A Christmas Gift

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The fireplace crackled while lights twinkled around the large Christmas tree standing next to it. Rudolph pranced across the large screen t.v. while a mug of cocoa steamed on the table. It was a picturesque holiday scene, and it would have been perfect if Laura hadn’t been spending it alone. The forlorn looking takeout box sat on the coffee table half-eaten while the young lawyer scornfully took in her surroundings.

‘It’s supposed to be so cheerful and heartwarming here with all these decorations I set up, yet I just feel empty and alone.’

Having had to stay in town for an important case the young woman had been unable to get home to spend Christmas with her family, and seeing as she wasn’t in any kind of relationship the slim brunette found herself in her apartment all alone on Christmas Eve as everyone she knew in town had somewhere else to be. Surrounding herself with holiday cheer only seemed to make it worse.

“Someday I’ll be like them,” she muttered mournfully into her mug as a commercial of a happy family opening presents flashed on the screen, only adding to her misery.

Being the slender, attractive woman that she was Laura had never had any issues getting a date in high school or college, but after passing the bar and becoming a junior partner at a law firm the overworked female found she just didn’t have the time for a serious relationship at the moment.

‘Which is why I find myself here all by myself when everyone else is with . . . someone at least,’ the lounge pants and hoodie clad female thought with a sigh as she scooped up her leftovers and shoved them in the fridge, knowing most places would be closed the next day – besides, the last thing she wanted to do was go out on Christmas. Snatching up her mug of hot chocolate the lonely woman nestled back into the couch and settled in to watch yet another classic Christmas movie, all the while imagining what she would be doing if she were home with her family at that moment. The movie offered little comfort as time ticked by ever so slowly . . .

Waking up to an ice cold mug still nestled in her hands a few hours later Laura yawned as she placed the chilled cocoa on the table, stretching her slender arms above her head as she looked at the clock on the wall.

“Those movies just don’t keep me as intrigued as they used to I guess,” the sleepy female mumbled as she turned the t.v. off and stumbled upstairs to her bedroom, having slept on the couch well past her normal bedtime for Christmas Eve as it was rather late in the evening now.

Reaching her bedroom the young woman wriggled out of her comfy pants, knowing she wouldn’t sleep comfortably in them having the heat set as high as it was. Her black satin panties became exposed as the pants hit the floor, and normally the business woman would change out of her ‘work’ underwear into a much more comfortable wide-banded underwear that wouldn’t matter if it showed under pants, but tonight she was too tired to care so they stayed on while the hoodie and bra came off. Stiffening another large yawn the mainly nude woman reached into her closet and pulled out her silk nightie, feeling a little rush like she did every time when the thin smooth material glided across her flesh as it settled onto her thin frame. Being a tossy turny sleeper the lawyer had come to realize the best way to get a good night’s sleep was to leave the heat on all night and just wear less.

“Now this is definitely something I wouldn’t be wearing if I was home,” the heavy lidded female murmured as she looked down at the nearly sheer outfit barely concealing her tight body, the white material clinging to her b-cup breasts to clearly show two nipples poking out from the swells of her round bosom.

Not bothering to go through her nightly routine, which wasn’t all that much as the naturally beautiful young adult didn’t bother with makeup, Laura crawled under her one thin sheet and snuggled up against her pillow. Her breathing became more shallow and regulated as she edged ever closer to blissful sleep, but just before she tipped over a noise from downstairs caused her eyes to flutter open with a start.

‘Did I just hear something?’ the now more alert woman wondered, straining her ears against the quiet of the night.

Another dull thud reverberated through the night, letting the startled female know she hadn’t been making the first noise up.

‘Maybe it’s just the wind,’ she thought as she sat up, remembering the snowstorm that had been going on earlier that night. ‘I would have heard someone break a window or force their way in, I’m sure.’

Not super concerned yet still slightly nervous the young woman swung her feet over the edge of the bed with a yawn and stood up, stretching her body out before padding barefoot over to the wide open bedroom door, pausing momentarily to listen before heading into the hallway when it the way sounded clear. Edging her ways down the stairs the barely clad woman jumped back halfway down the steps when she found herself bursa escort staring at a large man rummaging around the floor near her Christmas tree. Hearing the noise the startled woman made the dressed-all-in-red man spun around, his white-bearded face a look of surprise as he took in the scared woman on the steps.

