checking the caller ID. I smiled at the name the phone’s LCD screen gave me before answering the call.

“Hello,” I said with a hint that I was already in on a little joke no one else was privy to.

“What are you doing?” was expected and was the exact phrase that was asked of me. Crystal, one of my oldest friends and former flames, had been using that for as long as I could remember when she would call me on the phone.

“Well, I could tell you…” I relayed with my voice trailing off suggestively. “But I am not sure that would be very gentlemanly of me.”

She laughed for a brief second. “Let me guess, Thomas. Are you watching some porn? Someone slamming their engorged dick into some big breasted blonde?” She always did have a way with words.

“Negative ghost rider, the pattern is full,” I replied, quoting the Tom Cruise flick _Top Gun_. Keeping with the movie reference, I next cited _Die Hard_. “Would you like to go for Double Jeopardy where the scores can really change?”

She humored me with a laugh. “No, I’m done guessing. What are you really doing?”

“Well,” I began, gathering my words. “I’m standing naked, water dripping off my body in a steam-filled room.”

“Oh, getting all clean, darling?”

Crystal and I could definitely flirt. Always has been a part of our banter and as much as I cared about her and she cared about me, we could easily shift into horny kids trying to get a rise out of the other, if you pardon the pun.

“I can get clean, or you can dirty me up.”

She laughed mischievously. “Can I really? However would I do that?”

I briefly slid my hand over the head of my cock. “I am sure you can think something up.”

“Think something up or get something up?” She was relentless in her flirtatious banter as she giggled to herself. “So, you really are standing there as naked as you can possibly be, huh?”

I looked down; taking notice at how my cock had grew slightly as I listened to her voice, which could be quite sexy when she wanted it to go that way. She definitely was also a wordsmith and I wondered just where she was going to go with this conversation.

Clearing my throat, I gave her an answer. “I am definitely quite nude at the current time. So state your business.”

For a moment, she paused as I heard her on the other line rustling around. She seemed to be letting her dogs out and as soon as the door closed, her voice was low and sultry. “My business could be getting that dick of yours to get all hard as you stroke it up and down thinking of me; thinking of my tits; thinking of my wet pussy. Mmmmm…”

Immediately, my shaft jolted for attention as her dirty talk brought whatever thoughts I had of a fun little flirty conversation to an end and in its place, thoughts of fucking this sexy girl.

In my mind, I remembered a photo she had sent me a few days before. She was sitting on a seat or lying on a bed; that part was not important. What was important was the look she had on her face. Her intoxicating blue eyes stared back at me as if she was almost watching me. The night she sent the image, she got me going online with her chatting and I had to exercise some personal release. Watching her seemingly watch me turned me on to what seemed like an unending degree.

Her eyes were not all, though. She wore no shirt and simply a white bra that seemed to be battling against a flood of her large breasts to keep them inside. Many a night I had thought about those tits, or as she called them once, her “pretty boobs.” It was only the top of her cleavage, but compared to many girls I knew, the top of her breasts were more than they could even hope to have. Back in high school, I had taken the opportunity to many times cop a feel, but a caress, a tweak, a suck had not been in the cards.

I felt her comment deserved a response. “I think business could be good then. Just hearing you say those things has my cock rising up. But is that pussy really wet, because if it’s not, your comment seems like false advertising.”

She did her giggle that succeeded in what it typically does – drive me crazy. “Should I check? I wouldn’t want to be a liar.”

“I think checking would be a very excellent idea,” I replied hastily, a need so prevalent in every syllable. “Can’t be too sure about anything in this topsy-turvy world.”

It was almost inaudible, but she let out a brief moan that coaxed me to run my thumb over my uncircumcised cock.

“Good news, Tommy,” she replied almost cheerfully as if she had just got a great job. “My pussy is quite wet after all.” Once again, her giggle came through the receiver.

“That canlı bahis şirketleri is good news,” I replied, sliding the skin of cock back and forth. “Makes me think about how delicious it would taste right now to be between your legs, your clit like a magnet, drawing my tongue near it.”

“Mmmm, I love it when you talk, baby.”

I smiled as if she could see it. “I wonder if your body would shiver at all once you felt my breath on your pussy. I think it would.”

