A Fantasy Comes True

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Big Dicks

After many months of hot steamy cyber sex Jo and Jim were finally going to meet!!

As I reached up to he doorbell I could see my arm was shaking, I was going to meet the man I had been having cyber sex with for months, for the first time and I was scared to say the least!

A tall man opened the door and I recognised Jim straight away from his photo, not that I was expecting anyone else as he lived alone. “Hi Jo, come in” he said in a deep sexy voice… I followed him into the kitchen where he poured me a glass of wine, and began to chat about my journey and his day…after 3 more glasses of wine he stepped forward, wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me passionately, our tongues wrestling fiercely with each other, while he gently caressed my bum with both hands.

I could already feel his swollen manhood pressing against me and I knew that it was time for us to make our way up stairs…pulling me by the hand he took me upstairs and into his bedroom where we again began kissing each other with a sense of urgency.

Although I could feel that the wine had gone to my head I was not going to let that spoil my plans, I pushed him into a chair and reached into my nag for the pair of shiny pendik escort handcuffs that I had placed in there that morning. I handcuffed each of his arms in turn to the arms of the chair and slowly began to unbutton my blouse, revealing a black lacy bra, covering two large well rounded breasts, I could already see by the somewhat large bulge in his trousers that this was exciting him, but my plan had only just began.

Next I removed a blind fold from my bag and placed it over his eyes, fastening it tightly to make sure that he could not see what was going on…I then began unbuttoning his shirt running my finger from the top of his chest to the top of his trousers which made his breathing become more rapid and he let put the occasional moan. I again reached into my bag, this time pulling out a can of cream, which I immediately began to spray all over his chest. As I began to lick the cream he started to shudder with the feeling of my tongue on his soft skin, while still licking the cream I allowed my hands to slip down and undo his jeans, pulling them to the floor as I did so.

This left his manhood poking out of his boxers, almost begging me to pay it some attention (as if I could refuse). I took his escort pendik manhood with both hands and placing my soft lips around the head a began to gently suck the tip and tickle it with the tip of my tongue, gradually allowing more to enter my mouth, as it did so I began to suck harder and harder getting into a rhythm as though we were making love, and he began to thrust into my mouth as much as he could through his restraints…sensing that he was really enjoying this I began massaging his balls which only served to make him more impatient to break free, when I felt that he was ready to sum, I stopped and stood up…impatiently he cried “what’s going on? Why did you stop?” Of course I ignored this as I began to remove the last of my clothes and pull his boxers to the floor. He was not the only one who was aroused, I was soaking wet and couldn’t wait to climb on top of him, yet my game wasn’t over yet. I straddled him and began to kiss him firmly on the lips and neck, I pressed my breasts against him has his hands struggled to get free…

I could take it no longer, I removed his blindfold and mounted him, as his manhood entered me I took a sharp breath as a tingling sensation shot down my spine, his hard, pendik escort bayan hot manhood was probing deep inside me and I could feel every inch of it, I began to rise and fall on his cock while still kissing him, I wanted to feel his touch and so I un handcuffed him, in an instant his hands reached for my breasts caressing each one lovingly while he began to thrust into me with his hips, he took each breast in turn and began licking around my nipples, taking them into his mouth and gently nibbling on each until they became hard pink gems, which he sucked lovingly, while his hands explored my body, sending shivers of excitement through me, he began to thrust into me harder and harder and faster and faster, which was a relief as I could feel the most earth shattering orgasm rising inside of me, my body began to quiver and tremble as my muscles gradually began to tighten around his hard cock which was still pounding in and out at a very fast pace, as the muscles tightened still further she could no longer hold it, she let out a scream as she reached her peak and the feeling of his hot load shooting inside her only served to make her more excited…as she gradually began to come down from her peak she kissed him lovingly and he remained inside her until he involuntarily slipped out, exhausted they collapsed onto the bed in each others arms hugging and kissing until they both fell into a deep sleep, dreaming about their future together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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