“Oh, excuse me, miss, I uh, am not as . . . graceful as I used to be it seems. Plus these new fangled apartments always get to me.”

A terrified Laura sat slumped on the step she had fell down on, staring at the stranger in her house without responding at first as she looked the intruder over. Finding the man non confrontational in his demeanor she slowly stood up, her voice shaky as she descended to the bottom of the stairs.

“What do you mean? And what are you doing here in my house in the first place?”

The rounder old man coughed hesitantly when he looked over at the approaching female, peering at Laura oddly before turning away to stare at the floor awkwardly.

“Oh, just the noises you must have heard. I managed to spill my bag all over your floor here and was just trying to pick it all up when you came down.”

Another glance was cast in the young woman’s direction before the man in red looked sheepishly at the ground yet again. Wondering why he was acting so strange Laura took another step into the living room, finally seeing the clutter of items splayed across her floor the old man was referring to. Seeing the big bag next to the fireplace it finally clicked for the normally quick woman.

“Oh my gosh, you’re Santa?”

The bearded man smiled widely as he turned around, yet catching sight of the woman he quickly went back to picking up his items.

“In the flesh! Err. . .I mean, yes. ..”

It was then that Laura finally looked down at herself and noticed that during her flight down the stairs one of her spaghetti straps on her nightie had slipped off her shoulder, baring way more of her chest than it was already designed to do. Reddening slightly she quickly slipped the strap back up, turning the copious amounts of cleavage into a just slightly ridiculous amount. Suddenly the thin-dressed female became very self conscious about how little was covering her body as clearly the other person in the room had taken note of it. Not seeing anything to cover up with though she didn’t want to make an even bigger deal over it so the scantily clad woman merely shrugged, reaching down to pick up a toy at her feet that clearly was not meant for her.

“I never thought I would meet you in person Santa, you’re, well, quite the legend. Also, I haven’t gotten anything from Santa in years! I thought you abandoned me!”

The man in front of her chuckled, sounding exactly as the shows depicted him with a deep hearty chortle.

“Well, the idea is that you’re not supposed to ever see me, that’s what keeps the magic alive. Normally someone your age is off my list, but I knew you weren’t able to go home to be with your family so I figured I would stop by to give you some of the Christmas cheer you’ve been missing.”

The young woman’s heart lit up from the kind gesture from her childhood idol.

“Aw that’s so sweet Santa, thank you.”

Reaching over the gracious woman handed Santa the toy. As the cheerful man looked up to take it his eyes bulged as he grabbed the item to quickly shove it in his bag. Looking down the slim woman realized she had been slightly bent over, causing her nightie to open up and expose a good portion of her bosom once more.

‘Why does Santa get like that? He couldn’t have been looking at my chest, could he? No way-not Santa.”

But as the lithe girl went to shake the feeling off and grab another gift on the ground she glanced over to catch old Saint Nick adjusting his pants, where a brief glimpse of a very visible bulge was clearly made out. The young woman nearly gasped as she stood up quickly.

‘No way, Santa has a hard on because of me. Holy. Shit. I never would have seen that coming.’

Thinking about it as she placed the gift in the bag Laura realized she had never thought of the man as anything other than a jolly old person that gave kids gifts, but under all that magic was obviously just a regular man as she had just witnessed.

A thought suddenly crept into her mind as she headed over to grab another present off her floor.

‘All he ever does is work with kids, giving them gifts and making them happy. He probably never spends anytime on himself, poor old guy.’

A sensation suddenly hit Laura in her groin, and she almost gasped again, barely stifling her raw emotions from the oblivious man in front of her who was still picking up his mess.

‘No way, am I getting excited thinking of Santa as a regular horn-dog like any other man who needs some female attention? What’s wrong with me – it’s freaking Santa Claus!’

The more the young woman pondered it, the more she felt bad for the older man, thinking about how happy HE would be if someone bursa escort bayan actually did something for him once.

