Valentine’s Day Pt. 03

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Authors note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content, as well as anal.


The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person, location or situation in particular. All characters engaged in any sexual activity are at least eighteen. This submission is the final story of what became a 3-part series.

Thank you to those that are following me, this story is for all of you.


From Valentine’s Day Part 2

Kathy says, “Well I guess Maryann couldn’t wait any longer. Why don’t you three continue you’re playing upstairs. Use my bed, as it is larger and will handle the five of us. Andy and I will join you three in a little bit. Let’s expand our Family FREEDOM?”

As Marcus is about to cum, to get up, to go upstairs, Maryann releases Marcus’s penis from her mouth along with her hand from Kerry. However, Marcus is too far gone, so he starts shooting his liquid cum onto Maryann’s face. Maryann jumps off him, running upstairs with a face full of his cum with Kerry following her upstairs. Marcus then heads upstairs to continue playing with his two favorite girls, plus now Andy and his mom.


Valentine’s Day Part 3

Chapter 1

Now that Maryann, Kerry & Marcus have permission and an understanding from Kathy, they head upstairs to Kathy’s large bed to continue playing and sleeping with each other. Since that weekend, Maryann has practically moved into the Vanderman household, just about sleeping with Marcus full time and Kerry, if she is not fucking Andy.

So far, Kathy has made a decision to stay away from any incest relations with the ‘kids’. Andy & her didn’t join them in her master bed until!

Monday afternoon, Kathy’s cell phone rings, “Hello.”

“Kathy, it’s Marcel.”

“Marcel, how are you & Lizzie?”

Lizzie is what Marcel & Kathy call Elizabeth.

“We are doing great and that is why I am calling. I decided the two of us needed some Vanderman time with you, ‘the 3 kids’ and Andy next week and I wanted to check if everyone is available? With President’s weekend, my restaurant is quiet, as most of my ‘clients’, can afford, to take a long holiday weekend, so I am taking the weekend off.”

“I’ll check with ‘the kids’ but we should all be available.”

“Sounds great, Lizzie will be in touch and OH, she will be having some things shipped to your house?”

That night over dinner, Kathy, Andy and ‘the 3 kids’ are enjoying a chicken dinner. Kathy says, “Guess what? I’ll tell ya instead, Marcel & Lizzie are available Saturday afternoon and they want to know if you three kids have any plans?”

Kerry pipes in, “NO MOM, NOTHING EXCITING.”

Kathy says, “Great, then I follow up with Lizzie.”

Monday evening, Kathy & Andy are in bed together.

Kathy tells Andy, “I am going to call Lizzie about Saturday; I’ll be a few minutes, then we can play.”

Andy says, “I’ll don’t mind, say hi for me.”

Kathy then calls Lizzie, “Lizzie darling it’s Kathy, good news we are available for Saturday. What do you have planned?”

Lizzie tells her, “Marcel and I want some photos of the two of us, then can we add ‘the 3 kids’ if it is OK with them. We can photo shop my kid’s pictures over their pictures, so when they are older, they can enjoy the pictures, shall we say looking at themselves.”

Kathy tells her, “I love that idea and I am sure the ‘3 kids’ will love being included in your photo-shoot. Now Marcel mentioned that you are having something shipped to us?”

Lizzie, “It’s a surprise for Saturday evening, everyone will enjoy it and we can discuss, sometime some other ideas I have for the seven of us to enjoy each other. I know Kathy, you have been wanting a piece of Marcus since he turned 18-years-old, now will be your chance. Marcel and I will be there around 10:30 am to start our session then Marcus, Maryann & Kerry can join us.”

Kathy tells her, “Sounds like a plan, looking forward to it SISTER.”

Andy asks Kathy, “What was that all about? “

Kathy tells him, “Lizzie and Marcel are coming over for a photo-shoot, to include Kerry, Marcus & Maryann, then she has some other games for us to all play together. Looks like I may get to play with Marcus and you finally get to fuck Maryann!”

Andy tells her, “On that note, let us start to fuck”.

The two of them start having a passionate love making session thinking about Saturday and the fun they will have with everyone.

Wednesday comes with a large delivery truck coming to Kathy’s house.

“Delivery for the Vanderman family, I have three large massage tables.”

Kathy says, “What, three massage tables? I guess I’ll have you place them in my large studio room, please.”

The driver with two helpers, unload, then set up the three large massage tables on one side of Kathy’s studio.

Kathy calls Lizzie, “Lizzie your massage tables arrived and I had them placed in my studio. What are these for?”

Lizzie tells her the plans for Saturday.

