Unexpected Cuckolding Introduction

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I met Mindy one evening at a soccer parents’ meeting. We were both divorced parents signing up our kids for soccer. The coach was midway through a long-winded ramble about sportsmanship and I started making wisecracks beneath my breath. Only those right next to me could hear my jokes, and they laughed quietly.

After the coach finished, she asked me if this was our first year in kids’ soccer. I explained that it was. She asked if the kids mother was there that night, to which I replied she isn’t and that we are divorced and it was my night with the kids. I went on to get acquainted with her at soccer games which were held a couple of times a week.

One evening, as the soccer game concluded, her kids ran to her ex-husband and got in his car. My kids left with my ex-wife, and Mindy and I were left standing on the side of the field. She asked if I would be interested in dinner with her. She mentioned that she had the ingredients for tacos and margaritas at her house. We drove the few blocks to her house and entered through the back. We made small talk as we chopped and cooked together.

Being an introvert, I found it challenging to be in the home of a beautiful tall redhead, worried that I couldn’t keep up my end of the conversation. I wasn’t used to being with such an attractive woman. She was nearly 6 feet tall, lean, athletic, breasts probably C cups, shoulder length red hair, and a gorgeous face. I assumed she was just being polite to a fellow soccer parent and wasn’t really interested in me in a romantic way.

After dinner and couple of frozen margaritas, we moved to the living room and she pulled out a joint. I declined to partake because my job required periodic random drug screens. While she smoked, the conversation slowed.

She said “you don’t really know what to do right now do you?”

“No, not really” I stammered.

“I can’t decide what to do with you. I thought you were funny at soccer, but I can see now that you are kind of shy and meek. I may send you on your way tonight.”

I must’ve looked disappointed. I was enjoying her company, but I knew I wasn’t an alpha male, and it was becoming clear she liked more assertive men.

“Tell you what, I’ve got an idea. Come with me.”

I followed her into her bedroom. She turned to face me, and the expression on her face changed. She suddenly barked “get on your knees!”

Surprised, I could only comply. She put her foot up to my face and told me to kiss it. I complied, kissing softly all over.

“I’ve known men like you before. My husband was like you. I generally like men who know how to act around women, but I found that I know how to use your type. Stand up and take your clothes off!”

I was stunned, surprised, excited and became a little aroused as I undressed. Then standing before her, my cock was becoming erect.

“That’s not going to work” she said as she lowered her frozen margarita in front of me.

She raised the glass again so that my swelling cock was dangling in the frozen slush.

“Hold the glass there.”

I took the glass from her as the shock of the cold drink was causing my cock to shrink rapidly. She turned away and went to her closet. A minute later she came back.

“Now finish that drink!”

I knew I had leaked precum into it before I had lost my erection. I hesitated, and she again said “drink it!”

I started to take a sip and she grabbed the bottom of the glass so it poured down my throat quickly. The cold liquid hurt my throat and gave my head an instant brain freeze headache. She took the glass from me and told me to lay on the bed. I complied, my head reeling from the instantaneous shock. I felt her touching my now shriveled and pathetic penis and saw her holding a shiny metallic object.

She placed a cold ring around the base of my cock and balls and pulled a cage onto my small shaft. The two pieces fit together, then she put a small padlock on the cage. My head still hurt with a freezing pain. My cock began to swell again from her touch. However, I found that my growing erection was restrained against the bars of the cage.

“See I told you I know how to handle men like you. I was hoping to enjoy a new lover tonight, but I can see that you are not going to be that man. I’ll have to call one of my regulars.”

She told me to get on my knees and sit in the corner. She removed her skirt and blouse aksaray escort revealing lacy panties and bra. She looked like a sensual goddess. I became more aroused, but the confines of the cage prevented me from becoming erect. I couldn’t believe what I had just missed out on. I realize now she was willing and interested in me but my lack of confidence had ruined my opportunity.

She pulled on a silk bathrobe and picked up her phone. She dialed a number in her contacts. When her call was answered, I could hear a deep male voice on the other end of the line.

“I’ve got another one here. Same deal as my e-husband. Can you come over?” They chatted another minute and she hung up. “He’ll be here in 10 minutes.”

“I, uh, should probably go then…” I stuttered.

“No, you stay here. You’ve got a lot to learn cucky.”

I knew the term. Cucky. Cuckold. Cuck. I’ve fantasized about that, looked at cuckold porn online, and read stories of cuckolding. But I was always afraid to admit to anyone that it turned me on. To be honest, it filled me with conflicted feelings. Although it was arousing to imagine watching a woman fuck another man, I was anxious about being humiliated. Even they didn’t explicitly humiliate me, just having to watch, or know I was the beta male and couldn’t satisfy her would be difficult to endure. She left the room, telling me to stay put. After a few minutes, I heard a knock on the door and she greeted her friend. They walked into the room.

“This is Jack” she informed me.

“So you’re the new cuckold? Works fine for me. If you can’t satisfy her, I can.”