“So Santa – Mrs. Claus must get pretty lonely when you’re away all night,” the young woman asked seemingly innocently as she grabbed the next nearest gift, some kind of boxed item she had no idea what it was for.

“Oh, well, I’m afraid Mrs. Claus is something the stories make up – it’s just me and the helpers up in the North Pole,” the supposedly jolly old elf said with a twinge of sadness.

The announcement took Laura back, and now the bulge she had seen in those classic red trousers was starting to make more sense as she may have been the first adult woman the man had seen semi-clothed in who knows how many decades.

“No Mrs. Claus and your only interaction is with children? That must get kind of lonely, doesn’t it?”

Shuffling closer the silk-wearing woman placed herself directly in front of Kris Kringle as the man mumbled an incoherent response, confirming her suspicions. Deciding there was something she could do about his predicament Laura suddenly faked a large yawn, stretching her arms way above her head, thrusting her chest out in the process as Santa prattle on obliviously below her.

“Well I have a job to do and if I don’t do it. . .”

The old man trailed off as he looked over and his eyes were met with two perky nipples atop firm breasts very visibly poking through the thin silk fabric. The bottoms of black panties could be made out as well as the nightie was not very long on slender girl, revealing all of her toned legs as she stretched out.

“Yes Santa, go on?” Laura smiled, slowly lowering her arms knowingly as the nightie slide across her firm figure to rest back over her hips.

“I, uh, uh, oh, uh no one else could do it and then all these children would, would miss out, which I just couldn’t bear. Yes, that’s, that’s what I was saying.”

Feeling herself getting turned on by how much the small show she just gave affected him edged the female on further.

‘Ok, now I know Santa is into me, and how could I not give the man a little Christmas present on Christmas Eve? He’s been giving everyone else gifts for who knows how long; it’s time for him to finally receive one.’

Deciding the jolly old man needed a little more than seeing her through sleepwear Laura hatched the next part of her seductress plan. Lowering herself down to her knees the scantily clad woman crawled over to a sweater- that she prayed wasn’t intended for her- to where she was now directly in front of Santa’s view. Knowing he had to have an eyeful of her panties holding in her butt cheeks as the nightie had ridden to up she swayed back and forth from her kneeling position as she pretended to struggle folding the garment. Then, doing a 180 on her knees, she came face to face with the old man, whose eyes shifted at the last second, telling the ambitious lawyer he was in fact checking her butt out which of course caused her to smile deviously.

“Is this gift for one of my neighbors?” she asked innocently, leaning forward on her hands ever so slightly as the gift was slid out directly in front of her.

The rounder old man glanced at the gift.

“I don’t like people comparing so I don’t . . .”

Santa’s jaw visibly dropped when he looked up from the garment to Laura, who from her current position on her knees had her nightie hanging wide open, exposing her breasts right down to her rosy nipples. Laura let the man stare, not saying anything as she gently rocked from side to side, her breasts swaying with the motion. Deciding this peek a boob wasn’t enough for the man who gave his entire time to helping other people out the young female slowly stood up without a word, leaving Santa still open-jawed on his knees.

“Now Mr. Claus, I know you give millions of gifts every year and get such little thanks for it. I think this year it’s time you get a gift yourself.”

The words came out as a soft purr from the woman’s mouth a she stood seductively over the magical man. Crooking a finger she motioned for him to stand.

“Now would you like to open your gift?”

Santa stayed glued to the floor, unable to do anything other than sputter out some nonsense as the old man tried to comprehend what was happening. Laura’s smile only grew wider.

“No? Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to open it for you then.”

With a slight shrug the slender woman reached up and slipped both straps of her nightie off her shoulders, the thin garment sliding down her perfect body till it pooled at her feet. Her now visible perky nipples were hard from excitement as she placed her hands on her small panty clad hips, showing off her exposed body to jolly old Saint Nick with zest. Blinking several times Santa could do nothing more than stare at the mainly naked woman in front of him, drinking in her youthful body hungrily with his eyes. Laughing gaily which caused her chest to bounce deliciously up and down Laura stared at escort bursa the man kneeling in her apartment.

“Oh I’m sorry, did I not unwrap your gift all the way? Here, let me help with that.”

