Wife Wants To Go Camping Day 01

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I’m trying to be a better writer. Thank you for all the feedback, it means a lot since it continues to help me get better.

This is a continuation of my other story “Wife Puts On A Show For Her Friends”


A few months ago, my wife Jessica, had some friends over to the house for a girls day. Cindy and Dana. That night, my life changed, not very much, just enough that it was different than normal. I noticed that Cindy and Dana flirted with me a little bit more. All three of them were a little more open with me. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, I mean, what guy would hate having attention from 3 beautiful women. Even though we haven’t had a repeat of that night from a few months ago, we all felt it was coming at some point.

Then, one morning, it came along. Jessica says to me, “Cindy wants us to come visit her for the weekend so we can go on a road trip. What do you think?”

“Sure, I’d love to do that. When are we going?” I ask.

“Next Friday, we’re going to meet at her house. I don’t know where else she wants to go though.”

“Sounds good, I’ll dig out the bags and I’ll pack our clothes next week.”

“You’re the best!!” She smiles, and gives me a kiss. “I love you so much.” “I love you too”


Waiting 2 weeks, letting the anticipation build, it was driving me crazy. All I could think about was that night when my wife played with my cock while her friends watched. It had the unfortunate consequence of me getting hard at the most inopportune times, like at work. Finally, Thursday came around. I packed Jessica’s bag first, then my bag, making sure she had a good selection of clothes that could cover almost every situation I could think of. I even threw in some bathing suits just in case we ended up somewhere that we needed one.

While I was packing my bag, my wife came over, hugged me from the side and just clung on to me. I hugged her back, not saying any words, just being happy and content being in each other’s presence. We finally detach from each other, look into each other’s eyes with that wordless communication couples have when they have been together for so long, and give each other a quick kiss. I go back to packing, while she sits on the bed watching me, finally saying “Cindy can’t wait to see you. She said she can’t get your cock out of her mind.”

I shiver at the words, saying “That’s great and an amazing ego beylikdüzü ucuz escort boost, but I don’t think my cock should have any bearing on her wanting to see us.”

She laughs and says, “Your cock isn’t why she wants to see us, she wants to see us because she wants to hang out with us and do some fun things, but maybe there’s a very small chance that your cock has something to do with it.”

I feel a stirring in my cock as she says that and try to change the subject and talk about some other mundane things as I finish packing. It doesn’t work very well and she keeps circling around to talking about my cock. Pretty soon I’m completely hard, and she can see the outline of my cock through my shorts. She reaches out, grabs me by my waistband and pulls me closer, then grabs my shirt and pulls me down to kiss me hungrily. I move to her neck while she moans and moves her hand down to my crotch and starts to rub my cock thru my shorts. Pretty soon our clothes are off, she is on her hands and knees while I’m fucking her hard from behind. Several minutes go by until she screams she is cumming, to which I slow down a little to let her catch her breath and continuing to slam into her with my hard cock, until at least another 15-20 minutes pass and I cum deep inside her while she cums again.

We collapse on the bed, breathing heavily, until I get up, clean up the clothes and other messes that were made either during my packing or during our romp. I get back in bed and Jessica cuddles up to me and we fall asleep in each other’s arms.


The next afternoon, we pack our SUV, and head out on the road to go to Cindy’s house, her in tight jeans and a sweater and myself in jeans and a hoodie. The entire way there, we make small talk, looking at different things on the side of the road and just other interesting things. She has her hand on my leg, rubbing it as we drive like she normally does. We finally pull up to Cindy’s house, she must have been watching for us because by the time we got out of the car, she’s running into Jessica and giving her a huge hug. Then she turns to me and bowls me over with another huge hug. “It’s so great to see you both!! I’m so happy you’re both here!!” She shouts.

We sort ourselves out and head in the house with her, as she talks about wanting to go on a road trip. She explains how she just wants to go for the beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort weekend, just drive and not have any plans, just let the road take us where ever we go. We work out the details, and settle in for the night at her house so we can wake up early to leave.

