What Really Happened Ch. 02

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Sarah and Callie watched the live fuck show together from the stairs, feeling their pussies sloshy with their own cum, stifling their laughs with their fists to their mouths. Jumping up and running, they made it to the top of the stairs before they lost control of their giggling. Holding their stomachs and dripping pussies, the stumbled back to Sarah’s bedroom where they found Alicia sitting on a bean bag chair, her head thrown back. They could see that she felt ashamed from watching the spectacle. What they didn’t see was her thrashing her pussy on the living room floor, her pants around her knees as she gushed onto her hands and the carpet. And they couldn’t possible see that she was also feeling the cool wetness in her crotch of her cream that soaked into her cotton panties.

“Wha’s up, girlfriend,” Sarah asked as she flopped onto her bed.

She rocked onto her back, her feet in the air, and pulled her sopping panties from her pussy and tossed them with a ‘plop’ against the closet door. Callie bounced onto the bed beside her and mimicked the motion, her wet panties hitting the door at the same place Sarah’s did, making the splatter bigger. They rolled onto the bellies and stared at the blushing Alicia.

“I can’t believe I did that,” she said meekly.

“What,” Sarah asked. “What Carrie get off on my brother’s tongue in her ass?”

“No,” Alicia said, quietly.

“Oh,” chimed in Callie, “and you missed the best part.”

“What?” “Kelly got up after shovin’ her panties into her pussy and joined them,” said Sarah.

“I’m glad I didn’t stay for that,” Alicia told them.

“Why not,” asked Callie. “It was hot.”

“I came up and masturbated,” Alicia blushed again.

“YOU did,” Callie was surprised.

“Have you ever done that before,” asked Sarah.

“A couple of times.”

“A couple of times,” Callie parroted. “I do it a couple of times before breakfast.”

“You don’t hafta tell me,” Sarah waved her off. “We room together, remember?”

“Did you cum,” Callie prodded.

“Yes,” Alicia answered like a mouse.

“No WAY,” Sarah exclaimed, reaching for the waistband of Alicia’s sweat pants. “Lemme see.”

“Stop it,” she swatted her friend’s hand away.

“Suit yourself,” Sarah shrugged as she stood up. “I need a shower. Come wash me, Callie.”

The girls skipped out of the bedroom, laughing and bouncing their hair as they crossed the hall to the bathroom. In minutes, Callie was on her knees in the shower pumping three fingers into Sarah’s dripping pussy and two into her asshole at the same time that Carrie was in the basement, her back pressed against Michael’s chest and his cock embedded in her cunt. Kelly was kneeling and lapping at his shaft and her clit while he pumped her.

“Holy FUCK,” Carrie screamed. “FUCK the SHIT outta me.”

Michael pounded harder with Kelly trying to take his flailing balls into her mouth. She gave up and stood on the futon, dropping her wet pussy onto Carrie’s mouth, muffling her screams. Up in the shower, Sarah had one leg over Callie’s shoulder and held onto the shower door as she gyrated her hips against her college roommate, wailing out her orgasm, drooling pussy juice into the stream from the shower and over her friend’s hand. Michael slammed his cock deep into Carrie, holding her tight on top of him as he jolted and sent ribbons of cum into her pussy. She tightened her muscles and flooded his cock with her cream, moaning vibrations into Kelly’s pussy stuck to her mouth, sending the standing girl into orbit. Kelly’s juice flowed from her cunt into Carrie’s mouth, causing her to gag. They collapsed in a heap of sweating panting cum soaked flesh.

“Who’s in the shower,” Kelly asked when they finally came up from the basement.

Their gray t-shirts were over their shoulders but had, at some point, been torn to ribbons, exposing most of their young bodies, at least the parts the needed exposing. They held their panties in their hand and instinctually tossed them at the closet door, adding esenyurt anal yapan escort them to the pile already there

“Sarah and Callie,” Alicia told them.

“Those fucking dykes,” Carrie said rudely. “Don’t they get enough?”

Both girls fell exhausted onto the bed, their legs spread open for air. Alicia stared at the redness of their stretched pussies, wondering how it could have felt. Kelly asked her where she disappeared to, prying until she found out that the girl had gotten herself off on the living room floor. They each wished they could have watched her do it, which embarrassed the church girl even more. When Sarah and Callie returned from fingering and tonguing each other to cleanliness, Kelly and Carrie told them of Alicia’s masturbation.

“We know,” Sarah brushed them off.

“On the living room carpet,” Carrie told them.

“We didn’t know that part,” Callie said, eyeing her meek friend with admiration for her uninhibited bravery.

“Now I have to go to confession,” Alicia said quietly to herself, shaking her head.

“Confession,” Carrie screeched. “Fuck confession!”

“I’ve never fucked anything,” Alicia said without thinking.

All four girls’ jaws dropped, their eyes wide as they looked first to each other in astonishment, then to Alicia.

