University Misbehaviour

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Clare was one of my housemates for a year at university. 20 years old, 5’8 and a stunning slim body with 34C tits that she unfortunately hide from us usually in tight strappy tops. She had shoulder length dark brown hair that she typically wore down and had a boyfriend from home of 3 years. The other housemates Dan, typical early 20s, 5’10, good chap had a girlfriend he visited at another university every weekend and Laura who was 19, 5’6, pert 32B tits, cracking body and short, light blonde hair. Laura was single as was I but we had no interest in each other but Clare, I think everyone was interested in her, she was completely unaware and had her boyfriend of course.

It was an early summer weekend, Dan had typically vanished, the three of us, for no reason had decided to celebrate the weekend, go out and have a blast. I was opening some beers when the girls came into the kitchen.

Clare was looking stunning, short black denim skirt and one of the infamous strappy tops with an obvious wonderbra showing off her tits fantastically. Laura was wearing a tight black skirt and a very skimpy top, both looking good enough to fuck right there and then, it was all I could do to keep my cock in check as I handed them both a beer.

Clare smiled at my obvious approval and opened the conversation that Laura and her had decided to find me a naughty girl to get into trouble with. I weakly protested and turned the conversation asking what about Laura. Laura said she was going to tease the guys with Clare as Clare obviously couldn’t get any action with her guy away, it seemed that I was at the mercy of the girls.

We started to drink and after throwing on some music, quickly polished off a bottle of wine we left the house and went to a local bar. Walking in, most guys noticed the girls and that there was only one escort. We found a table just off the centre of the room and started on the spirits. About an hour later a couple of guys Laura knew from her course came over and much to my dismay, joined us.

Matt and Chris were two guys from the university hockey club, both well built and 5″10 and 6″0 respectively and annoying both good guys and good drinkers. The evening became increasingly alcohol fuelled and at some point saw Clare flirting outrageously with Chris at the bar as another round of shots was coming back to the table. As they rejoined, Clare announced that we were going clubbing and to find the three girls for the guys for the night. All of us falsely protested that we didn’t need any help but the girls were determined.

We went into the club, hit the bar and got on the dance floor. After more shots and about an hour, Clare and Laura started dancing together, unbelievably hot as they ran their hands over each other, caressing each other just shy from touching each other up and as I watched with hope for a private fantasy to be fulfilled, they eventually broke away laughing.

I had to cool down and heading back to the bar, orders were shouted for more shots. As I returned, Clare had found a friend of hers, Lucy, and giving Lucy her shot, Clare included her in the group. Matt and Chris were dancing with the girls and Lucy and I started dancing. Lucy was 5’8, hot body being shown off in a tight, short low cut red dress showing off 36D fantastic tits and I hoped that as I wasn’t going to be fucking Clare at the end of the night, Lucy would be an excellent alternative.

Within minutes of dancing together, ataköy masöz escort Lucy’s hands were running down my chest and bringing herself into me, we started kissing on the dance floor. It wasn’t long before this hot girl was running her hand across my hard cock and I was feeling her ass and tits without any shame. I opened my eyes and saw Clare watching and I decided to move us to a more private location. Lucy and I were in a dark corner on a sofa snogging as I was feeling her fantastic tits and I ran my hands up her legs and found her knickers already getting wet. She was feeling my hard cock through my trousers and breaking the kiss, Lucy huskily declared that she wanted to suck my cock right now.

She started to undo my zip and released my cock. She immediately bent down and took the head of my cock into her mouth and started to lick and suck gradually taking more into her mouth. I was feeling her tits, regretting being blocked by the bra, she started to take my cock all the way into her mouth. No one appeared to notice what was going on in this dark corner and I was getting amazing head from a girl that I’d known 20 minutes. The excitement and slutty behaviour was becoming too much and as Lucy continued to fuck me with her mouth she felt me tensing up. She lifted her head, looked me in the eyes and told me,

“cum in my mouth!”

She immediately returned her mouth to my very hard cock, licking the long shaft while looking into my eyes, she then took me all the way in, it was too much and within moments I came into her mouth. She swallowed almost all of it but some spilled out the side of her mouth. As she took her mouth off my cock, using her little finger, she wiped my cum back into her mouth. Lucy came back to eye level and told me that her housemates were away this weekend, she had the house to herself. Rectifying my appearance and without any further thought, we both got up and taking her lead, we left the club.

The taxi journey was 5 minutes and in getting into her place, I pushed her up against the wall, held her hands up above her head and started snogging her again. I ran my other hand over her body, along her waist and started to lift her dress up. Letting her hands go, she unzipped her dress at the back and half off, undid her bra.

As her magnificent tits were on display, I started sucking her nipples and kissing all over and with my right hand, moved her knickers to one side. I started fingering her shaved pussy and teasing her clit. She was already very wet and while playing with her, she once again released my already re-hardening cock. As I continued to suck and lick her nipples Lucy told me that she was going to fuck me in every room. It was a fantasy of hers to be bent over every bed in the house and taken deep and hard.

As she stepped out of her red dress, she pulled down her knickers, now facing me naked, asked me if I liked what I saw. Without further invitation, I stripped with Lucy’s eyes hungrily watching me and she took my cock in her hand and guided us into the lounge. Lucy got onto her knees and began running her tongue from the base to the tip of my now very hard cock. In between licking and sucking my head she started telling me that she loved the feel of a hard cock in her mouth, that it made her feel controlled and at its mercy. I told her to play with herself while she sucked my cock which she obliged now taking ataköy otele gelen escort the head of the cock into her mouth, started playing with her erect nipples with one hand and playing with her clit with the other.

