A Bet Too Far

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‘What do you mean, did I want a bet on the result?’ Asked Dave.

He hated talking football with females, especially with his wife and sister in law. He was trying to watch the game on TV when they both came home. They pretended to show an interest just to annoy Dave.

‘I bet United beat City 6-4.’ Said Nikki, his sister in law.

‘6-4?’ Laughed Dave. ‘I tell you what, if more than 6 goals are scored in the game it would be a miracle.’

‘OK.’ Nikki said. ‘I bet there are more than 6 goals scored.’ Nikki looked at Mary and winked.

‘You’re on. What do you bet £10?’ Challenged Dave.

‘Is that all?’

‘£20 then.’ Dave was sure he’d win.

‘Lets make it more interesting. How about the loser becomes the winners slave for the weekend!’ Said Mary.

Dave and Nikki looked at each other. They both nodded their agreement, and the deal was done. They even wrote it down and signed it to make it official.

‘I cant wait until the weekend.’ Smiled Dave.

‘Me neither.’ Said Nikki. ‘I’ve got plenty of chores and things that need doing.’

They all settled down to watch the game. Dave knew that both the teams had the best defensive record in the league, and it would be a tight game. Disaster struck early on when City’s goalkeeper got injured and the substitute had to come on. Then with half time approaching the substitute goalkeeper got sent off for a foul, and with no goalkeeper left, a striker had to go in goal. 1-0 to City at half time.

Second half started. 2-0. 3-0. 4-0. Dave was starting to look nervous.

‘Do you want to start calling me Mistress now slave?’ Nikki laughed.

‘There is only ten minutes left, I cant see three goals going in now.’ Said Dave.

Another penalty was awarded. 5-0. Five minutes left. 6-0. One minute left. Another penalty!!!

The goalkeeper saves it, but it hits the post and goes in. 7-0! Final whistle goes.

Dave stares at the TV in shock and horror. The two girls, Nikki especially dance with joy.

‘I’ve got a slave, I’ve got a slave.’ Nikki sang.

It was Thursday night so Dave had one day left to try and get out of it. It was no good. He would have to get it over illegal bahis and done with. How humiliating. Dave was instructed to report to his sister in law at 8am Saturday. Mary would bring him, as she wanted to spend the weekend and enjoy the occasion. They arrived as arranged.

‘Come in.’ Shouted Nikki from the living room. ‘Except for the slave. It must make three cups of tea and bring them in here.’

Dave brought in the tea and was shocked to see his mother in law there too.

‘Slave, kneel in the middle of the room.’ Instructed Nikki.

Mary and June, his mother in law looked on with amusement. This should teach him to be so big headed and sexist.

‘From now on, until you leave you will address us all as Mistress. You will not speak until you are spoken to. And you will obey our commands without question and immediately. Do you understand?’ Asked Nikki.

‘All three of you?’

‘YES.’ Shouted Nikki. ‘How dare you question me. What have I just said?’ She looked really mad. ‘You are my slave, as we agreed. That means you serve whom I tell you to serve. Is THAT clear?’

‘OK.’ He mumbled.

‘Sorry I didn’t hear that.’

‘Yes mistress.’ Dave said. He looked at his wife and her mother. They were really enjoying watching him squirm.

‘Now kiss my feet.’ Instructed Nikki. ‘And then kiss my mothers and Marys.’

Dave did so. He could feel his face glow as June laughed at him and offered her other foot. He was given a list of chores that needed doing. Ironing. Washing up. Cooking the meals. Running to the shops, and many other domestic duties including cleaning the toilet, which he had do every time it was used.

The three women were drinking wine all day, served by their slave. As the drink took its toll, they became more horny and was getting turned on by their new found power.

‘I think he should be naked.’ Said Mary. ‘As one of your Mistresses, I demand that you strip for us.’

Dave stood in the middle of the room and started taking his clothes off. To make it interesting June put some music on for him to dance and strip to. The women couldn’t take their eyes off of his body, and their imaginations were illegal bahis siteleri running wild.

