What Are Friends For?

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My wife Rita and I were, as usual on long weekends, staying over the weekend with a couple that we had known for years. Craig was an old college buddy of mine. In fact I had been best man at Craig and Tina’s wedding about 15 years ago. This weekend started out like all the other weekends we had shared: bringing in the usual wine box, tossing our overnight bag into their spare bedroom and sitting down to plan the rest of the weekend. If things went as normal, we’d be visiting a museum or garden in the morning and in the evening playing various card games and board games like rummy, mahjongg and others. This weekend however, was going to be different.

Craig and Tina are about the same age, a couple of years older than Rita and me. Craig is about 5 foot 9 and mostly slender, but he has a bit of potbelly from a little too much beer. He keeps his light brown hair long, about halfway to his shoulders and wears a beard. Tina is a big lady, about the same height as Craig, but carrying about 40 extra pounds. She has a plump bottom and breasts, shoulder-length dishwater blond hair and a pale complexion. My wife is short in stature, about 5-foot-3, with a plump, curvy figure that some might call overweight, including her. I think she’s just perfect, but sometimes she doesn’t listen to me. She has a light olive complexion and wears her golden-brown hair rather short. I’m just an average guy, about 5-foot-7, average build, average everything, dark brown hair and beard. My wife and I are the same age, early forties.

The first evening was uneventful, we arrived at their place on Friday night after work, had dinner and a planning session and then off to our beds. Most of the next day was spent just puttering around their place except for a visit to a local showcase garden, which gave us a refreshing walk in nature. That afternoon, my wife confided to me that Tina was having some marriage trouble. It seems that Craig wasn’t servicing her as often as she needed, in fact it was over a year since they last made love. Rita and I conspired on a plan to help Tina. Rita would select a romantic movie from their collection, or else sneak out to rent one, and we would maneuver them into sitting together on the couch. Sometime during the movie, Rita and I would start making out. The idea was to get Craig horny enough to pay some attention to his wife. I would also help things out by keeping the wine flowing just before, during and after dinner.

I’ll say this for Craig and Tina: they certainly eat well. We had some wine and cheese before dinner with some assorted tasty crackers and five different kinds of cheese. (Trader Joe’s, if you must know.) A bottle and a half were emptied by the time we sat down for the main course, accompanied by yet another bottle of wine. We cleaned up quickly and wandered into the living room where Rita and I put our plan into action. I brought out a sweet dessert wine, but Craig decided that he’d rather have his single-malt Scotch. Rita had picked out a very appropriate movie with just enough romance to keep the ladies interested and a bit of skin for us guys. The lights were turned low to help with the mood. About halfway through the movie, Rita and I started kissing.

Rita was sitting partly sideways in one of a pair of large, overstuffed armchairs and I was perched on the right-hand arm. Tina and Craig were on the couch to our left, the armchairs making a right angle to the couch. The TV was at the other corner of the square made by the couch and chairs. By just turning their heads a little bit, they could clearly see anything Rita and I were doing. I had been idly massaging Rita’s neck and back for a while and leaned over her shoulder to give her a kiss. She responded quite well and our tongues spent a while twining around each other. Every so often I would come up for air and glance over at Craig and Tina. At first they were just sitting there, barely touching. After noticing us, Tina put her left hand along Craig’s upper leg, which he seemed to ignore. I guess it took a while for the sensation to sink in, but he finally put his right arm around Tina’s shoulders. I know that Craig isn’t stupid, he’s got two bachelors degrees in very technical fields, but sometimes he can be socially dense. I had enough wine in me by now that my normal caution was severely impaired, and I decided to take things a small step farther.

I was standing behind Rita and leaning down to kiss her so that Craig and Tina could see what we were doing. My hands were still on her shoulders and I let them slide forward, past Rita’s collarbone and started massaging the upper slopes of her breasts. She didn’t complain, so I let my hands wander even farther, rubbing the sides of her breasts next to her arms, alternating with massaging the valley of her cleavage, pushing part of her tee-shirt down into her bra in the process. I was staying away from her nipples for the moment, partially for a tease and also because I wasn’t sure how Craig and Tina would react.

