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I’m sitting in a waiting area at a hospital day surgery, my girlfriend is in with her mother for a minor op so I’m on my own for a while. The room is empty and I’m watching lesbian porn on my mobile, two girls eating each other’s pussies whilst a third is watching, fingering her wide open cunt. I have a hard on which is uncomfortable as my bell end is trapped under my thigh. I reach down, raise my hips and free my cock, a most satisfactory bulge is now prominent.

“Must be a good film your watching,” a sweet female voice remarks.

I look up, startled and a little abashed, to see a buxom long haired lady smiling impishly at me. From my eyes she looks pointedly down at my groin, licking her lips suggestively.

“My favourite,” l reply, “lesbians making out being watched by another masturbating.”

“I’m bi so lesbian also turns me on, as does cock. I love to watch porn with my partner, we finger and toy each other, just edging, getting ourselves wet and hungry for more.”

“Are you juicy and horny now?” I ask.

“Horny yes, always simmering but not wet yet, maybe talking with you could change that.”

“Well I’m here for an hour or so at least and trying to get u off would be a most pleasant way to pass the time.”

“I’m here for the duration as well so let’s enjoy. Are you wearing pants?”

“No, my girlfriend and l like to have easy access, especially when I’m driving as l did to here. What about you, in bra and knickers?”

“Nippleless bra and g string, like the feel of silk on my nipples and having my pussy not too enclosed. Are you leaking?”

“Yes the film and you are getting me really randy. Could you open your legs so l can see your pussy?”

“Let’s move to that far corner, a little more secluded.”

As we move l ogle the perfect arse presented for me in a tight short mini skirt. As she turns to sit she pulls the hem up, allowing me a clear view of her cunt as she slowly sits then reclines. I pull my baggy shorts leg up so once seated my cock, which stands proudly to attention, and balls are exposed. She leches at my hard on, now blatantly licking her lips, eyes shining.

“Want to suck me, lick my hard dick? Squeeze and fondle my balls?”

“Yes, as much as u want büyükçekmece escort to lick and tongue my wet pussy.”

“You got that right. Pull your lips apart so your hot wet cunt is wide open for me. What’s your phone number?”

“Thanks, now if anyone sits by us we can text. Do you and your lover indulge in public sex?”

“Oh yes, we often go out naked under a coat, like to touch each other up in cafes, pubs, on buses, in car parks. Just sitting together stroking, rubbing, making our fannies wet.”

“My balls are filling up n getting nice n heavy. Do you enjoy sucking and licking balls and hard cock?”

“Mmm just thinking about it and looking at yours is making me juicy now.”

“Is your partner bi?”

“Yes, we regularly have a threesome, usually we go out looking for cock and always score. Jenny likes to watch as I’m being screwed, then l watch as she is serviced. What about your partner?”

“She enjoys pussy, loves to 69 and make me wank as l watch. Then she’ll sit on my cock while her lover sits on my face.”

“Do you ever get to have more than a threesome?”

“Yes, not often but we have had the pleasure before. Maybe we could hook up with you sometime?”

As we chat l run my finger along my hard shaft, round my leaking bell end so she can see my sticky finger and the strands of pre cum. Opening her thighs she runs her fingers up and down her pussy crack.

“Be back in a sec,” she stands, picks up her jacket and bag and heads for the loo.

My phone pings.

‘I’m Yvette btw, just going to remove my blouse, my tits are too restricted in it so going to put my jacket on, l can get to my hard nipples then n u can c better. Without my bra l’ve some clamps I’m going to put on, download this app then u can control the vibe on them. Also my g string vibrates, the app will let u control that too. Enjoy. X’

‘Just downloading now, so u juicing up?’

‘Mm yep, l’ve got 2 fingers plying my pussy n getting nice n sticky n wet. I’ll stay here til u get control of my toys.’

‘Downloaded, installing now. A couple have come in but they’re sitting up the other end of the room.’

‘Mmm ok, just had a little spasm, this çağlayan escort is so fucking horny. Now l’ll put the nipple clamps on. My cunt is getting so wet.’

My phone finishes installing, ‘installed, now what do l do?”

