What You Find At The Beach

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Chapter 1

I still live in the small city that I grew up in. My father had started a small car dealership which I now run and, even though there are ups and downs, it has done pretty well.

I’ve had my own ups and downs as well, I suppose most of us have. My biggest up, I think was the birth of my son seven years ago and my biggest down, by far, was the death of my wife a couple of years ago when he was in preschool.

Of course, everyone around us, my son and I, my parents, hers, business friends, high school and college friends, the parents in my son’s preschool, they were all great and all tried in their own ways to help.

Only time does help heal such a wound and it has helped a lot. I’m busy at work and being both a father and mother to my son so I’ve really not done much dating since. I did try two websites, a regional one and a big, famous one and did have a few dates but nothing spectacular. It was probably too soon.

So, my sex life was pretty close to hand if you get my meaning. I had little idea just how much that was going to change which is what this story is really about.

It was just the beginning of summer and my son was still in school so I called the school office to substitute my parents for me so I could just take a day off for myself. I’d decided to go back to a beach that my wife and I had gone to quite a number of times when we were first together and then first married. A nude beach.

Yes, Olivia and I were a bit unconventional, she was really the one who pushed the limits more than I did. Just one of the things I loved about her but there were many. And, I wanted to remember her and our many happy times at that beach and the effect on our libidos were wonderful memories I wanted to relive. Not to mention some innocent ogling to help my masturbatory fantasies as the days and weeks went on.

So, as we had so many times in the past, I parked, got out a beach chair, my towel, a book and suntan lotion and went through the dunes and out onto the beach. I looked both ways and headed to the part which seemed a bit more populous, especially scanning for women, and settled down with my book to screen my ogling and make it just a bit less obvious.

I disrobed and put on fresh lotion and sat there with my book and a reasonably-soft cock, not trying to scare people away and began reading my book as I peered over it at times for approaching women. There were four young girls, upper high school- or college-age, definitely off-limits as far as I was concerned. A few rather large women, several guys, two attractive women, probably near my age, somewhere in their thirties, holding hands. Well, I smiled anyway but they kept walking.

More reading, more looking, more reading, you get the picture. I finally got up and went down for a dip and the water seemed just right, a bit on the cool side, perfect for me. I came back up and reapplied some lotion and was just turning to sit back down when I saw walking along the water’s edge, three women I recognized from my son’s preschool, three of the mothers of my boy’s classmates.

What were the chances? I thought. Yes, it was them, it was only just a few years ago, we all haven’t changed that much. I was sure they were as uncomfortable as I was but we had now seen each other and even made half-hearted waves of acknowledgement as they began walking up toward me.

As they approached, I said hello and the tallest one said, “You’re Mikey’s dad, right? Funny place to meet? I’m Cleo, Danielle’s mom. Do you remember Dena and Shana? Dena’s son Eddie was a good friend of your boy and Shana’s girl is Louisa, remember her.”

“Yeah, sure, hi, well, kind of glad they’re not here with us,” I jested.

They all laughed somewhat nervously and smiled.

“So, why are you here today, Michael?” Dena asked me.

“Oh, just wanted a day off from working and parenting and, well, to be honest, maybe ogle some pretty ladies.”

“Have you seen any,” Shana asked me grinning.

“Yes, a few but the best so far are three lovely young women who have just walked over to talk with me,” I lobbed, trying to be gallant, though it was true.

Perhaps, since I was there and you weren’t, I should try to describe these three for you. They are all about my age, lower thirties pretty much.

Dena was the shortest, say about five-two, nice curvy figure with very nice boobs. They were perfectly round and full, capped with light pink nipples which were aroused from the look of them. She had short, curly blond hair, just perky, all around. Oh, and a narrow pencil-line of pubic hair above a pretty plump pussy. Yes, very nice.

Cleo was the tallest, about five-nine or ten, statuesque with large breasts, maybe even D-cups with a bit of undercurve and small, tight brown nipples, also erect. She was shaven clean. Cleo was a brunette with wavy hair just past her shoulders.

Shana was also fairly tall, maybe five-seven or so, brownish hair with glints of red, the smallest breasts of the three women though esenyurt otele gelen escort they were perfectly-formed and tipped with dark red nipples, also popped-out. Above her pretty pussy was a full tuft of matching hair which was neatly trimmed.

I had just told them that the three of them were the prettiest ladies I’d seen on the beach.