I glanced over at the couch and saw that Craig had moved his bayan arkadaş hand down onto Tina’s upper arm and Tina had her right arm around his neck, pulling him close for a kind of sideways kiss. Rita must have been tired of the teasing, so she caught my hands and moved them fully onto her breasts. I could feel her hard nipples through the fabric of her tee-shirt and bra. I took this as an invitation and slowly pulled her shirt up, exposing her bra.

Tina now had both arms around Craig and one of her legs thrown over both of his so she could turn sideways and kiss him fully. It looked like our plan was working, but how far did we want to go? How far would it go? I knew that Craig and Tina were definitely not into group sex, I had heard him mention another couple that was and his tone was full of disapproval. Truth to tell, Rita and I weren’t into group sex either, we preferred to have our sex in private settings. However, there’s no telling what will happen under the power of enough good wine.

I slid across the arm of the chair and perched next to Rita on the seat with my arms around her. Our lips and tongues locked together again and I fumbled a moment with the clasp of her bra. When I tugged up on her bra to let her breasts fall out of the cups, she pulled back from me with a momentary flash of surprise. Then she tugged her bunched-up tee-shirt off and quickly chased it with her bra. Her breasts were now bare for Craig and Tina to see. I didn’t bother to check their reaction. I just dipped my head down and took Rita’s right nipple into my mouth, leaving her left breast open to their view. My wife was making happy noises by this time and I heard a bit of an echo behind me. I glanced over to the couch and Tina had pulled her sweater off exposing a bright blue, heavy-duty satin bra. Craig had his face buried in her generous cleavage and her head was tilted back. I pulled my own shirt off, tossed it on the floor behind me and continued working on my wife’s nipples. Next time I looked over, the blue bra was draped across the back of the couch and Tina’s mammoth breasts were being massaged and kissed by Craig. Her aureoles are very wide and pale, the nipples are just a bit darker and well proportioned to her immense breasts. Her breasts are quite large, I won’t even hazard a guess at the cup size, and were hanging down a bit. Craig was hoisting them one at a time up to his mouth.

Rita leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Looks like we got them started, let’s get into the bedroom.” She rubbed the bulge in front of my jeans to entice me further.

Some wildness overtook me, or else it was all that wine. I shook my head. “We started this here, let’s finish it right here.” I whispered right back and reached for the clasp of her jeans. I undid them and pulled down her zipper. Stifling any protest with another deep kiss, I slid my hand into her undies and found that she was already getting wet. I teased her by running my finger along the length of her outer lips, occasionally reaching deeper to wet my finger. I didn’t want to give her any friction burns, she had always been very sensitive and disliked being rubbed with a dry finger. She was still holding the front of my jeans, letting her fingers wander along the fly. I checked behind me, Craig was still playing with Tina’s breasts and wasn’t reaching into her pants yet. Tina was rubbing the front of his pants with her hands still on the outside.

I deepened the massage of my wife’s pussy, dipping my finger inside her and pulling her juices up along her inner lips, up to her clitoris and back down again, several times. After a while her wetness increased to the point where it was dripping on her panties. I figured it was about time to get her pants and panties out of the way. I slid down off the chair, kneeling on the floor and eased her jeans and panties down over her round bottom. I had stayed to my left so that Craig and Tina would get a good look at what I was doing and maybe take the hint. I started kissing and nibbling my way up Rita’s legs, starting at her knees, first one side, then the other. I think the skin along a woman’s inner thigh is the softest bit of skin that I know. It’s extremely kissable and I took my time making sure that Rita would be very ready when I got to her sweet snatch. I knew by now I was blocking Craig and Tina’s view, but I didn’t care. When I finally plunged my tongue between Rita’s pussy lips, she was moaning and lifting her hips slightly off the chair, trying to get me to move quicker. I still took it nice and slow, licking along the length of her sex, playing with the inner lips and dipping my tongue into her wet hole. I eased sideways a little bit when I moved up to lap at her clitoris. That way I could get a look over at the couch.

Tina had her pants and blue panties around her ankles and Craig was massaging her pussy. He still had his pants on, but Tina had reached inside past the waistband of his cords. I saw Tina turn her head toward me so I went back to eating Rita’s pussy. Behind bayan partner me, Tina’s noises were getting louder until after a few more moments, she cried out as she came. Rita was soon nearing her peak and it wasn’t long before she came, too. Rita inhaled a deep, ragged breath, held it a moment, then let it out in one long, low gasp. I kept a slight bit of pressure against her clit to make sure her orgasm lasted.

