Used , Abused: The Katie Chronicles Ch. 02

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Used & Abused: The Katie Chronicles Ch. 02

The Journey Home

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Thank you so much to all of you who wrote to tell me how much you enjoyed my first installment of Katie’s adventures. I’m sorry the wait for Part Two has been so long, and I hope it will be worth it. There were a few of you, however, who were offended by the strong language in the first story, so a word of warning: one of the major running motifs in these stories is verbal abuse. It is a fetish that has always turned me on immensely, but like any fetish, it is not enjoyed by all. So if words like “slut” and “whore” offend you, this may not be the story for you. If they make you as hot as they make me, however, read on…

In the twinkling of an eye, everything I had ever known had changed.

I lay trembling on my back, the warm, soft duvet folded around me as the events of the past four or five hours continued to swim through my thoughts. Around me my bedroom seemed vacant, distant…almost a little frightening. If things had ended where I thought they were going to end, I might have been able put them out of mind, at least for the evening. The gang-bang in the school biology lab had been raw, vicious…almost brutal. I had used words that I never thought I would hear coming out of my own mouth. I had submitted myself to something absolutely terrifying, but also something that was monumentally exciting at the same time. Little was I to know that the gang-bang was only the very beginning of a far more eventful night.

When it was all over and Denise, Todd and Mike had given me my last instructions for the following morning, they left me as quickly as they had arrived. The school was suddenly quiet and I was alone with my thoughts. I was still shaking—whether it was from excitement or from the multiple orgasms I had had I did not know. I waited until the last sounds disappeared into the distance, the giggling of that slut Denise and the deeper laughter of the two young men who had so violently used me throughout the past hour. Then, with the last clunk! of a door closing, all was silent.

I swallowed. The salty musk of semen still mixed with my saliva and I smiled. It had just been so fucking good. I never thought it could be so good. I scrambled to my feet and turned in a circle, dismay slowly giving way to horror as I realized that my clothes were absolutely shredded. Despite my protestations earlier, 1 had somehow thought that I would be able to put something together, some sort of outfit to cover me on my walk home. No such luck. What wasn’t ripped into tiny little pieces was completely caked with sperm-juice.

Naked as the day I was born, I gathered up the remains of my clothing and cautiously opened the classroom door. The hallway was dark. I tiptoed over to a garbage bin in the corner and dumped the threads and tatters that used to be my clothing. Vaguely aware that it was unlikely that I was completely alone in the school—there was bound to be a janitor or two, or at the very least a security guard—I ducked into the boys’ locker room—where my tormentors had originally sprung from—and turned on one of the showers. I let the warm mist spray over my body, washing away the thick, caked-on mass of saliva and semen. It was only when I stepped from the shower that I quickly became aware of the fact that there were no towels anywhere. The boys must have brought theirs with them, because there wasn’t even a facecloth anywhere to be seen. Dripping wet, I stepped from the showers and tiptoed across the locker room, up to the main hallway door. I pushed it open a couple of inches and peered back out into the dark hallway. My eyes fell across the row of multi-coloured lockers and I suddenly smiled, remembering something. I now knew what to do. With renewed purpose I stepped into the hallway. The soft red from the exit sign glistened off my wet, naked body as I crept around the corner to the row of cubbyholes that the Grade Nines used in lieu of lockers when they had to take gym class.

Sure enough, in the third one over lay some folded clothes. I looked at them and frowned. They didn’t look anything like what our grade nine girls wore—but then I remembered something. The previous evening, Holy Mary Catholic School had played against our freshman girls’ volleyball team. Obviously, one of the girls had ridden the bus back home in her gym clothes. At that realization, I just stared into the cubbyhole in mild amusement.

This was just too perfect.

A fucking Catholic schoolgirls’ outfit.

What’s more, it was tiny. The little plaid skirt barely reached the top of my thighs! My smooth, bald little mound stuck out beneath the miniskirt. On top, my breasts were just straining to pop out of the white top blouse. My wet skin had turned the blouse transparent, and my hard nipples poked upwards against the sheer fabric. I turned around and inspected my reflection in a mirror. I gasped.

Fuck me! I thought, then smiled quickly. I look like a fucking whore.

But ataköy türbanlı escort damn I’m hot.