“Another thing for us to check?”

“I do love the way you think, Crystal.” On my end, I could only imagine her spread eagle in front of me, her legs opening slowly as if to invite me to come in. She had told me in the past that she liked to try out designs as opposed to the usual shave or trim; and with St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, her pussy was not just tasty, but lucky with a design of a four-leaf clover.

Her juices were nearly dripping off of her as I thought of how she would look before my tongue would sneak out. God, she could drive a gay man to give girls a chance.

“The thing is, Crystal, I would want you to shiver when you felt my breath and to shiver again after the initial lick over your clit. Not enough to provide you nearly enough satisfaction. Instead, babe, your pussy would rise up as if to persuade another lick or better yet, maybe this time my tongue and my warm mouth would stay and provide you with more than enough fun.”

I began to stroke my cock from its semi-hard state to complete hard-on while she spoke up. Her voice showed a noticeable lack of controlled breathing. “God, you’re making me wetter. I can almost feel you between my legs. Pushing myself up to a near-sitting position, I could watch over you as you drove me closer to orgasm. I am surprised, though, you went to straight to my pussy without stopping at my tits.”

Growling at her, I replied, “All in due time, dear.”

“Fuck, you’ve got me touching myself,” she said as if she was informing both of us. “My pussy muscles are clenching so much, baby.”

“Well, my cock is yet again harder than a rock because of you. Damn, Crystal, you seemed to be so good at that.”

“Mmmm…now I am imagining how you taste,” she said absentmindedly.

And now she had me thinking about it. She had told me on many occasions that she loved to suck cock and give lengthy blowjobs, coaxing luckier men than me to an orgasm. Her lips really seemed like that they would do some crazy things so I did not want to forget about them, but they also hid a tongue that I had fantasized many times about. Feeling it slither over the bottom of my sensitive cock, her tongue ring driving me to levels of sensations I could only imagine.

There is nothing quite like a person who gets so much enjoyment out of providing pleasure, so much that you get pleasure in return. Sadly, too few of the girls I had dated felt the same way, though they rather enjoyed getting their pussies licked and their clit sucked. They just did not understand the pleasure in having so much power over someone with the manipulations only your mouth can provide on the most sensitive parts of their body.

“We will get there, do not worry.”

“So you were licking my moist pussy?”

I growled a response before continuing. “Yes, that is right. I would be between those legs, smelling you, tasting you, feeling you squirm. A finger wiggles its way inside of you, though that clearly is not enough.”

“Your cock would be enough,” she interrupted.

I rubbed my balls as I imagined the sounds my cock sliding into her pussy would make. “You get me so sidetracked,” I told her. “My cock will find its way into your folds, but not before I get a good taste. You remember telling me how you always liked my lips? Well, they would suck your clit into my mouth, my tongue throwing more sensations at you. All the while, a second finger would join its friend inside of you.”

She moaned, causing me to halt my speech again, but also causing me to remember to jack my cock slower. When I would play with her online, I could not jack off and type at the same time, causing things to be prolonged. I did not want to put myself over the edge. She may have not known, but I didn’t want to cum unless I knew she was as well.

“Let me hear your pussy baby…for a few seconds. Let me hear how wet you are,” I said in a low voice, almost surprised at myself for saying such a thing to her.

But I could hear the phone move and then, I could hear the familiar sounds of a juicy hole, being played with and manipulated by its owner. My fetish for sounds continued to play with my brain. I barely heard another moan from Crystal followed by, “Yeah, baby…”

Within a millisecond, the phone was back at her mouth where I’m sure my cock would find a welcome host. “Like that?” she asked.

“Very much. That’s a very wet pussy you got there, Crystal. And a tasty dish to have, I’m sure. Sliding my tongue around your clit while looking up, I catch your eyes looking back at me. That is…until my fingers canlı kaçak iddaa start to piston in and out of you, my tongue probing your most sensitive parts as I push and push you to orgasm, Crystal. Sliding my other hand up your body with only the fingertips brushing against your skin; causing your body to shiver and you marvel at how hot your body can be even though your skin is in goose bumps. I taste your liquid essence, hearing you coo, sigh, gasp, and oh yeah…moan so loudly.”