She dropped her robe revealing her lingerie again and leaned forward to him. Placing one arm behind his head, she kissed him deeply. Her other hand ran down his stomach to his pants and caressed his bulge. I could see already that he was hung and ready for her. She lowered herself to her knees in front of him. He removed his shirt while she unbuckled his pants and pulled down his boxers, revealing a thick cock that was rapidly hardening.

As it swelled, it stood straight in front of him and must’ve been 8 inches at least. I could see that if he’s the type of man she’s used to, I would not have been able to satisfy her. She wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft and kissed the head of his cock. Looking at me, she opened her mouth and slid the head and shaft into her mouth. The cage was becoming even more uncomfortable on my cock as I became entranced watching her mouth on his glorious cock.

I had never seen an erect cock in person aside from my own. I’ve seen guys in the gym but not hard. I’ve seen plenty of hard cocks in porn but never like this. I became light-headed as I watched this scene unfold. She continued sucking for a few minutes, one hand between her legs caressing her pussy, which I’m sure was becoming wet and aroused. She stopped and stood up and walked up to me.

“Okay, that’s all you get tonight. Get dressed.”

I stood up slowly, aware of my caged cock in front of these two beautiful bodies, feeling self-conscious at my weak, vulnerable state.

“You heard me. Get dressed.” She made no effort to get the key to remove the cage from my sad cock. I was shocked and disappointed she was going to expel me.

“Are you going to unlock me?” I asked meekly.

“No. You must keep it on. Be back her tomorrow night at 8 PM.”

Her voice was assertive, and I could tell that was the final word. With a face red with humiliation, I put my clothes back on. She escorted me to the back door where my car was parked. Still wearing only her lingerie, she opened the door for me, being careful to keep her body behind the door so the neighbors could not see. I stepped out, and as the door quickly shut and locked, I was aware of the feel of metal restraining my cock that wanted desperately to swell so I could stroke it and relieve myself. I drove home in a daze.

When I got home, I hurried to my bedroom and quickly stripped. I touched myself, cupping my balls and trying to stroke myself through the bars of the cage. I soon discovered it was a futile effort. My cock, while small and restrained was dripping precum profusely. But I couldn’t satisfy myself fully. I sat on my bed dejectedly, thinking of how Mindy and Jack were at her house fucking at that very moment.

I went to the bathroom to pee and was shocked anal yapan escort to realize I couldn’t pee standing. She had not only locked my manhood but had forced me to sit to pee. I thought again about Mindy, how she must be thinking of that, knowing that she had forced me to pee like a woman after I left her. I went to bed but could not sleep well. So many thoughts of arousal, desire, humiliation, disappointment running through my head.

At work the next day, I was distracted and couldn’t focus. In part because I didn’t sleep the night before but mostly because of what had transpired the night before and that I was left wearing a cuckold’s chastity cage. I couldn’t wait for the evening to arrive.

I showed up at Mindy’s house at 8 PM sharp as directed. She greeted me at the door wearing the silk bathrobe again. I could tell she was wearing little under the robe, sexy lingerie again I assumed. As I entered the living room, I saw Jack from the night before. Also present was another man who they introduced as Mark.

Jack said, “Mark this is the cuckold we told you about. He wasn’t able to satisfy Mindy last night, so she called me.”

They went on to explain that they are both regular lovers for Mindy. That her ex-husband couldn’t satisfy her and that she hasn’t found a boyfriend who could keep up with her. Jack and Mark were both married, so they couldn’t be her boyfriend but they enjoyed pleasing her when schedules allowed.

Mindy turned to me and told me to go to the bedroom and resume my position from the night before. I went to the bedroom, stripped and got on my knees in the corner. She came in a dropped her robe revealing her athletic body in sensual lingerie as the night before. She reached down and put her hand on cage and satisfied that it was still secure, she got on her knees beside me.

She called for Jack and Mark. They entered the room and stood before us. Mindy told me to do what she does. She reached out to Mark and unbuckled his pants as I had seen her do Jack the night before. Jack stood before me and nudged forward. Embarrassed, I reached up with shaky hands and tried to undo his belt. Because I was so nervous, I had trouble loosening the belt.

Jack laughed, “Look at this cuckold, he’s so nervous. What’s the matter boy, haven’t you touched a bull before?”

“N, n, n.. No, I stammered.”

“It’s easy!” Mindy encouraged as she revealed Mark’s thick cock, equally impressive as Jack’s was the night before.

I managed to get the belt loose and the pants opened. Jack helped and slid his pants and boxers down, revealing the hard erection I witnessed Mindy sucking the night before. He removed his shirt as I looked over to see Mindy sucking Mark’s cock. She looked at me and her eyes widened as I could tell she was encouraging me to do the same for Jack.