‘Sync to toys. Clamps r on, pulling up my g string. Ooh uv found the clamps, turn them up a little. Love my nips tingling as they vibrate.”

Lucy reappears, a little red faced and flustered. I smile and make a show of using my phone, turning up the g string to full vibe. She seems to stumble a little, gasps and runs her hands up her hips.

“You’ve got the hang of the vibe controls then? Little more nipple please. Are you getting a good view of my tits?”

“Yep, and your pussy. Pull your left lapel across. Ah that’s good, l can see your full tit, mm your hard nipple looks good enough to eat. Why don’t you tease it some more?”

“My cunt is fucking dripping. This is so intense. Your cock is leaking, there’s a slick on your thigh.”

“Your thighs are shiney where your pussy is oozing. Clench, make it flood for me.”

“I want to sit astride you and tease your cock by rubbing my cunt lips slowly along your shaft. Let ur groin soak in my love juice. As my labia gets to your throbbing bell end l’ll press down so just your cock end forces my dewy silky lips apart. Mmm ooooh fucking hell.”

I raise my hips, clench my drooling cock as her words bring forth more pre cum. She too wriggles and squirms as more of her nectar flows. She spasms. I turn off all vibes, Lucy pouts, eyes twinkling.

“Meanie, l nearly came then.”

“I know, so did l but l want us both wetter, harder and really fucking rampant. Fucking gagging for it. Brush your fingers over your breasrs, l want to see how you excite them, tits turns me on and l like to watch them being massaged.”

“Bet you love playing with them too, teasing and rubbing them,” Lucy remarks, cupping her left boob.

She trails her right fingertips around her left nipple, over the erect areolia, under her tit, across and up and down her cleavage.

“Want to put your hard leaky cock in here, so l can wank you with my soft warm tits? Squeeze your turgid iron hard manhood with them. çapa escort Your pre cum soaking my bosom?”

“You press either side of your tits, trapping my cock between them. As my cock swells you take your nipples between thumb and forefinger, twist, squeeze and pinch them as you encircle my balls. You rub my scrotum with your tits, wanking my balls, pulling my shaft up to your mouth. My drooling bell end leaves a gooey trail of slime up your chest and neck. You lean your head forward, push your tongue out and lick the end of my cock. My dribbling engorged head, awash with pre cum.”

Lucy is fidgetting, rubbing her thighs together and bucking her hips. I turn the nipple clamps to full vibe. She moans and whimpers, eyes glued to my cock. She grasps and squeezes her left tit, thumb and forefinger pinching and rubbing her engorged nipple. She slides her left hand down over her tummy and presses into her mons. I turn her g string vibe to max, the poor girl is desperate and l’ve teased her long enough. She needs release. With a long low moan her cunt erupts, pussy nectar flooding her minge. She bucks her hips, opening and clenching her thighs as spasm after spasm engulfs her. I again turn off all vibes. She looks dreamily at me with twinkling eyes.

“Fuck me that was a turn on, you poor girl has he been teasing you? Coming like that you must have been on edge for the longest time.”

“Hi honey, this is Lucy,” l explain. “She’s here waiting for her girlfriend so l offered to help her pass the time. Lucy this is Anya, my gorgeous partner.”

“Hello Lucy, now we’ve been formally introduced may l invite you to sit on my mouth in the very near future? I would love to taste your fresh cunt juice.”

“Mmm yes of course Anya, but that would mean l’ll have to keep my pussy purring, Dave maybe u could turn my g string up a couple of notches? I seem to have recovered.”

“G string?” Anya queries.

“Yes vibrating g string, don’t worry it’s already on my list.”

“List?” Lucy queries.

“Of essentials.” Anya explains.

“Oh such as?”

“Well at the moment it’s empty as the essentials are to do with sex so we obtain them immediately.” I reply.

I turn up the g string 2 notches, to ease Lucy back to pussy land.

“So Dave we have a couple of hours before l need to see mum again. Lucy how long do you think you are free?”

“An hour at least, where are you thinking of going?”

“Why not the car park, you could get your revenge on the back seat while l sit in the front.”

“Perfect,” replies Anya.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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