Wanda’s Story Ch. 27

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It was a year of change for Wanda Catron. The first change was her lifestyle. After more than five years as a slave, her Mistress, Donna Mettert, had released her. Wanda, though, couldn’t be happier. She found she had grown as an individual, and no longer needed a Mistress-slave partnership. She was Donna’s equal.

The next change was status. She could no longer check “Single” next to her name. She had married Donna on December 1st, traveling to the state of Vermont to have her same-sex marriage be declared legal.

In addition to being married, Wanda’s status also changed to “Mother.” Donna had two children, so now Wanda did, also. Katy was a precocious four-year-old. Wanda had only “spoken” to Katy by computer, but was on her Lear Jet flying to Arkansas to meet her. Donna’s other daughter, Becca, was almost a month old, and wanda had been there for Becca’s birth.

The final change was her name. She was no longer Wanda Catron. She had legally changed her name to Wanda-Rose Catron-Mettert. Her online name had changed as well. She was “onlyrose” now, the only rose Donna would ever give out.

These thoughts were swirling through Wanda-Rose’s brain that late December day. Fall semester at Boise State was over, and Wanda-Rose was carrying her report card in her briefcase. It showed all A’s for the semester. Wanda-Rose had only one semester to go before graduating with a degree and becoming a teacher. She barely felt the Lear’s wheels kiss the tarmac at Northwest Arkansas Airport, and soon she was driving south to Donna’s home. No, that’s wrong, Wanda-Rose thought. She’s driving to HER home now.

The house was outside Fayetteville, Arkansas, off a little dirt road. It used to be a farm, but Donna had let the fields go fallow, and now they were a snowy white. The house itself was a two-story affair, painted light blue with a high-arched roof and a long front porch, wrapping around the front of the house and around the far side from Wanda-Rose’s car.

She stopped the Ford Mustang rental car behind the vehicle she knew was Donna’s, lifted out her suitcase, and headed for the front door. Her hand reached up to knock, only the door flew open as her hand approached the wooden door. She looked down, and saw a small blonde-haired copy of Donna looking up at her.

“Hello, Katy,” Wanda-Rose said. “I’m Wanda-Rose.”

“Hello, Mommy Wanda,” Katy said shyly. Then she scurried into the house, screaming, “Mommy!! Mommy!! Mommy Wanda’s here!!”

Wanda-Rose stepped across the threshold and entered her home for the first time. The house looked clean, but also showed signs a four-year-old lived there. A neat pile of toys was along the near wall, and a couple of jackets, one long, one short, hung on pegs on the other side of the door. Wanda-Rose closed the door and stepped in.

Then she saw her. She was walking from the kitchen (or what Wanda-Rose thought was the kitchen, because of the smells emanating from that room). Her hair was tied back. She wore a plain blouse and blue jeans, and had no makeup on her face. None of that mattered, though. To Wanda-Rose’s eyes, this woman was the embodiment of beauty and perfection. It was her wife, Donna.

Donna and Wanda-Rose closed together, melted into each other’s arms, and kissed passionately. They had been apart since December 2, a too-long (for both of them) 21 days. Now, just in time for Christmas, the Mettert family was together again.

Breaking the kiss only when they needed air, both women smiled at her partner. “Hi, honey,” Wanda-Rose said. “I’m home.”

Donna smiled, then started nibbling on Wanda-Rose’s ear lobe. The 23-year-old moaned softly, needing whatever love Donna wanted to give her. But before they could proceed further, Wanda looked down and saw Katy looking up and smiling.

“You are Mommy Wanda!” Katy said. “Mommy said that I would know it was really you because she would kiss you like she’s never kissed anyone else.”

The women broke apart, and Donna scooped her four-year-old up onto her hip. Despite holding Katy up, she was still able to sign. Donna had been mute since the age of four, and communicated using American Sign Language. Katy had learned it from infancy, and signed as well as her mother did. Donna’s hands moved faster than Wanda-Rose could follow, but Katy could read her mother, and then giggled.

“Mommy said that I should kiss you, Mommy Wanda,” Katy said. “May I?”

Wanda-Rose stepped to Katy. The little girl reached her hands out trustingly, and Wanda took her in her grasp. Katy leaned close and kissed Wanda’s cheek.

“Nice to meet you, Mommy Wanda,’ she said.

“Nice to meet you,” Wanda-Rose replied.

The three women then walked into the kitchen. There, sleeping in a playpen, was Becca. “That’s my sister,’ Katy said proudly.

“I know,” Wanda-Rose said. “I was there when she was born.”

“Oh, that’s right. Auntie Shelly told me that,” Katy said.