‘Girls.’ Said Mary. ‘I know he’s my husband, but I give you permission to do what you like to him this weekend.’

‘Anything?’ Asked Nikki.

‘Absolutely anything. As long as you don’t kill him of course.’ Mary smiled.

June looked at Nikki and winked. She was feeling so hot, and she had never felt so horny.

‘Come here slave.’ Ordered June. ‘Follow me.’

She took Dave into the kitchen and sat on a stool at the table. She told Dave to kneel before her and opened her legs to expose her dark red panties, that were getting very moist.

‘Kiss it’ She said.

Dave leant forward and gently put his head between her legs, and kissed his mother in laws crotch. It felt very warm, and smelt divine. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Here he was on his knees in his sister in laws house, kissing his mother in laws cunt, and his wife was in the next room.

June stood and pulled her skirt up.

‘Take them off.’ She said. Dave removed her panties. She took them from him and wiped them around his face. Then she sat back down and pointed to her uncovered lips.

‘Now you can lick me.’

Dave did as he was told. He noticed someone else come into the kitchen. It was Nikki.

‘Me next.’ She said.

Nikki took her turn on the stool. As with June, she sat legs apart for Dave to use his tongue. It wasn’t long before Nikkis’ black panties were soaking wet too, with Daves’ saliva. The three girls gathered around Dave as he knelt on the kitchen floor. It was getting late and they decided to call it a night, Nikki gave Dave his instructions for the morning, then shut him in the cupboard under the stairs and told him to stay there until he was called in the morning.

The next morning he heard his name, and left the cupboard to get their breakfasts as instructed. As he was Nikkis’ slave, it was at her bedside that he had to stand naked while she ate her breakfast. She looked him up and down and beckoned him over. She threw the duvet back and opened her legs.

‘I’m still warm from last night slave.’ She said. ‘Get your canlı bahis siteleri head down here and taste your mistress.’

Dave did as ordered. Nikki put her meal down and turned over to expose her beautiful behind.

‘Lick my arse slave.’ She said as she opened her legs and raised her bottom off of the bed. Dave kissed and licked her arse, and put his tongue as far into her anus as he could.

‘Make sure its’ clean, now, or there will be trouble.’

There was a knock at the door, and June walked in and was excited by the scene before her.

‘Can I go next?’ She asked. ‘I could do with my arse being cleaned too.’

She ordered Dave onto his back on the floor, and stood above his head. She then lifted her night dress and slowly lowered herself onto his face. Mary stood in the doorway and laughed, she had wanted to dominate Dave for years, but never had the opportunity. Now she could, even if it meant sharing him with her family.

Mary had bought a collar for him to wear, and put it around his neck. She attached the lead and lead him downstairs and into the garden The garden was secluded, so no one could see anything they shouldn’t.

‘Need a piss slave?’ She asked.

‘Yes mistress.’

‘Off you go then.’ She said, and walked him into the garden to relieve himself.

‘Its time to feed the slave.’ Nikki called. So Mary took Dave back into the kitchen, where a bowl of dogfood was placed in the middle of the floor.

‘Eat it, Slave!’ Nikki said, pointing to the bowl between her feet.

Dave hesitated over the bowl, but felt a sharp pain as Mary whipped him with her belt.

‘Eat it.’ She repeated.

Dave tucked into the dog food, nearly retching as he swallowed it bit by bit.

He spent the rest of the day finishing of the chores and getting Nikkis’ clothes ready for the next day. He was made to lick her shoes clean in front of Mary and June.

‘I should have bought mine over.’ Mary said.

‘Well he is still mine until midnight.’ Nikki told Mary. ‘So why not take him home early and he can help you too.’

‘Good idea.’ Mary smiled. ‘Come on slave, I’ve got a few things for you to do. I hope you’re not too tired.’

So Mary and Dave went home were she had him carry on with his role as her slave.

‘I wish we had done this before.’ She told him as he knelt before her and licked her wet pussy.

‘Me too.’ Came a muffled, but excited reply.

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