“You’ve never…” began Sarah.

“Fucked…” added Callie.

“Anyone,” Kelly finished the sentence.

“You’re a virgin,” Carrie asked, and then added, “well, that’s not too surprising.”

The four experienced friends thought it was a travesty that Alicia had never been fucked before and figured they could do something about it that night, what there being an available horny male in the house who was more than equipped to handle the task. Kelly vouched for him, citing her two orgasms so far; Carrie challenged her when she announced her three orgasms. Alicia was left out of the conversation at the four schemed over how to get her laid for the first time in her life. After coming up with a plan that involved little more than Sarah asking her brother to ‘pretty please’ take Alicia’s virginity, they waited while the siblings talked.

Sarah threw on a tight t-shirt over her that barely covered her tits and walked into Michael’s bedroom, where he’d staggered to after filling Carrie’s pussy with cum. At first she thought maybe she should put some pants on, but then decided it didn’t matter since her brother was lying naked on his bed, his limp cock flopped over his thigh. She sat Indian style at the end of her bed, not caring that her were wide apart for his inspection. She matter-of-factly told him of the dilemma the girls were experiencing, in particular, Alicia’s dilemma and asked him if he’d kindly help them set matters straight; ‘pretty please’.

Sarah and Michael didn’t get along well. In fact, they were like cats and dogs and had been for as long as either could remember. Normally, he wouldn’t save her life if she were choking, but, he weighed the circumstances and figured that since her friends had been so kind to him all night, and she was sitting with big tits bursting at the seams of her tight shirt and her pussy in full view, distracting him from any other thoughts, he agreed, reluctantly.

“Don’t worry,” she said bouncing herself from his bed. “We’ll clean her up real good for ya.”

She was laughing with delight as she left turned to leave. Stopping at the door, she turned back to him with a grin.

“Oh, by the way,” she smiled. “Nice cock.”

“Nice pussy,” he offered.

She wiggled her ass at him and hurried back to her friends to tell them of the agreement.

“What’d he say,” asked Callie.

“That he’d fuck her,” she said. “I told him we’d clean her up nicely. Do you need to shave or anything, Alicia?”

“Shave,” Alicia appeared genuinely puzzled.

“You don’t shave,” asked Kelly. “Do you?” She stepped to the shy girl and held her hands out to her, pulling her to her feet. Carried esenyurt escort jumped to her knees, tugging Alicia’s sweat pants down to her knees, demanding a peek. She wiggled her cotton panties down on top of the sweats and gasped.

“Oh my God, it’s a forest.”

The other girls giggled as Alicia looked around the room, really noticing her friends shaving techniques for the first time, even though they’d all been sitting around mostly naked, if not completely naked for that past half hour. She saw Kelly’s tight little arrow and Carrie’s baby smooth baldness and Sarah’s landing strip of pubic fur above her clit and Callie’s full hair that had been trimmed very, very short, making it appear like peach fuzz, just the way Sarah liked her.

“They’re all so different,” she said, looking from pussy to pussy.

“Which do you like best,” asked Sarah, pulling her stomach back to show herself off.

“I’m not really sure,” she stuttered her response.

“Relax,” Callie patted her shoulder. “We’ll surprise you.”

Three of the girls stripped her naked and laid her on the bed while Sarah went to the bathroom for a pair of scissors, razor, damp wash clothes and dry towels. Kelly and Carrie held her legs open while the other two went to work primping and trimming. When they finished, Sarah held a hand mirror between Alicia’s legs. She looked down and was pleased at the heart shaped patch of pubic hair and baby soft dark pink lips. She ran her fingers over herself, frantically nodding a broad smile of approval. Carrie poured baby oil into her palm and smeared the thick lubricant generously over Alicia’s pussy lips, softening and smoothing them even more. They dabbed perfume behind her ears and between her tits, noting how huge they were, and wrapped her in a thick robe before leading her to Michael’s bedroom.

He obeyed when Sarah asked him to stand at the foot of the bed. Kelly and Carrie ceremoniously introduced their virgin sacrifice to him before untying the robe and slipping it from her shoulders, slowly revealing the naked, milky skinned girl with huge tits that hung heavily on her chest and heart shaped pubic mound about soft petal lips. Michael nodded and approving moan, his cock, lurching like it was trying to fuck her from the five feet away that he was. Carrie and Kelly led her to the bed and helped her lie down, adjusting the pillows behind her, making here comfortable. Sarah and Callie held Michael gently by his arms, softly instructing him to be slow and easy with her, reminding him of her virginity and that no one wanted to see anyone hurt. They asked for a clean fight and told him to wait for the bell.