I leaned forward and opened my mouth. Putting my hand on Jack’s shaft, I let him push his cock in my mouth, tasting another man for the first time. As it slid across my mouth, I could taste the precum that was oozing form his head. My eyes moved over to see Mindy watching me, hoping I was doing it right, that I was pleasing her by doing what she expected of me. As we both sucked cock for a few minutes, Mark and Jack were becoming more aroused. Although he was hard when I first took him in my mouth, I could feel him becoming harder and expanding more as I pleasured him. Occasionally I would get a musky taste in my mouth as he expelled more precum.

Mindy stood up, removed her bra and panties, for the first time revealing her nude body to me. She had a beautiful build for a 40-something mother. Her pale skin looked sensual below her red hair, and I could see that she was waxed smooth. She laid down on the bed on her back and motioned for Jack to come to her. He went to her pussy and quickly buried his thick cock in her wet pussy. Mark went to her head and put his cock in her mouth and she pleasured both men simultaneously.

Mark looked at me and said “Too bad you can’t enjoy this cucky. She’s more woman than you could ever handle.”

I watched this threesome scene unfold for five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, more… I was mesmerized watching these hung bulls pleasure this beautiful woman. I could feel my cock oozing precum despite being in the cage. They changed positions multiple times so that Mindy could enjoy atakent escort them penetrating her from different angles to different depths. She moaned constantly and screamed whenever they made her cum. I lost track of how many times they made her cum.

I was almost out of my mind, aroused like I had never experienced even though no one was touching me. I was still on my knees watching the most glorious scene of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. I could tell both guys were getting close to their orgasms. I couldn’t believe they had held out for so long, but I could tell why they were bulls, aside from the fact their cocks were so long and thick. They knew how to satisfy a woman and delay their own satisfaction.

They pulled away from Mindy and she told me to lay on the bed. I thought they had forgotten me but I soon realized that was not the case. Mindy mounted me in a 69, hovering her just fucked wet pussy right above my mouth. She didn’t touch my restrained cock, buts he lowered her hips and for the first time, allowed me to touch her.

I put my arms on her waist as I tasted her aromatic womanhood. I licked her for a few minutes, pleased that I could make her cum with my mouth. She was dripping into my mouth as I licked her clit. She raised up a little bit and allowed Mark to enter her. I was helpless to resist as she was above me and Mark’s thick cock disappeared into her body. Not that I would have resisted. At that point, I was resigned to being a cuckold and doing anything to please this amazing woman and the bulls she preferred.

Mark plunged in and out a few minutes, occasionally pulling all the way out of her. I eagerly opened my mouth and allowed him to enter my mouth. After enjoying that a few times, Mark plunged deep inside her and his body began to shudder. He let out a low groan as he came. I put my tongue on her clit, as his cock pulsed filling her with cum. He must have shot a very big load as his hard cock kept pulsing. I knew it was a bigger load than anything my cuckold body could ever produce. His cum began to drip from her pussy as he continued to pound her.

For the first time, I was tasting another man’s cum. His spasms subsided and he pulled out of her pussy. His cock was slick with their combined juices, white with frothy cum.

“Clean it cuckold” he ordered.

I opened my mouth and his thick cock went deep down my throat, allowing me to taste the two of them fully. He pulled out and I licked his cock until all the bubbles of froth were gone and sliding down my throat. As he pulled away from Mindy and I, she lowered her dripping pussy on my mouth again, allowing me to taste the creampie.

My mouth plunged deep inside her licking the cum like I was mad for it. I had watched cuckold porn but was kind of repulsed at the idea of a cuckold cleaning up cum. Yet here I was, 24 hours after being caged for the first time, after discovering that I was a cuckold, licking a bull’s load from a swollen pussy. I managed to make Mindy cum again. As she screamed, she spasmed and her pussy contracted pushing the cum load out of her body onto my waiting tongue. The smell and taste of her aroused pussy and his cum make the scene more intensely erotic than anything I had ever experienced. As she relaxed from her orgasm, she pulled away from me.

“I’m sore now but your wet mouth felt very soothing. I don’t think I can take anymore right now. You are going to have to finish Jack.”

I resumed my position on my knees on the floor as Jack presented his cock to me. Mindy sat beside me as Jack pushed his cock into my mouth.

“You’re such a good cocksucker, cucky. Did you know that?” she cooed.

I shook my head that I didn’t know that but I was glad she was pleased with me. She held the back of my head so that Jack could push deep into my throat without my flinching. After a few minutes of this, he began to explode.

“Mmmmm, yes, cuckold make him cum!” she exclaimed.

He shot a load that must have been as big as Mark’s earlier load. This one went straight down my throat. I didn’t spill a drop. Mindy looked at me with a satisfied look on her face.

“I could tell after dinner last night that you’re not an alpha male like I need, but you pleased me in other ways. I think we might be able to help each other out. Had you sucked cock or been a cuckold before this?”

I shook my head that I hadn’t. She smiled and told me to get dressed.

“My kid is at their dad’s all week this week. Be back here again tomorrow night at 8”.

I looked down at the cage on my cock, which was red from pressing again the metal cage. She had a devious look in her eyes as she said, “Keep it on. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

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