Uncle Bob and His Niece Ch. 05

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“You are the dumbest smart person, I have ever met. You have helped a hundred people get straightened out. Now you fall for a stripper who is playing you like a cheap violin.”

You could hear the love flowing out of Chloe as she tenderly counseled me.

“You have all the hot sex you can handle. I know dozens of women who want to be with you. You’re so active, successful and happy. Why did you fall for a bitch who just sees you as a mark? Do we have to fuck you into a stupor before we let your fifty-five year old dumb-ass body out of the house?”

I deserved all this. It was all too true. I had long wanted an older female friend with common interests to go places with and talk to. Chloe, Tickles and all of Chloe’s girls were so young. I loved to look at them, touch them, make love with them, kid with them, taste them. But as soon as the sex was over, talking and spending time with them just didn’t do it for me. Their interests were I-pod avant-garde music, clothes, boys and shopping. Their language was valley speak. I was getting overdosed with nineteen-year old brains.

Chloe had discovered that I had been matching my schedule to that of an older stripper at our local club. When Tickles also found out that I had given her several expensive gifts, she told Chloe and the shit hit the fan. It was still splattering around the house.

“I can just see you at the rack, drooling like a PLM (pathetic little man). I bet you beg for VIP dances and for her to meet you outside the bar. Damn-it, Bob, you know the score. You set me up in the BDSM business and are part owner in two clubs. What’s wrong with you? Are you getting senile?”

I got up and started to get a glass of wine.

“You just going to walk away from me?”

“No, just waiting for you to wind down so we can talk. I’ll admit, I’m screwed up on this. I don’t think getting dressed down is helping but you and Tickles probably can help me get my head back on straight.”

“O Bullshit. Pull you head out of your ass. Do you think your stripper cares about you? If she did she would tell you. She would ask you out. Or at least clarify the situation by giving you an out call price. Next, maybe you can look for a date on death row at the women’s prisons. Those women probably make better friends than some old cold hearted, usury stripper.”

“Chloe, I know you are mad at me. I am too. But my feelings are raw. You’re pissing me off. I’m hurt, rejected and horny. Keep it up and I’ll throw you down on the couch and fuck you out of spite.”

With hindsight, I know her response was on purpose just to goad me. “Your pitiful. Do you think your old body could take me. I’m in better shape than you. You better pick on some old worn out hooker. That’s more your speed. Maybe she will let you pay her three times what she’s worth and let you tell her you love her.”

I lunged toward her; she stood in defiance. I grabbed a handful of her hair and the waistband of her sweat pants and spun her roughly, slamming her face down on to the overstuffed brown leather couch. She struggled, so I forced my knee and all my weight into the small of her back and stripped off her pants with my right ataşehir escort hand. My thumb pushed into her cunt and between that grip and my handful of her hair, I pushed her head and shoulders over the arm of the couch and knelt behind her, forcing her legs apart.

Chloe and I had had sex a couple of dozen times. Usually she liked control. I suspected she would respond to rough sex but this was bordering on rape. I didn’t really want her. I wanted to control her, make her shut-up and get rid of the pain inside me. All this struggling had excited me. My cock was hard and sticking out the leg of my baggy shorts. I pulled my cock and balls free, aimed and brought the head to Chloe’s cunt. For a second, I started to think about what I was doing. But she took logic from me.

“Do it, you dumb Son-of-Bitch. Fuck me. Rape me. Do what you want. Cum in my cunt and then force Tickles to suck it out of me. Fuck me until you know when a woman wants you and is worth fucking.”

With a roar, I buried my cock into her. She was holding her head off the floor with her hands as I pounded into her. Her ass cheeks were jiggling with each thrust and the heavy couch was scooting around. Our bodies were loudly slapping together.

“Harder, you wimp. I barely can feel you fucking me.”

I pulled her hips back and thrust. She knew what she was doing. She knew I was longer than she was deep. She knew this was going to hurt. I drove hard hitting her cervix. Her whole body recoiled and she screamed, “Again. Do it again.”

I gave her what she asked for. With each thrust I felt her battered insides slip around my cock trying to escape the assault. She pushed back into my thrust making it hurt even more. I slapped her ass.

“Harder, you asshole! Make me cum!”

I put an open hand on each of her ass cheeks. She was drooling on the floor, making unintelligible sounds and begging to cum. When her climax raked through her body, I squeezed her ass as hard as I could and drove my dick into her at an angle that would give maximum pain to her. Her scream almost made me care. But I could not care right then. I was pumping rope after rope of sperm into her. I kept driving into her until my dick began to soften. I wanted her to pay.

About the time Chloe’s and my eyes began to focus again. Tickles and Trisha began clapping. They had been leaning against the wall near us, watching.

I helped Chloe back on to the couch, laying her on her back, pushing one leg over the couch’s high back and spreading her wide. Her eyes sparkled. She remembered what she had asked.

Tickles spoke first, “That was the hottest, roughest fuck I have ever watched. I wish I had gotten here sooner to watch the beginning.”

I walked to her with my dripping dick pointing the way. “I promised to do one more thing, Tickles.”

“What’s that?”

She was a little reluctant as I manhandled her across the room and pushed her down between Chloe’s widely stretched legs and cum drenched pussy.

“Chloe told me I had to force you to lick my cum out of her cunt.”

Tickles would have done that readily, but I forced her head firmly avcılar anal yapan escort between Chloe’s legs anyway. I could see her lips and tongue willingly seek our combined juices. Tickles let the pressure from my hands rock her face, opening Chloe’s cunt and to pushing her mouth deep into the slippery hole.

