Woodland Adventure Ch. 02

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She looks up at me sluttishly as I begin to stroke in and out of her, her sumptuous blonde locks sprawled messily around her youthful face. There is definitely something of Sienna Miller about her look: vulnerable, tantalising and uncommonly pretty. I slide slowly at first back and forth, savouring not only the feel of her, but also the squelching noises of our union. She smiles even more broadly, utterly unselfconscious and unashamed even in the knowledge that her boyfriend has – only moments earlier – shot his load deep inside her.

“Harder! Deeper!” she urges me. I need no second invitation from the slut. Thrusting with all my strength, I induce her into a frenzy of squeals akin to those of a wounded animal. I love the control I have over her. I love the painful pleasure her squeals exude. She is so incredibly beautiful – so fragile, so pure and yet so filthy. Her skin is without blemish, her oval face so wonderfully sculpted with those captivating eyes, those provocative eyebrows, that delicate little nose, those pronounced yet not overly severe cheekbones, and the soft feminine line of her jaw. I am in awe of her beauty, in spite of – perhaps even partly because of – how contorted her face has become in her ecstasy.

She opens her big blue eyes and looks directly into mine as I continue to pound her – the most precious, exotic pearl – like a piece of meat. Her eyes are alert and inquisitive. I feel she is looking directly into my soul. Her smile broadens again as our eyes connect fully. I am melted by it, scarcely believing it possible that I could find myself in this wondrous situation with one quite so perfectly formed.

Holding her smile, she utters faintly to me, “You brute!” – even in the midst of being fucked relentlessly she is flirting with me, goading me. It works though. I am inspired to still greater effort, slamming my meaty cock into her as if my very life was at stake. Both she and I are sweating profusely now, her face and shoulders glowing with her moisture.

I put in a final sprint at the end of our marathon, sensing my climax is precariously close. Instinctively she reaches out to you again with her hand, as if in need of moral support in her hour of need. It is only then – such has been my preoccupation with the young girl – that I notice you beside me astride the buff body of the stud, rising and falling energetically on his hard pole.

Absurdly, I am enraged by the sight , filled with an extraordinary sense of jealousy, which only increases when I see the rapture etched all over your face. It is as though you are entranced by the extent of your own pleasure, transported to a far-off but wholly wonderful place. But alongside my raging jealousy, I feel indescribably aroused by the sight of you being impaled by such an impressive weapon. It’s not just his length that makes your eyes water, but it’s also the monstrous girth of his cock that makes you feel so divinely full.

You grasp the wench’s flailing bayan arkadaş hand tightly as my monumental eruption floods her tight little pussy, instantly triggering another deep, unforgiving, sustained climax from her. The sight is all too much for you, as wave after magnificent wave overpowers you completely. You shudder uncontrollably, your entire body descending into aggressive involuntary spasms. You feel faint.

Still he thrusts upwards into you. Though it scarcely seems possible, your orgasm intensifies. Your large, shapely breasts sway and bounce heavily as you ride him. Both the girl and I are drooling at the mouth-watering sight.

As my cock slips out of her sperm-drenched cunt, the girl releases her grip on your hand and manoeuvres her lithesome frame to enable her to go instead for your chest – first with her hands and then with her mouth. She cups the underside of each breast with her open palms, reaching upwards with her fingertips to your resolutely erect nipples. She clamps them between her middle and forefingers, squeezing a little harder than is comfortable. You squirm as her assault persists.

She is on her knees immediately above me, copious juices flowing from her satiated pussy onto my waiting tongue. I glory in the taste of our recent alliance – of my own spunk, whose flavour is extremely familiar to me, and of her juices, for which I am acquiring a considerable penchant. I lap lasciviously at her as her teeth sink deliciously into your hard nipples. You wince, but pull her closer, crushing her face with your ample 36C boobs … revelling in the extent of pain she is inflicting on you.

The stud’s dick – still fabulously erect and proud – becomes detached from your pussy in your passion for his girlfriend. Now superfluous to you, he moves beside me, knowing that the only thing that will lure me from his girlfriend’s pussy is his big cock.

I wrap my lips around the monster, inhaling as much of it as my open jaws will allow. Although you and I have often fantasized together about it, I am not overly experienced in sucking cock – this being only my third – and quickly appreciate the enormity of the task confronting me. But I am determined to take as much of it as I possibly can into my throat. Fully eight inches of it, all appetizingly coated in your sex juices, I strive desperately to cram into my mouth. After about three-quarters of it had been consumed by me, I begin to gag and have to re-emerge for breath. He appears pleased by my struggle – an arrogant grin developing on his handsome face – and responds, somewhat sadistically, by pushing himself back into my mouth at least as deeply as before. This time, however, I am ready for him, and opening my throat swallow him almost, but not quite, to the hilt. He starts slowly to fuck my mouth as if it were a cunt, and, though after a while my jaw begins to ache, I commit fully to the task … not only continuing to suck him off bayan partner sloppily, but exacerbating his pleasure by sliding first one, then two, fingers into his exposed anus.