“You’re just buttering us up. So you just come her to look at the babes,” Cleo asked.

“Well, yes, but it’s really more than that. My wife and I used to come here even before we were married and for quite a while after. Just reminiscing, mostly, to tell the truth.”

They all looked at each other, then Shana asked me, “Why don’t you join us, Michael. We’d like that very much.” So, I picked up my things and followed them to their spot where they had blankets down on the sand. It was lovely following them, all three were quite lovely to look at and Cleo, the tallest, had a stunning ass though the other two were close seconds.

“You know, Michael, you really look good, I just want to tell you that,” Cleo said as Dena added, “She’s right, you’re looking pretty fine in your birthday suit.”

Shana put in her two cents with, “I have to say you’re more interesting here on the beach than in the pick-up line after preschool,” that said with a grin, but a rather sexy grin.

I could feel my cock growing so I quickly stood and told them I was in for a dip and jogged to the water and started going out. Once I got to waist level I slowed down and when I turned, there was Shana right behind me.

“I was wondering if you were going to jerk-off?” she asked just as if she asked this question every day.

“Um, well, actually, yes, I had planned on it,” I admitted somewhat sheepishly.

She moved closed as said softly, “I’ll help you with it,” then offered me a big smile as her arm reached toward me. She quickly had her hand wrapped around me and began stroking me back and forth under the water.

“Mmm, you’re really hard. And nice and big, too. Am I making you feel good?”

“You’re making me feel wonderful, Shana, and I couldn’t have a sexier, more beautiful woman doing it. It feels wonderful,” and I leaned forward to give her a peck on the lips as she masturbated me under the shallow waves.

She turned so her back was toward the shore and reached over with her free hand to grip mine and brought it up to her breasts as she smiled at me. Her breasts were nice, not real large but very firm and youthful, feeling them was helping me get closer to adding a bit of pollution to our nation’s shoreline as my breathing increased.

“I love doing you, you’re so hard, mmm, you must be fun in bed, Michael. Is it good?”

“Mmm, it’s wonderful and, well, it hasn’t had much practice in bed lately except with my own hand so this is quite lovely.”

“Can you rub my pussy, I am so hot doing this?” she asked as I ran my hand down and felt her widen her stance. I began rubbing my fingers up and down along her pussy when I could feel the tingly feeling I get right before I cum.

“Mmm, oh, I’m really close, it’s so good.”

“Put your finger in, Michael, put it in my pussy, mmm,” she moaned as I pushed my middle finger up into her. Suddenly, I arched my back and felt the throbs of my cock cumming under the water.

“Mmm, mmm, oh, Shana, mmm, oh, it feels so good, mmm, that’s wonderful,” I moaned softly.

“Keep fucking me, Michael, I’m close, oh, god, don’t stop, mmm, yes, just like that, oh, oh, oh, mmm, mmm, oh, I think we both needed that. Thank you,” she said and leaned forward and kissed me sliding her tongue in my mouth as her hand still went back and forth.

We parted from our kiss as we heard the other two wading out to us. I looked down and started to laugh as here were a few globs floating between us and when Shana looked down, she said, “Looks like you’re leaving DNA evidence of a good time, Michael,” grinning at me.

“We had to come out, you two looked pretty suspicious out here. Have a good time, you two?” Cleo asked.

Before either of us answered, Dena popped in with, “You both got off didn’t you? Sure looked like it from where we were.”

“Well, we did have some fun,” Shana told her friends.

“Well, how about us, Michael? We don’t want to be left out,” Cleo said as she took my hand and brought it right to her pussy as she stood on one leg with the other propped open.

“Me, too, Michael,” Dena asked so I put my other hand down under the water and began on both of them. I wasn’t sure who had my cock but wasn’t caring much at the moment, either.

“Mmm, oh, that’s nice, Michael. You’re making me feel so good. I’m so glad we came to the beach today. Mmm,” Cleo moaned.

“Put your finger in, can you get two inside? Mmm, oh, yeah, you’re so good, mmm,” Dena mumbled softly as the small waves washed past the four of us out in the water all bunched together.

“If you just got off, Michael, well, you’re pretty esenyurt rus escort hard again. Nice, I’d say,” offered Cleo who I thought was now stroking me.

“Well, there hasn’t been much activity down there in a while, well, except for what I provide myself and the presence of three sexy, naked women does make things happen.”