Hooking her thumbs in her panty waistline the young woman slowly slid them down her hips, bending over as she pushed the small fabric all the way down her toned legs. Stepping out of the puddle of clothes she now stood completely nude in front of her Christmas idol, her neatly trimmed pussy practically in the man’s face from his position on the floor.

“There – completely unwrapped for you. Is that better?”

“Ho hum, cough, err, well, my…”

Unable to form words the red suited man just continued to ogle the nude beauty in his sights. Empowered by how things had gone so far Laura felt her groin start to moisten, completely turned on by how she was making Santa behave. Giving into the lustful feeling she stepped even closer, her moist sex now inches from the bearded man’s face.

“Now what’s a gift that you can look at but can’t touch?” she cooed as she reached down to grab his gloved hands, running them up her legs to rest them on her smooth butt cheeks. The motion took the man’s face right into her slick mound.

“Why don’t you explore your present?” she coaxed into his ear while his hands rested on her bare ass.

At first they stayed nestled on her behind, but then ever so slowly his digits inched up her back, and before she knew it the white gloved hands were squeezing her exposed breasts, kneading them softly. As Santa’s thumbs played with her hard nipples Laura let out a soft moan, the workout her firm chest was being given causing a shiver of pleasure to shoot through her youthful body. Closing her eyes the nude woman gave into the moment, only to have them open again briefly in surprise when she felt a tongue hesitantly lick her left nipple.

“Oh Santa you do what know a girl likes,” she exclaimed as she grabbed the now standing man’s head and buried it into her chest while his mouth continued to explore her breast.

Feeling the passion building up the naked woman decided she needed to take it a notch further as her hands slid down that famous red suit and stopped at the crotch. Santa stiffened but didn’t say anything as Laura reached inside his fly and pulled out his erect dick, massaging gently it in her small hands.

“Santa really likes his gift, doesn’t he?” she purred as she began to stroke the man’s massive erection.

As her ‘gift’ was originally just to show the poor old man her boobs the lonely lawyer had already gone much further than originally planned yet Laura couldn’t stop now as she knew Santa was probably having the best night of his life at that point in time. Juices freely leaking down her leg from the excitement of it all the naked woman used her dainty hands on Saint Nick’s prick to guide him over by the couch where there was more space in front of the tree.

‘This was where my gifts were supposed to go, but I guess now his gift goes there instead,’ she thought to herself happily as she lowered herself to her knees, her face now inches from Santa’s throbbing cock.

Looking up at a heavy-breathing Santa the young woman whispered ,”Merry Christmas,” before opening her mouth wide and taking Santa’s cock inside of it.

A loud moan escaped the old man’s lips as the slender naked woman started working on his dick, her tongue twirling around his shaft while her hands went to work on his balls. Soon a slurping noise was all that was heard in the room as Laura continued to suck his cock, sliding her lips back and forth along the hardened dick in her mouth.

The cock sucking stopped momentarily as the young female felt those gloved hands under her armpits as the man in red attempted to lift her. Taking the cue she stood up, not knowing what Santa wanted until she saw him motion towards the couch. Unsure what would happen next she laid down on the couch at his direction, his hands guiding her head slightly off the couch. Leaning over the couch horny old Saint Nick dipped his cock into Laura’s open mouth, sliding his dick all the way in until it pressed up against the back of her throat, able to place his whole swollen member in her upside down mouth from this new angle. Forcing back a gag the slim woman took him in, wrapping her mouth around his shaft as he moved it in and out of her, groaning loudly every time his member completely disappeared inside her eager mouth. Eyes closed tight both in pleasure and due to the simple fact that all she could see now was Santa’s ball sack swinging back and forth Laura shivered with ecstasy as she felt those gloved hands once again roam across her body while his cock was still firmly lodged in her throat, squeezing her tits with reckless abandonment this time as they reached their destination. The hands slowly began to move their way down the fit woman’s body, sliding across her smooth stomach while a gagged Laura continued to hungrily lap at his dick. Feeling the gloved hands play with her neat bush Laura convulsed in ecstasy, wanting nothing more than that hand to slide that extra inch into her yearning slit. A thought suddenly occurred to her as Mr. Claus continued to tease her crotch.

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