Lucy was now very turned-on and let my cock out of her mouth. She demanded that I start to fuck her but I told her that she’d be fucked when I was ready to fuck her and that she had to keep sucking my cock. She did exactly as she was told and now just playing with her clit, took my cock in her hand and looking up, asked how I wanted my cock to be sucked. I told her to take it all the way in her mouth like she did in the club which at the memory of, she moaned on my cock now back in her mouth. As she continued to suck me, I increasingly wanted to fuck her shaved pussy. After 2 or 3 minutes, I told her to lie on the sofa.

Lucy lay on her back, her legs open, glistening wet pussy and fantastic tits and stepping between her legs, I took my hard cock and teasing her pussy lips with my cock, slid inside her hot, wet pussy. Lucy moaned as I drove my cock deep, filling her tight wet pussy. Lucy was lifting her hips to meet my thrusts as she closed her eyes and let me start to fuck her. I gradually increased pace however I felt her pussy start to tighten until she lifted her body up to meet my cock as I buried it deep inside her as she covered my full length in her cum.

Lucy seemed to be in her own euphoric state but her pussy wasn’t letting go of my cock. I lifted her left and then right leg up to my shoulders and lowering my body and cock, I started to screw her pussy deeper and firmly. She started squeezing her tits as I build a rhythm of driving my hard cock inside her. She started talking dirty, begging me to fuck her, telling me to fuck her pussy, take her pussy with my cock, I wasn’t sure how long I could hold out even after earlier but Lucy came again, long and loud as she moaned with all her body, tightly taking my cock as she came. After a minute, she opened her eyes, looked straight into mine,

“Okay lover, let’s go and fuck in every room”.

Getting off the sofa, Lucy led me upstairs entering the first bedroom; she told me that this was one of the guys’ rooms. She bent over, hands on the bed. Taking my cock in my hand, I guided it back into her hot, wet pussy and took her from behind. After fucking doggy style for 10 minutes, I could feel myself building back up but she begged me not to cum yet.

We went into another two bedrooms, one of which was hers until the last room. As we walked in she told me that this was her ex-boyfriend’s room. She got back on her knees, my cum covered cock in her hand she looked up at me and told me that I could do anything I wanted to her in this room and she then started sucking my cock again. She kept interrupting her sucking by telling me that she loved the taste of her cum on my cock, she told me that her ex used to take her in this room but he was a bastard and this was her revenge.

I didn’t want to interrupt with her sucking and licking my cock but as she built me up again, she stood up lay on her back on the bed and I started to fuck her again. She had got me so turned on that it was less than a minute until I was due to cum when she told me to cum on her tits. Happy to oblige, as I was about to cum, I pulled out of her wet pussy and shot my cum over her and she watched my cock spurting ataköy rus escort onto her.

It was 12:30 and as I went to the kitchen to get some water, I picked up my mobile. A text from Laura said that she had hooked up with a guy and I was to look after Clare, fat chance I thought. I spent the night at Lucy’s and wanting to stay the morning; she had to go to work. I got home at 7:30, very satisfied and a phone number up. I walked into the house and walking into the kitchen saw an open bottle of red which wasn’t there when we left.

I walked upstairs and instantly heard that someone was getting a very good seeing to and thinking it must be Laura, I was surprised the noise was coming from my room. Walking in was a sight to behold, Clare was on her back, end of my bed being fucked deep and hard by Chris with her head turned away from the door, sucking Matt.

In a state of shock I watched as my gorgeous housemate’s tits bounced as Chris drove his hard cock into Clare, her legs wrapped around his toned body her right hand above her head and her left hand stroking Matt’s cock with as much as she could take into her hot mouth. I had dreamed of her being the slutty vixen at the end of my bed with my cock in her pussy and in her mouth but here was this unobtainable slamming hottie taking two other guys cocks at once.

None of them noticed me for a few minutes as I stood there with a twitching cock watch Clare sucking Matt and her thrust back with abandoned lust onto Chris’s cock. It was maybe two minutes of intense fucking when Clare, taking Matt out of her mouth but still stroking him, she told them to swap as it was her turn to have Matt. As she took Chris into her hand, this was obviously not the first time she’d had Matt inside her as she told them both how she wanted Matt to fuck her again before any of her housemates got home! Almost on cue and as he drove his cock back into her cum soaked, already well fucked pussy,

Matt said,

“Too late sweetheart, ones of them is at your door!”

Clare let out of moan of animal lust as she felt Matt’s cock inside her but taking a second to process what he said, she turned her head over her shoulder, a cock in her left hand, her legs wrapped around her other lover’s hips with his cock inside her, realised I was at the bedroom door with a stiff cock myself from watching such brazen slutty behaviour. She looked at me and taking a second to realise who I was looked me in the eyes and said,

“Please don’t tell my boyfriend!”

I stood at the door for a minute or two longer and watched my housemate be fucked by another guy while she sucked Chris’s cum covered cock on my bed. The guys didn’t seem to mind me being there and I wasn’t sure if this was an invite to join in, stay and watch or well, what? It was at this time that Clare, sucking and jerking Chris off, took him out of her mouth, turned back to me and said,

“Sweetie, could you shut the door please, I’ll see you later!”

About an hour later, I heard people moving around and showers occurring. The guys left as discretely as possible. After, I had my own shower, I came back into my room with the sheets off the bed, I presumed now in the machine and Clare appeared, looking embarrassed. I threw on some jeans and a t-shirt before either of us said anything. She said, “I’m so sorry! I’ll make it up to you!”

My response,

“Sure, first you’ll first tell me how you were in bed with two guys, one of which has a girlfriend and second, if you’re going to be naughty like that again, you always have to tell me everything afterwards!”

Her response,

“No problem, I’ll be seeing the guys again I’m sure!”

It’s been a few years since university, names have been changed but there are more stories to share!

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