“What if we wanted some more of what I have in my hand, Michael?” Cleo asked. “We might like to have you over for coffee some morning after all our children are in school. This has been a wonderful reunion, right girls?”

“Oh, yes, and I’m so close, mmm,” whimpered Dena.

Shana agreed, “Yes, it’s made my day for sure. I never dreamed it would be this nice and finding Michael here was just wonderful. Yes, when can you come for coffee, Michael?”

“Oh, I think I’ll try to make time for it, so whenever you wonderful ladies want.”

“Oh, oh, oh, I’m cumming, mmm, keep going, Michael, mmm, yes, oh, fuck, that’s good, mmm,” Dena groaned as I felt her shake and tremble in the water. She leaned up and kissed me. I almost lost my balance since I was also fingering Cleo who was standing there next to me, holding herself upright with her eyes closed softly moaning.

“Ummm, mmm, oh, mmm, oh, yes, rub my clit, oh, god, right there. Oh, Michael, oh, you’re right on it, oh, man, I might just have to fuck you right here in the water. Mmmm, oh, oh, uh, uh, uh, mmm, oh, feels so good, oh, Michael, thank you, that was lovely. Whew, what a day,” Dena moaned.

“Looks like we all had some fun today, what luck to find Michael here. Could you come to coffee at my place on Thursday, say nine, the kids are well in school by then and won’t be home until after two. Plenty of time for coffee, right girls?” Shana offered.

Now, I really didn’t know for sure about any of these women’s marital status. It was either that or perhaps they, like me, were free of obligations or, well, were willing to indulge in a bit on the side. But, it seemed too good to turn away, three rather beautiful women wanting to have coffee and who knows what else with me next Thursday morning. So, I said yes.

We slowly went back to our spot on the beach, each a little happier than when we went in the water and, I think, all of us rather looking forward to Thursday’s coffee get-together at Shana’s. She wrote out her address and each of them gave me their cell numbers and email addresses in case I couldn’t make it, or as Dena said, “In case I wanted anything in the meantime.” Well.

So, we all gathered up our things and pulled on the minimum clothes required for the outside world and walked back out to the parking area. They all got in one van and I got in my car and we all waved and said we’d see each other on Thursday morning. Then, Dena added, “Or before, call me if you need me.”

Later that day, checking my emails, I found one from each of them complete with an attachment of the sender beautifully naked. They each said they didn’t want me to forget how they each looked and to use it if I needed some inspiration taking things into hand. Which I happily did right then.

Running my business as I do, there are managers in sales, finance, parts, and service who really do give me the leeway to take some time away from the business and on this beautiful, sunny Thursday morning, I took great advantage of that as I pulled up in front of Shana’s and parked next to a BMW and a Lexus in her drive.

Chapter 2

As the door opened, there was Shana in a pretty, yellow, flowered sundress, looking as lovely as a summer morning which it was. She reached out to hug me as she welcomed me with a kiss, sliding her tongue in as a promise of things to come.

I looked down as we separated and was certain that she had no bra on, an even better portent to the day.

Up jumped Dena and Cleo to come over also welcoming me with nice hugs, kisses and tongues. Dena was in a tube top, a very narrow tube top, and short shorts, both brilliant white. Cleo was also in shorts topped with a cutoff tee which easily showed her lack of underwear, her large breasts showing their curves underneath the fabric of the tee where it was trimmed.

Did I have a hard-on? Oh, yes, yes, indeed.

“We were just discussing on whether or not we should have our coffee like this or the way we were dressed when we last met. What do you think?” Shana asked me.

“Do you really think you have to ask a guy that when he’s surrounded by such beautiful women?”

“Aw. he’s so sweet. Well, girls?” she said as she pulled off her sundress and stood naked in front of me. In seconds the other two had joined her and they now gathered around me, unbuttoning, loosening my belt, sliding zippers down, pulling off socks and shoes until I had joined them.

“Now for coffee?” Shana asked as I sat on the sofa with Cleo and Dena on either side.

“Isn’t this cozy, just the perfect way to entertain a ‘gentleman caller?'” said Cleo in a put-on Southern drawl which esenyurt türbanlı escort got laughs all around as Shana was passing out our coffee. Then, cookies and various pastries were passed around much like I’m sure at dozens of coffees going on right then in our city except that we were naked.

Dena reached over and took my cock in her hand saying, “I hope you don’t mind, Michael, but having your handsome cock right next to me, well, I can’t resist.”