“God, Tommy, you want to make me cum, don’t you?” she asked jokingly, knowing the answer.

“No,” I replied simply.

She took a moment before responding with surprise, “You don’t?”

My voice remained the same as I repeated my negative answer before adding, “I don’t want to just make you cum, Crystal. I want you to cum over and over again. I want you to wiggle and squirm before loudly moaning or maybe even screaming. Then, I want to hold on for the ride before getting the engine going again, tasting your cum for me. So, no, just cumming for me is not nearly enough.”

“Baby, I agree and if you keep talking like that, you may get the first one out of the way,” she said with desire in her voice.

I continued to slowly stroke my cock, incredibly turned on by her little moans and inconsistent breathing. Thinking of her masturbating on the other side of the line would make it so easy to cum. Hearing it make it ten times easier. But I held back, no matter how much release I wanted.

Pre-cum bubbled to the tip of my cock as my thumb rubbed it over my head for added lubrication.

“Crystal, I really want you to sit still for a second,” I told her.

She whined before sighing. “Okay, my pussy needs to be played with so you better have a good reason to make me pause.”

“I do, baby. I want you to sit with your hands at your sides and your eyes closed. You doing that?” She hummed an affirmative. “Okay, good. I want you to imagine you’re sitting on the bed, completely nude. If you’re not already, you should take off any clothes.” Pausing, I heard her shift around to take off whatever clothing she still had on. Once I heard her stop, I continued, “You’re sitting in this dark room alone, waiting with anticipation for me. You hear the door open and there I stand, clothed and looking at you with a smile that says how happy I am to have you this way and how many dirty thoughts are going through my head. Can you see me?”

“Yes…baby,” she replied as if she had to find the oxygen just to put those two words together in a response.

“I start to take off my shirt, watching you the whole time. Your nipples hard and wanting desperately for me to come to the bed and suck on them while my cock pushes its way inside you.”

“Fuck baby, I’m so wet,” she whispered, interrupting me in the best way.

“So I see, Crystal,” I pushed my cock up and down without my hands as I rubbed my balls. “After I discard my shirt, I slowly unbutton and unzip my pants, pushing them to the floor. You see me in my boxers and almost unknowingly to even you, I catch you licking your lips as you stare at my bulge, wanting it to get closer and closer.” I knew the anticipation was killing her so I threw her a bone. “Start touching yourself for me. I want to hear you.”

“Mmmmm…fuck me, Tommy.”

“I grin again at hearing you say that.” The comment was justified in the fantasy and in real life. I could hear her fuck her pussy on the other end and her moans caused me to stroke harder and harder. “I slowly walk to you, still in my boxers. Finally, I get to the side of the bed and stare at you, starting from your feet.

“My eyes travel up your legs, giving equal time to your calves as I do your knees, knowing how every inch of you has not been conquered by me and this time, I would get my dream come true,” I stopped for a second, gathering my thoughts. “Looking at your damp pussy, I marvel at how wet you are as you play with yourself. Now I lick my lips.”

“God, I need your cock,” she said, her voice barely even a whisper as she toyed with her clit. “I want you here. I can see you so clearly, standing next to the bed, staring down at me. I can see your face light up at seeing me so hot and wet, fucking myself with my fingers. My pussy is all ready for you, baby.”

“Not yet, Crystal,” I said, causing a small whine. “First, I continue up from your legs and your pussy, up your body to you quivering stomach…over your massive tits which I can’t help myself put to reach down and tweak a nipple…and slide my hand up your body to your neck and to your face, pushing the hair away from your eyes.”

She moaned and seemed to pick up the pace. She sounded like she was getting closer and closer so I incorporated what I badly wanted to tell her into the fantasy.

“I lean down and kiss you, our lips brushing against each other. First, softly, but then, with more passion. You moan into my mouth as you continue to touch that pussy. I break the kiss and kiss you on the cheek, getting closer and closer to your ear, which I lick canlı kaçak bahis at. Softly, I whisper into your ear.

“Cum for me, Crystal. I want to hear you cum, get that pussy all creamy and ready for my cock. I want to watch you bridge off the bed, reacting to your fingers as if they were mine. Cum, baby.”