Friday evening avcılar rus escort rolls around everyone is nude at the table. Maryann, of course is over for the weekend. Kerry, Marcus, Andy and Kathy are all sitting around the table having a general conversation enjoying pizza with wine.

Kathy interrupts their conversation, “I want to go over the plans for Saturday with Lizzie and Marcel. Number one, I want you three kids’ downstairs, showered and ready for the photo session with Marcel & Lizzie at 11:30 am. No sex what so ever when you go upstairs to bed. We want you all good and horny for the fun Lizzie and I have planned.”

Marcus says, “Ah mom, I can recover quickly.”

Kathy, “You will have plenty of time and fun cumming Saturday, easy their young man. You can go an evening without any sex. I am sure Kerry & Maryann will hold out as well?”

Kathy continues, “Marcus, I bought you a pair of men’s Calvin Klein Micro Hip Briefs in black and white to wear for the photo-shoot. You can wear your White muscle Shirt that will go as low as your penis. Kerry, you can wear your black leggings with a white tank top that just barely covers your ass. Maryann, you can wear your white leggings with a black tank top that also barely covers your ass. Lizzie and I have spent a lot of time planning our festivities for the weekend and we know everyone will have fun.”

Kathy continues, “Kerry, Maryann & Marcus, please clean up the kitchen, then you can join Andy & I in the study if you would like, Blue Bloods is on tonight.”

The three of them clean up the kitchen then sit on the larger sofa, joining Andy & Kathy who are sitting together on the smaller sofa. While watching Friday evening TV, Maryann, Marcus & Kerry think about Saturday.

After the news everyone heads up to their rooms, Marcus, Kerry & Maryann go to Marcus’s bedroom for the night with Kathy & Andy retiring to her master suite.

Chapter 2

The next morning, the 3-kids are sleeping in, while Kathy & Andy get ready to greet Marcel & Lizzie at 10:30 am. Coffee, Croissants, muffins and fresh fruits are laid out on the kitchen counter for a lite breakfast.

At 10:30 am, the doorbell rings with Marcel & Lizzie at the door. Kathy & Andy in the nude, welcome them in, Andy taking Lizzie’s jacket and Kathy helping Marcel off with his coat. Underneath, Lizzie is wearing a pair of leggings with a T-Shirt and Marcel has on a polo shirt with jeans. Hugs and kisses are exchanged and they are brought into the kitchen to enjoy the goodies before them.

Lizzie asks Kathy, “Where are Kerry, Marcus & Maryann?”

“Sleeping in of course, kids! However, their cute asses better be down at 11:30 am for the photo shoot in costume.”

Meanwhile, up in Marcus’s room while the ‘adults’ are talking and enjoying the light breakfast, Marcus wakes up to take a leak. When he gets back, still having his morning ‘wood’, he sees Maryann & Kerry are cuddled together, still sleeping. Marcus starts to cuddle with the two girls, making sure his hands start to rub their breasts.

Kerry, “Ah, whoever is rubbing my breast, please don’t stop.”

Maryann, “Ditto, that feels so good.”

Marcus says, “I don’t care what mom says, I am horny and want to play. Maryann, Kerry roll over on your backs, let me lick your breasts then pussies. Since we don’t have a lot of time, Maryann rollover on top of Kerry, aligning your two pussies at the edge of the bed. I will then stick my penis into Kerry, then Maryann then back to Kerry then Maryann repeating it until we all have a cum.”

The two girls get on their backs so Marcus can warm them up, then in the interest of time, they both get into position. Marcus starts with Kerry then Maryann. After about 10 to 15 minutes of fucking, Maryann let’s out a loud moan cumming, then Kerry upon hearing Maryann, starts cumming. Meanwhile Marcus continues pumping hard into each pussy until he finally shoots his load of cum all over the two girls.

Downstairs, as Kathy is about to yell upstairs, she hears the noise from both girls. Thinking to herself, “I knew they wouldn’t wait until latter, them horny kids. Marcus better be recovered for later?”

Kathy suggests to Marcel, Lizzie & Andy, “Time to head into the studio to start the session, I think the three kids, may need a few extra, laughing it out, minutes. Let’s start with the two of you in your street clothes, then some nude shots, then when the kids come down, we will add them to the mix.”

After the three of them cum, with Marcus’s cum on their bodies, the two girls with Marcus run into the shower, then start washing each other. They dry off, then put on their requested costumes for the photo session.

Back in the studio, Kathy is taking pictures of Marcel & Lizzie, first dressed in their street clothes, then nude. Of course, when they strip both Lizzie & Marcel are sans any underwear. i.e. commando. Andy is off on a side couch watching, as well as helping Kathy Film some of the photo session.