Chloe was returning to her primary nature. Her hands pushed mine away, closed around Tickles’ head and she directed everything. She would cum soon and push even more of my cum out of her body for Tickles to suck and lap and swallow.

My cock noticed Tickles’ little shaved wet pussy smiling from under her skirt as she licked away. Sex could never be better than it was with these two. My cock was hard wanting its second cunt in less than fifteen minutes. When I slipped into Tickles, she groaned into Chloe. Chloe began to cum and feed Tickles. I watched and pumped steadily, not really needing release, just enjoying the massage my cock was getting from Tickles magnificent tight sheath.

Tickles didn’t usually cum from just fucking. I wanted to cum again and Chloe owed her one now. I lay down on my back on the floor and pulled Tickles to me. Her cunt swallowed my dick with ease, right to the base. I motioned for Chloe to sit behind her, across my legs. As Tickles rocked, Chloe reached around her. One hand teased Tickles’ nipples. The other rubbed her clit and occasionally dipped a finger into Tickles’ cunt, stroking its way beside my embedded cock.

The earlier show and all the stimulation had Tickles cuming quickly. But she could tie a few together and was so beautiful to watch when she did. Her head rolled back onto Chloe’s shoulder, her arms hung limply. She was forcing herself to be still. Outwardly only her moans gave her away. Inside her, my cock knew when she came. Three times she clinched and rippled around me before she pushed Chloe’s fingers away from her clit.

They were so beautiful. Chloe gently held the very relaxed Tickles until Tickles raised her pussy off my now soaked, but unsatisfied dick.

“Before you girls go anywhere, would you please finish me off?”

Four hands, two tongues and two sets of lips are magnificent torture to a well-fucked sensitive cock head. Chloe especially loved my discomfort. She even moved to my side and used her legs and entire weight to pin one of my hands down, then she had Tickles pin the other so I could not protect myself. She would suck and lick then twist her fist around the ridge. Then she would pull the skin back tightly and hold my cock straight up for Tickles to copy every torturing lick, suck and twist.

The pain was so exquisite, my entire body curled into a ball when I came. That pushed Chloe completely away but left Tickles with her mouth on me sucking every drop hungrily. After my balls were dry and my dick was half soft, Tickles lay her head on my belly with my cock still in her mouth. I closed my eyes for just a few minutes. Every once in a while she would nurse.

Something different was touching me. I looked up to see Chloe staring down at me with her foot and toes rubbing around my dick and balls.

“Don’t avcılar bdsm escort think we are finished with you. We have lots of plans to cure you of your puppy love for your dirty old stripper.”

From the near by wall we heard another voice, “Smile when you say ‘dirty old stripper’ or I’ll pull your nipples off.” We all laughed and turned to Trisha. She had her hand down her pants.

As I got to my feet, Trisha met me, reached out and massaged my wet soft cock with her hand, “Bob you are a big lying tease. You just screwed two nineteen year olds; I bet you even bruised Chloe’s cunt and you have the gall to tell me I know too much.”

“How can I argue with you holding me like this. Stay with us tonight and let me risk embarrassing myself. You know that I’ve wanted you for years. We even tried to get together a couple of times but you always were so busy bailing out a boyfriend or something.”

“I’ll stay. You remember my rules?”

I took her hand from my half hard cock, pushed it and her other one behind her and pinned her roughly to the wall. She was a very strong girl. We had wrestled before and she was as much as I could handle. She started to fight but I pushed my free hand down the front of her pants and began fingering her wet cunt and rubbing her clit with my thumb. She had already worked herself near climax.

“I remember your rules but some of them conflict with mine. You’ll cum plenty but you’re in my house. In fact I want you to cum now.”

I kept her hands pinned and eased us both to our knees still finger fucking her. My finger pumped fast and hard. In less than a couple of minutes she came. When she did I kissed her.

I very softly rubbed her sensitive clit, making her squirm in my grasp. “OK, I broke two of your rules, I didn’t use lube and I kissed you. What are you going to do about it.”

Playfully and for our audience’s benefit she said, “Let you break most of the others.”

She leaned into me and whispered. “That was good. You surprised me and I surprised myself by responding. Just remember some of my rules are very important to me?”

I whispered back, “I know which ones not to break and why but I’ll break all the other ones I want to, just to make you fight before you cum. I’m not one of the people you have intimidated. Remember who you are trying to boss around.”

She didn’t like that answer. She looked so strong but I knew she had colon cancer and had to shun anal. She worked harder than anyone for ten hours but collapsed exhausted, often without eating just to be able to rest enough to work again. Most of her teeth were false and she was embarrassed to be seen without them. She avoided oral, less, in reciprocation, she was asked to take a cock into her mouth. Her thin body was beautiful in clothes but her breasts were fake and hard: she had heard many unkind words about them. Many times she had said she needed to have sex but wanted straight sex, no foreplay. I had known her way too long to believe that. She just did not want to be put down any more, about her past, her health or her body.

“Please stay tonight, Trisha. You know I like your company. We can pick on the kids together.”

“OK, I’ll stay because I still need to get fucked. You’re the only male here. No telling how long I’ll have to wait for you to recover.”

“Why is everyone pushing my buttons today? Be careful. You saw what happened to Chloe.”

“Yes, I did, big boy. Can you do it again? At least before morning.”

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