Donna had stepped to the oven, putting the final touches on the meal she was making. ankara escort She pulled the chicken from the oven, then pointed to a pile of mashed potatoes in a bowl. Katy squirmed out of Wanda’s grasp and grabbed the potatoes, following her mother to the table. Wanda-Rose saw some green beans in another bowl, and grabbed them, following in Donna and Katy’s wake.

After dinner, Katy had a million questions to ask Wanda-Rose. Patiently Wanda answered them all, ranging from “What did you bring me?” to “Why do you love Mommy?” Donna laughed silently as Katy held up two identical Barbie dolls and asked “Which one is prettier?”

“The little doll in the middle,’ Wanda-Rose answered.

Katy’s head swiveled from one side to the other, looking at a doll in each of her hands. “Which doll is in the middle?” she finally asked.

“The Katy doll,” Wanda-Rose answered.

Finally, Katy grew tired. Wanda-Rose followed Donna and Katy up the stairs into Katy’s bedroom. There the girl put on her footsie pajamas and climbed into bed. Donna, holding Becca, sat in a large rocking chair in one corner of the room and nursed Becca. Wanda grabbed a book, and to Katy’s surprise, read to the girl until she fell asleep. Donna’s eyes glistened with tears. she had not expected Wanda to read to Katy, and her love for Wanda grew. Soon Becca’s eyes were closed as well. Donna laid her in her crib, closed the bedroom door, and led Wanda-Rose down the hall to another door.

opening the door, Wanda-Rose saw her new bedroom. It was a muted yellow color, with soft drapes on the windows and a large quilt blanket on the queen-sized bed. Donna signed to Wanda-Rose “Bought the bed new last week, knowing we’d need more room. Do you approve?”

“I do, my heart,” Wanda-Rose answered. Then, to emphasize her words, the pulled Donna close and kissed her again. This time, with no child to disrupt them, the kiss grew in intensity. Wanda-Rose took the lead, quickly pulling Donna’s clothes off her body. Wanda noted how slim Donna had become in the past three weeks.

Next her hands traced Donna’s body as she slid Donna’s underwear off. Her fingers caressed the clit, feeling it stand at attention and emerge from its fleshy sheath. Wanda’s mouth sought Donna’s, and the two women kissed as they moved slowly to the bed. Wanda noted that she too was nude as they fell together on the bed.

Wanda-Rose rolled atop Donna and ground her pussy against her wife’s. Donna grabbed Wanda’s back and held on, loving the feelings. As they kissed and rubbed together, Wanda felt donna’s fingernails digging into her back. The pain, Wanda-rose knew, would only be temporary. The love they shared, though, would grow and become better and better.

Donna stiffened under Wanda, then dug her nails in deeper. She bit Wanda’s shoulder as she came, feeling the flood of love through her body. Wanda slid her hand between them both and thrust two fingers into Donna’s growing wetness. Donna humped up on her fingers, flooding them with fresh cum.

Wanda turned her body, lowering her pussy over Donna’s face as Wanda-rose started licking at the wetness between Donna’s legs. The women licked the other like they would never have another chance to lick again. Wanda let herself go, and came quickly, giving Donna the taste of cum she wanted. Donna followed suit seconds later, allowing Wanda to drink as well.

Soon Wanda rolled off Donna, grabbed her wife and fell asleep, feeling Donna’s body against her own, and loving the feeling.

The next morning, Donna worked with Wanda on her signing skills. While Wanda was still having trouble making the words with her hands, her reading skills had advanced greatly in the month the women had been apart.

“I have a surprise for you, honey,” Donna signed.

“What?” Wanda asked.

“It’s a Christmas gift, from me to you, that is very private and very intimate.” Wanda had to have Donna spell “intimate” before understanding the word.

“When do i get my gift?”

“Tonight, honey. Mom is coming over to take the kids for Christmas morning. We’ll go get your present, and then go to Mom’s in the morning.”

“And when do we open presents here?”

“Tomorrow afternoon. It’s tradition.”

Wanda agreed, then they went about their day. Donna showed Wanda around the farm, telling her about the acres of crops that used to grow there before she let the fields go fallow. They walked through the barn, and tossed hay into each other’s hair. When Katy entered the barn, she dove right into the loose hay, covering herself. Both women laughed.

A few minutes later, Becca woke in her stroller. Wanda-Rose changed her daughter’s diaper before sitting back to watch Donna breastfeed Becca. Katy crawled into Wanda’s lap, whispered, “I love you, Mommy Wanda,” then fell asleep for her nap.