Kathy avcılar türbanlı escort says, “Now Marcel, I need you to face Lizzie, then reach up palms over her breasts. Lizzie, as you are now facing Marcel, please grab hold of his 6-inches with very nice girth penis with both of your hands. Please stay still.” Snap, Snap.

“Next, Marcel, cup under her breasts, feel the weight of her 38 DD’s with your palms up, while Lizzie takes hold of your penis.”

While Kathy is taking pictures, Marcus, Maryann & Kerry come downstairs to the kitchen, so they could enjoy some of the Coffee, Croissants, muffins and fresh fruits, with Kerry having chocolate milk before their photo session. As they enter Kathy’s studio, they find Marcus & Lizzie in a very tight embrace.

Kathy notices the three kids and introduces everyone.

“Marcel, you have already met Maryann & Marcus but haven’t met his twin sister, Kerry. Kerry this is my dearest & longest friends, Marcel and his wife, Lizzie.”

Kerry — goes over to the both of them, as she goes to shake their hands, they take her into their embrace.

Marcel says, “Great to finally meet you Kerry, we are looking forward to our weekend with you, Marcus & Maryann along with your mom & Andy.”

Kerry tells them, “Great meeting the both of you and I am excited to find out what is in store for us today.”

Maryann and Marcus walk over to Marcel & Lizzie, giving them each a hug.

Marcus says, “Marcel, nice to see you again and Lizzie, my pleasure to finally meet you.” ‘As he stares, only making eye contact with her 38 DD’s’.

Maryann pipes in, “Marcel, again a pleasure & thank you again for our V Day evening and making it so special. I am sure, I will have an opportunity to reward you somehow, sometime today for the generous favor. Lizzie, great to meet you and I look forward to being able to better get to know you as well today.”

Kathy then starts to set-up the photo session with the five of them.

“Marcel & Lizzie, please stand side by side. Andy you are free to roam as you see fit for the video portion, plus I have two other cameras on stands, filming as well. Maryann & Kerry, please stand by Marcel, with him in the middle of you two. Marcus, please stand on the right side of Lizzie. I want all five of you side by side. Kerry dressed, Marcel Nude, Maryann dressed, Lizzie Nude, Marcus dressed.”

They all get into position following Kathy’s directions. When they are aligned, Snap, Snap, Continuous snap.

Kathy then tells them, “Now everyone please turn around.” Snap, Snap.

“Everyone now faces me. Now Kerry, Marcel & Maryann please separate a little from Lizzie. Lizzie and Marcus move to your right a little.”

Everyone takes their new position.

Kathy then starts to direct the group. “Kerry, Marcel & Maryann side by side with arms around each other, Lizzie you and Marcus the same please. Side by side with arms around each other. Then Maryann & Kerry embrace Marcel, Marcus embrace Lizzie.” Snap, Snap, Snap. Kathy continues taking photos.

One last pose, then the leggings and briefs came off, shirts stay on. With your tops just covering your asses, I want Kerry & Maryann to embrace and hug Marcel and Marcus and Lizzie embrace. Since Maryann’s 30 A breasts are quite small, Marcus being a little over zealous, sticks his head between Lizzie’s 38 DD’s then rests his head they’re for a few extra minutes before giving her a couple of licks with his tongue then pulling his head out.

Kathy tells Marcus, “Calm down, young man, don’t get over zealous, you will have time to play later with her DD’s.”

Kathy tells the group, “Maryann and Kerry on your knees, by Marcel’s penis, Marcus on your knees, by Lizzie’s pussy. Maryann & Kerry hold Marcel’s penis in your hands and Marcus, cup Lizzie’s pussy.”

Kathy starts taking pictures, then directs them again.

“Next, Maryann & Kerry lick then sucking Marcel’s penis while Marcus, licks Lizzie’s pussy.” She starts Snapping pictures.

Pre-cum leaks from Marcel, while Lizzie’s pussy gets moist.

Kathy then says, “Stop, 5-minute break time. When you come back from break, off with your tops kids.”

Marcus, Kerry & Marcel stand up and stretch, poor Marcel is sitting with an erection while Lizzie remains standing with moisture formed in her pussy. When all three kids are nude, you can see Kerry with her tan lines from a recent spray tan session however, Maryann & Marcus still are without tan lines from their St. Barts vacation but they were fading fast.

Kathy then re-starts to direct the group. “Now that everyone is nude, we are going to repeat with Kerry, Marcel & Maryann side by side with arms around each other, Lizzie you and Marcus the same please. Side by side with arms around each other. Then Maryann & Kerry embrace Marcel, Marcus embrace Lizzie.” Snap, Snap, Snap. Kathy continues taking photos.