The next morning at 4 am, she puts her bag with ours and climbs in the backseat while I start driving with Jessica in the passenger seat. We stop to get breakfast and coffee, and the girls are making small talk while we drive. Eventually, Jessica’s hand makes it to my crotch and starts to gently rub my cock through my jeans, getting me hard in a matter of moments. She unzips me and undoes my belt and pulls my cock out and starts to slowly stroke it. Hearing her unzip me, Cindy stops talking and says, “What are you doing up there?”

“Stroking his cock,” says Jessica.

“Don’t let him cum for a while.”

“Oh I’m just getting him worked up so he has a huge load later.”

Inwardly, I start to grimace and worry about what they have planned or don’t have planned, while Jessica continues to stroke my cock. Rubbing the tip of my cock with her thumb gently, she lifts her hand up to lick her palm and then starts to stroke me slightly faster. Up and down, over and over, until I warn her that I’m getting close, to which she stops and tells me “You are not allowed to cum until I tell you to.” Then she leans over and kisses me on the cheek while leaving my cock in the open, still hard and slightly wet from her saliva from her hand.

We just keep driving, every so often coming to a major intersection at a red light and deciding whether to go left, right or straight at random. We didn’t care where we ended up, just that we were excited for the adventure. Every time I started to get soft over the next 3-4 hours of driving, Jessica would reach other and stroke me more and more until I would get close and she would stop, to my everlasting frustration. We finally stop for lunch and gas, and then Jessica and Cindy switch, with Cindy in the front and Jessica in the back. After we get back on the road, Cindy reaches over and surprises me by pulling out my cock, the first time she ever touched it. She starts to stroke me, like Jessica did. Getting me hard and stiff, but not letting me cum. A couple of hours go by, and I’m extremely frustrated by the teasing and not being able to cum, until Jessica beyoğlu escort yells for me to stop and pull into the parking lot of a sporting goods store. She tells me to go buy camping supplies, which I go in and grab everything we need to camp, not even caring how much it is costing my credit card. Later, we stop by the grocery store and buy food to cook and eat as well, and continue on our way.

We finally end up in the middle of nowhere, and find a campground, I arrange for a campsite for the night and start to set up camp while the girls are setting up the food and chairs for us. I get a fire started and cook dinner for all of us, after we eat, I boil water to make hot chocolate and pass it out among all of us. I settle in against my chair with my arm around Jessica, a mug of hot chocolate in each of our hands, blanket on top of us, in front of a fire under the stars. It was perfect and I was hoping it would never end.

She reaches over and starts to rub my cock again. Cindy looks over and sees Jessica’s hand moving under then blanket and starts to smile as she slides her hand into her pants. Jessica puts down her cup, then takes mine and puts it down too, turns my face to her and starts to kiss me gently and then slowly with more and more passion while she jerked me off. Cindy starts to encourage her to stroke me more and Jessica gets on her knees and starts to lick my cock from the base of my cock to the tip. Slowly starts to suck the tip of my cock while stroking me with one hand and rubbing my balls with the other hand. She takes me deep, all the way into her mouth and starts to suck me in earnest. Up and down, her hot wet mouth followed by her hand for several minutes, while looking up at me in the firelight. I feel myself starting to build and warn her I’m going to cum, but then she stops again like before. This time she motions to Cindy to come over and I vaguely hear her tell Cindy to take over as she suddenly kisses me fiercely. I feel Cindy wrap her hands around my cock and slowly start stroking me, much like she did earlier in the car. Jessica gets up, comes up behind my chair, gets low and starts to rub my shoulders and says “Just let it go baby, blow that huge load all over Cindy, she wants it so bad.”

Cindy chimes in with “Cum for me D. Cum all over my pretty face.”

I close my eyes, start to focus on how good it feels and can feel the pressure rise until my wife licks my ear very slowly and sticks her tongue into my ear and sets me over the edge and I blow the biggest load ever all over Cindy’s face and into her hair. My wife keeps rubbing my shoulders as I slowly catch my breath and come back to reality. She gets Cindy some paper towels to clean up and then we all go lay down to get some much needed sleep from a long long day.

Day 2 coming soon. Maybe.

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