I stood there for a minute, striking a pose. I looked like a fucking stripper, but at least I wouldn’t get arrested walking home. I turned and walked to the window, surveying my options. The fastest and safest way home was probably through the university. Normally my friends and I would hop the number 23 bus down the Pacific Strip, but there was no way I was going to hop on a bus in this get-up, and if I walked down the Strip I would probably be mistaken for a hooker. I felt a very naughty tingle deep within my twat as I thought that being mistaken for a whore wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world tonight! But no—the university was safest, and I could hide in the shadows if anyone was about.

“What the fuck do we have here?”

I felt my heart skip a beat as I wheeled around with an audible shriek. All I could see ahead of me were two bright flashlight beams cutting through the darkness, aimed directly at my face. I didn’t know what to do, what to say, or what part of my body I should cover, so I just stood there in my slinky little outfit like a dumb little slut, watching as the flashlight beams traveled up and down my body, pausing for lengthy moments as they passed across first my breasts, then my exposed gash, the clitoris still swollen from its earlier violation. For a while, nobody spoke. Then, after I thought the silence was getting unbearable, I heard a soft, incredulous sigh.

“Holy shit.”

I still didn’t know what to do, so I reached up and brushed my bangs out of my eyes. The two beams began slowly traveling towards me. They split as the bearers of each flashlight moved to either side of me. As they approached I could start to make out some features that had previously been obscured by shadows. They were both relatively young; the janitor to the left of me was the older of the two, but even he was no more than thirty. To my right was the security guard—he was twenty, twenty-one at the most, fresh out of high school himself. Their faces were partially hidden by darkness, but I could easily see that they both wore looks like they had won the Vegas jackpot.

I smiled mischievously. That’s because they have, I told myself.

I decided to play it cool. “Uh, hi guys,” I ventured cautiously.

The security guy moved directly in front of me. He continued to trace the beam of his flashlight across my midsection. “Yeah, whatever,” he said breathlessly.

“What the fuck are you doing here dressed in that little get-up?” The janitor spoke from behind me. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck.

Slowly, I snaked my hand behind me and softly grabbed between his legs. He was hard. I tossed my hair, glanced over my shoulder at him, and shot him a wink. “Waiting for you, Mr. Janitor,” I cooed.

I felt his cock twitch beneath his jeans. “Oh, really?” he gulped.

“Yes,” I pouted. I walked into the beam of moonlight that fell through the window. I turned so that they were facing my profile. I arched my back and reached down to my thighs so that my skirt flipped up over my ass. I was wet—so fucking wet—and I was sure they could see it glistening in the moonlight. I batted my eyes at them. “Are the big strong janitor and security guard going to teach this trashy young school-slut a lesson?”

Crash! I couldn’t believe it. The security guard—sweet young hunk that he was—simply dropped his flashlight to the floor in shock. I put a finger in my mouth and giggled.

“Are you fucking serious?” my new boy-toy gulped. Okay—William Wordsworth he was not, but I wasn’t in the mood to have poetry read to me. I nodded and dropped to my knees. I dragged my fingers down over my breasts, but at the last minute I decided to leave my blouse on. I figured that I looked far sluttier in this outfit than with nothing on.

The guard approached me, glancing back at the janitor with an absolutely perverted look on his face. “What a fucking whore,” he drooled. As he started unbuckling his belt I could finally make out the name stitched onto his uniform.

“Adam,” I read. “Is that your name?”

He nodded.

I cleared my throat. I wanted him to know just how I wanted to be treated.

“Well, Adam,” I said, pronouncing each syllable in his name. “Why don’t you take out your sweet, young fuckstick…”

I looked him straight in the eye and licked my lips.

“…and choke the fuck out of me,” I finished.

And that was it. He fucking knew what to do. In about two seconds flat he dropped his pants to the floor, stepped up to me and grabbed me by my hair. He grabbed his dick and shook it in front of me. “Yeah?” he sneered. “You fucking slut. Is this what you fucking want?”

“Oh yeah,” I breathed. I opened my mouth and he rammed it into my skull. Hard. I gagged for a minute, then relaxed my throat as he began a second assault. His shaft slid past my tongue, ataköy ucuz escort over my tonsils, and deep into my throat.