Kathy then tells them, “Now everyone please turn around.” ‘Snap, Snap’ “Bend avcılar ucuz escort over and push out those butts. Everyone now faces me. Now Kerry, Marcel & Maryann please separate a little from Lizzie. Lizzie and Marcus move to your right a little.”

“Next Marcel face Maryann, while Kerry watches and hold her two breasts. ‘Snap, Snap’ Next with one hand on a breast, cup her pussy, Maryann please hold onto his penis. Release and hug each other.” ‘Snap, Snap’ Now please repeat the same with Kerry.” ‘Snap, Snap’.

“Marcus, same with Lizzie only now you get an opportunity to handle her DD’s. Lift her breasts, palms up under them, then cup them. One hand on a nipple, with your other hand cupping her pussy. Lizzie, grab and hold Marcus’s penis.”

Pre-cum starts leaking from Marcus, as Marcus feels the moistness from Lizzie’s pussy starting to leak down her leg.

Kathy is taking pictures of the two of them, then says, “OK, now please embrace.”

The two embraces as Marcus slips in a kiss on Lizzie’s lips.

Kathy then says, “I think we all deserve a rest period for lunch. After lunch, we will resume with Lizzie and my games, that everyone should enjoy.”

The three kids run upstairs to hit the bathroom, while Andy directs Marcel & Lizzie to the guest bathroom. The sexual tension from everyone including Kathy & Andy is very high. After lunch they all enter the studio. Kathy & Lizzie start to remove a ‘privacy screened in area’, where three very specially designed over-sized massage table are located. Side shelf’s are attached to one side of each table containing, butt plugs, lubricants, massage lotions & Rabbit Vibrators.

Chapter 3

Lizzie now takes over as the moderator for this chapter

Lizzie tells the group, “Kathy & I have come up with three fun & enjoyable games for this group to become much closer the rest of today. I will NOT be playing in this portion of our first game. As you can see there are three very special designed massage tables. Overhead and side video cameras will capture all the activities. Now ladies, please lie on your stomachs, heads on the pillows.”

Maryann, Kathy and Kerry take their places onto the massage tables.

Lizzie with 2 hats on a small table says, “I have the names of the men in one hat and the ladies in another, this way the matching is strictly by the draw. First female name — Maryann and your lucky partner is Andy, please take your place by her table. Second female is Kathy with Marcus as your partner. Marcus, please step over to your mom’s table. That leaves, Marcel at Kerry’s table.”

“Here is the contest. The first couple where their female partner is the ‘first’ too start cumming via her toes, starting to curl or her whole body becoming tensed up, or even squirting wins. However, there are time limits and toys. First, you have 5 minutes to rub massage lotion over the backs of your females, then you will lube with the anal lube, their asses to get them ready for the Butt plugs. You are too place the butt plugs into their asses. Then the girls will turn over. The guys will have 5 more minutes with the ladies on their backs to massage them and get them a little excited then.”

“I am keeping time and will tell you next, you are to stop and go to the next step. Once the 5 minutes are up, these tables will allow the men to drop down a portion of the table, allowing the men to bring the females to the edge of the table, while the men slide their penis’s in and start fucking for all you got the females until one of them or all of them cums. First to cum while being fucked, wins this round.” “Ready set go, the clock is ticking.”

The guys start placing lotion over their partners body, with this being Marcus’s first time touching his mom, he is a little bit more excited than normal. While Andy is excited that he gets to fuck Maryann, as he has had his eye on her lithe small tits and body, since he met her.

Marcel when he first noticed Kerry’s & Maryann’s bodies, in their leggings with shirts, that were just mid-way covering their beautiful young asses, was thinking, “Kathy sure knows how to get my libido going, those two young teens, with their leggings on, then nude with their shirts still on, with their asses exposed, is enough to get me hard without any ‘BLUE PILLS’ and maintain my erection. I got hard just from that as, I still haven’t lost my erection, I am hoping that I lose this contest, stopping Kerry from cumming fast, as I want to extend this little mink’s orgasm, to last and her to be the last person to orgasm!”


The guys start to place the butt plugs into their partners on, Andy puts his on high, while Marcel let’s his vibrate slowly, Marcus follows like Andy and puts the butt plug in his mom’s ass also on high. The females are already starting to feel the vibrations throughout their pussies and bodies.


The three females are helped by the men to turn over. The men start to massage their breasts, Kerry’s & Kathy’s elongated nipples are pulled by their partners, while Maryann’s small nub is licked by Andy. The men then move to the female’s pussies, lubing them up then inserting a rabbit. Maryann starts to moan.

“Lizzie yells out, “Final phase, hit the release on the front of your table, now bring your partner to the edge, remove any pussy vibrators, insert your penis and start pumping.”

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