Part of me was wondering how I was going to get my cock into my wife, since the armchair wasn’t large enough to let her lie back and the seat was too high for me to reach her when kneeling, and too low for me to stand. I solved the problem by swiveling Rita around so that her bottom was up on the arm of the chair and her head was lodged against the other arm. This left her legs dangling off the edge of the arm with no support. Not the most comfortable position for her, but I was hoping to keep her mind off any discomfort. I stood beside the chair, dropped my pants and eased my cock into her waiting hole. With Rita’s bottom higher than her head, I could easily play with her clit. I could see Tina lying flat on the couch with Craig on top of her, thrusting away. I stroked slowly, feeling my own orgasm building bit by bit, when Rita came again. I could hear Craig and Tina making their own orgasm noises. A few more strokes and I was too, squirting my cum deep into Rita.

We stayed connected for a short while; then I let Rita up to ease the bent position of her neck. Craig had crawled off of Tina by this time and was sitting next to her with a dazed expression on his face. I grabbed the tissue box off the coffee table and handed a few to Rita before passing the box over to Tina. Rita suggested that she would like some water, so I headed off to the kitchen, filled two glasses and grabbed the other open bottle of wine, bringing them back to the living room just in time to see both ladies head off to the bathroom to clean up. Neither one had put any clothes back on. Craig hadn’t either and still had that dazed expression on his face. I handed him the water and just to say something, wondered aloud why women had to make bathroom trips in a group. All I got in answer was a questioning grunt. Okay, so he wasn’t going to be very witty right now. I sat down and waited for our wives to return.

Both of them came back in, Tina sitting on the couch again, Rita sitting half in my lap with one arm around my neck. We all sipped the water and I refilled our wineglasses while we chatted, forgetting completely about the movie, which had ended some time before. Suddenly Tina asked me an unexpected question.

“Can you teach Craig how to do that?” She said with an innocent expression.

“Uh, do what?” It was my turn to be dense.

“The mouth thing, where you got Rita to cum the first time.”

“Oh you mean eating pussy. Okay, sure.”

“The proper word is cunnilingus.” My wife corrected me.

I turned to my wife and nuzzled her ear. “Yeah, I know, cunnilingus from the Latin. It is okay if I use you to show Craig?”

She nodded and I stood up and motioned Craig over. I turned on the floor lamp between the armchairs and gently pulled Rita’s right leg up onto the chair’s arm, leaving her other foot on the floor. This turned her towards the light and spread her legs enough to give Craig a good view. She leaned back, exposing herself even more. She had cleaned off well and I didn’t see any traces of my cum on her.

“Look here,” I said to Craig, “Don’t just dive in and start lapping like a thirsty puppy. Get her excited a bit. First, I like to nibble on Rita’s legs as I’m moving in on the target.” I illustrated my point with the same actions, starting at Rita’s knees and licking up and down her thighs. Rita squirmed a small bit in pleasure. I moved my head back up and pointed to the outer lips of her pussy. “Run your tongue around the outside a few times before getting to the inner parts.” I gently spread my wife’s outer lips giving Craig a splendid view of her sex. She had cleaned very well. “First get your tongue into her hole to get some lubrication from her juices, then lick along her inner lips, up and down here, so that she’s really ready before you start on her clitoris.” I was pointing at each part, gently brushing it as I mentioned its name. “Don’t bear down very hard, especially on the clit. A woman’s parts are delicate and you’ll spoil the mood real quick that way.” I dipped my head between Rita’s thighs and demonstrated what I was saying. Craig just stood there with his mouth open, but I noticed that his cock was beginning to stir.

“What does it taste like?” He asked. “Is it, uh…?”

I came up for air and Rita looked disappointed. “It’s actually a rather pleasant taste, but it might take some getting used to. I like it. Rita’s flavor is musky and slightly earthy with a touch of lavender.”

“It sounds like you’re describing a wine.” Tina laughed.

“That’s it, something new.” I answered. “Wife tasting. We can have wife tasting parties.”

Rita bdsm escort blinked. “So that’s why you like that lavender air freshener and the lavender soap that I use.”