After a few slow, deep thrusts, his cock popped out of my mouth and slapped against my cheek. I spat on it, then drooled over it like I’ve seen them done in the porn movies Trevor and I used to watch up at the cottage. I grabbed his prick with my fist and pumped it hard about ten or twelve times. “You fucking like that, Adam?” I sneered at him. “Do you like it when I fucking fist your meat like that?”

“Not half as much as you’re gonna like it when I spew all over your slut face,” he spat back at me. I grinned wickedly. That was the trashy talk I wanted to hear.

“Oooooh!” I moaned expectantly. “But not yet, sweetie.” Slowing my thrusts, I gave his knob a quick lick, then turned to face the janitor. He had already stepped out of his pants and was stroking his cock with a leer on his face.

“How about you, Mr. Janitor?” I sighed wistfully. I stood slowly, closing my fist around his rock-hard prick. I leaned towards him, brushing his hair aside so that my lips were just barely touching his ear. And I whispered.

“Would you like to rape my face like Adam just did?”

I think the poor guy almost came in my hand right there and then. As it was, he could barely croak, “Uh-huh.”

I slid back two inches so we were eye to eye, my lips almost touching his. “Uh-huh?” I asked in a mousy little voice


I winked at him. “Okey-dokey.”

I circled his pects with my fingertips and, extending my arms and leaving my hands caressing his chest, I slid back to my knees. I continued to reach up and caress his chest as I nuzzled his cock gently. I drooled over it like I had done with Adam, then—very gently—took the head of his prick in between my teeth. I softly slurped inward, releasing my teeth ever so slightly and drawing his cock further into my mouth until it was about halfway in. Once again I bit down, incredibly softly, in order to hold the shaft in place without me having to resort to using my hands. I reached around his torso with my arms and firmly grasped a butt cheek in each hand.

I repeated the same process several times, slurping his beautiful fuckstick deeper into my throat, then gently holding it in position with my teeth so that I could continue dragging my nails along his ass cheeks. Finally I had him in as deep as I could get him. If you were to look at my kneeling profile you would be able to see his thick shaft bulging out of my throat, shifting under the skin of my neck, just above where it widened into my chest. It rippled as I swallowed.

A deep, low moan escaped the janitor’s lips as I opened my mouth and started pounding my throat rhythmically, hard and strong, down onto the janitor’s meat. A loud squelching sound erupted from deep within my open mouth as I continued to fuck him with my throat. Beside me, Adam was jerking his own cock, urging me on.

“Yeah, that’s it you fucking little whore. Do what you’re fucking best at!”

With my face stuffed full of prick, I managed the slightest smile as I made eye contact with Adam. I gave him a sexy wink, then went back to work, squelching away on the janitor’s cock. It was good, but not quite as hard as I wanted it. I grabbed the janitor’s hands in one quick motion and placed them on my head. Getting the message, he immediately closed his fists, grabbing me by my hair. He started bucking his hips, fucking my skull with refreshed abandon. I choked once or twice, then settled into a rhythm like a good little cocksucking slut.

Beside me, Adam kept jerking his prick as he watched the show. “That’s it,” he leered at me. “You’re a nasty little cocksucker, aren’t you?”

I pushed the janitor’s prick back out with my tongue. “Uh-huh,” I said innocently, then smiled sweetly. “All the boys say I’m the sluttiest fucking whore on campus.”

The janitor rammed his cock deep back into my throat as Adam began smacking his rock-hard shaft against my cheek. “I can fucking believe it,” he spat, tugging his meat for all he was worth. “And now you’re gonna drink both of our loads you little bitch.”

My pussy clenched as I heard those harsh words again. I don’t know what it was, why I loved this brutal word play so much. If anyone called me these names in the course of my normal life, I would have smacked them. But as the janitor grabbed my hair and yanked my head back, so that my face was pointing to the ceiling, I began cumming hard as a result of the rough treatment. The janitor reached over and grabbed me under the chin, his thumb on one cheek and his fingers on the other. He squeezed them together hard, forcing my mouth wide open.

Without a moment’s warning, a long, white stream of semen flew through the air, arcing from his prick into my mouth. Spurt after spurt of thick, creamy cock-juice followed, filling my mouth to the edge of my lips. I hummed and moaned happily as my mouth literally ataköy üniversiteli escort overflowed with sperm. Once his dick was done pulsing he roughly turned my head to face Adam, who was stroking his enormous member frantically.