Later that evening, Donna’s mother Louise came over to take Katy and becca to her home. Donna had taken some of her breast milk and put it in a bottle for Becca. Donna promised her mother that escort ankara the two would be at her house by 7 am for Christmas day. then louise drove off with the girls.

The two women made their way up to the bedroom. Donna sat Wanda on the bed and started signing to her.

“Wanda-Rose, I love you more than anything,” she began. “I put a lot of thought into this present. I know of your history, at least what you’ve told of it to me. I know what is the worst time in your life, and my gift to you is to try and erase that memory.”

Almost unbidden, Wanda-Rose’s mind slipped to what she considered her worst memory. When she was 19, she had been raped repeatedly by a man she had met while stripping. Eventually she had broken free and killed the man. Her eyes filled with tears, and Donna pulled her close and held Wanda-Rose as she cried.

When she stopped, Wanda said, “How can you erase these memories?”

Donna rang a little bell, and Wanda-Rose started crawling away from the door. For entering that door was a man. He was old, in his 40s, with a gray goatee and short brownish hair. He was a bit overweight. He wore a pull-over t-shirt and blue jeans. He walked over and softly kissed Donna, then sat in a chair by the bed.

“Wanda-Rose, meet Bob,” signed Donna.

“Why?” Wanda wailed.

“I’ve known Bob for a few years,” Donna signed. “We met over the internet, same as you and me. He comes when I call, and we make love. He lives in New Mexico, by the way, so we plan our meetings in advance.”

“Is he the father …?” Wanda started to ask.

“No, honey,” Donna said. “He has children, but neither Katy nor Becca are his.”

Bob was getting nervous. He softly spoke up. “Wanda-Rose?”

Wanda turned to him, a look of anger in her eyes. “What?” she snapped.

“If you don’t want your Christmas present, that’s understandable,” he said. “But I can promise you that I am not like any other man you’ve ever had before. I’m not the best, but I can give you pleasure, and that’s what Donna wanted you to have.”

“How can you possibly pleasure me?” Wanda-Rose asked.

Bob smiled. “I can tell you that I’m not the biggest man you’ve ever seen, and I’ll only cum once because of my age. What makes me special, I guess, is what I do while we’re together.”

Donna nodded agreement. “He is good in bed, honey,” she signed.

Slowly, Wanda-Rose’s reluctance faded. “If this is what you wanted me to have for Christmas, then I’ll accept your gift,” she said.

She got up and walked over to Bob. She pulled him to his feet and softly kissed him. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back. She was amazed at his tenderness. She felt Donna’s hands on her back, gently undoing her bra through her clothes. She then rubbed herself on her back, and she felt like the middle of a love sandwich.

Bob’s hands slowly unbuttoned her blouse. When he had undone the last button, he lowered it to the floor. Her bra fell along with it, leaving her nude from the waist up. She pulled Bob’s shirt off, making him match her. He had a slightly hairy chest, and she softly ran her fingers through the chest hair. When she felt Donna’s nipples rubbing directly on her back, she knew her wife was nude, at least waist-up.

Bob then took over. His hands went to Wanda’s waist and slid her pants and panties down. He dropped to his knees and untied Wanda’s shoes, allowing the woman to slip the pants fully off. She stood before him, nude. She returned the favor, undoing his jeans and sliding them to the floor. Bob kicked off his tennis shoes and pants as Wanda and Donna pushed him onto the bed.

Each woman got on one side of Bob and started sucking on his cock. As he had said, it wasn’t all that long. When it was erect, it was 7 inches. Each woman could easily slip it into her mouth and suck deeply. They also took one side of his cock and sucked her side from base to tip. At the tip, the women kissed, leaving the cockhead in their mouths as they did so. Bob could feel their tongues darting mouth-to-mouth, rubbing over his cock as they did so.

Soon Donna stood back and let Wanda take his cock by herself. While Donna finished stripping, Wanda-Rose deep-throated the cock, getting him fully in his throat and sucking hard. Bob moaned loudly as Wanda sucked, feeling her pulling his semen out of his balls.

Before that could happen, though, he lifted Wanda’s mouth from his cock. She looked up at him as he said “Lie back, Wanda-Rose.” She complied, thinking Bob was going to fuck her right then. She was surprised when, instead of filling her with cock, he put his mouth on her pussy and started licking.

Wanda had been licked by women, of course, but had never had a man lick her. She had never let Erich Buchanon, the former boyfriend of her former girlfriend Amber Anderson, get below her breasts. And THAT other man had been too busy raping to bother licking. Bob’s tongue felt rougher than a woman’s, and he licked in different places, too.