“Yeah, and the lavender potpourri and all the other stuff. I like lavender because it reminds me of you, my love.” I turned back to Craig and continued the lesson. “You’ll notice that Rita’s clit is pretty well hidden, it takes a lot of licking to get her to cum. Sometimes I like to suck on her clit to make it a bit more sensitive. Another thing to do is to get your finger inside and massage the G-spot, that will usually make her cum really quick. But Rita’s is too sensitive and she doesn’t like me to do that. You might want to try it on Tina, though, she might appreciate it.” I licked Rita a few more times. She sighed.

I stopped again. “Okay, that’s the lesson, now it’s your turn to practice.” I waved towards the couch and I thought he was going to go back to Tina to start on her, but to my surprise he kneeled down in front of the chair, gently pushed me out of the way and started licking Rita’s legs. She looked really startled at first, but didn’t do anything to stop him. After a moment she took hold of his head and guided him to where she wanted his tongue. I just stood there watching, too amazed to move.

“Hey, what about me?” Tina called from the couch.

I thought that Craig was going to get up then and go to Tina, but he stayed face first in my wife’s muff. “How’s he doing?” I asked Rita. She just nodded in response, her breathing deep and ragged.

Tina made an exasperated sound, snorting through her nose. Shrugging, I went over to her and kneeled beside the couch, placing one hand on each of her knees. I gently spread her legs and started my usual routine of nibbling and kissing my way on up each thigh. Tina responded, spreading her legs farther and pulling one of my hands up onto an enormous breast. I got up to her blond muff and teased some more by licking around it instead of plunging right in. Her inner lips are generous and stuck out ever so slightly beyond her outer lips, I teased them with an occasional lick. I could feel my own cock reviving as I inhaled her scent. I continued to tease her until she raised her hips slightly, then I sank my tongue into her as far as I could get it. Her flavor is similar to my wife’s but heavier on the musk, slightly less lavender. She had cleaned off really well, too. All I tasted was pure pussy. I continued licking, enjoying the differences in flavor and texture between Tina and Rita. Tina is quite a bit chubbier than Rita is. This made her thighs softer and cushioned my head nicely. But it made it a bit more difficult to move both my arms up to her breasts. I brought one arm back down between her legs and got a finger into her, searching for her G-spot. I found a slightly smoother spot just a bit inside her opening that I thought might be it. I put some pressure on it, moving my finger back and forth and she responded by shoving her pussy down onto my finger. I also found that Tina’s clit is much more pronounced than Rita’s. I lapped at her clit, feeling it stiffen and then ran my tongue around and around it. It only took a short time for her to yelp as another orgasm hit her. I could hear Rita behind me, making her usual ragged gasp of orgasm.

I eased up on my licking and brought my face up over Tina’s belly, pausing to lick her belly button before continuing on to her giant tits. I wanted to feel her nipples in my mouth and even though Craig was my best friend, I wanted my cock inside his wife right now. My head was full of her scent and taste and I could hear her still mewing in the aftermath of her orgasm. When I took her nipple into my mouth and started gently rolling it between my lips and tongue, she reached down and grabbed my stiff cock. To my delight she was pulling my cock head towards her waiting pussy, she wanted me, too! I happily obliged, pausing only long enough to sneak a look over my shoulder. Craig and my wife were doing the same thing. He is a bit taller than I am, so he could reach her while kneeling in front of the armchair. She was sitting on the front edge of the chair and had latched onto his cock with her right hand, guiding him into herself. I turned back to Tina, kissed her deeply and with a gentle thrust, buried my shaft all the way up to my balls. They were actually brushing up against her chubby bottom. I stayed that way for a few seconds, savoring the feeling of being inside her before pulling back and starting my slow, steady thrusts. Tina wrapped her plump legs around me, her heels digging into my ass cheeks and urged me to quicken my pace.

I took a deep breath and brought my mouth back down on her nipple, swiveling my hips forward and trying to get my cock as deep as possible. She was well primed and came again rather quickly, gasping and shoving her hips up towards me. I kept my pace steady and moved my mouth up to hers, our tongues intertwining. I heard Rita gasping again as Craig signaled his orgasm with grunts. That brought me to my own peak. I was stifling my noises against Tina’s mouth as I gushed inside her. Spent, I lay on top of her for a few minutes, until my breathing returned to normal and so did hers. I kissed her one more time as a “thank you” while I pulled my now limp member out

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