She finally could not take it anymore and yelled, almost hurting my ear. My name left her lips and tongue with such unrivaled passion and it amazed me that we were just minutes away from each other and could be doing this in person, but instead were on the phone.

Her orgasm was long and hard and with every moan, yell, or grunt, my dick seemed to spurt out little drops of precum. Hearing her cum forced me to hold onto my cock and squeeze it just to make sure I didn’t cum yet.

After what seemed like a couple of minutes, her breathing finally returned to normal and I could continue.

“‘God, that was so hot,’ I say to you, baby. Now, take off my boxers and get my cock wet and ready to fuck that pussy to another orgasm.”

She took a moment as if to make sure I wanted her to take the lead. While this was my directed fantasy, I felt she should take this part. I would take the next, our ultimate fucking.

“Mmm, baby, I’ve been waiting all day to do that,” she said finally. I wasn’t sure if she meant cum or suck me off, but I was happy either way. “I would reach over and feel your dick through your boxers first, feeling how hard you are, though you’re not completely hard yet so I have something to work up. Got me remembering how it looks in pics.”

My cock is not massive, but big enough. At least, from the girls that have seen or tasted it, there have been zero complaints. Sending Crystal those pics and hearing how she liked them drove me crazy. I am such a little exhibitionist.

“Then, after feeling you for a time, I would push the boxers down slowly, seeing your cock bounce as it came free. God, my mouth is watering right now. Seeing the precum and everything, I would just have to take it into my mouth right away, tasting you finally and suckling you as my hand pulled your cock closer to me by putting pressure on your ass.”

It is very hard to prolong cumming when a girl is talking about this to you and you can picture it so well.

“You’re ready to fuck me, but I am not ready to let you go. You put your hands on my head as you start to fuck my mouth. I can feel your balls slap against my chin when I take you deep,” she paused and I could hear that she was touching her pussy again. “I slide my tongue all over your cock. When it’s just the head in my mouth, I swirl my tongue across the spongy head lazily, getting a moan out of you.”

She added the last part as she heard me moan at the image she implanted in my head. My cock was nearly to the bursting point so I squeeze it a little to hold off, but it would only be temporary. However, she clearly was not done.

“My hands go up and down your thighs as I swallow your shaft into my mouth, feeling you strain against me. Looking up, I catch your head falling back in ecstasy before you finally look back down and see my bright eyes looking up at you. Mmmm, lordy, thinking of sucking you off has gotten my pussy wetter than ever.

“Suddenly, I get an idea, knowing this may be the only time we get to do this and knowing you love my tits, I pop your cock out of my mouth and push it between my pretty boobs. Your cock is so wet from my blowjob and your precum that it slides between them so easily.”

She really knew how to get at me. Thinking of my cock disappearing into her titflesh was a fantasy I wanted to live one day. Of course, any fantasy about Crystal is one I would give my left arm to live out.

“Can’t you see it? Sliding up and down my tits like a hot wet pussy, but trust me, as good as this might feel, my pussy will be warmer and wetter.

I had to stop her and start the conclusion of this. “Then, let me have your pussy.”

“Fuck yeah, baby,” she said almost gleefully.

“I wish I could say I would last forever fucking you, but too much foreplay sometimes can be a problem,” I added truthfully.

She chuckled. “That’s okay, Tommy. I want it hard and fast and I desperately want you to cum.”

“You’ll get it, beautiful. Spreading your legs wide, you would wrap your hand around my slick cock and lead it into your pussy, but I would take it from there. You can feel my thick dick stretching your vagina. Driving deep into you slowly to allow your pussy to get used to my cock, I keep pushing until I feel my balls settle against your ass. I look down to capture the mental snapshot of my dick finally finding its rightful home before starting to go up and down, your ass humping upwards to meet my downward strokes, coaxing me to go deep.”

Hearing her allowed me to close my eyes and almost feel like I was fucking her, hearing her pussy squish around my prick, sucking it into her pussy.

“You wrap your legs around me, adding more pressure for me to fuck you hard, a responsibility I take on. Feeling your pussy throb, I begin to move faster, my cock like a piston. The shaft, slick with your juices, easily flows fluidly back and forth. I want to feel you buck beneath me. Make a sexy circular motion with your pelvis. Baby, you have me so horny.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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