“Yeah, that’s it,” hissed the janitor lewdly. “Whack off in her slut face.”

And that’s exactly what the little shit did. He fucking grabbed me by my hair and yanked my head back. My mouth was still overflowing with cum, and I stuck my tongue through it, wiggling it at him. He grabbed his massive cock and began fisting it about two inches from my face, pumping it for all he was worth. No spurts this time, though—just a steady stream of white cocksauce splashing into the pool that had already formed in my mouth.

When he was done the two of them stepped back and just stared at me, as if they couldn’t believe what had just happened. The janitor grinned at me lewdly, and shook his prick at me. “Whatcha gonna do now, little slut?” he asked teasingly.

I shot him a wink, blew him a kiss, and started gargling his semen for all I was worth. After I’d given them a suitable show, I closed my eyes and swallowed.

The two of them just stared at me for several seconds, absolutely speechless. Adam was the first to finally speak.

“Wow,” he said, clearly in awe. “That was amazing. Thank you.”

I stood, straightening my trashy get-up. “No problem, sweetie!” I beamed. “Next time I’ll let you fuck me, but for now I’ve got to get home.”

The janitor nodded, grinning. “You’re a real firecracker, sweetheart. Don’t ever lose that attitude of yours.”

I wiggled my tits at him. “I don’t plan to! See ya later, sexy!” And with my ponytail bouncing behind me, I bounded down the hall and out the nearest door.

* * *

Night had fallen across the university campus that emptied onto the north side of the high school. I knew from experience that the academic buildings along Fleet Street would be dark by now, but as I got further north I would be bordering on the student ghetto, where all the fraternities and sororities were. There were parties nearly every night of the week, and there were bound to be people out. All I could hope was that I would be able to blend in as I crossed the north crescent of the campus.

It was tough going. It was a very warm night for October and the student body was pretty much out in full force. As I crossed from Fleet Street to St. Solomon’s Square I did everything I could to stay in the shadows. I crept under the archways and cloisters that bordered the quad, painfully aware that I was still attracting lewd glances from the guys—and girls, I noticed with a naughty smile—who were heading out for a night on the town.

I knew a shortcut through a rarely-traversed alleyway, but I knew it would take me painfully close to Fraternity Row. Still, it was my best bet for getting home as quickly as possible. I ducked behind one of the smaller fountains—stopping to listen for a few seconds as it gurgled softly in the moonlight—then slipped into the alley. All seemed clear, so I scampered down the cobblestone and followed the narrow cloister as it wound eastward.

Then, all of the sudden, I stopped. Five or six figures had just appeared ahead of me in the alley, and they were heading my way. I quickly darted into an alcove and crouched behind a garbage can. I watched as six students—obviously drunk as fuck—walked laughing into the corner just around from where I was hidden. All three guys were pretty cut. The closest one to me was blonde and wore a tank top that showed off his muscles. He held a beer in his left hand and wore a dazzling grin on his face. Beside him his buddy—a dark-haired number with a sexy five o’clock shadow—took a last drag on a cigarette, then tossed it to the ground. He wore no shirt at all, and I gazed upon his six-pack with lewd thoughts running through my head. The last guy was a bit smaller than his two friends, but was still a total hunk—possibly the best looking of the three. He wore glasses and a dress shirt, unbuttoned to below his chest. He had short, light-brown hair. A silver cross hung around his neck.

Like their male counterparts, the girls were definitely dressed to party. The first one had long, straight blonde hair and soft, pouty lips. She wore bright green “hot pants” and a teeny tiny tank top that was cut off just below her breasts. She was holding hands with a very petite little hottie who had done her blonde hair up in pigtails. She wore a very short hot pink miniskirt and a tight black top. The word “Cumslut” was written in silver glitter across hr chest. The last girl was a curvy, voluptuous knockout with long dark hair. She too wore a short skirt—light blue. Her large breasts were packed beneath a tight white blouse that just barely contained them.

To my utter shock, the first guy—the blonde—leaned back against the well and unbuckled his belt. He undid the top button on his fly, then ripped the rest open. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his rock-hard, veiny shaft sprung free. He spat into his right hand and gave his fuckstick a few quick strokes. He turned to the girl in pigtails and beckoned to her with his left index finger. “Get over here you little slut,” he grinned nastily. With a naughty little smile on her face, she slowly began walking towards him.

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