Kelly and Carrie were lying beside Alicia, holding her legs open over their laps. Both girls agreed that maybe she’d be a bit tight for someone as large as Michael and that they should probably find out if she could handle him. Before Alicia realized what was happening, the girls beside her had their fingers on her pussy, playing with her soft lips, opening them wide, glazing over her swollen clit and slipping into her. Alicia moaned when Kelly’s finger pressed in first then moaned louder when Carrie added a finger of her own. They pushed in and out of the tight hole together for a few minutes before first Kelly adding second finger, then Carrie. Alicia rocked her pelvis against the four fingers that opened her and stretched her hole, making her ready.

Michael’s cock had burst to life, standing straight out in front of him. Callie wrapped her hand around his shaft, pumping slowly while Sarah whispered into his ear to calm down. When he started to get antsy, his feet moving against the carpet like a bull ready to charge, Sarah wrapped her hand around the half of his cock that Callie didn’t occupy. He looked at his sister with alarm, she melted into his eyes with a soft grin. The girlfriends slowly stroked his meat and rubbed his shoulders, keeping him steady while Kelly and Carrie finger fucked Alicia to a hip rocking orgasm before their eyes. esenyurt eve gelen escort After she lowered her ass back to the mattress, they announced to Michael that she was ready for him.

He crawled onto the bed, inching his way between her legs that the two girls held wide open for him. When he was close to her, Carrie pressed her hand to his rippled stomach, stopping him in his tracks.

“Wait,” she said to Kelly. “Lube.”

Kelly agreed and both girls moved to their knees and spit onto his cock. Kelly held him to Carrie who opened her mouth wide and sucked him in, coating him with their saliva. When she finished, Kelly brought his cock to her mouth and slathered him even more heavily with her spittle. Satisfied, the sat back again beside Alicia, pulled her legs back to her and offered her pussy for the taking. They were fondling her mammoth tits and licking her nipples as Michael pushed the head of his cock into her. She groaned from deep in her throat. When he reached resistance, she whimpered.

“The moment of truth,” Kelly whispered into her ear.

“It’ll only hurt for a minute,” Carrie assured her.

Sarah knelt on the bed and placed her hands into the small of her brothers back. With all her might, she pushed her brother, slamming him hard into her friend. The thin membrane snapped open with a stinging jolt in Alicia’s pussy. She cried out at the top of he lungs.


The girls smiled at each other before Sarah patted her brothers ass and reminding him to take it slow. She moved to the chair in the corner of the room, pulling Callie onto her lap, who guided her girlfriend’s fingers to her pussy, pushing three of them into herself and grinding against them. Michael pumped long and slow into Alicia’s wet pussy. Her smooth lips wrapped themselves around his shaft as he fucked her.

“Oh my God, that’s tight,” he winced.

Carrie and Kelly held her legs farther open as he sped up, complaining that he didn’t think he’d last very long in her. Alicia’s was bucking her virgin hips into him, moaning and begging for more. The girls at her side were surprised at her reaction. Callie was turned on by it and finger fucked her Sarah harder. Moaning and groaning filled the room as at least two pussies were getting pummeled. Kelly nibbled and sucked at Alicia’s nipple as she brought her hand between her legs and pushed two fingers into herself, bringing the fucked pussy number to three. Carrie had her mouth wrapped around Alicia’s other nipple and her fingers on her fat throbbing clit, trying to stay out of the way of Michael as he lunged into her. Alicia’s pussy gripped and slopped around his cock, urging him on and on.

“OH GOD!” she screamed.

She bounced her ass off the bed meeting Michael’s hard thrusts.

“OH FUCK!” he grunted. “I’M GONNA CUM!”

Alicia’s tight pussy bucked and clamped onto his cock as the spark of her orgasm ignited deep inside her, spreading like a wildfire through her pussy, rattling her bones and tightening her muscles. She felt it like a burning sensation coursing through her body at the same time Michael felt his seed pumping from his balls into his shaft with Kelly and Carrie realizing at the same time that Alicia wasn’t on the pill. They each pushed a hand hard into his stomach, throwing his cock from her pussy at the moment he erupted. At the instant he was out of her pussy shooting ropes of thick white cum onto Alicia’s tits and belly, she erupted with her own orgasm, splattering her clear gooey cum onto Michael’s belly and cock. She clutched at herself causing her cum to spray the four on the bed before it just as quickly stopped. White man cum dribbled down Alicia’s tits and swirled into a cloudy mixture on her belly. Kelly and Carrie dove their faces to her and lapped at the sticky mess. Callie was writhing against her friends hands in the throes of her own orgasm, screaming expletives and cumming in a flow onto the chair, the liquid squishing between Sarah’s clenching ass cheeks. Michael fell on top of Alicia’s sticky tits, panting for air. Kelly and Callie peppered his back with kisses as they massaged his ass cheeks. Callie and Sarah’s wrapped their tongue around each other’s, kissing like the lovers that they were. Alicia poked her head over Michael’s shoulder to survey the room in wonder.

“Why the fuck did I wait so long to do that?”

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