“Quite all right, in fact, quite appreciated, my dear,” I told her as Cleo’s hand rubbed up and down my bare back. Across from me, pulled up to the coffee table, Shana sat there watching Dena playing with me as she parted her legs and reached down to slide her index finger up and down along her damp slit.

“We’ve been wondering, Michael, if you’ve been dating much, seeing any women these days? Well, other than us, you’re certainly seeing quite a lot of us,” Shana asked bringing a laugh all around.

“Well, no, not really. Busy with raising Mikey and running the family business. I’ve done a few of the dating service things but, well, it seems more trouble than it’s been worth. Though I am greatly enjoying seeing the three of you,” I said as Cleo took my hand and brought it around her shoulder and onto her breast. “Yes, greatly enjoying it,” I added as I looked sideways at Cleo as I softly pinched her nipple.

“That’s what we thought. You seem like too nice a guy to live like that, rather like a monk. I mean you prepare your own meals, change your own sheets, it’s a shame you have to provide your own sex,” Dena said.

“Oh, it’s not the same, for sure, but, well, it’s convenient,” I joked as I lifted up my hand.

“Well, perhaps we have a better offer…one of us?” Cleo said.

“I certainly enjoyed the handjob in the water the other day, that’s for sure,” I replied, grinning.

“Our offer is more than that. We thought that one of us would offer herself to you each week for your pleasure. And our own, too, we’re not all that altruistic. You see, after seeing you, all of you, at the beach the other day, we decided that we each wanted you as a lover,” Shana said.

I sat there, highly aroused as you can imagine and somewhat shocked, happily shocked, that they were offering to be my lovers, all thee of them.

“I’m just astonished. I mean it was wonderful seeing you three the other day, especially the way I saw you. It, of course, made my day. But this…this is incredible, just incredible. Each of you wanting to do this, it’s like a dream come true. You’re all so beautiful and, well, hot and sexy. Any of you could have any man you want.”

“We want you, Michael. And this first time, we all want you. How much time can you take off work today?” Cleo asked.

“Um, for you three? All day. Well, until Mikey gets home, like three. I just need to call the office,” and Shana handed me her phone but I told her I’d use my cell phone so my receptionist didn’t see her name on the caller ID. So, I called and quickly told her I’d be in the next day.

“Now that you can be with us, we need to figure out how we can get the most out of one man and how we can give the most to one man. It’s not that you’re not just wonderful, Michael, but there are three of us and, sadly, only one of you.”

“I can’t believe I’m in such an enviable position, ladies, I never dared to dream I could be so fortunate.”

Shana stood up and took my hand and said that we were headed for her bedroom as we all rose and went down the hall and got into her bed.

I was immediately swarmed over, being kissed, rubbed on, sucked, oh, yes, Cleo had her mouth on my cock pleasuring it greatly as Dena kissed and tongued my mouth and Shana was rubbing my chest.

Then Cleo got up over me and Shana held my cock as Cleo wriggled down on me and began fucking me while Dena moved up to put her nipple in my mouth as Shana massaged me. I have never been so throughly pleasured in my life, it was stunning.

“Oh, does Michael look happy,” Cleo said as she scissored up and down on my cock.

“What guy wouldn’t be, I guess, but you look pretty happy, too, Cleo,” Shana told her.

“Oh, you’ll see for yourself. Michael’s cock feels so good inside. Nice and hard. Maybe you didn’t jack-off last night, Michael? Did you save it for us?” Cleo asked.

“Well, I had a pretty good idea that my semen would get extracted one way or another today so I left it for today. With your nice pictures, that wasn’t easy.”

“Oh, you liked our pics? We thought we’d give you some rather naughty eye candy to help you get off,” Dena told me.

“Yes, and I certainly appreciate it, it does help,” I added.

“I’ll bet this is better, though,” Cleo said as she rocked back and forth on my cock.

“Indescribably better and you’re gonna get me off pretty soon, too. I’m trying to hold off so you can get closer but I just don’t know if I can do it.”

Cleo answered, “We want to make you happy, Michael, just cum when you want to, that all I want, it’s all we want. Don’t worry about us, we’ll be happy if you’re happy,” and she went about making me happy, very happy.

She lifted up off me some, maybe three inches or so and began moving around in a circle which was fabulous.

“Oh, Cleo, where on earth did you learn to do this?” I asked as she transported me right up to heaven.

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