The response is almost instantaneous. He starts to hump my mouth hard, displaying neither respect nor sympathy for the fact I am now gagging on his penis, my eyes watering blearily. But my pain is met with a generous reward, as he spurts powerfully into my mouth and throat. A surprising amount of the sticky fluid fills me. As I swallow the first gulp down, delighting in its salty flavour, my mouth is refilled at once. I continue to pleasure both his anus and his balls, which I squeeze gently to extract yet more cum from him.

His dick softens, and – satisfied there is no more to milk from it – I release it. Although he is spent, I still have a raging hard-on to service. We kiss, his liquid swilling in our conjoined mouths. He can taste himself strongly in me. Not wanting to be churlish, I allow him to steal some of the precious nectar for himself … but not too much!

You are on your knees in front of the girl, lapping every bit as furiously at her pussy at I have recently been at her boyfriend’s cock. This is your first time performing full oral sex on another girl. Sure – you have kissed other girls in stolen, drunken moments, and even copped a quick feel of their breasts … but, though you have long craved it, this is your first opportunity with one so incredibly sexy to REALLY get down to business!

You are immediately intoxicated by her aroma. Her neatly trimmed, fleshy pussy, guarded only by a soft, light patch of wispy curls immediately above its entrance, and from whose parted lips oozes palpable proof of her arousal … she looks and smells and tastes just divine. Her breathing becomes distinctly ragged. Her eyes – surveying your every move – are burning with desire for you. Her cheeks redden, as she writhes uncontrollably at your command. Your tongue deepens its penetration of her. You are acting on instinct alone, but with an expertise that belies your total lack of experience. The spread of her legs widens so that all is exposed to your lascivious tongue, and her thighs rest uneasily on your shoulders. She has abandoned herself entirely to you, inviting still more intrepid exploration by you of every recess of her tight, soaked pussy.

Suddenly she explodes again, in a cacophony of unfettered shrieks, her whole body deteriorating into ungamely spasms. Her fluids threaten to overwhelm you, as does the violence of her bodily reaction, but you cling on to her with both hands, determined not to become detached from her at this most sensitive of moments. Your tongue continues to suckle her through her climax, which shows no obvious signs of subsiding. Sloppy sounds escape as you simultaneously lick and swallow.

Sadistically almost, you elect to press home your advantage, rather than to allow her much-needed respite. bdsm escort She stiffens … but you use what strength you can still muster to keep her in place. You massage the hard, swollen nub of her clit with your tongue, sucking it into your mouth, inducing from her the most exquisite squeals. She abandons her futile resistance and, if anything, comes still more extravagantly than before.

It lasts a glorious – and outrageously noisy – eternity, before she collapses in a crumpled heap, beyond merely being spent. A self-satisfied look envelops your flushed face as you emerge finally for air above the discarded carcass of the young girl. You know you have hit the perfect note. She, on the other hand, remains temporarily immobile, paralysed, as if totally shell-shocked by the experience. Perspiration covers her entire body. Her breathing becomes irregular. I worry momentarily that she might literally pass out from her sustained exertions, but her recovery is reassuringly rapid, as she pants, “Oh my GOD! … I’ve never … I mean … oh my fucking God! … that was … oh fuck … that was … AMAZING!” She lingers on the last word, saying it with real meaning.

Then, somehow summoning a last vestige of strength, she helps to ease you upwards so that she can repeat her assessment directly to your face, as if for emphasis. Tears are welling in her eyes, triggering an unexpected welling-up of emotion within you. She is trembling. Instinctively you wrap your arms around her in consolation, but it is partly a mechanism by which you can disguise the intensity of your own response to the moment, as you cling onto her, cheek to cheek for precious seconds.

Your moment is, however, crudely interrupted. It is stolen from you by the coarse grunts and profanities that accompany the insertion of my cock into the stud’s exposed asshole. He is on his hands and knees on the rug. Both my hands on his hips, I am riding him from behind … and by the look on his face he is in agony. But he doesn’t recoil. Rather, he pushes himself back towards me, offering himself entirely to me, a look of grim determination on his face. As you lay entangled in each other’s arms, you are treated to the most awesome display of my power and his perseverance, as I slide my cock all the way inside him, then withdraw, then re-insert, then withdraw again to such an extent that you can see the hard shaft of my circumcised dick almost to its bell-shaped knob.

I begin to establish a rhythm. No quarter is asked or given. I ram him as hard and as deeply as I can, and yet he contrives somehow to take me all. As he shouts out loud his pleasurable pain, my grunts become steadily more vociferous. I tense dramatically, before delivering to the deepest recesses of his smooth, muscular butt the mightiest, noisiest orgasm I have ever conjured. And when I have finally unloaded everything that was within me, I collapse beside him – two exhausted, heavily sweating, totally fulfilled guys alongside their similarly sated female lovers.

As we all lay down together, glorying in the aftermath of the most extraordinary afternoon of our lives, not a word is uttered. Nothing needs to be said. The moment transcends words. And four young lives are changed irreparably.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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