But a bonus was ankara escort bayan the goatee Bob wore. As he licked, his facial hair tickled on Wanda’s pussy lips, adding a new sensation. His tongue licked up and down and side to side, working each pussy lip in turn. Wanda was getting hotter and hotter. Her hips lifted and she moaned. She never thought a man could do that,

Then she came. It was a small orgasm, but it was also an unexpected one by Wanda-Rose. She squealed in delight as she came. Bob kept his mouth glued to her pussy, drinking in her juices and licking harder. Donna came over and started sucking on Bob’s cock as he licked at Wanda. He moaned into her pussy, giving Wanda-Rose an added sensation.

Slowly she worked to her second orgasm. This time she was aware as her emotions came closer and closer to overflow. However, just before she was about to explode, Bob backed off. Wanda-Rose whimpered her need, and Bob smiled at her. He climbed onto Wanda, and she felt his cock rubbing at her pussy.

While Donna had been sucking him, she had also slipped a condom onto Bob’s cock. He thrust his sheathed dick into Wanda, going half-way into her body. Then he slowly pulled back before sliding in again.

In slow motion, Bob filled Wanda’s pussy. She was lifting her hips in need and grabbing his ass by the time he finally got his cock all the way into her. Then he left his cock buried inside her and started an internal plunging. He could feel Wanda’s pussy lips grabbing at his cock so he knew he could fuck her gently.

She felt the movement inside her and went wild. She had not thought about anything sexual when she had been raped five years before. Now she noticed the heat emanating from Bob’s organ, warming her from inside. She also felt the need to cum, and whispered into Bob’s ear “I’m cumming.”

She gushed all around his cock, and then felt him change his rhythm. With his cock now fully lubricated, he started pulling out of her pussy before sliding back in. She also noted his speed increasing, moving faster and harder against her. His groin rubbed her clit, giving her additional pleasure.

Then she heard Bob moan deeply, a deeper moan than before. She thought he was cumming, and noticed that he stopped pumping into her with his cock deep inside her. But she felt nothing else but a steady cock in her. She looked down his body and saw Donna down between their legs.

“Bob, honey?” Wanda said.

“Donna’s sucking my balls, Wanda,” Bob said. “This is amazing. I’ve never had this while making love.”

Slowly Bob started moving again. His movements were minimal, but enough to drive Wanda wild again. She could feel his cock, not only going in and out of her, but also jerking up and down inside her pussy. She grew closer to another orgasm, amazed she could cum so many times with a man.

Bob whispered into her ear, “I’m so close to cumming. Any requests where I cum?”

Wanda moaned softly “Breasts.” Then she came again, allowing the orgasm to flood her every sense. She seemed to watch and feel in slow motion as Bob pulled his cock from her, rip off the condom and stroke his cock a few times. Donna’s hand joined Bob’s, then Wanda added her hand as well. Bob could hold off no longer. With a grunt, his cock shot sperm. The first two shots soaked each nipple, and the next few added a milky coating to the first shots.

Bob rolled onto his back, sated. Donna climbed onto Wanda then and started licking her breasts clean. Wanda-Rose pulled her other breast up and sucked the cum off that nipple as well. Donna rubbed on her pussy as Wanda had rubbed on Donna’s the night before. Both breasts were soon cleaned and then, minutes later, both women came hard.

As they came, Wanda was surprised to feel Bob’s mouth on both their pussies, licking and sucking, cleaning both pussies clean. He kept his motions up until Donna rolled off Wanda, smiling as she did so. Then Bob climbed into the offered spot between the women, and both of them kissed him deeply.

Wanda-Rose looked at Bob and Donna. “Thank you so much,” she said.

The women made plans to get back together with Bob during Easter break. Bob promised he’s be around for the next couple of days in case they wanted to play some more. Then the three fell asleep.

Wanda woke at 5 am to the sounds of slurping. She opened her eyes and looked through the darkness for the sound that woke her.

Donna was sucking on Bob’s cock. Bob was slowly stirring, having been asleep when she started. Wanda wondered why Donna was doing this until she signed “I always wake him this way.”

Wanda quickly scrambled to join her. When Bob was fully awake, he was pleased to find two mouths sucking him hard. And to everyone’s surprise, Bob was indeed hard again. Wanda said “I want more,” as she threw a leg over Bob and mounted his cock.

She had never been in control of a man while making love before, and Wanda-Rose liked the feeling. She could move her hips up and down to keep him hard, and also control his cock in her body.

Donna slipped her pussy around Bob’s lips, feeding him his breakfast as Wanda fucked him. The women held each other, kissing deeply as they pumped against Bob. His cock remained hard as they fucked.

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